Chapter 213: The Shocked Qian Chao

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Qian Chao is Pavilion Elder Qian’s son. Initially, he had intended to slack off and take a good rest today, but his father forcefully dragged him to the Teacher Evaluation, filling him with resentment.

"Father, you could have just asked someone to report the result of the Teacher Evaluation. There isn’t any need for you to come here personally!"

Indignance showed through Qian Chao's face, "No matter what, you're one of the few subjects whom His Majesty values highly. You didn't even attend the duel between the North Marquis and Swift General previously, so why would you spectate some trivial duels among students?"

He really couldn't understand his father’s thoughts.

For a Pavilion Elder who doesn’t even need to bow down to His Majesty, he was able to even skip attending a duel between tier-1 officials in the royal court. Yet, of all things he could have done, he chose to watch students battle one another.

Even though the teachers' prestige are at stake at the Teacher Evaluation, it is in actual fact just a few students fighting one another... A matter of such level should just be left to his subordinates. Why does the commander-in-chief have to appear personally for such a small matter?

He would just scare others with his presence.

"This is a 3-star incident. I have to be here personally..." Pavilion Elder Qian replied.

"I know that it is a 3-star incident. Everything that concerns the academy will have the incident elevated by a single star, and Lu Xun laoshi is a star teacher, which adds another star. In truth, it is merely a 1-star incident..." Qian Chao curled his lips in disdain, thinking nothing much of this matter.

Under normal situation, 1-star incidents do not need to be reported to His Majesty. If Pavilion Elder Qian were to personally attend to matters of such insignificance, won’t he tire himself to death?

"This isn't that simple!" Pavilion Elder Qian harrumphed

"How complicated can the matter get? It is just a duel between students; I don't believe that the severity of the matter can get as serious as the duel between North Marquis and Swift General. You must know, back then, just the number of tier-2 officials who participated in the matter added up to a total of twelve. It is definitely the greatest duel of the year..."

Qian Chao still didn't think that this matter was worthy of such consideration.

The North Marquis and Swift General are tier-1 officials of the kingdom, and the news of the duel was announced beforehand. Countless experts went to spectate the match, but... This old man of his refused to go, saying that the matter didn't have enough stars and wasn't worthy of his consideration...

Yet, he decided to watch the fight among a few students. Qian Chao started to doubt whether his father is getting senile.

"This morning, I received news that Clan Head Wang Hong of the Four Great Clans, Clan Head Bai Ming, and the elders of both clans had arrived at the Hongtian Academy. This shows how much they value this matter. Do you think that there is no reason for me to be here?"

Pavilion Elder Qian said.

"Clan Head Wang Hong is a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert. He is one of the most influential figures, even when considering the entire kingdom into account. Even though Clan Head Bai Ming's standing is beneath that of Clan Head Wang Hong, he is nevertheless an official apothecary and is of esteemed standing... You say that they have come to the school to spectate the battle between a few students?"

Qian Chao didn't believe Pavilion Elder Qian's words.

Even though these two clan heads don’t hold official positions, their true standing isn't inferior to tier-1 officials of the royal court. How can people of such esteemed standing be interested in a duel between mere students?

"Take a look yourself..."

After turning around a bend, they arrived at the Hongtian Academy dueling platform. The spectator stand was already packed with people.

Pavilion Elder Qian casually pointed.

"I doubt there will be many people in the VIP seats... Ah?"

Muttering to himself, Qian Chao took a glance at the seats and his body froze in shock.

"Clan Head Wang Hong and Clan Head Bai Ming are really here... That is... Guild Leader Ouyang? Why is Guild Leader Ouyang of the Apothecary Guild here as well? There is also Apothecary Meng Yan, Apothecary Lin Mu, Apothecary Jin Chen... This... How can this be possible?"

Initially, he thought that mere duels among students wouldn't attract much attention. However, with a single look, not only did he notice a clan head of the Four Great Clans, more than ten apothecaries, including the guild leader of the Apothecary Guild, are present as well.

What is going on?

Apothecaries, as one of the top occupations among the Upper Nine Paths, possess noble standing. Even Emperor Shen Zhui finds it hard to arrange a meeting with a figure like Guild Leader Ouyang, yet he is here watching a bunch of kids fighting one another...

Unable to believe his eyes, he felt his head begin to spin.

"Not just them, look over there!"

Before he could recover from his shock, Pavilion Elder Qian pointed in another direction.

Looking toward the direction where the finger was pointed, Qian Chao shuddered once more. His mouth quivered in astonishment.

"The kingdom's number one physician, Master Yuanyu? That is... Elder Tian? He didn't even appear for His Majesty's birthday banquet the last time, coming up with various excuses. Yet, why... why would he..."

