"To qualify for the 2-star master teacher examination, besides possessing two supporting occupations, one's cultivation must also be at least of Zongshi realm. Throughout the years, we have visited countless experts to seek advice on our cultivation, but even so, we are unable to make the final breakthrough. Our only hope is with Yang shi!"

Zhuang Xian nodded his head as well.

When one becomes a Zongshi, his lifespan is increased. Just this in itself is an allure that no one is able to resist. Having been stuck in Half-Zongshi for a very long time, they had visited numerous 2-star master teachers, but even so, were unable to make that final leap forward.

A few days ago, when they witnessed Yang shi guide the dying Shen Hong to achieve a breakthrough, they could no longer hold themselves back.

Since Shen Hong was able to do it, they are definitely able to do it as well!

However, that is only if... Yang shi is willing to guide them.

"No matter what, we should give it another try. Perhaps, we might be able to succeed."

Zheng Fei said.

Since the moment Yang shi assisted him to reach Half-Zongshi, the intention to acknowledge him as his teacher had already sprouted in him. But back then, his intentions were disregarded and he didn't dare to ask any further.

But now, even Liu shi and Zhuang shi are trying hard, so naturally, he can’t lag behind them.

"Alright, let's go and take a look!"

As they thought of this, the three master teachers hesitated no more and headed straight for the mansion.


"Brother Lu, I've bought the pills. Do you want to reconsider the matter? Are you really going to use it?"

In Lu Xun's classroom, Wang Chao stared at his good friend with worry.

Even though these pills can generate a massive boost in one's cultivation within a short timespan, there are heavy repercussions on the user’s body.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." Receiving the pills from his friend's hands, Lu Xun hesitated for a moment before commanding his students.

Shortly, the students, whose name were on the Teacher Evaluation name list, appeared before him.

Zhu Hong, Mo Xiao, Du Lei, Bao Chao, and Kong Jie!


These five stood erect before Lu Xun, and every single one of them exuded a deep and powerful aura. After half a month of cultivation, just like Zheng Yang and the others, they had all reached Fighter 2-dan Dantian realm.

However, unlike Wang Ying and the others, they had all reached Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm pinnacle, even before they acknowledged Lu Xun as their teacher, and all they were lacking was just an impetus for their breakthrough.

Even Kong Jie, who is slightly inferior to the other four, with various resources focused on him, managed to achieve a breakthrough.

"Here is a pill. Consuming this pill expands your dantian, allowing you to achieve a breakthrough by tonight to reach Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm! This way, you will definitely be able to achieve victory in the Teacher Evaluation."

Lifting the pills in his hands, Lu Xun scanned the faces of his students. Without hiding anything, he spoke of the flaws of the pill as well.

"However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Since it is able to help someone achieve a breakthrough so quickly, naturally, there are side effects. After reaching Zhenqi realm, your cultivation speed will be decreased to be 70% of what it was previously."

"However, as long as I become a master teacher, I will make sure to resolve this issue. I will even accept you as my direct disciples and oversee your training personally."

"Of course... The choice is up to you. I will not force any of you. If you were to lose, it will only mean that our relationship as teacher and student has come to an end!"

After which, he placed the pill down and looked at them.

Even though he had made his choice and bought the pills, he nevertheless left the final decision in the hands of his students. He desired victory but was still unable to bring himself to force his students to consume the pills against their will.

There is a boundary that teachers should never cross.

Teachers have their own dignity as well.

Having taught innumerable students over so many years, he couldn't bear to stoop to such unscrupulous means for victory.

"I believe in Lu laoshi." Without hesitating for long, Zhu Hong stepped forward.

Training by the conventional route, it is nigh impossible to reach Zhenqi realm without two to three years of effort. If this pill can allow one to achieve it in a single night, so what if their future cultivation will be affected?

Who can guarantee that their cultivation would be smooth-sailing?

Furthermore, once they become a direct disciple of Lu laoshi, this won’t be a problem.

When studying under the same teacher, there is a huge difference between a normal student and a direct disciple.

Usually, when a teacher imparts knowledge, it was done with hundreds of people in attendance. Thus, it is impossible to offer pointers tailored to personal needs to every single student. In the case of normal students, they will have to undergo trial and error in order to find their way forward. It is as though a huge pot of vegetable being seasoned with the same seasoning, the flavor will only be average at best.

However, being a direct disciple is different. It is as though a vegetable specially cooked in a small pot. His teacher holds personal consultations, offering one pointer so that he will not waste his time on useless things. Even if the pill does affect their growth, with this kind of guidance, they will still be in for a bright future.

Thinking of this, Zhu Hong made a stand and swiftly swallowed the pill.

The pill, upon being placed in his mouth, melted immediately, turning into a surge of unique energy which gushed through his meridians.

Seeing that Zhu Hong had made his decision so quickly, Lu Xun nodded his head in satisfaction. He placed his hands on the other party's back and slowly infused zhenqi into the other party's body, guiding this surge of energy.

After an unknown period of time, with a crisp sound, Zhu Hong stood up abruptly, exhaled a mouthful of turbid breath, and the aura he exuded amplified greatly.

Fighter 3-dan, Zhenqi realm!

Just as Lu Xun had said, consuming the pill raised his cultivation by an entire level.

"Incredible... I want to give it a try as well!"

Witnessing the person achieve a breakthrough successfully, Mo Xiao, Du Lei, Bai Chao, and Kong Jie could no longer hold themselves back and walked forward simultaneously.

The rest of them had made up their minds as well.

If Lu laoshi really becomes a master teacher, as his direct disciple, their standing would definitely soar by leaps and bounds. With that in mind, they chose to take the pill as well.

Soon, all of them reached Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm.

"Good, good!"

