He was the most highly skilled spear user in the entire of Hongtian Academy.

As far as he can remember, he had been training in the way of the spear. Day after day, year after year, he had long regarded the weapon as an essential part of himself.

Even so, he is still a huge distance away from forging Spear Intent.

He thought that such a state only exists in the faraway legends, and it is impossible for him to ever achieve it. Yet, never in his dreams did he expect that... he would see it on a teenage boy.

Even though the Spear Intent he had forged is still in the most primitive and simple form, a far way off from its complete mature state, it is nevertheless a bud containing incredible potential. With sufficient time, it can ripen and grow into a gigantic tree.

"How did he do it?"

Previously, when Mo Xiao said that he is unable to compare up to Zheng Yang and admitted defeat, Wang Chao thought that it was a great humiliation to the Wang Clan's spearmanship. But now, upon seeing Zheng Yang's move, he realized that the Wang Clan's spearmanship is trash before it!

This move that is infused with the Spear Intent cannot be countered by any other moves.

In fact... Even if he were the one facing it, he would be helpless!

If Zheng Yang's cultivation were at the same level as him, he can definitely kill him with that single move!

"Can it be... is this the move that father learned?"

Suddenly, a thought flashed in Wang Chao's mind.

A while ago, his father, Wang Chong, spent an astronomical sum to learn a spear art and after which, he had been secluding himself to comprehend Spear Intent. All along, Wang Chao had thought that no move would be worth this money, but after seeing Zheng Yang's stroke...

Three million was a small sum to pay for this move. Even if it cost ten million, twenty million, or even all of their family fortune, it would be worth it!

Before, the butler had said that the one who imparted his father the spear art was an apothecary, but he hadn’t paid much heed to it then. However, upon seeing Guild Leader Ouyang and the other apothecaries here, claiming that they are here to watch Apothecary Zhang's duel... Can it be that Zhang Xuan laoshi is him?

Wang Chao's body swayed and blood welled up at the back of his throat, threatening to spurt at any moment.

"Zhang laoshi can be considered as half a teacher to me since he has imparted this move to me. Next time, when you see him, you have to call him grand teacher or... grandpa!"

Shaking his head to toss aside this ridiculous thought, Wang Chao suddenly heard a powerful voice sounding beside him. Lifting his head to take a look, he saw his father walking toward him.

Given the commotion that the Teacher Evaluation had caused, even Wang Chong couldn't resist his curiosity and came to take a look.

"Grand teacher? Grandpa?"

Wang Chao's face turned pale and he was on the verge of tears.

Not just him, the other spectators were also completely silent.

Those who were aware of the Coiling Dragon Hands were even more shocked, and if not for their self-control, they might have torn out their hair in frustration and disbelief.

Even though they were unable to exactly recognize the Spear Intent in Zheng Yang's movement, just by the fact that he was able to break the Coiling Dragon Hands with his spear showed that he has already reached such a state!

A sixteen-year-old student comprehending Weapon Intent?

How can there be such a ridiculous matter in the world?

If so, how fearsome will his teacher who imparted him the art be?

"Looks like Mo Xiao didn't admit defeat for his friend’s sake, but because he is truly not a match for him!"

"Indeed, even Fighter 4-dan cultivators will be unable to withstand such a move."

"What an incredible technique, did it really come from Zhang laoshi?"

"Zhang laoshi... Not only are his movement, leg, and fist techniques incredible, even his spear art is at the same level as well?"

All of the students were astonished.

"Just a few days and he... has improved again!"

Mo Xiao's body shuddered. Looking at Zhang Xuan, the desire in his eyes could no longer be curbed.

A voice echoed in his heart...

I must acknowledge him as my teacher!


"Damn it!"

Having his Coiling Dragon Hands broken by Zheng Yang's spear, Lu Xun felt a suffocating sensation in his chest. A savage expression emerged on his face and he let off a loud howl. He was about to charge forth to deal with the exhausted Zheng Yang when he suddenly heard a faint sound. Unknowingly, Liu Yang appeared beside him and his fist was headed straight for him.

At that moment, Wang Ying also appeared in the air above him and she had sent a kick straight at him.

Si la!

The punch and kick were so swift that it tore the air into half. Even before hitting its target, it instilled shiver into its target.

The two moves may not be as powerful as the spear before, but even so, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Even with Lu Xun's powerful physical body, he would incur significant injuries if he were to be struck by it.


With an awful complexion, Lu Xun's body swayed and as though a butterfly treading through the flowers, he retreated two steps.

Battle Technique [Butterfly Steps]! As though a butterfly soaring between flowers, the move grants its user nimble and unreadable movements.

Dodging the punch and the kick, Lu Xun prepared to launch a counterattack, but at that moment, he felt his entire body turn cold, as though he had been placed into an ice cavern.

As his vision blurred, a ridiculously beautiful lady appeared in his sight. At the same time, a smooth and flawless hand reached straight for his chest.

Lu Xun's eyes narrowed. Even though he was astonished, as a Pixue realm pinnacle expert who had gone through hundreds of battle, he reacted without hesitation. He counterattacked with a palm strike immediately.

Battle Technique [Tower Overthrow Seal]! It is said to possess the strength to topple towers and shake mountains!


The Tower Overthrow Seal met the enemy's palm.

Zhao Ya's body quivered briefly before being sent flying back.

She was only a Dingli realm pinnacle cultivator, she was still far from matching a Pixue realm pinnacle expert like Lu Xun.

However, Lu Xun didn't fare well either. The pure yin zhenqi which Zhao Ya emitted contained the nature of extreme coldness, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably. He retreated three steps backward but was unable to rid himself of the chill in his body.

