"Se... Senior?"

"Did Liu shi and the others just call Zhang Xuan their senior?"

"He isn't even twenty. On the other hand, the three master teachers are at minimum sixty or seventy. Where is the logic..."

"I've no idea, but... from the looks of it, the three master teachers don't seem to be feigning anything. Can Zhang laoshi truly be that incredible?"

It was as though the crowd had been struck by lightning.

Shocks came like waves today, crashing down on them one after another. They felt as though they were unable to keep up anymore and their heart had reached their limits.

"Is... is he a senior to Liu shi and his company? Can it be..."

Narrowing his eyes, Emperor Shen Zhui seemed to have thought of something as he shuddered.

As the three master teachers had been residing in the palace, he had come into contact with them frequently and knew of their intentions.

They had been trying to acknowledge Yang Xuan as their teacher and given how they were addressing Zhang Xuan as their senior now, no matter how foolish he was, it was impossible for him to not understand what was going on.

"Zhang Xuan laoshi is... Yang shi's student. Furthermore, he is a... direct disciple!"

His breathing quickened.

Yang shi was able to help even the dying Shen Hong reach Zongshi realm, showing the incredible capabilities he possessed. According to Liu shi and the others' conjecture, he was likely to be at minimum a 3-star master teacher.

Such incredible figures often come and go as they please. It was completely possible for him to vanish into thin air within a few days' time.

But if Zhang Xuan was his direct disciple, it would make things much easier. He could make use of Zhang Xuan as a bridge to tie Yang shi to Tianxuan Kingdom.

Even if he were to be unable to bind such a superpower, Yang shi and the others would also find it hard to reject him, given that their senior, Zhang Xuan, hails from Tianxuan Kingdom.

If so, it is only a matter of time before the kingdom rises through the ranks!

If he had thought previously that being a rank less senior than Zhang Xuan was embarrassing, right now, his eyes were glowing and he regarded it as an honor.

Given that Zhang Xuan had managed to acknowledge Yang Xuan as his teacher, it was just a matter of time before he becomes a master teacher. Putting aside calling him uncle, even calling him grandpa would be nothing much.

As the sovereign of a country, he shouldered the responsibility over the entire kingdom in his hands. He had long learned to weigh matters in terms of cost and benefits. The so-called identity, seniority and such were only mere methods of address to him.

Besides, Liu shi and the others were considered as peers with his grandfather, Shen Hong. Given that Zhang Xuan was their senior, he was lucky to be able to get off with addressing Zhang Xuan as his uncle.

"S... S... Senior? The three master teachers' senior?"

While everyone was dumbfounded, Lu Xun stuttered in astonishment.

The reason why he was so against Zhang laoshi previous was that he was vying with him for the opportunity to come under the three master teachers' apprenticeship. Yet... Not only was the other party unbothered, he actually turned out to be a senior to the three master teachers...

In an instant, he felt as though he had been a clown.

After such a huge farce, it emerged that the other party didn't care for what he had valued so highly. Just by revealing his identity, he could easily destroy him.

Grandmaster painter, an expert at the Way of Tea, official apothecary (Given the number of apothecaries that had appeared in the academy, Wang Chao and him immediately knew of Zhang Xuan's identity as an apothecary), the brother of his father, senior of the three master teachers...

Just any single one of those identities was sufficiently imposing, but at this moment, it was all gathered on a seemingly unimpressive teacher... Shivering violently, he felt lost.

He had always thought that he was a genius, and even without his father's help, he could make a name for himself. But now, he realized that his so-called talents meant nothing in comparison to the other party.

Honestly speaking... This blow had caused him to doubt the purpose of life itself!

He was feeling completely loss when he heard Liu shi's voice echo by his ears.

"Lu laoshi is indeed a rare talent. From back then, I had heard of his reputation in Beiwu Kingdom and the reason why I came here was to welcome him as my apprentice. Since senior has spoken on his behalf... Lu Xun. are you willing to become my apprentice?"

Liu Ling looked at Lu Xun with a smile.

Even if he was unable to accept Zhang Xuan as his apprentice, the trip would also have been worth it if he was able to recruit Lu Xun. Besides, his senior clearly intended to resolve the grudge, and he was glad to give him a hand.

"I'm willing..."

Awakening from his daze, Lu Xun's body froze in agitation.

All of his hard work was for this. He thought that he would be doomed after losing the Teacher Evaluation, and never in his dreams did he expect that his wish would be fulfilled so abruptly.

