Chapter 219: Do You Dare to Accept Our Challenge?

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Sensing that something was amiss, Clan Head Wang Hong quickly opened his eyes to take a look.

With just a single glance, his body swayed and he nearly passed out.

Isn't this way too exaggerated?

On the dueling platform, Liu Yang's fist was raised and his face was impassive. On the other hand, Bai Chao, who possessed the fist of steel, was kneeling on the ground. Perspiration was streaming down his forehead.

At this moment, his arm had been fractured, and his fingers were bent like twist breadsticks, as though they had encountered an indomitable force.

"Don’t you cultivate... the Steel Armor Art? Why are you so weak?"

Retracting his fist, Liu Yang stared at Bai Chao in surprise.

Because Zhao Ya was going to compete in the Teacher Evaluation, Yao Han took the liberty to look into their rivals beforehand and told him about this fellow's Steel Armor Art and his ability to morph his fists into the claws of a savage beast.

"You knew..."

Bai Chao looked as though he had seen a ghost

He thought that the enemy had accepted his challenge due to his provocation, but it turned out that... the other party already knew. It was him who was the foolish one who charged up to him knowing nothing at all...

"Of course I know!" Liu Yang nodded his head. Then, with a bizarre expression, he asked, "Isn't your Steel Armor Art an impressive skill that can punch through even steel? Why is it so weak?"


Bai Chao was on the verge of tears.

I'm not the one who's weak, it's you who is strong, alright?

It's true that I can punch through metal, but that's only half a cun. Given the strength behind your fist, you can probably punch through two to three cun easily

(1 cun = 3.33cm)

"I get it! You didn't use your full strength, right? Come, let's trade blows once more..."

After contemplating for a moment, Liu Yang's eyes lit up.

Even though he knew that the Heaven's Path Fist Art was no ordinary skill, he had no idea over how fearsome the technique truly was as he had been practicing it alone. Even when sparring with Zheng Yang and the rest, he dared not use his full strength for fear of injuring them.

It isn't every day that he gets to meet with a fists expert, so how can he allow the opportunity to escape easily?

Besides, he was still infuriated over how the other party tried to do him in. You wish to cripple me? Fine, I'll beat all of those thoughts out of you!

"No, I'll pass..."

Before Bai Chao could speak, he saw the young man before him clench his left fist and smash it into him.


His left hand fractured as well.


Bai Chao began to have suicidal thoughts.

Brother, only my right hand wields the strength of the Steel Armor Art, my left hand is just an ordinary hand...

Besides... I said that I'll pass, why did you smash your fist into me?

The excruciating pain caused his rage to flurry. Infuriated, he opened his mouth to curse the other party, but before he could say anything, the voice of the young man before him sounded once more. "Ah, can it be possible that you have cultivated your Steel Armor Art to your head as well? Come, let me give it a try..."


Hearing those words, Bai Chao spurted out a mouthful of blood.

A fracture can be healed, but if a hole were to be smashed into my brain, I will surely die for sure...

"I don’t practice it with my head. Referee, I admit defeat, I admit defeat..."

Afraid that the fellow before him will really test out his theory on his head, Bai Chao immediately retreated, howling frenziedly in fear. If only his parents had given him an additional mouth, he would have surely shouted even louder...

"Admit defeat?"

The refereeing teacher immediately stepped forward.

"Un, un!" Bai Chao hurriedly nodded his head.

"You've already lost two rounds. If you lose another, it will be equivalent to losing the entire Teacher Evaluation..." The refereeing teacher said.

"I understand! I admit defeat..." Bai Chao quickly shouted.

A loss was much better than his death...


Hearing his words, the refereeing teacher knew the conclusion to the Teacher Evaluation. He could not help but shake his head before announcing, "Bai Chao admits defeat! The Teacher Evaluation comes to an end and Zhang Xuan laoshi is the victor!"

"Zhang laoshi won?"

"Incredible! Those students of his are truly incredible!"

"Indeed. Other than Yuan Tao, every single one of them is amazingly powerful!"

"Zheng Yang's spear art, Wang Ying's movement technique and leg technique, and Zheng Yang's fists, all of them are fearsome!"

"Just like us, they are all freshmen. For them to be so powerful, it must be Zhang laoshi's guidance!"

"Un, after the tournament comes to an end, I will definitely acknowledge him as my teacher..."

"Wait for me, I'll go with you as well..."


Hearing the result announced by the refereeing teacher, the crowd broke out into a commotion.

With Yao Han's hard work previously, Zhang Xuan's reputation had gradually improved. Now witnessing the sight before them, every single of the students' faces were flushed with agitation.

What is the purpose of coming to the academy?

It is to find a good teacher!

This Zhang Xuan laoshi had utterly crushed Lu Xun laoshi right before their eyes. Just exactly how incredible are his teaching abilities?

Many students had come to the same decision. And that is to come under this Zhang laoshi’s tutelage the moment the Freshmen Tournament comes to an end.

"He won... just like that?"

While the students felt excitement, on the spectator's stand, Shen Bi Ru blinked her eyes in disbelief.

Ever since her entry into the academy, she had viewed Lu Xun as her goal, always contemplating how she can surpass him. Yet... Before she could succeed, a fellow who possesses poor reputation managed crushed him before her.

This is Lu Xun! Furthermore, all of his students have reached Zhenqi realm...

"Shen Bi Ru, you have truly good eyes. Right now, I am feeling a little interested in this Zhang laoshi as well..."

A gleam flashed across Han Qiong's enchanting eyes.

"Mind your status, what do you mean by interested?" Hearing the words of her bosom friend, Shen Bi Ru frowned.

