Chapter 216: Exerting Too Much Force

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For Lu Xun to have risen up through the ranks, his talents and skills weren't the only determining factors. More importantly was his attitude. Regardless of the challenges that he faces, he deals with them in a calm manner, not allowing pride to get in his way. Even though Zhang Xuan's reputation is terrible, Lu Xun didn't underestimate him at all and made preparations in advance.

Before deciding on the students to send for the duel, he investigated Zhang Xuan's students in order to pick out the best combination to deal with and counter them.

Based on his investigation, Zheng Yang grew up with Mo Xiao and they practiced the spear together. However, the Mo Xiao’s talents are obviously superior to Zheng Yang, and of the countless battle between the two, it had always been Mo Xiao's victory.

This was precisely the reason why he poached Mo Xiao from his best friend, even having his friend impart him the Wang Clan's spearmanship.

He thought that this way, this battle would surely be his for the taking, but... before the battle even started, Mo Xiao had already thrown aside his spear and admitted defeat...

Lu Xun felt his entire body tremble and he was about to go crazy.

Kong Jie fell for the other party's deception and got knocked out in a single punch. Alright, I'll tolerate it.

At most, just six hundred thousand of my gold coins (three million divided over five students) went to waste. But you... what is going on with you?

I've seen many darned people, but I've never seen such a darned person!

You clearly know the reason why I stayed up so late, just to help raise your strength, is to achieve victory in the Teacher Evaluation. Furthermore, I had spent so much money on you, yet you admitted defeat even before the fight...

"What's going on?"

"Two Zhenqi realm students, the first one was sent flying by a single punch while the second one admitted defeat without a fight? What is going on?"

Wang Chao and Lu Xun weren't the only ones who were in bewilderment over the happenings, the spectating students and teachers were baffled as well.

When they saw Lu laoshi bring a group of Zhenqi realm students over, all of them thought that it would be a one-sided match. Yet... The matches became truly one-sided but sided toward the other party...

Actually, the crowd wasn't the only confused ones. Even the person in question, Zhang Xuan, was unable to comprehend what was happening as well.

When Mo Xiao and Zheng Yang crossed blows with one another in the classroom, Zhang Xuan was at Master Lu Chen's home, so he wasn't aware of it. Thus, he couldn't understand why Mo Xiao would admit defeat before the fight even started.

"The reason why I admitted defeat is that, a few days ago, the both of us participated in a private duel. With just a single move, Zheng Yang was able to defeat me! In fact, it wouldn't have been difficult for him to claim my life then."

Before Zhao Ya and the others could tell Zhang Xuan about the situation, Mo Xiao's voice suddenly rang from the stage. His voice was calm, and the slightest dismay or regret couldn’t be heard. Rather, it sounded carefree.

"I had been pondering over the last few days on how I should counter his move. Initially, I thought that with a breakthrough to Zhenqi realm, I might be able to neutralize the technique. Thus, I tried it just now but realized that I still am not a match for him. The move which Zheng Yang had learned from Zhang laoshi points straight toward the essence of the spear, and I’m afraid that even if I were to study it for my entire life, I still wouldn't be able to understand it, needless to say, withstand it."

"Since I know that I will be defeated with a single move, I might as well admit my defeat right away!"

At this, Mo Xiao clasped his fists and chuckled softly, "Zheng Yang, you have a good teacher. You have to treasure him dearly!"

At which, Mo Xiao picked up his spear, turned around, and returned back to his seat.

His voice echoed throughout the field and almost everyone heard his words clearly.

"Mo Xiao said that he wouldn't be able to decipher and counter the move which Zhang laoshi imparted Zheng Yang even if he were to devote his entire life to it?"

"That's to say, his move is superior to even that of the Wang Clan's spearmanship? How is that possible?"

"Since this is a duel, it is unlikely for him to lie... Otherwise, won’t Lu laoshi beat him to death?"


Everyone's eyes widened in shock.

The Wang Clan's spearmanship is simply too famous in Tianxuan Kingdom. Many people are able to recognize it simply by looking at the moves. It is an indomitable existence in its field, representing the pinnacle of spear arts.

