Chapter 221: Coiling Dragon Hands

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Complete silence.

Everyone's eyes narrowed and their faces paled.

Isn't Zhang laoshi well known for being a trash of the academy?

Didn't they say that his cultivation is low, and his ability to impart knowledge is lacking?

Tongxuan realm pinnacle... As an expert who can break through to achieve Half-Zongshi at any moment, he is nearly an invincible existence in Tianxuan Kingdom!

You call such a cultivation low? Are you kidding me?

"Looks like... all of the previous news are true. He just wants to keep a low profile and doesn’t want to expose his strength..."

"I’m afraid, only a person with such capability can groom students like Zhao Ya and Liu Yang!"

"Tongxuan realm pinnacle... Even the principal doesn't wield such strength. Yet, such an expert is only a low-level teacher. The academy must truly be blind!"

"It is all due to Elder Shang Chen's oppression. Shameless! Such people deserve to be expelled!"


Zhang Xuan's display of his cultivation caused the crowd, on both the spectator stand and the stage, to enter a frenzy.

Everyone had thought all along that he is just a Pixue realm cultivator. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that he would be a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert, a top-notch expert in Tianxuan Kingdom!

Witnessing the situation, Lu Xun's body froze and his face turned ghastly white.

He had always prided himself on his superior talent that no one could match up to. Never once did he think that... the fellow, whom he had been provoking, had already reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle! Furthermore, he wasn't even twenty!

Is he still a human?

And I challenged such an expert to a duel?

Is my brain damaged?

Regardless of teaching my students or my own cultivation, I have been defeated utterly!

"The students vie for the honor of their teacher while the teacher serves as the fortress of his students. The students and teacher in perfect complement, this is the model relationship!"

"This is the level we hope to reach! Yang shi sure is incredible, to be able to spot such a gem."

Taking in the sight, the three master teachers stood up abruptly and their faces flushed with agitation.

A student needs a good teacher, and a teacher needs good students.

However, does being a good student or a good teacher refer to one's talent and cultivation?

Nope, it refers to trust, solidarity, and responsibility.

These students, right before their very eyes, are willing to give their all for Zhang laoshi. On the other hand, Zhang laoshi serves as their fortress. Regardless of the waves that come rushing toward them, he will be able to stand firm as their stronghold, providing them a sanctuary.

This is what a teacher and student relationship should be like, truly the highest level of a teacher-student relationship.


Seeing how their teacher did not tell them to stop, granting them free reins and turning into a powerful fortress backing them instead, Zhao Ya excitedly turned around to face Lu Xun.

"Lu laoshi... Let's start!"

"I accept your duel, but I will not take advantage of you, students. Let's go to the Teacher Dueling Platform!"

Knowing that he was unable to avoid this duel, Lu Xun agreed candidly.

There is a specialized stage for duels between students and teachers and it is known as the Teacher Dueling Platform. There, teachers will suppress their cultivation to lower themselves to the student’s level and duel with them.

Back then, the duel between Zheng Yang and Zhou Tian was held there.

"There's no need for us to fight on the Teacher Dueling Platform. We'll do it here, and there's no need for you to suppress your cultivation!"

Yuan Tao smiled and stepped forward.

Earlier, when he fought with Kong Jie, he appeared to be an ordinary underhanded fellow. However, after taking a single step forward, the air around him changed and he seemed to be an entirely different person this moment. Even though his cultivation remained at the same Juxi realm advanced stage, his disposition had changed tremendously. This very moment, he seemed to be like a dragon soaring through the heavens.

"Brothers, I will be going first!"

Roaring, Yuan Tao charged toward Lu Xun. Without any moves or technique whatsoever, he simply charged frenziedly toward the latter.

"Can it be that... he had hidden his cultivation as well?"

"But that's impossible! Half a month ago, when he attended the entrance examinations, he very clearly had barely reached Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm primary stage. Being able to reach the advanced stage within such a short period of time is already an extremely scary feat, so how is it possible that he has hidden his cultivation?"

