Chapter 220: Reappearance of the Golden Book

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"Honest and righteous mind, actions aligned with morals. A teacher has to be of such character before they can truly earn the respect and admiration of their students, such that they are willing to go through all sorts of trials to vie for the honor of their teacher and defend his name, even if it might spell their death." Zhuang Xian's lips trembled in disbelief. "It's said that only 4-star master teachers can reach this level, but he... he..."

Despite saying 'he' twice, he found himself unable to say a word after that.

The situation before him was simply too astonishing. It was sufficient to make all ornate words lose their radiance.

"He had merely taught these students for half a month, and furthermore, he was absent for more than ten days... That is to say, he had been with his students for at most only four to five days... Yet, his students are willing to defend his honor? How... How did he manage to do this?"

Zheng Fei swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"The students have to have a deep level of trust in their teacher before they will be willing to defend his honor. Looks like... we have really underestimated this Zhang Xuan laoshi!"

Liu Ling sighed.

"Indeed, When I heard that Yang shi had accepted him as his student, I was really disappointed. But from the looks of it now, it seems that even if he were to acknowledge us as his teacher, we won’t have anything to impart to him." Zhuang Xian smiled bitterly.

One has to be sufficiently knowledgeable in order to become another's teacher and to impart him knowledge. If one is inferior to his student, how can he guide the student?

Previously, they thought that it was a pity that such a good bud had been claimed by Yang shi, so they felt somewhat disappointed. However, upon seeing how the students whom Zhang Xuan had taught for just half a month was willing to put themselves on the stake to defend Zhang Xuan's honor, they felt embarrassed.

To be able to induce such trust in their students such that they were willing to challenge one who was much stronger than them, even the master teachers didn't think that they were capable of such feat.

They felt that it was fortunate that they had failed to take him as their apprentice, otherwise given how the apprentice was even more incredible than the teacher... They would definitely die of shame.

While the three master teachers felt embarrassed, a commotion had broken out at the spectator stand. Everyone was staring dumbfounded.

It is clear disrespect for a student to challenge a teacher, even asking him whether he dares to accept the challenge.

This was extremely humiliating for Lu Xun.

After losing his dignity in the Teacher Evaluation, he wanted to fix Zhang laoshi to regain some of his honor, yet... the other party's student said that he wasn't fit to challenge their teacher, and he only could duel with them...


While it felt exhilarating to do so, their actions were reckless. No matter what, they were only freshmen who had just joined the academy. Even if they had achieved significant breakthroughs in the past few days, they had only practiced for half a month. To challenge the academy's most famous celebrity teacher, not to mention, that he is a dignified Pixue realm expert, how can they possibly win?

"Look at Zhao Ya!"

The crowd was thinking whether those students were putting themselves at too much risk by challenging Lu Xun when someone suddenly shouted from the crowd.

Upon hearing the shout, everyone's gazes immediately fell on the inexplicably enchanting lady.

At this moment, the aura on her body felt like a sharp sword stabbing through the heavens, and the aura was growing stronger and sharper by the moment.


While the aura shrouding her grew stronger, her physical body seemed to be going through a metamorphosis as well. She became visibly more beautiful and pure, as though a goddess.

"She... is breaking through!"

"Dantian realm pinnacle, Zhenqi realm, Zhenqi realm pinnacle, Pigu realm... Pigu realm pinnacle? How is this possible?"

To break through so many realms in just a few breaths? How can one's cultivation soar that swiftly?"

"Could it be that... she has intentionally suppressed her cultivation in the past, or she intentionally kept herself from breaking through until now, pushing through in a single go so as to impress everyone?"

"It's possible... Look, she has already reached Dingli realm!"


Looking at the Zhao Ya on the stage, everyone felt like they were going mad.

She was breaking through frenziedly!

"This... This..."

Upon seeing the sight, Zhu Hong fell to the ground. His lips turned pale in fright.

He was hoping to cleanse himself of his humiliation the previous time, especially since he had reached Zhenqi realm. Yet, in the end, he didn't have any chance to get in the ring and as such, he felt extremely indignant and unsatisfied. Thus, he was considering whether he should find another opportunity to find Zhao Ya and the others on a private occasion to beat them up. However, upon seeing this sight, he suddenly realized how childish and laughable his thoughts were.

It was fortunate that he didn't compete with her, otherwise, given Zhao Ya's strength, wouldn't she smash him into a heap of flesh with a single blow?

Too fearsome!

How did Zhang laoshi raise such a student?

How did his students improve so swiftly?

Eventually, Zhao Ya's growth stopped at Dingli realm pinnacle. At the same time, Zhao Ya seemed to have moved a single step closer to becoming a true goddess. Every single movement of hers exuded extreme grace and lithe, making her the center of attention.

"This is the result of the awakening of the Pure Yin Body?"

City Lord Zhao Feng and Butler Yao Han subconsciously widened their eyes and clenched their fists.

Even though they already knew that Zhao Ya had such a constitution, and Zhang laoshi had specially prepared an Unravel Yin Pill for her to awaken her constitution, they didn't expect that it would be so fearsome and powerful.

To raise one's cultivation from Dantian realm to Dingli realm pinnacle in a few moments...

"Xiao Ya has truly met a good teacher!"

Recovering from the shock, City Lord Zhao Feng said.

He had felt that he had failed in the responsibility of a father, being unable to see through her daughter's Pure Yin Body and the agony she was going through.