Seeing that all five students had reached Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm, Lu Xun's eyes gleamed with excitement.

Putting aside the freshmen, their current strength would allow them to compete even against top students who had been in the academy for several years.

"Tomorrow will be the day where I, Lu Xun, perform before everyone else. I shall astonish the entire academy and silence all of those discussions behind my back!"

Clenching his fists tightly, Lu Xun regained the confidence which he lost during the day and roared mightily.

So what if he is skilled in the Way of Tea? So what if he is a grandmaster painter?

As a teacher, I, Lu Xun,... am not inferior to anyone!

You three master teachers, I will show you tomorrow that I am the best choice you can make!


"Old master, the three master teachers have been waiting for you for a very long time."

Returning to the residence, Sun Qiang immediately stepped forward to welcome Yang shi.

"They're here?"

He was considering whether to send someone to invite them, but it turned out that the three fellows were even more enthusiastic than him. Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly.

Walking into the lounge, he saw the three master teachers seated, and upon seeing Yang shi enter the room, their eyes glittered with excitement.

"Liu Ling (Zhuang Xian, Zheng Fei) pays respect to Yang shi!"

The trio bowed immediately.

"May I know what you three have for me, visiting me at such a late hour?"

Zhang Xuan sat down and instructed for a cup of tea. After a long and slow sip, he finally turned to look at them, his expression impassive.

After a trip to the Tian Residence and the academy, the sun had already set by the time Zhang Xuan arrived at the mansion.

"Yang shi, the three of us earnestly wish to acknowledge you as our teacher, and we hope that you can accept us!"

Liu Ling and the others quickly stood up, clasped their hands, and bowed deeply. Anxious, they sneaked glances at Zhang Xuan.

Age doesn't determine knowledge. Even though they are significantly older than Yang shi, the other party is clearly more capable than them. Age isn't a determining factor for one to acknowledge a teacher.

"You wish to acknowledge me as your teacher?"

Lifting his cup, Zhang Xuan removed the floating tea leaves elegantly. Even as he spoke those words, there wasn't the slightest hint of emotion on his face.

After having disguised himself for the past few days, he is no longer the amateur whom anyone could see through easily. Every single movement of his carries authority and magnanimity.

The atmosphere in the room stilled.

"Yes. Even though the three of us aren't talented, we can serve by your side and share your burdens."

The breathing of the three master teachers hastened.

The last few time that they were here, they did express their intention to acknowledge Yang shi as their teacher, but they hadn’t spoken of it clearly. Now that they've said it out loud, if they were to get rejected, it would be over.

"If I'm not wrong, the reason why you all wish to acknowledge me as your teacher is that your cultivation has reached a bottleneck, and you are unable to achieve a breakthrough. If you were to become my student, you might be able to make this final step and advance further."

Without even lifting his head, Zhang Xuan's voice was indifferent, as though a block of silent ice.

"Ah... Yes!"

Having their intentions exposed, Liu Ling and the others blushed in embarrassment.

"Seems that you are honest!"

Seeing that they didn't deny the matter, Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"We hope that Yang shi can fulfill our wish!"

Liu Ling and the others gritted their teeth.

Zhang Xuan didn't reply. Instead, he slowly put down his teacup, stood up, and walked to the center of the room.

The three master teachers were wondering what he was going to do when a calm voice suddenly sounded.

"I, Yang shi, have traveled and visited countless countries. I prefer to live a quiet and tranquil life, so I don't reveal my identity easily. You probably haven't heard of my name, even in the other countries, am I right?"


When they heard the name 'Yang Xuan', they had specially looked into the matter, but there isn't such a person in the surrounding kingdoms. Back then, they thought that the latter was simply using this fake name to impersonate a master teacher, but from the looks of it now, it seems like Yang shi had just been keeping a low profile.

"If I don't want others to know that I am a master teacher, even if you were to check with the Master Teacher Pavilion, you won't be able to find anything."

Zhang Xuan said. "However, in Tianxuan Kingdom, I revealed my identity, even helping others with their problems. Do you know why?"

The reason why Zhang Xuan said all of that in advance was to lay the foundations so that they wouldn't doubt his identity. After all, the name 'Yang Xuan' is fake, and they won’t be able to find this name in the Master Teacher Pavilion if they were to check.

With these words, not only would the other party not doubt his words when they are unable to find it, they will even feel reverence for him.

For his identity to be unable to found in the Master Teacher Pavilion... How incredible does he have to be?

"We apologize for our ignorance!"

Liu Ling and the others stared at Yang shi.

Actually, they had felt perplexed on this point as well.

If such an incredible master teacher really chooses to blend in with the crowd, who will be able to tell his true identity?

Yet, everyone in Tianxuan Kingdom found out about his identity.

"During my travel, I happened to meet a competent youngster. Very satisfied with him, I accepted him as my direct disciple. However... I won't be staying here for long, and afraid that he might be oppressed by others, I revealed my status intentionally so as to give him a title."

With both hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan stood erect at the center of the hall, as though a towering mountain.

"A competent youngster? Accepted him as a direct disciple?"

Liu Ling and the others stared at one another. Suddenly, they thought of something and their eyes narrowed. "Can it be that... Can it be that... Yang shi's direct disciple is... Hongtian Academy's Zhang Xuan laoshi?"

If that is the case, everything makes sense.

For a low-level teacher at a remote kingdom to be able to come up with such incredible theories and become a grandmaster painter, expert tea master, and more importantly... reject the apprenticeship of the three master teachers.

Probably, only a student of Yang shi is able to do so.

Zhang Xuan was delighted to observe that the other side had caught quickly, and he was able to save his saliva, nodding his head in satisfaction.

"Un, Zhang Xuan is my direct disciple. If you want to come under my tutelage... That would mean that he's your..."




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