A moment ago, Qian Chao was still thinking that his father is making a big fuss out of nothing. Yet... He now finds himself nearly dying from overwhelming shock.

Master Yuanyu is a powerful figure that even His Majesty has to treat with utmost respect.

As for Elder Tian, even His Majesty finds it hard to obtain a single sip of the tea he brews. It is clear just how incredible his standing is.

Yet, two amazing figures stood patiently on the spectator stand, waiting...

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

Are you for real?

"Who are those sitting over there? Why did so many people give up their seats for them?"

"I have no idea as well. They are probably of high standing..."

He was about to die from shock when Qian Chao suddenly heard the students' exclamation. Lifting his head to take a look, he staggered once more.

"The three... three master teachers? They... They're here as well?"

What appeared in his vision were the three elders.

If the few people before had only caused him to be shocked, seeing the three master teachers here made him horrified.

They are master teachers!

They are incredible powers who can disregard his father altogether.

Yet, such figures... just like the many others, are seated on the spectator's stand...

However, this wasn't the end. He soon saw two middle-aged men take a seat.

"They... They... Emperor Shen Zhui and City Lord Zhao Feng of Baiyu City?"

His throat felt dry.

He thought that it was embarrassing for his father to lower his status to attend such a lowly event. Yet... Even His Majesty and City Lord Zhao Feng had come personally.

Baiyu City is the second largest city of Tianxuan Kingdom, and its city lord's position is second only to the emperor!

Is this really just a duel between students?

Even if the princes were to battle one another, it wouldn’t be such a huge occasion!

"Actually... The one who holds the most esteemed position among the crowd isn't His Majesty or the three master teachers, it is that person!"

Seeing his son getting so terrified over the figures who had appeared here, Pavilion Elder Qian spoke.

Qian Chao hurriedly looked over and saw an unimpressive plump man.

"He is..."

Knowing that his father has a huge intelligence network and it is impossible for him to say such words for no good reason, Qian Chao asked.

"He is... Yang shi's butler, Sun Qiang! His presence represents Yang shi..." Pavilion Elder Qian said slowly.

"Represents Yang shi?" Qian Chao swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "The Yang shi who kept Emperor Shen Zhui at his entrance?"

Yang shi's affairs had spread like wildfire, and it was natural that Qian Chao had heard of it. Liu shi and the others had paid him a visit and admitted that they were inferior to him. Even Emperor Shen Zhui had to queue outside for an audience with him..."

For such an incredible master teacher to send his butler here...

Qian Chao's body trembled. He was unable to understand why the attention of so many powerful figures were fixated on this duel.

"This... Is this really a 3-star incident?"

"Even though it was classified as a 3-star incident, from the looks of it now, it is already a... 5-star incident!"

A grim look appeared on Pavilion Elder Qian.

Only a 5-star incident can create such a huge commotion and attract so many noble figures.

"Can it be... Lu Xun laoshi?"

After contemplating over the matter, Qian Chao asked with a trembling voice.

Lu Xun is a celebrity teacher, and his reputation resounds throughout the kingdom. Can it be his prestige which attracted so many people here?

And forcefully pulled a 3-star incident up to a 5-star incident!

"Him? I also find this matter peculiar. Even though he has a huge reputation, I don't think that he's sufficiently qualified. Right now, my doubts are on Zhang Xuan laoshi."

Pavilion Elder Qian hesitated for a moment before speaking.

It is true that Lu Xun is famous, but at the very most, he can only attract the attention of Wang Hong, Bai Ming, and a few others. It is impossible for Guild Leader Ouyang and the apothecaries to have come for him.

Needless to say, Emperor Shen Zhui, Elder Tian, and Yang shi's butler, Sun Qiang.

Since it isn't him, it has to be his opponent.

Zhang laoshi... The teacher with a terrible reputation.

"Zhang Xuan..."

Hearing the unfamiliar name, Qian Chao was stunned.

If what his father said is true, then to be able to attract the presence of so many powerful figures for his affair...

How did that fellow do it?

He isn't the only one who is on the verge of going insane. The numerous teachers of the academy are also tugging at their hair frenziedly.

Are you sure that it isn't the principal dueling with someone else?

Otherwise, why would the emperor, three master teachers, Elder Tian, Master Yuanyu... and so many amazing figures appear here?

Reverting back to his original look, Zhang Xuan led Zhao Ya and the others to the dueling platform. Looking at the crowd on the seats, the excited Emperor Shen Zhui and the others, a peculiar expression appeared on him.

"This is the Teacher Evaluation between me and Lu Xun. What are that bunch of fools... doing here?"



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