Chapter 228: Shouldn't Toy with Someone Like That

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Not too long after his reincarnation, after fusing the soul of his previous self with his own, Zhang Xuan had reached the Heart of Tranquil Water.

All along, he had been depending on the library to look for flaws to determine the crux of the problem. He had never paid attention to his ability to discern truth from fiction. Could it be that… his Heart of Tranquil Water wasn't State of Insight?

If it wasn't the State of Insight, he would be unable to take the master teacher examination. If so, what was the use of having such a powerful library?

This couldn't be true….

Zhang Xuan was on the verge of tears.

But soon, he soon thought of another possibility.

Since the library would compile a book whenever he saw a battle technique, he would refer to it instinctively. With such a cheat code, no one would bother analyzing the logic behind the moves and their orders. Thus, it was still too early to say for sure.

"So… how do you check if a person possesses the State of Insight or State of One?" Zhang Xuan asked upon thinking of this.

"Oh, actually that's simple. I have a [Stone of Insight] here. After holding it and adjusting one's state of mind to reach Heart of Tranquil Water, if numbers appear on it, it means that you possess State of Insight. Otherwise, it means you possess State of One!"

Liu Ling retrieved a green stone. There was a dense congregation of lines on it, making him feel dizzy upon seeing it.

"Of course, there are different levels to State of Insight as well. The higher the number, the more talented one is. If your Soul Depth has reached 3, you are eligible to take the 1-star master teacher examination. Given how Senior has such outstanding results as a teacher and how you caught Yang shi's eyes, you should have already reached 4 or above. This is something that the rest of us are unable to compete with even after we sap our potential dry!"

At this, Liu Ling and the others stared at Zhang Xuan in admiration.

The Soul Depth of one's State of Insight determined the talent of a master teacher. The higher the value, the more one was able to peer into the essence of things, the higher the heights one could reach.

The few of them had barely met the prerequisites for 1-star master teacher. Even though they had been training diligently throughout the years, they had already sapped their potential dry. Even if they reached Zongshi, it was hard to say whether their Soul Depth would reach a level that would allow them to be eligible to take the 2-star master teacher examination.

Given how the youngster before them managed to catch Yang shi's eyes, he likely wielded incredible potential. In their view, his Soul Depth likely exceeded 3. This was precisely the reason why they were willing to call him Senior.

"Can you give me this Stone of Insight?"

"This stone is normally used by master teachers to ascertain one's standards when choosing an apprentice, similar to the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar. As such, I have a few of them here. If Senior wants to use it, feel free to take one!" Liu Ling smiled. "However, given Senior's age, you probably haven't reached Heart of Tranquil Water yet. There's no need for you to panic. You can test it whenever you reach the state!"

"Yeah!" Taking hold of the Stone of Insight, Zhang Xuan lowered his head to take a look at it.

The lines on it were formed naturally. There were no signs of intentional chiseling or such. Somehow, it induced in him the sensation that it was capable of peering into the essence of everything.

"Right, where can I take the master teacher examination?" Keeping hold of the Stone of Insight, Zhang Xuan lifted his head and continued asking.

"The master teacher examination is of course conducted at the Master Teacher Pavilion. The closest branch to Tianxuan Kingdom is at Tier 1 Tianwu Kingdom. There are 2-star master teachers there and a complete facility to conduct the test. In fact, you could even take the 2-star master teacher examination there."

Liu Ling added, "If Senior reaches Heart of Tranquil Water, you can head there and give it a try. As long as you meet all of the prerequisites, you can register for it."

"Great!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"Alright. Senior, if you have any other instructions, feel free to relay them to us. For now, we'll be taking leave!"

After chatting for a while longer, Liu Ling and the others stood up and left.

Seeing them leave, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and the Stone of Insight appeared in his palms once more.

"I should test it to see if I possess the State of Insight of Heart of Tranquil Water…."

In this world, the master teachers possessed unparalleled prestige. Becoming one would allow Zhang Xuan to operate much easier, and would also grant space for Zhang Xuan to display the prowess of the Library of Heaven's Path. If he turned out to be lacking talent in that aspect, it would truly be regretful.

Clutching the Stone of Insight with both hands, he adjusted his state of mind and entered the Heart of Tranquil Water. In an instant, all emotions, including his anxiety, disappeared from him.

This was the state that allowed one to rid themselves of their frustration and agitation, allowing one to analyze matters rationally. This was the state that countless cultivators dreamt of.

Just that, to reach such a state, one had to be capable of directing all of their attention onto a single thing. Just by the fact that only the principal of the entire Hongtian Academy had reached such a state showed the difficulty of doing so.

This was the exact reason why Shen Bi Ru nearly fainted from shock when she saw Zhang Xuan reaching this state.


Upon reaching the Heart of Tranquil Water, the Stone of Insight in his hands shuddered and numbers slowly floated onto the surface.

Upon seeing that something had appeared on the stone, Zhang Xuan was relieved.

Liu Ling had said that if one only possessed the State of One of the Heart of Tranquil Water, numbers wouldn't appear on the stone. Thus, this meant that he possessed the State of Insight.

It was a huge relief. At least he still wielded the potential to become a master teacher.

Just a while ago, he was still worried about how he wasn't able to see through the logic and order of the battle techniques of others with his own capabilities and that maybe he didn't have such talent. Now, it seemed like he was just overthinking the matter.

No matter what, he was an incredible existence who possessed the Library of Heaven's Path. How could he not even have the potential to become a mere 1-star master teacher?

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan glanced downward to look at the numbers on the Stone of Insight.

If the value reached three, Zhang Xuan would be eligible to take the 1-star master teacher examination. Given his talent, he should be at least 4, 5, or even 6, 7, 8, 9!