Yet, Mo Xiao said that he isn't a match for the other party... Everyone was astounded.

"Looks like Zhang Xuan laoshi isn't as weak as the rumors put him out to be. On the contrary, it seems that he is a person of great means!"

"Indeed, out of a total of five matches, he has won two of them consecutively. Will Lu laoshi really lose here?"

"Who knows. But I hope that Lu laoshi will be able to make a comeback..."


Voices in heated discussions filled the surroundings. Lu Xun, who was on stage, was breathing heavily and his face was turning green.

The heck, what is wrong with these students whom I have taught? No student should ever do their teacher in like that.

Furthermore, what do you mean with your words?

Zheng Yang has a good teacher... Do you not have a good teacher as well?

I spent three million to buy pills for you, students, exerting my zhenqi to help raise your cultivations. Yet... This is all I get?

Even though Lu Xun was infuriated, he knew that it wasn't the time to lash out. The moment he loses his temper, the prestige which he had built up over the years would immediately crumble.

He scanned the students before him.

There were still three of his students who had yet to fight yet.

Bai Chao, Du Lei, and Zhu Hong.

Bai Chao specializes in fist techniques, making him a tough opponent for Liu Yang, who had damaged his meridians in his right arm.

Du Lei's possesses impressive leg techniques. On top of that, Lu Xun had also imparted a formidable movement technique to him, granting him nimble movements, so it shouldn't be a problem for him to deal with Wang Ying, whose legs are injured.

As for Zhu Hong, he will be facing Zhao Ya.

After losing two rounds consecutively, Lu Xun has to win the next one. Otherwise, his reputation will be tarnished completely.

"Du Lei, you go up next!"

After contemplating for a moment, he decided to dispatch Du Lei.

Based on his investigations, Wang Ying has a weak and gentle character. As long as Du Lei assaults her swiftly the moment the match starts, the latter will definitely be intimidated.

Besides, the other party's legs had just recovered and they are still weak. Even if Du Lei were to be unable to win against her, he should be able to stand his own ground and rely on his movement technique to avert danger. At the very least, he will not suffer crushing defeats like the two before.

Du Lei nodded his head and walked up to the dueling ring.

"Wang Ying!"

Seeing the other party had sent Du Lei, Zhang Xuan gestured for his own student to face her opponent.

Wang Ying answered. With a slightly flushed face, she walked to the ring as well.

By the spectator stand.

"As expected of Lu laoshi. Even though he has lost two rounds consecutively, he has seen through Zhang Xuan's weakness."

Shen Bi Ru's eyebrows were deeply knitted together in worry.

"Weakness? What weakness?" Han Qiong was perplexed.

"Wang Ying is the sole daughter of the Clan Head Wang Hong of the Four Great Clans. She has a weak and innocent nature, and as such, trusts others too easily. Of Zhang Xuan laoshi's five students, she is the weakest link."

Shen Bi Ru said.

"If that's really the case, then she is indeed Zhang Xuan's weakness."

Han Qiong nodded her head in agreement.

To cultivate is to go against the heavens. Those who possess weak characters tend to be at a disadvantage when fighting with others.

"Not just so, Wang Ying was also injured when she was younger, leaving a disability in her legs. Even though she has no problem walking around, this flaw will show through the moment she fights. For this matter, Clan Head Wang Hong had invited numerous famous physician in the kingdom to treat her. Even Master Yuanyu had taken a look at her condition, but he was also at a loss on how to help her, having to return bitterly."

Shen Bi Ru knew quite a bit of Wang Ying's matter, and she recounted them to Han Qiong. "That's to say... With Wang Ying's legs, it is impossible for her to match up to Du Lei."


Han Qiong was astonished. She hadn’t expected it to be such a situation.

"As for this Du Lei, he was once Chen Hong laoshi's student."

"Chen Hong laoshi? The teacher who specializes in movement technique?"

"Un, him! Of all of his students, Du Lei possesses the greatest speed. Using such a person to deal with Wang Ying, it is clear that Lu laoshi had done his homework." Shen Bi Ru shook his head. "Seems like Wang Ying... will lose!"


"Plea... Please do guide me!"

