Chapter 229: Guiding Zhao Feng

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Every single cultivation technique that was passed on had been refined over and over again by the efforts of countless experts.

Putting others aside, the [White Jade Art] had been passed down for no less than three hundred years. Countless ancestors had used this skill as their cultivation technique, and if not for Zhao Ya's incompatibility with the skill as a lady, she would have cultivated this skill as well.

After he started to sense the spiritual energy starting from age four, he had come a long way, becoming the second most influential person in the kingdom now. The White Jade Art had accompanied him for forty years, but he had never experienced any problems with it. Yet this Zhang laoshi who wasn't even in his twenties said that he could modify it?


Modifying and bettering a cultivation technique required an in-depth understanding of cultivation. Only those who had reached Zongshi realm were capable of doing so.

Thus, upon hearing his words, City Lord Zhao Feng and Emperor Shen Zhui were a little doubtful.

Even though Old Ancestor Shen Hong had reached Zongshi realm, he was still unable to refine a cultivation technique that had been passed down for centuries. Yet… Zhang Xuan said he could?

Zhang Xuan saw the doubt in the two of their eyes, but he didn't pay them any heed. Retrieving a paper and a brush, he started writing.

The last time he passed a cultivation technique to Zhao Ya and the others, they also behaved in the same manner. He was already used to it by now.

Not too long after, he finished jotting down a complete cultivation technique.


Grabbing the paper, City Lord Zhao Feng lowered his head to take a look. It was indeed the cultivation technique he had been practicing and Zhang laoshi had edited a few portions of it. However, after looking at it, a bizarre expression appeared on his face.

"Is there a problem with it?" Emperor Shen Zhui couldn't help asking.

"Your Majesty, take a look!" Zhao Feng handed the cultivation technique to him.

Casually flipping through it, Shen Zhui was perplexed as well, "I once got the old ancestor to take a look at your cultivation technique, and he commented that it was imposing and powerful. However, this modification erases the strengths of the technique, and there are even some conflicts between several portions…. Can this really be cultivated?"

As a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert and the sovereign of a country, Shen Zhui had access to profound cultivation technique manuals, so he was knowledgeable on such matters. At the very least, he was still able to see the strengths and weaknesses of a cultivation technique.

If one were to cultivate according to the formula written, it would cause the zhenqi in their body to go into disarray and clash at several acupoints. At worst, one's cultivation might even go berserk.

"You'll know whether it is useful or not after trying to cultivating it!"

Seeing the doubt in their eyes, Zhang Xuan wasn't angry in the least.

"I believe Zhang laoshi!" After hesitating for a moment, City Lord Zhao nodded his head.

Even though this White Jade Art was modified in an extremely bizarre manner, he trusted Zhang laoshi.

To be able to see through his daughter's Pure Yin Body and induce such a massive improvement in all five of his students in just half a month, Zhang Xuan's discerning ability and his knowledge on cultivation was clearly not something he could compare with.

Upon thinking so, City Lord Zhao memorized the changes, sat on the floor with crossed legs, and started cultivating.


As he focused his mind, spiritual energy from the surroundings started surging to him and entered his body through his pores.

The moment he started cultivating, his cultivation realm also became apparent. Tongxuan realm advanced stage!


It didn't take long for the healthy glow on City Lord Zhao's face to turn pale. Trembling slightly, sweat streamed down his body.


Upon seeing his state, Emperor Shen Zhui swiftly turned to look at Zhang Xuan. "Zhang laoshi, has he cultivated incorrectly? Hastened breathing, unstable state of mind… These are the signs of one's cultivation going berserk!"

Usually when one cultivated, the absorption and refinement of spiritual energy into zhenqi should give a sense of comfort. Yet City Lord Zhao was trembling all over. It seemed as though he was losing control of his strength, and it was threatening to burst out of his body. Clearly, something was wrong.

Unlike Juxi realm and Dantian realm, it wasn't a small affair if a Tongxuan realm cultivator's cultivation went berserk!

Even if one didn't die, at the very least, his cultivation would be destroyed completely.

There wasn't any way of saving someone when it came to that point!

"Don't panic. If City Lord Zhao finds that something is amiss, he'll stop!"

Zhang Xuan simply smiled calmly in response.


Zhang Xuan's words rang true. Having cultivated for several decades, he was no longer an amateur who would follow a teacher's words blindly.

If he sensed that something was amiss, he would definitely stop.

Understanding that, Emperor Shen Zhui's worry lightened. Even so, his eyebrows were still furrowed.

He had seen the modifications Zhang laoshi made. The concept behind the modification went against the idea of the White Jade Art, and there were even a few clear conflicts between the two. Was it really fine… cultivating like this?

It must be known that an illogical modification could result in death!