"Even if he hadn’t hidden his cultivation, it is impossible for him to be Juxi realm advanced stage. We have been fooled by his delinquent outer appearance. Honestly speaking, even if Kong Jie was careless, it is impossible for an ordinary Juxi realm to expel him from the stage with a single fist."


Upon seeing that Yuan Tao being the first to charge forth and sensing the change in his disposition, not feeling any fear despite facing a Pixue realm expert like Lu Xun, everyone burst into a commotion.

Just earlier, when this fellow fought with Kong Jie, everyone thought that he doesn’t possess any real capability. They thought that he is just a shameless and underhanded fellow. Yet, at this moment, they realized that that isn't the case!

No matter what, Lu laoshi is a Pixue realm expert! Even Dingli realm cultivators will be hesitant to face him, yet as a Juxi realm cultivator, he charged straight at him. Through this, it can be seen that there is more to him beneath the surface.


Upon seeing that Yuan Tao was the first to charge toward him, Lu Xun's complexion darkened. He immediately sent a palm strike straight at the other party.

In order not to cause any casualty, he only used ten percent of his strength. Even so, given his strength as a Pixue realm pinnacle, that was more than enough to shatter stones and smash through tree trunks.

However, not only did that strong might not hinder the movement of that fatty in any way upon hitting him squarely, it seemed to have incited the other party's hot-bloodedness. Yuan Tao squeezed his body together, placing his shoulders in front of his chest to maximize the impact of the charge.

It was neither a 【Mountain Crush】 or a 【Tree Ram】, it was just an ordinary charge reminiscent to that of the savage beasts.


It sounded like the beat of a drum and Lu Xun's face turned red. Under the impact, he retreated two steps backward.


Lu Xun's eyes narrowed.

Everyone knew that Lu Xun's cultivation had reached Pixue realm, but no one knew that he actually specialized more in the training of his physical body.

Due to his obsession, he had his father, Master Lu Chem, replicate all books on the training of physical body in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault and keep them at home.

Just this by itself showed a lot about his physical body cultivation. As such, even though he could have easily dodged Yuan Tao's judge, he stood his ground.

He thought that the student was just a fellow who possessed some brute strength. Not even in his dreams did he expect Yuan Tao's charge to be so fearsome.

Despite his well-trained physical body, Yuan Tao's charge managed to flush his face red and he nearly spurted a mouthful of blood from the force.

If he were to suffer another few more of such charges, he would not need to think of battling any further!

"He managed to knock Lu laoshi back?"

"This fellow is way too scary!"

The spectators were all cultivators. Even though they had no idea how strong Yuan Tao's charge really was, they could notice the change in Lu laoshi's complexion. They were so shocked that their jaws nearly hit the ground.

For a Pixue realm pinnacle expert to be knocked back, how much strength does he possess?

With such might, bodies of typical Dingli realm experts will probably be shattered!

The student who was knocked out by Yuan Tao's fist previously, Kong Jie, happened to witness this sight right after he woke up. Greatly terrified, his face paled and he fainted once again. At the same time, he was thankful that the other party hadn’t used this move against him. Otherwise, fainting would just be a small matter. He could have been crippled for life.

"Looks like I've underestimated you..."

Retreating two steps backward, Lu Xun immediately stabilized his breathing. Feeling a dull ache in his chest, he narrowed his eyes and glared coldly at the fatty before him. The disdain in his eyes had disappeared without a trace.

Just from the other party's charge, he was able to tell that the lad before him possesses strength, physical durability, and defense far superior to his.

That is to say, in a purely physical brawl, he will be able to easily kill a Dingli realm expert!

When did Zhang Xuan find such a freak?

"Hehe, this isn't the only thing that you've underestimated!"

After a successful first attack, Yuan Tao chuckled lightly and charged forward once more.


