Chapter 227: State of Insight

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Of course, Zhang Xuan knew that it was impossible.

As an apothecary, he knew that no matter how incredible a medicine was, a person would gradually gain increasing immunity to it the more they consume, needless to say, pills that raises one's cultivation.

After treating their traumas and resolving the grudge between him and Lu Xun, he was finally done with everything here. Just as the teacher-in-charge was about to announce the start of the Freshmen Tournament, countless students rushed to the stage suddenly, their eyes reddened with agitation. They stared at Zhang Xuan fervently, as if they were voracious wolves looking at their prey.

"Zhang laoshi, I hope to come under your tutelage. Will you accept me as your student?"

"I beg of you, please accept me. Not only am I talented, I can help you pack your bed and do your housework..."

"Actually, I've always revered you. Even if I can't become your student, I don't mind just listening in to your classes..."

"Teacher, my clan is rich. As long as you accept me as your student, money isn't a problem!"

"Money money, money your head! Scram, do you think that Zhang laoshi is a materialistic person? But Zhang laoshi, if you really want... My clan is also rich, so please accept me as your student..."

His incredible performance in the Teacher Evaluation, as well as his ability to solve a problem which stumped the three master teachers, had sent all of the students here into a frenzy. They could no longer hold themselves back and charged forward in an attempt to acknowledge him as their teacher.

In an instant, an uproar broke out in the dueling ring.

All those doubts that they carried for Zhang laoshi had disappeared without a trace. Countless students pushed one another to get nearer to Zhang laoshi, afraid that to miss this opportunity.

There were even a few who felt so regretful that they wanted to commit suicide. They felt that if they hadn’t been so blind back then to listen to all sorts of rumors, they would have already become Zhang laoshi's students.

If they had acknowledged him at the very start of the school term, the ones who had shone on the stage wouldn’t have been Zheng Yang and the others, but them!

One has to know that Zheng Yang and the others were far from being at the top of the batch, and Yuan Tao was the very last in the cohort.

But at this moment, even Yuan Tao was able to force Lu laoshi back with his charge. The scene of how he forcefully restrained Lu laoshi was still fresh in their mind, and the thought of it agitated them.

From a student, who had barely made it into the academy, to become an expert who can threaten even a Pixue realm expert within half a month... If they hadn’t witnessed it personally, they would have never thought this to be possible.

"This..." Zhang Xuan was astounded as well.

Clearly, he didn't expect that his actions would cause such a stir.

"Teacher... has finally regained his prestige after that all he has gone through!"

Upon realizing what was happening, Zhao Ya and the others clenched their fists tightly.

Ever since Lu Xun challenged Zhang laoshi, they had been suffocated with anger and indignance. These emotions motivated them to work hard to bring honor and glory to their teacher, and now... They have finally done it!

Zhang laoshi's brilliance was finally being recognized.

A special pride welled up within them.

At that moment, it was as if they wanted to shout to the whole world proudly...

Look, this is my teacher...

Zhang Xuan!


"I already have five students and I don't intend to accept any other students anytime soon. However, given how passionate all of you appear to be, how about this, I can conduct a lecture on the fundamentals of cultivation, and perhaps, it would be useful!"

Knowing that he will die of fatigue if he were to accept so many students, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before coming up with an idea.

Just these five students had caused him to almost go bankrupt. If he were to accept so many students at once... He probably wouldn't even have the money to eat!

"Zhang laoshi is not accepting any students?"

"But listening to his lecture is good as well..."

Finding out that Zhang Xuan wasn't intending to accept any students, everyone felt disappointed initially. However, upon hearing that Zhang Xuan would conduct a lecture for them, the glow on their faces returned.

With the ability to induce such a rapid growth in Zheng Yang and the others, how can his lesson be anything ordinary?

"This lecture on the fundamentals of cultivation will be held tomorrow afternoon, the location right here. Those who wish to attend can come earlier, but for today, let's proceed with the Freshmen Tournament!"

After addressing and calming down the crowd, Zhang Xuan left the dueling ring.

If he doesn’t leave now, he might really end up eaten by those frenzied students.

Besides, the Freshmen Tournament should be the main show of the day. The Teacher Evaluation can only be considered as an appetizer, and he shouldn't steal the spotlight from the event.

Right after he returned back to his classroom, the three master teachers followed in swiftly.


The three of them clasped their hands.

"Un! Please be seated. Actually, I have something that I'll need to trouble you with!" Zhang Xuan smiled.

"You're Yang shi's direct disciple while we're only his students. As our senior, please feel free to give us instructions. It's no trouble at all..."

Liu Ling smiled awkwardly.

Even as fellow students, a hierarchy exists. Direct disciples possess the highest standing, and other students have to address them as 'senior' regardless of their cultivation realm or age.

As juniors, it was only right for them to obey the commands of their seniors.

"It's like that!" Seeing them agree to the matter so readily, Zhang Xuan nodded his head and continued. "You know that Yang shi likes to travel about and rarely gets involved with worldly affairs. Even though he has accepted me as his direct disciple, he had only instructed me to study on my own and he hadn't officialized my identity in the records... Thus, I might need to trouble you three for my master teacher examination!"

The reason why he accepted them as his students was for this. Since it wasn't convenient for 'Yang shi' to bring the matter up, Zhang Xuan could only bring it up himself.

"Oh, I was thinking what kind of matter it was. This isn't difficult." Liu Ling smiled. "In order to take the master teacher examination, one has to be at least an assistant master teacher. Since Yang shi has decided to retreat from the spotlight and it isn't suitable for him to reveal his identity, the three of us can do it in his place."

