After searching for a long time, to Zhang Xuan's disappointment, there wasn't any new book in the library, much less a Soul Depth cultivation technique.

"Could I have wasted the golden page for nothing?"

Zhang Xuan felt awkward.

If that were truly the case, then Zhang Xuan would have made a huge loss.

Putting everything else aside, its ability of assimilating the contents of books into his knowledge was already an incredible one. Currently, he had all of the books in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault in the library. If he could convert all of it into his knowledge, he would gain significant understanding and knowledge on the various occupations in the world.

Yet… he wasted a golden page for nothing?

Did it have to be that awful?

Unwilling to give up at this, he continued searching around. However, he wasn't able to find the cultivation technique he was looking for. In the end, Zhang Xuan could only retract his consciousness from the library gloomily.

The moment his consciousness returned to his physical body, a commotion broke out around him.

"I don't think Zhang laoshi is cultivating!"

"But if he isn't cultivating, what can he be doing with his eyes tightly shut? Can it be that he's asleep?"

"If he's cultivating, spiritual energy should gather in the surroundings. However, there isn't any disturbance in the spiritual energy around us now!"

"If he isn't cultivating or sleeping, can it be that Zhang laoshi… Zhang laoshi, don't go…"

Before Zhang Xuan could even speak, a fatty hugged him. Then he felt his head spinning.

'Don't go? Go your head! My consciousness just went into the library and due to my focus in there, I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings. Why do you make it sound as though I have passed away?'

Irritated, Zhang Xuan nearly went on a rampage.

"Shut up!"

Bellowing loudly, Zhang Xuan opened his eyes.

"Ah, Zhang laoshi, you aren't dead? Great! I thought that you passed away in your sleep…."

Looking at Zhang laoshi, whose face was gradually turning dark by the moment, Yuan Tao's voice slowly grew softer.

When they entered the classroom, they saw Zhang laoshi sitting on a chair with his eyes tightly shut without the slightest bit of motion. Initially, they thought that he was resting, so they didn't pay it much heed. However, after a couple of minutes passed, they walked forward to wake Zhang Xuan up. They even shouted into his ear, but after seeing that Zhang Xuan didn't have any reaction, they panicked.

They quickly rushed forward to examine his condition, resulting in the previous events.

Just when he was about to teach the foul-mouthed Yuan Tao a lesson, Zheng Yang walked over. "Teacher, Wang Chao laoshi and Master Wang Chong have been waiting at the entrance of the classroom for a while now. Do you wish to meet them?"

"Wang Chao? Wang Chong? Allow them to enter!" Zhang Xuan gestured.

"Wang Chong has brought his unfilial son to seek for Zhang laoshi's forgiveness…."

Upon entering, Wang Chong immediately greeted Zhang Xuan humbly.

Knowing that he was here to apologize for his son's deeds, Zhang Xuan didn't say anything.

Even though Wang Chao tried to humiliate him in public several times and his actions were detestable, he didn't overstep his moral boundaries and resort to unscrupulous means. Honestly speaking, he wasn't an evil person. The reason why he kept tripping Zhang Xuan up was in consideration for his friend.

Since Zhang Xuan was able to forgive Lu Xun, forgiving this fellow wasn't a big deal.

Initially, Wang Chao was still hostile toward Zhang Xuan, but after hearing that the latter allowed Wang Chong to impart the Heaven's Path Spear Art to him, his entire body trembled in agitation.

He had seen the strength of the Heaven's Path Spear Art for himself earlier. Ever since then, his heart had been itching for it. Upon hearing that he was given the permission to learn it, his resentment toward Zhang laoshi turned into gratitude and admiration.

After the duo left, Clan Head Wang Hong and Clan Head Bai Ming came to visit. Then, to Zhao Ya's and the others' dumbfounded faces, the principal, Elder Tian, Guild Leader Ouyang, Shen Bi Ru laoshi, Han Qiong laoshi…

Due to the remote location of the classroom, rarely anyone came to this cramped classroom. But at this moment, it seemed to have become the core of the academy. All of the prestigious and powerful figures in Tianxuan City all came to pay Zhang Xuan a visit.

Zhang Xuan hated dealing with these matters, but as all of them had personally come to pay him a visit, it would be disrespectful for him to shut them out. As a result, he could only continue welcoming them one by one.

To Zhang Xuan's delight, they seemed to realize that he wasn't too fond of welcoming guests, so they took their leaves after chatting for a moment.

"Zhang Xuan, are you leaving Hongtian Academy?"

