"Our Zhao Clan's cultivation technique is grand and imposing. Your Majesty should be well aware of this!"

Upon seeing the confusion in the other party's eyes, City Lord Zhao Feng immediately explained the matter to him.

"Indeed!" Emperor Shen Zhui nodded his head.

Actually, many years ago, the Zhao and Shen Clan had worked together to establish the current Tianxuan Kingdom. The Shen Clan had claimed supreme power over the country whereas the Zhao Clan claimed supreme wealth for themselves. As partners, the two clans had maintained an intimate relationship generation after generation, not even hiding their cultivation techniques from one another.

Emperor Shen Zhui had come into contact with Zhao Clan's White Jade Art when he was younger and as such, he was familiar with it. Due to the ferocious might of the technique, it wasn't suitable for a lady like Zhao Ya to cultivate.

City Lord Zhao Ya continued, "Ever since the establishment of Tianxuan Kingdom, my Zhao Clan has been guarding the City of Jade, even naming it 'White Jade.' As such, we have been in contact with jade for generation after generation. Rationally speaking, given the complementary nature between humans and jade, it should enhance one's training speed. Unfortunately, jade has a cold attribute, which clashes with the warm nature of White Jade Art. While carrying a single jade or two isn't a problem, excessive contact could potentially cause a conflict between the energies and damage one's body.

"At first, you wouldn't notice it due to the slow accumulative nature. However, as the conflict continued on for a long period of time, it would slowly leave a unique trauma in your body. It would remain in your bloodline, inherited by one generation after another. This is also the reason why I have been stuck in Tongxuan realm advanced stage for countless years."

The talent of City Lord Zhao Feng back then wasn't inferior to Zhao Ya's. Reaching Tongxuan realm in his twenties, his reputation as a young genius spread far and wide.

However, it was a pity that he found himself at a bottleneck ever since he had reached Tongxuan realm advanced stage. A decade had passed, but he wasn't able to progress at all. Initially, he thought that he had sapped his potential dry. Yet, contrary to all of his expectations, it turned out to be a trauma passed down by his ancestors due to excessive contact with jade.

"Zhang laoshi recognized this problem and intentionally modified the White Jade Art erroneously so as to cause the energies in my body to go on a rampage and expel the cold air from my body. As such, the trauma in my body was expelled, and given the zhenqi which I have accumulated over the numerous years, I was able to achieve a breakthrough and reach Tongxuan realm pinnacle!" Admiration gleamed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he spoke.

To be able to deduce all of this just by looking at his cultivation technique and knowing that he came from Baiyu City, it was clear that Zhang laoshi's understanding of cultivation techniques and cultivation wasn't inferior to a Zongshi.

"Since the trauma is solved, then that cultivation technique…" Emperor Shen Zhui was still puzzled.

"Is Your Majesty curious why Zhang laoshi destroyed the modified cultivation technique?"

City Lord Zhao Feng chuckled, "That cultivation technique is full of errors. The reason why he modified it in that manner is to treat the trauma within my body. Now that it has been removed, if I were to continue cultivating it, my cultivation might really go berserk. Thus, Zhang laoshi destroyed it to indicate that… I can forget about it, and that there is no need for me to continue cultivating the modified version."

"I get it now…." Finally comprehending the situation, Emperor Shen Zhui was astonished by Zhang Xuan's capability.

Even though it sounded simple, accomplishing this feat wasn't easy at all.

As a cultivation technique that had been passed down from several centuries, countless experts had worked on the White Jade Art. Just by modifying some of the zhenqi circulation methods, he was able to completely solve a trauma which had settled into the Zhao Clan's bloodline for several generations.

Even the three master teachers were probably incapable of such a feat.

"Your Majesty and Father, why are you both here?"

Suddenly, Zhao Ya's voice sounded. Then the several young men and ladies who had the spotlight on them for the day walked over.

"Oh, I am here to pay a visit to Zhang laoshi!" Zhao Feng nodded his head. "Aren't you all participating in the Freshman Tournament as well? Why would you all…"

The duels before were classified under the Teacher Evaluation. To ascertain their ranks among the freshmen, they had to compete in the Freshman Tournament. Thus, Zhao Feng was surprised by their return when the tournament had yet to begin.

"Given our current state, who would want to compete with us?"

Zhao Ya gestured helplessly.

"Ah… that's true!" Zhao Feng and Emperor Shen Zhui smiled wryly.

Regardless of whether it was Zhao Ya, Yuan Tao, or the others, they were able to stand their ground against a Pixue realm expert. They could match up to even the weaker teachers, so which freshman would dare duel with them?

They would probably admit their defeat immediately.

Besides, given their current level of strength, achieving a victory in the Freshman Tournament wouldn't bring glory to them. As a result, they chose to withdraw from it instead.

"Right, Father, have you met with Zhang laoshi yet? Do you need me to introduce you two?" Zhao Ya said, seeing the two of them standing by the doorway.

"I've already met with Zhang laoshi." At this point, Zhao Feng looked at his daughter. "Little Ya, it's your fortune to be able to come under Zhang laoshi's tutelage. You must listen to him obediently in the future, you mustn't throw tantrums like you did in the past!"

"Yeah!" Zhao Ya nodded her head.

"Also, given Zhang laoshi's capabilities, it is unlikely that he will remain in Tianxuan Kingdom for long. If he asks if you are willing to follow him, you must grab hold of the opportunity. Otherwise, you will regret it for your entire life…." Zhao Feng emphasized the word "regret" strongly and his high expectations for his daughter reflected in his eyes. "Perhaps… the matter regarding saving your mother… he might be the only one who can do it!"