"Yes... Zhang Xuan, oh, no, Uncle Zhang... Teacher!"

Even though Liu shi had said it in that manner, Lu Xun knew that his reputation only played a minor part. More importantly, it was due to Zhang laoshi's recommendation.

Despite me treating him like that, he was willing to recommend me to Liu shi!

What is this magnanimity?

Clenching his fists tightly, Lu Xun's eyes turned red.

"This is the attitude that a teacher should have. Xun-er, you must learn from Master Zhang!"

By the side, Lu Chen, who had witnessed the entire scene, commented.

He had heard the entire matter from Huang Yu, and as such, he knew how much trouble this unfilial son of his had brought to Zhang Xuan. Yet, the other party didn't say a word of criticism. On the other hand, he even helped him to become a master teacher's apprentice. Just his magnanimity showed that he was no ordinary person.

"Yes!" Lu Xun nodded his head.

Only at this moment did he realize how ridiculous his actions had been.

While he was still thinking about how he should become an apprentice of the three master teachers, his rival had already become their senior. While he was thinking about becoming an official painter, the other party was already a grandmaster. While he was thinking about breaking through Pixue realm, the other party was already at Tongxuan realm pinnacle...

That was the distance between them.

"Zhang laoshi, I was foolish in the past and have offended you on multiple occasions. Please forgive me!"

"It's alright as long as you are willing to change! I hope that you will learn properly under Liu shi's guidance in future and quickly become a true master teacher!" Seeing how the other party was willing to let bygones be bygones, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

In actual fact, he didn't hold much resentment toward this Lu Xun.

Based on the memories belonging to his previous self, this fellow had taught numerous incredible students ever since entering the academy. He had practically no bad track records, and it was mainly due to his competitive nature and his desire to surpass his incredible father that he committed so many mistakes.

"Yes!" Lu Xun nodded his head earnestly. Then, he turned to Liu Ling and asked, "Liu shi, may I beseech you on a matter?"

"Feel free to speak!"

Liu shi said as he stroked his beard.

Seeing that Lu Xun was sincere in wanting to turn over a new leaf, he felt delighted as well.

"In order for me to win this battle, my students had consumed [Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill] and there are likely to be heavy and detrimental side effects. I hope that Liu shi can resolve this issue."

Lu Xun knelt down.


Witnessing the situation, Zhu Hong and the others clenched their fists tightly and their eyes turned red.

With the matter exposed, Lu laoshi's reputation would definitely be affected greatly. Even so, for their future, he was willing to reveal it all in public. Just his consideration for his student itself was worthy of awe.

Mo Xiao, who had thought of acknowledging Zhang Xuan as his teacher previously, upon seeing Lu laoshi's actions, felt touched. After contemplating over the matter for awhile, he glanced at Lu Xun once more and made up his mind with a new resolve.

While incredible teachers got to chose their students, talented students were also qualified to choose their own teachers.

The reason why he wanted to acknowledge Zhang Xuan was because Lu laoshi's recent actions and performance were disappointing. However, upon seeing this, he realized that the formidable Lu laoshi of the past, the number star teacher of Hongtian Academy, was back.

Only with a big heart can one surpass all odds.

At that instant, the intention to come under Zhang Xuan's tutelage disappeared.

"Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill? That is one of the forbidden medicine which forcefully raises one's cultivation. Even though it can induce a rapid rise in cultivation, the remanant toxins of the pill will sink into one's meridians, causing one's cultivation speed to become increasingly slower. This will affect their future achievements! To have had them consume these things was equivalent to ruining the future of these kids... Lu Xun, you are truly foolish!"

Taken aback by Lu Xun's words, Liu Ling shook his head.

"Yes, I know that I was reckless. Liu shi, I beg of you to help them!"

Lu Xun pleaded earnestly.

He also knew the aftereffects of consuming the pill, but the humiliation he felt yesterday had blinded his judgment. His desire to win in this Teacher Evaluation had caused him to commit the mistake in a moment of folly.

"Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill is a pill which forcefully drags out one's potential by tapping into his lifeforce. My skills are still insufficient to treat such conditions!"

Liu Ling sighed.

If the trauma from such medicine could be solved that easily, everyone would have bought one to hasten the growth of their cultivation.

It was because there was no way to solve the trauma that it became a forbidden pill.

Even as a master teacher, Liu Ling was helpless before the matter.