Otherwise, it would be unbefitting of his identity.

He thought gleefully as the numbers on the Stone of Insight finally stopped swaying and appeared clearly before him.

Just when he was happily dreaming about taking the master teacher examination and showcasing his overwhelming talent, Zhang Xuan saw the numbers on it. In an instant, his eyeballs nearly popped out of his eyes.

"This… Are you for real?"

Zhang Xuan's face twitched. He was on the verge of tears after seeing the results.

He saw the numbers on the stone—0.1.

You shouldn't toy with someone like that!

According to Liu Ling's words, the average was around 3 or 4. As for the more incredible ones, they reached 5, 6, or even 7. Zhang Xuan thought that even if he wasn't a genius, he should at least reach the borderline for taking the 1-star master teacher examination and obtain a value of '3'. Yet... 0.1, what the heck is this?

Brother, is it even possible to go any lower than that?

"I don't believe it…."

On the verge of tears, Zhang Xuan placed the Stone of Insight in his hands and tried once more.

A moment later.

Staring at the 0.09 on the stone, Zhang Xuan felt as though he had been slapped square on the face. The corners of his lips rapidly twitched.

The heck, you really gave me a lower value!

He had always thought that he was an unparalleled genius, a genius among geniuses, yet… reality slapped him right in the face!

Taking the master teacher examination with such a low Soul Depth? He would just be mocked!

If he were to really go there now, he would be driven out in the next moment.

"I don't believe it…."

After trying it a few times, Zhang Xuan finally accepted the fact that his Soul Depth was truly that low. Every time he tested it, his Soul Depth would be lowered by 0.01, to the point that… it was only 0.05 now.

"The next time I meet Liu Ling and the others, I have to ask them if there's a technique to increase one's Soul Depth. Otherwise, with such a low Soul Depth, becoming a master teacher would be nothing but a dream!"

Suppressing the urge to pass out, Zhang Xuan consoled himself.

Right now, he could only pray that there was a secret technique to raising one's Soul Depth in the Master Teacher Pavilion. By then, he just had to make use of the Library of Heaven's Path, compile a Heaven's Path manual, and raise his State of Insight value swiftly.

Otherwise, given his current value, he wasn't even qualified to be considered a star teacher.

Just when he was contemplating over what he should do about his low Soul Depth, he heard a knock on the door of the classroom.

"Is Zhang Xuan laoshi in?"

"Emperor Shen Zhui?"

Zhang Xuan recognized the voice and said, "Feel free to enter!"


The doors opened and two men walked in.

One of them was Emperor Shen Zhui while the other was a middle-aged man. He looked dashing and if Zhang Xuan looked closely, traces of Zhao Ya's features could be seen in him.

"Zhang laoshi, this Zhao Ya's father, City Lord Zhao Feng. He specially made this trip here to thank you for the care and guidance you had shown to his daughter," Emperor Shen Zhui spoke with a humble tone.

Even though the other party wasn't a master teacher yet, he was Yang shi's direct disciple, the senior of the three master teachers.

Before such a person, even as the sovereign of the country, he didn't dare act impudently.

"Zhao Feng pays respect to Zhang laoshi!" City Lord Zhao Feng stepped forward and greeted Zhang Xuan.

"Since you're Zhao Ya's father, there's no need to be so formal. Take a seat!"

Zhang Xuan welcomed them.

"I've heard from Yao Han how Zhang laoshi has taken care of my daughter for the past several days, and I am very grateful to you for that. I know that given Zhang laoshi's identity and strength, you don't lack money. Thus, I had my men search the treasury and they found an [Enlightenment Jade], so I want to give it to you as a show of gratitude!

After exchanging some small talk, City Lord Zhao Feng handed something to him.

"Enlightenment Jade?" Upon seeing the object the other party handed him, Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

"Enlightenment Jade can be absorbed by a cultivator through touch, similar to spiritual energy. Not only can it restore one's expended Soul Depth, it can also slowly increase it. It is what master teachers use to cultivate their State of Mind and it is extremely valuable. Of the countless jade mines in my Baiyu City, I only managed to find a single one," City Lord Zhao Feng explained.

"It can raise one's Soul Depth?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

His gift truly came at a timely moment.

He was just perplexed over how he could raise his low Soul Depth when City Lord Zhao Feng suddenly sent this Enlightenment Jade his way. This was great!

"Such a valuable object… how can I accept this?" Zhang Xuan felt embarrassed.

It was clear to see how valuable it was, given that there was only one of it in the entire Baiyu City. Its value could not longer be measured using money.

The other party probably spent a great deal of effort trying to find this.

"What is a single jade worth next to the favor Zhang laoshi has bestowed upon my daughter!" City Lord Zhao Feng said respectfully.

Not only did he see through Zhao Ya's unique constitution, he even went all out to awaken it….

The favor was so great that even though the Enlightenment Jade was valuable, it wasn't enough to repay the gratitude.

"Then, you have my thanks!"

Knowing that the other party sincerely wanted to gift this to him, it would be impolite for him to reject it. Furthermore, he had a use for it, so he nodded his head and accepted it.

"Zhao Ya is my student. Guiding her cultivation so that she can improve faster is part of my responsibilities. This isn't a trade, so I don't need your compensation."

Zhang Xuan continued, "However, I do need the Enlightenment Jade. How about this? Zhao Ya has shown me the cultivation technique of your Baiyu City before, and I'll write down a modified version for you. You can take this as the compensation for the Enlightenment Crystal!"

"Cultivation technique? Modified… version?"

Zhao Feng and Emperor Shen Zhui widened their eyes in astonishment.



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