Furthermore, wasn't City Lord Zhao being too rash!

Even though Zhang laoshi had modified it personally, he should have first checked the theories and verified it to be safe. If he cultivated it straightaway in this manner, it was plausible that a problem might occur in his cultivation.


As he was thinking about that matter, City Lord Zhao's complexion suddenly turned even more awful, and unable to hold himself back, he spit out a mouthful of blood.

"City Lord Zhao…"

Upon seeing him spit blood, Emperor Shen Zhui immediately stood up to support him, but before he could even move toward the other party, Zhang laoshi spoke up, "Don't be in such a hurry. First look at the blood he has spat out."

Looking down, he saw that the blood on the ground was maroon, unlike from the normal crimson color of blood.

A grim expression appeared on Emperor Shen Zhui's face.

Upon seeing this sight, it was clear that something was wrong.

Just when he was hesitating about whether he should ask Zhang laoshi about this problem, he suddenly saw City Lord Zhao furiously propelling all of the strength within his body.


Along with the sound of a loud explosion, his aura abruptly grew stronger.

"Tongxuan realm… pinnacle? He achieved a breakthrough?"

Emperor Shen Zhui's eyes narrowed.

It seemed that the cultivation technique Zhang laoshi passed to City Lord Zhao was beneficial to him, allowing him to reach Tongxuan realm pinnacle.

Even though it was just a small leap within a realm, being able to accomplish this feat in such a short period of time showed how impressive the modifications Zhang laoshi had made to the cultivation technique were.

"This cultivation technique…"

Thinking that, Emperor Shen Zhui reached over to pick up the cultivation technique written by Zhang Xuan to analyze it. However, Zhang Xuan beat him to it and he casually threw it aside.


The several pieces of paper fell into the fireplace not too far away and were reduced to ash.

Emperor Shen Zhui grew even more confused.

As the sovereign of a country, he had always prided himself on his superior wisdom. However, Zhang laoshi's actions today had stumped him. He felt like a fool, utterly unable to understand the rationale behind the other party's actions.

Zhang laoshi said that he was going to modify City Lord Zhao's cultivation technique, but he gave him a clearly flawed modified version instead. In the end, such a cultivation technique allowed City Lord Zhao, who had been stuck at Tongxuan realm advanced stage for numerous years, to break through in a few moments.

Since it was so effective, this cultivation technique should be extremely valuable. Yet… he threw it in the fireplace, burning it to ash….

'Since you modified the cultivation technique for the other party, your intention should be for him to cultivate it properly in the future. If so, why did you destroy it?'

"As expected of Yang shi's disciple. Incredible…"

In his perplexion, a figure suddenly appeared in his mind.

Yang shi!

Honestly speaking, the actions of Yang shi were even stranger, but they had extraordinary effects. As his direct disciple, Zhang Xuan had inherited this quality of his.

"Thank you, Zhang laoshi!"

As he was thinking that, City Lord Zhao Feng had already completed his cultivation. Looking at Zhang laoshi once more, deep respect and admiration for the other party could be seen on his face.

"You understand it?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Yes, I understand!"

City Lord Zhao nodded his head.

"Good, you may go now!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"OK!" City Lord Zhao nodded his head and backed down. Surprisingly, he didn't mention the burnt secret manual at all.


Seeing how peculiarly the two of them were acting and how incomprehensible their words were, Emperor Shen Zhui had no idea what he should start asking about. Thus, he stood up and bid farewell as well. "Zhang laoshi, I'll be taking my leave as well."

After which, he hurriedly left.

Walking out of the classroom, he saw City Lord Zhao looking at Zhang laoshi's classroom with admiring eyes.

"What happened?" Emperor Shen Zhui couldn't help asking.

He was about to die from curiosity over the bizarre actions of the pair.

"Your Majesty saw the cultivation technique Zhang laoshi modified for me. What do you think of it?" City Lord Zhao didn't reply to his question. Instead, he asked one of his own.

"I think that… it's messy. I can't make heads or tails of it…." Emperor Shen Zhui spoke his mind after hesitating for a moment.

Even though he had seen City Lord Zhao achieving a breakthrough through cultivating that technique, he still felt that the contents within were illogical. Something was amiss.

"Indeed, it is indeed a mess. In all honesty, Zhang laoshi did so intentionally…."

City Lord Zhao nodded.

"He intentionally modified it wrong?" Emperor Shen Zhui felt faint. "You knew but you still continued cultivating?"

An incorrect cultivation technique wasn't a joke. It was easy for one's cultivation technique to go berserk if one cultivated in the wrong manner. Yet, even though he knew it was wrong, he went ahead with it. 'What the heck was wrong with these two?

'Furthermore, if it was wrong, how did you reach Tongxuan realm pinnacle?'

What in the world was going on?



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