Seeing the other party use the same attack once more, Lu Xun became serious. With a slight flick of his hands, his zhenqi formed a sphere of energy before him. In an instant, the charging Yuan Tao, as though a fish sucked into a whirlpool, staggered two rounds before charging beside Lu Xun, not even grazing him in the slightest.

"【Coiling Dragon Hands】! It's Coiling Dragon Hands..."

Someone from the crowd exclaimed.

"What's Coiling Dragon Hands?" Someone asked doubtfully.

"It's a long-lost battle technique. It's said that when one reaches a major accomplishment in the skill, he will be able to form a sphere of zhenqi outside of his body, warding off all attacks! I always thought that it was a legend, but to think that... Lu laoshi is actually able to execute it!"

Those who were well-aware of the skill were in disbelief.

"Warding off all attacks? This... Isn't the battle technique too overpowered!" The one who asked previously was astonished.

Being able to ward off all attacks means that even if one isn’t able to triumph over his opponent, he will not lose either.


At this moment, the crowd, who had been awed by Yuan Tao's strength previously, looked at Lu Xun with great respect.

It is true that it is impossible for a useless person to wield great prestige. For Lu Xun to be able to create such an incredible reputation for himself in Hongtian Academy, he does indeed live up to his name.

"Indeed!" The others nodded their heads in agreement.

"If he can ward of all attacks, doesn't that mean that he can't be wounded?" Another person commented.

"All battle techniques have their own flaws. Even though the Coiling Dragon Hands is an incredible skill, it isn't invincible. Rumor has it that as long as one focuses their strength at one point, such that the might at that point surpasses the strength the user displaying the skill possesses, one will be able to break the Coiling Dragon Hands easily! That's to say, given that Lu laoshi possesses around 45 ding of strength, one has to display a might exceeding 45 ding at a single point to overcome this move."

As the person said so, he lifted his head to look at Zhao Ya and the others. "Zhang laoshi would be able to overcome this move easily, but... I'm afraid it'll be hard for his students. Unless someone has managed to comprehend the Weapon Intent, which would allow them to overcome the zhenqi sphere easily... But how is that possible for a group of Dantian realm students..."

At this, he shook his head.

Weapon Intent, this is the level which all cultivators hope to achieve. Countless people viewed it as their ultimate goal and had strived for it, but even so, there isn’t a single successful case in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. If so, how can a student achieve such level?

"You're right!"

The crowd nodded their heads in agreement. No matter what, these students are on Fighter 2-dan cultivators. No matter how strong they are, how can their strength exceed a Pixue realm pinnacle expert? Even more so, how is it possible that any one of them have comprehended the Weapon Intent?

It seems like the challenge is only a joke. With the invincible defense created by the 【Coiling Dragon Hands】, it is impossible for Lu Xun laoshi to be defeated by them.

"Yuan Tao, I can't allow you to hog the spotlight. Allow me!"

Everyone was beginning to think that Zhang Xuan's students would fail when a roar echoed. Zheng Yang stepped forward with large steps. Without any complex movements, the spear he held in his hands shot out as though a dancing dragon.

Even though it was just a single simple move, within its simplicity contained the profound essence of a spear, making it impossible to dodge or withstand it.


The spear was so quick that the air seemed to be unable to bear the overwhelming pressure, sounding as though it would shatter into countless pieces at any moment,

Along with the piercing of the spear, Zheng Yang's aura grew stronger and stronger. Even though he only possessed the strength of a Fighter 2-dan Dantian realm, it felt as though he had melded together as one with his spear, as though he was the spear, and the spear was him.


The spear struck Lu Xun's zhenqi sphere and a sonic boom resounded across the entire field.

Deng deng deng deng!

Lu Xun's face turned ghastly pale and he retreated four steps backward.

The Coiling Dragon Hands had been broken!

"Spear Intent? Is that Spear Intent?"

Wang Chao stood up abruptly.



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