On the stage, Wang Ying clasped her hands with a slightly reddened face.

"I don't dare to claim to be able to guide you. If you wish to fight, let's start now!"

Knowing that he shoulders a heavy responsibility, Du Lei's feet pushed against the ground, and lowering his body, he charged straight toward Wang Ying.

His movements were quick, as though a whizzing arrow.


"Is he really a Fighter 3-dan cultivator? Even a Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm cultivator wouldn't possess a speed of his level!"

"This move is called 【Illusory Shadows Nine Celestial Steps】, it is a famous technique belonging to Lu laoshi. To think that Lu laoshi would generously impart this move to his student!"

"Illusory Shadows Nine Celestial Steps? The greatest secret manual on movement techniques in Hongtian Academy? Isn't it considered one of the top techniques in Tianxuan Kingdom?"

"That’s right!"

"If I could learn this move, I would definitely be able to reign supreme among those of the same cultivation level. This Wang Ying is probably in for a tough fight!"


Many students had recognized Du Lei's technique and they were astounded.

The Illusory Shadows Nine Celestial Steps is a formidable technique, even when compared to the other profound movement techniques. Lu laoshi had once relied on this movement technique to defeat numerous experts. No one had imagined that he would impart it to Du Lei.

Even though Du Lei had only learned the fundamentals, this in itself is sufficient for him to defeat cultivators of the same realm.

Not to mention, Wang Ying's legs are injured and her cultivation is only at Dantian realm.

Facing Du Lei's swift charge, Wang Ying gritted her silver teeth, twisted, and dodged his assault.

"Hehe, you might be able to evade my first attack, but how much more can you evade?"

Realizing that she had managed to dodge his rapid charge successfully, Du Lei felt perplexed. However, he paid no further heed and sneered coldly. Driving the zhenqi in his body furiously, his speed grew faster and faster, and soon, blurred shadows started to appear around the ring.

At the highest level, the Illusory Shadows Nine Celestial Steps allows one to create nine shadow clones. It is difficult for one to differentiate between the shadow clones and the true person, making it nigh impossible to evade its attacks.

Even though Du Lei was still far from producing nine shadow clones, now operating at his full strength, the afterimages he produced nevertheless made it difficult to discern his true position.

"Way too strong!"

"Such amazing speed, I can’t even see him! How can one fight against something like that?"

The mouths of the students twitched. Imagining themselves in Wang Ying's shoes, they could not help but shake their heads.

Based on their level of strength, they weren’t even able to see him. If so, how could they fight him?

"Seems like it's Du Lei's victory!"

Wang Chao laughed heartily.

After having his face slapped for two consecutive times, he had already been traumatized within. But observing at Du Lei, he hadn’t gotten deceived like Kong Jie, getting knocked out in an instant, and neither did he admit his defeat the moment he walks onto the stage. This made him feel reassured.

It would be embarrassing if a Zhenqi realm cultivator loses against a Dantian realm little girl whose legs are injured.

"Indeed, given his incredible speed, even I myself would find it hard to defeat him if I were to lower my cultivation realm to fight with him, needless to say, that young lass."

Elder Hong Hao stroked his beard and smiled, "Look, that Wang Ying is going to make a move..."

Wang Chao glanced over and saw Wang Ying lift her right leg. Hesitation was obvious on her face, and she seemed to be uncertain on how she should attack.

"Haha, to deal with such a movement technique, one should rely on their hands instead. After all, one's hands are much more nimble than one's legs! Her legs are injured, and yet she still insists on using them. Such a fool, it would be a miracle if she can successfully land a kick on him..."

Sneering coldly, Wang Chao was in the midst of mocking Wang Ying when he saw the girl send a kicking toward a shadow before her.


Before the ridiculing smile could fully form on his face, Wang Chao saw the afterimages come to an abrupt halt. Du Lei's face reddened and he was sent flying a dozen meters, landing heavily onto the ground. He coughed mouthful after mouthful of blood.

"Du Lei... I'm sorry. I tried my best to control my strength, but I still ended up exerting too much force by mistake..."

Wang Ying panicked and she hurriedly apologized. Her face was flushed red and it seemed that she was on the verge of tears.



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