"You cannot treat it?"

Lu Xun's face turned pale.

He thought that he could solve their problem once he became a master teacher, but now, it seemed that his thinking was too naive.

If even Liu shi was incapable of treating the trauma, didn't it mean that for his own selfish motive, he had ruined the lives of several students?

Intense self-reproach struck at Lu Xun's conscience.

"All of you consumed the Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill?"

Zheng Yang heard the conversation clearly from the side. He rushed to the side of his good buddy hurriedly and questioned him anxiously.

"Yes!" Mo Xiao nodded his head.

"You..." Zheng Yang clenched his fists rightly.

It was true that consuming the Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill would help one to achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation within a short period of time, but climbing to greater heights in future would become immensely difficult.

It was no different from pulling a seedling for it to grow faster.

Having grown up with Mo Xiao, he knew that his buddy was as obsessed over strength as him. The other party would definitely be unable to bear the burden of watching his own cultivation slow down, and eventually fall behind the others.

"Zhang laoshi, I beg of you, please save Mo Xiao!"

Gritting his teeth, Zheng Yang ran to Zhang Xuan and knelt down.

In his mind, Zhang laoshi was omnipotent. Even if Liu shi was helpless before the matter, Zhang laoshi would definitely be able to do the impossible.

"Save him?"

Hearing the plea of his student, Zhang Xuan nodded his head, "Alright!"

Back then, during the Teacher Evaluation, when Mo Xiao and the others executed their battle techniques, he was able to immediately identify their problems. The trauma left by the Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill is actually toxin that the medicine leaves in one's body. While 3-star or even 4-star master teachers would be helpless before the matter, Zhang Xuan possessed the ability to treat them.

The Heaven's Path zhenqi was clear and pure as though water. Regardless of how incredible those toxins were, by infusing his zhenqi within, Zhang Xuan would be able to easily flush them out.

He was even able to suppress a seemingly sentient poison aura who was able to escape his assault, what challenge can mere pill toxins pose?

"You can save them?"

Hearing the other party agree to it so readily, Liu shi and the others were taken aback.

Without explaining anything, Zhang Xuan had Mo Xiao come over. Grabbing his hands, he sent a surge of zhenqi into the other party's meridians. Soon, the toxins were all expelled.

Sensing the change in his body, Mo Xiao was so agitated that his body trembled.

After consuming the pill, he clearly felt something restraining his body from within, but at this instant, the inhibition disappeared completely. The shackles that limited his cultivation had disappeared completely.

"Thank you, Zhang laoshi for treating me!"

Knowing that the side effect of the Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill had been resolved, Mo Xiao immediately knelt to the ground in gratitude.

"It's treated already?"

Liu Ling could not believe what had happened. He walked over hurriedly and sent a surge of zhenqi into Mo Xiao’s body. After taking a look within, his eyes widened, "It's... It's true!"

Zhang laoshi had so casually resolved something, which he was helpless about, right before his eyes...

What is that amazing capability?

It is no wonder that he was able to catch Yang shi's eyes and become their senior. His means are simply too incredible!

Watching the sight, Lu Xun knelt before Zhang Xuan and pleaded, "Uncle Zhang, I beg of you to treat the others as well!"

This time, he had called out 'Uncle Zhang' willingly and sincerely.


It wouldn’t take much of his effort to treat these few people. Zhang Xuan nodded his head and soon, the traumas of Lu Xun's five students were completely resolved.

The only hassle that emerged was with Zhu Hong. As he hadn’t fought at all, there wasn't any book compiled on him. Thus, Zhang Xuan had to have him execute a battle technique before he was able to pinpoint the locations of the toxins.

Looking at the glowing faces of his students, Lu Xun felt truly impressed by Zhang laoshi.

In the world, there exists a kind of person who, even though you two started on the same footing, end up on completely different levels!

They are beings which one can only look up to, with no hope of catching up with.

Clearly, Zhang laoshi is such a... godlike person!

Lu Xun was completely impressed with the other party and had decided to set him as his ultimate goal when he saw this godlike person looking at him with a wide grin.

"Um... Lu laoshi, do you still have any more of these Insane Demon Breakthrough Pill? Or... Maybe you can tell me where you bought it? Can you buy a few for me? If it can raise one's cultivation by an entire realm so quickly, will eating more of it allow one's cultivation to soar several realms at once?"

"..." Lu Xun.

"..." Liu Ling and the others.



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