"It's exactly as it means, I'm interested in him! Say, if I were to consult this Zhang laoshi in the middle of the night, do you think he will open the doors to let me in?" Han Qiong chuckled captivatingly.

"I think he will beat you death!"

Scolding her bosom friend shameless silently in her mind, Shen Bi Ru harrumphed.

Honestly speaking, she was at a loss for words for this bosom friend of hers. As a teacher, she could actually say such words.

Consult? Why can't you consult in the morning, why does it have to be at night?

"Hehe, I think that you are the one who will beat me to death if I do that!"

Han Qiong chuckled.

Just like that, the two women continued bickering at the direct center of the spectator stand.


"Did you see that?"

Liu Ling glanced at the other two.

"Un! Lu Xun's students seem to treat this competition as a mere task. It doesn’t matter to them whether they win or lose; it is all fine as long as they do not get injured."

Zhuang Xian's eyes glowed with wisdom as he spoke of his conclusion, "From this, we can conclude that the relationship between him and his students are only at the level of a deal. Even though he had helped the latter raise their abilities, in their view, it was only a mere equivalent trade."

"Indeed. His motives for raising the abilities of his students are impure, so naturally, he is unable to earn the affection of his students."

Zheng Fei shook his head.

Master teachers don’t just look for talent and teaching standards in potential apprentices, they also pay close attention to the affection his students have for him.

Even though they had yet to see Zhu Hong's performance, judging from Kong Jie, Mo Xiao, Du Lei, and Bai Chao's attitude, they were able to notice something amiss.

As Lu Xun was too focused on results and winning the Teacher Evaluation, he had neglected the emotions of his students.

It was true that such focus would raise their cultivation greatly within the shortest period of time, and Lu Xun did succeed in lifting his students to become Zhenqi realm cultivators, but he failed to win their trust and respect.

After all, who respects a person who treats them as a tool?

"Zhang Xuan's students are different. They truly love him and they are willing to give their all for him."

Liu Ling nodded his head in agreement to his two friends' judgments.

Just through this competition alone, they might not have been able to see this much. However, the past few days of 'peeking' had given them a deep insight into the relationship between Zhang Xuan and his students.

Zhao Ya, Wang Ying, and the others don’t cultivate just for the sake of doing so or to raise their abilities, but... for a common goal in their hearts!

And that is to bring honor to Zhang laoshi, to give him the prestige he deserves!

They are doing this for the sake for their teacher, not for their own benefits.

Even though on both sides, the students were cultivating and raising their abilities, one faction was thinking of accomplishing a task while the other was thinking of bringing honor to their teacher in order to make him proud of them... There was an insurmountable gap in their motivations.

"It is no wonder that he would catch Yang shi's attention. This Zhang laoshi is truly made to be a master teacher. It probably won't take long before he is of equal standing with us!" Liu Ling commented in awe.


The other two also nodded their heads.


The three were about to continue with their heartfelt sentiments when Lu Xun, who was located by the side of the duelling ring, stood up.

After suffering a defeat at the Teacher Evaluation, he had two choices. He could apologize to Zhang Xuan in public and compensate him according to the bet that they made beforehand. Otherwise, he could leave the academy once and for all.

"What do you think Lu laoshi will choose?"

"I don't know, but I think it is more likely for him to apologize!"

"It is normal to lose. No one can guarantee that they can continue winning for their whole life!"

"Indeed, losing isn’t a big deal! If he were to really leave the academy, no matter how incredible of a star teacher he is now, he will fall into misfortune after losing his roots!"


The crowd spoke with hushed voices.

It had been long since the last Teacher Evaluation. As the one who initiated it, Lu Xun suffered a crushing defeat. He must be feeling awful at the moment.

Everyone wanted to see how he would choose.

It wasn't anything much to apologize to Zhang Xuan. However, if he were to choose to leave the academy, it would be a shame.

Only with students can one be called a teacher. After leaving the academy and losing his students, how can he call himself a teacher?

Furthermore, if he were to choose the latter, with a record of leaving Hongtian Academy and losing the Teacher Evaluation, it was unlikely that any other academy would accept him.

"Zhang Xuan laoshi!"

Stepping onto the center of the dueling ring, Lu Xun flung his sleeves and stood tall.

Zhang Xuan glanced over.

"I've lost the Teacher Evaluation! I admit you are capable of guiding your students, but in this world, strength nevertheless reigns supreme. No matter how good you are in teaching, without sufficient ability, you are will be unable to stand your ground. I want to challenge you!"

Lu Xun clenched his fists tightly in determination. His glowing acupoints displayed his formidable cultivation as a Pixue realm expert. At the same time, his powerful voice gushed into the heavens.

"You... Do you dare to accept my challenge?"

After expending so much effort and making such thorough preparations, he nevertheless lost so tragically. His pride no longer allowed him to remain in Hongtian Academy.

But before leaving, he wanted to teach Zhang Xuan a lesson. He wanted him to understand that everything else is fake, only strength reigns supreme!

"You wish to challenge me?"

He didn't expect that the other party would make such a decision. Zhang Xuan was about to continue speaking when Zhao Ya stepped forward and stood proudly in front of Zhang Xuan, reminiscent of a goddess descending onto the mortal world.

"I will fight whoever who dares to insult my teacher. Who's with me?"





Four consecutive sounds, and Zheng Yang, Wang Ying, Liu Yang, and Yuan Tao stepped forward with firm resolutions.

"You have insulted our teacher... the five of us will challenge you to uphold his honor. Lu Xun, do you dare to accept our challenge?"

The voices of the five roared as though thunder, resounding across the entire academy.

"Putting their lives on the line to uphold the honor of their teacher... This is the highest level of a teacher-student relationship, Honor Defend realm?"

Liu Ling's body trembled and he abruptly stood up.



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