If not for meeting Zhang laoshi, not only would she never experience such a rapid rise in cultivation, she would be tortured by this unique constitution of hers, causing her cultivation to stagnate.

"I've long heard that awakening a unique constitution would induce a qualitative change in one, causing one's cultivation to soar. I used to think that it was just nonsense but from the looks of it... It seems like it is true. City Lord Zhao, you have a good daughter. In the future, our Tianxuan Kingdom will be relying on her to rise through the ranks!"

Sitting by the side, Emperor Shen Zhui couldn't help but say.

Emperor Shen Zhui knew of Zhao Feng's arrival at the capital and his daughter's Pure Yin Body. Initially, he thought that she would just be slightly more talented than the average, but never in his dreams did he expect that she would be... so incredibly talented.

In just half a month, she had evolved from a Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm pinnacle to Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm pinnacle...

This is no longer about being a genius, at this rate, she is about to smash through the heavens!

With such talents, she will definitely become a powerhouse! Perhaps, in the future, Tianxuan Kingdom will be relying on this lady to usher in an era of prosperity.


"You dare to challenge me?"

Unaware of the shock running through the many minds present, witnessing how Zhang Xuan's students stood in the way of his challenge, Lu Xun's face twitched.

If he knew this would happen, he would have said nothing at all.

What a dilemma. If he were to back down at this point, people will say that he is scared of them. On the other hand, if he pushes on, others will just think that he is bullying the weak... A victory will bring him no honor, and a loss would bring further humiliation.

He felt so stifled that he was about to go crazy.

"That's right! Even if we can't defeat you, for the sake of Zhang laoshi's honor, we won't regret anything!"

Zhao Ya and the others declared with absolute resolution.

Even the weak-minded Wang Ying didn't back down from this matter.

Zhang laoshi took a special existence in their hearts. Their tremendous efforts in the past few days were all to bring him honor.

Today, the culprit who wanted to trample over his honor is right before them... They will never allow him to escape!

Zhang laoshi, allow us to return you justice!

Zhang laoshi, allow us to clear you of the ridicule and contempt the other party had shown you!

"Those kids..."

Seeing their actions, even with Zhang Xuan's strong mental fortitude, having reached the Heart of Tranquil Water, his eyes still reddened.

At the very start, the reason why he had accepted these students was so that he wouldn't be expelled from the school, in order to avert the first crises after his reincarnation.

Yet, his seed that he had sowed had brought him an entire forest.

He wasn't a skilled teacher, and he hadn’t intentionally tried to move them either. All he did was to give his all to fulfill his responsibility, not wanting to let anyone down, yet... what he received in return moved him to tears.

He had often pondered whether what he was doing was worth it. But now, he realized that a human's heart can’t be measured with gold or any other matter. Only when you treat them wholeheartedly will they treat you with equal sincerity. It isn’t a matter of whether it is worth it or not, or whether he should do it or not!

"No wonder they were practicing an offensive formation. Most probably, even if Lu Xun didn't challenge me, they would still challenge him to a battle to get back at him in my stead!"

At this moment, he finally understood the reason behind the content he saw in the library previously. He felt moved.

All along, he had been puzzled over why this bunch of fellows was practicing an offensive collaboration formation. Now, it is clear that they had been preparing for today.

They had witnessed Lu Xun forcing the Teacher Evaluation on him, leaving him in a difficult position and soiling his reputation. Even if Lu Xun hadn’t provoked Zhang Xuan today, they would have definitely stepped forward, argued with the latter, and challenged him to a duel.

Even though they knew that they weren't a match; even though they knew that what they were doing was suicidal... They nevertheless went on ahead with it.

This all... Just to protect their teacher's honor!

These fellows...

To think that...

Trembling in agitation, Zhang Xuan tried his best to hold back his tears.

"I mustn't let them take the risk..."

Just when Zhang Xuan was about to stand up and stop them, his mind suddenly jolted. On a bookshelf in the Library of Heaven's Path, the golden book appeared once more, and a new golden page was in it.

"This book... Can it be that it is related to the student's gratitude?"

Seeing the book being formed, Zhang Xuan was stupefied.

He had no idea when the golden book was formed before, but this time, the golden book appeared when his students put themselves at stake for him. Could the golden book be related to his students?

However, this thought disappeared as soon as it appeared.

It wasn't the time to be thinking about such matters. Standing up, he was about to walk up to instruct his students to back off, when all of them turned around at the same time to look at him.

"Zhang laoshi, this is a decision we made. We hope that you will not interfere."

Zhao Ya's clear eyes looked forward. With a slight smile, her voice sounded loudly in the surroundings, and unwavering determination could be heard.

"You have given so much to us, we just want to give something to you in return. Also, we wish to display to everyone the results of your tutelage, so that everyone will know that..."

"Your dignity... cannot be trampled on!"

"Your honor... cannot be sullied!"

Witnessing the determined and firm gazes of his students, Zhang Xuan's body stiffened and he hesitated.

"We hope that teacher can agree to our selfish request!"

Zhao Ya clasped her hands.

"We hope that teacher can agree to our selfish request!" The other four chorused after her.

"Alright, be careful then. If you aren't a match for him, just admit defeat. Don't worry, your teacher is here. No one will dare to trample on me, and no one will be able to trample on me!"

With his both hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan lifted his eyebrows. A powerful aura suddenly surged forth from his body, reaching even the heavens.

Tables and chairs in the surroundings broke into smithereens under the pressure of the intense aura.

"Tongxuan realm... pinnacle?"

A wave of exclamations sounded.



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