"Yes!" Zhao Ya clenched her fists tightly.


"I should first see how this Enlightenment Jade works!"

After the pair left, Zhang Xuan turned his attention to the Enlightenment Jade in his hands.

Logically speaking, as Zhang Xuan possessed the Library of Heaven's Path, he could easily see the flaws in the cultivation of others. Even if he didn't possess the State of Insight of Heart of Tranquil Water, it didn't affect him much.

However, it was the prerequisite for one to take the master teacher examination.

It wasn't feasible for Zhang Xuan to continue passing off as a master teacher for long.

It was analogous to driving without a license in his previous life. Even an experienced racer would have to keep his guard up at all times when on the road, fearful of getting nabbed.

More importantly, the Master Teacher Pavilions of the world were known to have innumerable books. If he wanted to raise his strength swiftly, it was important for him to have this official identity so that he could access them.


Thinking so, Zhang Xuan entered the State of Mind 2-dan once more and he felt a cold sensation seeping into his body through his palms. Slowly, his expended Soul Depth recovered.

"It works!"

Sensing the change in his body, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. Thus, he continued to immerse himself within the absorption of the Enlightenment Jade, greedily taking into the energy within it.

Soon, he felt his that his expended Soul Depth had finally recovered, reaching 0.1 once more.

However, after reaching 0.1, he was unable to absorb any more from the Enlightenment Jade, as though he had reached his capacity.

"Looks like without a suitable technique to utilize along with this, this object is useless!"

Zhang Xuan deduced that the object worked like one's cultivation. Even with the necessary resources raise one's cultivation, without a cultivation technique, it was impossible for one to achieve a breakthrough.

Unable to absorb any further, Zhang Xuan could only retreat from the Heart of Tranquil Water.

Spiritual energy and zhenqi worked just like flowing water. It would only travel downhill. If one wanted to reverse the situation, one had to utilize special methods, and practicing a cultivation technique was one of them.

It was true that the Enlightenment Jade could raise one's Soul Depth, but without a suitable technique to pair with it, it was futile.

"Forget it, I'll just put aside for now until I find some books on it. I should first skim over the golden book."

Knowing that worrying over this problem was useless, Zhang Xuan turned his attention to the golden book in the Library of Heaven's Path.

When his students stood up against Lu Xun to protect his reputation, the golden book abruptly appeared in the library. Now that he was finally done with his work, it was time to look into the matter.

With a jolt of his mind, the book appeared before him. A new golden page had appeared in it.

"Whether it appears due to one's gratitude still needs some looking into, just that… what is the use of this thing?"

Staring at the book intently, Zhang Xuan was puzzled.

The last time he was studying the book, the book suddenly disappeared and he passed out. When he finally regained consciousness, all of the knowledge contained in the library assimilated with his mind, becoming his.

Could this be the only use of this seemingly incredible-looking object?

If it wasn't, there wasn't any an instruction manual to it…. The more he tried to examine it, the more confused he became.

"I should try using the Library of Heaven's Path to ascertain it!"

After staring at it for a long time, Zhang Xuan was still unable to comprehend anything about it. Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind.

He might not be able to tell anything about it just by looking at it, but the library could!

Just like the poison aura from before, there didn't seem to be anything which this overpowered tool couldn't see the flaw of.

However, the golden book existed in his mind. Even though he seemed like to be holding the book, it was actually an avatar of his spiritual consciousness. Since he wasn't coming into direct physical contact with it, he didn't know whether a book on it could be formed.


Clutching the book in his grasp, Zhang Xuan thought.

Looking around, there weren't any new books in sight. From the looks of it, spiritual contact didn't allow him to look into the flaws of an object.

"Seems like I can only use the brute force method then…."

After trying for a few times, Zhang Xuan smiled wryly.

Since that method didn't work, he could only write down his hypothesis and allow the library to ascertain them.

Taking out an empty book, Zhang Xuan lifted up his brush and started writing on it. "The only use of the golden book is to assimilate the content contained within the library and turn them into the owner's."


A similar book appeared in his mind. Flipping through it, the flaw in his statement appeared. "Assimilating knowledge is just one if its abilities. It isn't its only use."

"There really are other uses for it!"

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

How could a book generated by such an overpowered cheat code only have one use? There were indeed other uses to it!

However, Zhang Xuan would have to guess the uses of the page.

"The name of this book is... Golden Book!"

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan continued writing.

Soon, the flaws on the statement appeared in the compiled book. "The name 'Golden Book' is wrong. The name of the book is [Book of Heaven's Path]."

"Book of Heaven's Path? Such a domineering name…. However, its name doesn't matter to me at all. I need to know its uses!"

Zhang Xuan frowned.

He already knew that assimilating the contents of the book into his knowledge was one of the uses, but the other uses eluded him.

"Can it create a cultivation technique that can raise one's Soul Depth?"

Just when he was pondering over what he should ask, a thought appeared in his mind.

He had been worried over his Soul Depth for the entire day. Since the Book of Heaven's Path seemed to wield incredible abilities, could it create a cultivation technique that could raise his Soul Depth?

As his thoughts was wandering about, before he could do anything, the book before him trembled violently before turning into a radiant burst of light, covering the entire library with its brilliance.


This time, he didn't pass out. Soon, the light gradually faded and the library returned back to normal. Swiftly turning his vision to the golden book, just like before, the golden book was still there, but the empty golden page had disappeared once more.

"Could it be that… it has really formed a cultivation technique that can raise my Soul Depth?"

The moment he was pondering if it could raise his Soul Depth, the golden page disappeared. Could there be a secret manual regarding the cultivation of Soul Depth in the library now?

As he thought this, he immediately looked around anxiously.



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