As he spoke, he flicked his wrist, retrieved a jade token, and passed it to Zhang Xuan.

"This is an identity jade token with our aura in it. As long as you carry it with you, you will be recognized as an assistant master teacher whom we have tested and acknowledged. You just have to drip a drop of blood on it in order to claim ownership, and thereafter, no matter which Master Teacher Pavilion you go to, you will be identified as our apprentice, thus giving you the qualifications to take the master teacher examination."

"Oh? This simple?"

Casually accepting the jade token, Zhang Xuan found the situation unbelievable.

He had always thought that it would be a complicated process, but to think that it would actually be so easy.

"It isn't difficult to become an assistant master teacher. As long as a master teacher recognizes you, all star teachers and high-level teachers are qualified to become an assistant master teacher. The true difficulty lies in meeting the prerequisites to become eligible for the master teacher examination!" Liu Ling said.

"Oh? Then... what are these prerequisites?"

After claiming ownership of the token, Zhang Xuan kept the token and asked.

There were no master teachers in Tianxuan Kingdom and there weren't any records of it in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault either. Even though he had been impersonating a master teacher these few days, he had no idea what the prerequisites were, where he could undergo the examination and other such basic knowledge.

"There are some external and internal conditions one had to meet to be eligible for the master teacher examination. The external conditions are a recommendation from a master teacher, the identity of an assistant master teacher, and at least one supporting occupation!"

Liu Ling explained.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

He had heard all of these before.

"As for the internal conditions, there are two of them!" Liu Ling continued on. "The conditions are reaching the State of Insight of the Heart of Tranquil Water and Tongxuan realm cultivation!"

"State of Insight?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

He knew that the Will of Mind 2-dan was Heart of Tranquil Water, but he had never heard of the term 'State of Insight'.

Liu Ling explained, "The Will of Mind is something all cultivators and professionals in all occupations have to temper continuously. The Heart of Tranquil Water is a terminology to refer to the level where one is able to control their mind, allowing them to focus their entire attention on a single task without any influence from external factors."

Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Liu Ling's words were true. It was precisely because Apothecary Chen Xiao, Apothecary Meng Yan and the others had not reached such a level that their negative emotions affected the Tranquil Heart Pill they forged, causing their pills to lose its original functions.

"There are two classifications to the Heart of Tranquil Water. One relates more to master teachers whereas the other is relevant to normal cultivators and professionals."

"The reason why there are two different classifications is simple. The Heart of Tranquil Water that a master teacher has to achieve is different from what other occupations require. This is also the reason why master teachers are so highly respected."

"The other professionals and cultivators merely have to reach the level of complete tranquility, such that they are released from influence by any external or internal factors. On the other hand, the Heart of Tranquil Water concerning a master teacher is about being able to peer into the essence and discerning truth from false!"

"Discern truth from false, peer into the very essence?"

"Indeed. If you find that hard to understand, let me put it this way. The Heart of Tranquil Water that ordinary cultivators reach is known as the 'State of One'. It is sufficient for them as long as they are able to pour all of their attention into one matter without being distracted by any other factors. On the other hand, the Heart of Tranquil Water relating to master teachers is known as the 'State of Insight'. It grants one the ability to peer into the order of a matter and determine the crux of a problem."

"That's to say, even though they are both at Heart of Tranquil Water, the state which a master teacher reaches is different from that of ordinary humans. Only those who possess the State of Insight of Heart of Tranquil Water are eligible to take the master teacher examination. This is also why apothecary teachers, tea master teachers, formation master teachers, smithing teachers and such aren’t master teachers."

With a supporting occupation, one is eligible to take the master teacher examination. Zhang Xuan had been thinking that it was odd that Elder Tian didn't take the master teacher examination even though he was a tea master teacher in Beiwu Academy. It turned out that the crux of the problem laid here.

Without the State of Insight, one is ineligible.

"Then... How should one cultivate to reach the State of Insight of the Heart of Tranquil Water?" Understanding the reason behind it, Zhang Xuan asked.

"How to reach?" Liu Ling, Zhuang Xian, and Zheng Fei glanced at one another before smiling. "There's no way for one to cultivate that state, it's a talent! Those who possess the potential to become a master teacher, upon reaching Heart of Tranquil Water, would reach the State of Insight, granting them the ability to discern truth from false!"

"This is similar to how apothecaries must have the physical constitution of wood element. Without talent, no matter how hard one cultivates, it is impossible to become a master teacher! To use an analogy, no matter how incredible a man is, it is impossible to him to bear children. Without talent, no matter how hard one trains, it will be in vain!"

"Upon reaching the Heart of Tranquil Water... one would be able to discern truth from false?" Gedeng, Zhang Xuan's heart skipped a beat.

He had already reached the Heart of Tranquil Water, but why hadn’t he gained such an ability?

"How does one differentiate between State of Insight and State of One?"

"Taking the simplest example, when watching a person execute a battle technique, a person who has reached State of Insight would be able to instinctively analyze the logic behind the moves, arrange them, and infer the best way to cultivate to achieve the optimal effects. On the other hand, a person in the State of One is unable to do the same."

Liu Ling continued, "The reason why master teachers often choose star teachers to become their apprentice is because it is likely that they possess such a talent, for them to have students following them so willingly."

"Instinctively analyze the logic behind battle techniques?"

Zhang Xuan's body shuddered.

The heck, he has long attained the Heart of Tranquil Water, but why hadn’t he experienced such an occurrence?

Could it be that... he doesn’t have the talent to become a master teacher?

If that is the case, he is doomed.



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