Furthermore, a surge of cold zhenqi had invaded his meridians, making it impossible for him to neutralize it within a short period of time.

Five people and six attacks, Lu Xun had merely received a blow from each of them, but he retreated eleven steps.

The crowd was left completely dumbfounded.

That was Lu Xun laoshi, the number one star teacher of Hongtian Academy. Even though his cultivation wasn't unparalleled in the academy, there was nearly no Pixue realm cultivator who could match him.

But just like that, he was forced back by a group of Fighter 2-dan and Fighter 5-dan students. If they had not witnessed it for themselves, they would have never believed it.

"So, this is the offensive collaboration formation that they had been working on?"

Zhang Xuan knew that Zhao Ya and the others had been secretly working on a collaboration formation, but he had never actually seen them execute it. Finally witnessing it now, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows knitted together.

"Fine. Truthfully speaking, I have underestimated you brats. You do possess the qualifications to challenge me!"

Lu Xun declared as he stabilized his breathing. After having been forced to retreat continuously under the assault of a few juniors, he no longer dared to underestimate them. On the contrary, a grim expression had appeared on his face.

"I also think that we are qualified to challenge you. Actually, Lu laoshi, by crossing blows with you, we have already vented the resentment in Zhang laoshi's stead. How about this? Can we just consider it a draw? If we go on like this, we will only end up hurting each other..."

Yuan Tao chuckled as he stepped forward.

"Draw?" Lu Xun harrumphed coldly. "Your attacks are indeed novel, and you have indeed managed to catch me off guard earlier. However, now that you've revealed all the tricks up your sleeves, there's nothing else for me to fear..."

What Lu Xun said rang true.

Even though the attacks of the five weren't weak, they hadn’t prepared enough moves to account for the entire duel. Each of them knew only a single powerful move, and it would have worked against ordinary Pixue realm cultivators. However, for a potential master teacher like Lu Xun, it was far from being sufficient.

After all, both his eyes and comprehension of battle techniques were far from what the five could match.

"You're right. How about this, why don't I... discuss the matter with them and admit defeat?"

Yuan Tao stepped forward as a look of conflict appeared on his face. When he came to just a few steps away from Lu Xun, his eyebrows shot up suddenly as he charged forward.

"Hmph, the same trick?"

After the precedent with Kong Jie, Lu Xun was already guarded against this fellow. Upon seeing him charge forward, he harrumphed coldly.

Because I wasn't guarded against your charge for the first time, you managed to send me back two steps. But the second time, I easily warded off your charge with my Coiling Dragon Hands. Yet, you still dare to use the same technique on me for the third time...

Aren't you underestimating me too much?

A cold glint flashed across Lu Xun's eyes. Raising his hands, he prepared himself to ward off Yuan Tao's charge. However, before he even came into contact with the fellow, the fellow abruptly stopped and hugged him.

The change was too sudden and so unexpected that Lu Xun didn't have the time to react to it.

Furthermore, it was unthinkable for one to hug another in the midst of a battle.


In an instant, the fatty had Lu Xun completely in his grasp, having locked his arms around the other party's body tightly.


For a teacher to be hugged by a student, Lu Xun's complexion looked extremely dark. With a twist of his body, he knocked at Yuan Tao.


A dull thud.

The force behind that knock was in no way inferior to his fist; even an ordinary Pixue realm expert would be vomiting blood due to the impact of that blow. The body of the fatty that was wrapped around him jerked, but the grip didn't loosen in the least.

He actually withstood such a powerful knock!

"His defense is incredible..." Lu Xun's eyes narrowed.

No matter how foolish he could be, he immediately understood that the specialty of the fatty wasn't his charge, but... his defense!

To think that he had neglected this fact from the very start.

"Hurry up!"

Yuan Tao howled as he hugged Lu Xun tightly.


Before he could even finish his words, a spear whistled and flew straight toward Lu Xun.

"Damn it!"

Sensing the fearsome might behind the spear, Lu Xun knew that he would be over if the spear were to hit him. Thus, he roared and his feet abruptly pushed against the ground.

The powerful force against the ground pushed him, along with Yuan Tao, three chi above from the ground, dodging that fatal move.

"Come down!"

Even though he managed to dodge the Zheng Yang's spear, he wasn't able to evade Liu Yang's fist. With a cold harrumph, a strike from the Heaven's Path Fist Art hit him straight in his back.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed from his mouth.

"If this goes on, I might really lose to a bunch of youngsters..."

Lu Xun lifted his eyebrows and madness could be seen in his eyes.

If I don’t shake off this fatty quickly, I might really lose today!

Even though Zhang Xuan's five students were young and possessed weak cultivation, the battle technique they learned were simply too bizarre. Even a person with a powerful physical body like Lu Xun found it hard to take their blows.

"Let go!"

Roaring furiously, he sent his right elbow directly at Yuan Tao.

This time, he used his full strength. With solely the strength of his physical body, he could even pierce through metal.


The powerful elbow struck Yuan Tao squarely on his chest.


Yuan Tao's face turned red.

Even though the pain clearly showed through his face, his grip didn't weaken in the least. At this moment, he seemed to have become a giant chain, sealing the opponent's body entirely, refusing to budge no matter how hard the opponent struggles.


Not expecting that an elbow strike at his full force would not be able to shake him off, amidst Lu Xun's anger, he was taken aback as well.

How is this a duel? It feels more like a fight to the death!

In that moment of daze, a kick landed straight on his chest.

At the same moment, a pair of white and flawless palms landed on his body as well.

Peng peng!

Two crisp sounds echoed in the air. Lu Xun felt a dull pain in his chest before flying backward.



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