His last guest, Shen Bi Ru, stayed for awhile before asking.

Initially, as the most beautiful woman of the academy and a talented teacher, it should have been impossible for her to be related to a horridly-reputed, low-level teacher. Yet, to everyone's astonishment, Zhang Xuan suddenly rose through the ranks and, in a short span of twenty days, made a name for himself, even becoming the senior of the three master teachers.

Given the great potential he wielded, a small place like the Hongtian Academy would be insufficient to house him. It was a matter of time before he left the country.

Even though she understood that it was unavoidable, she couldn't help but feel slightly dejected.

The duo were just colleagues, but this young man was the first one to pique her curiosity and attract her attention. She couldn't help but feel reluctant to part with him so soon.


Oblivious to the thoughts of the lady, Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

The reason why he continued staying in the academy was for his students. Now that they had grown up, he had received his qualifications as an assistant master teacher, and reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle, it was time for him to explore the world.

Furthermore, he needed to deal with the poison aura in his body.

Otherwise, it would be equivalent to carrying a ticking time bomb on him. He didn't want to die right before he could enjoy his new life in this world.

"Then… where are you headed? Beiwu Kingdom?" Shen Bi Ru asked, upon hearing the other party confirming her doubts.

Even though she felt reluctant to part, she knew that the gap between her and this young genius would only grow wider as time went by. Even if she pursued him, they would still have to part eventually.

In the end, they were worlds apart.

"No, I'm heading for Tianwu Kingdom!" Zhang Xuan said.

It was likely for there to be a Poison Hall in the Red Lotus Ridge. Since he was leaving Tianxuan to resolve the poison aura in his body, he should naturally first take a look there.

"Tier 1 Tianwu Kingdom? That far?" Shen Bi Ru was taken aback. "Even though the two countries are considered neighbors with one another on the map, they are actually tens of thousand of kilometers apart. How do you intend to head there?"

"I am still thinking over the issue…" Zhang Xuan hesitated.

Having looked through the atlases in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault, he knew that the continent he was in was vast and boundless.

The other party was right. Even though Tianwu and Tianxuan were said to be countries close to one another, they were tens of thousands of kilometers apart. Even the fastest steed would require several months.

In fact, if it wasn't for the distance separating Tianxuan from the other countries, it would have been annexed by some of the more powerful states already. It couldn't have remained an independent entity as it was now.

"What is there to think about? You should just take the [Beast Mount] of the Beast Hall!" Han Qiong stretched her back as she interjected with a smile.

"Beast Hall? Beast mount?"

"The Beast Hall, also known as the Beast Tamer Guild, is a place similar to the Apothecary Guild and the Blacksmith Guild. Founded by beast tamers, the aerial beasts they tamed, also known as beast mounts, serve as a means of transportation for humans. Possessing rapid speed, they are capable of traveling great distances swiftly. Even though Tianwu Kingdom is far from here, if you ride a beast mount, it would just be a few days away," Han Qiong said.

"Oh?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Wasn't this similar to the airplane in his previous life?

"Han Qiong, don't spout nonsense!" Shen Bi Ru rolled her eyes. "The beast mounts you spoke of are the fastest Lightning Mounts. Every single of those has strength in the Zongshi realm, and there is only one of those in the entire Beast Hall. Only the highly-esteemed master teachers or official beast tamers are qualified to ride them. Those that are available to normal people like us are, at best, capable of flying three thousand kilometers per day."

"Yeah, Shen laoshi is right. Those Lightning Mounts aren't something that anyone can just ride. Even assistant master teachers aren't qualified to ride them!" Han Qiong nodded, agreeing with Shen Bi Ru.

Zhang Xuan felt that that was logical as well. If anyone could ride the best beast mounts, it wouldn't be a privilege anymore. As a result, he didn't dawdle on this issue and continued asking questions.

"Does Tianxuan Kingdom have a Beast Hall?"

Even though Zhang Xuan had seen the Apothecary Guild, the Blacksmith Guild, and the Teacher Guild, he had never heard of the Beast Hall.

Even though Zhang Xuan had just transcended over, he had inherited the memories of his previous self. If there really was a Beast Hall here, there wasn't any reason why he wouldn't have heard of it.

"There is a Beast Hall, but it isn't in the capital. It's in the mountain ranges not too far away!"

Shen Bi Ru chuckled lightly, "You should be aware that savage beasts like to live carefree and unrestrained lives. As such, their natural habitat is the mountain forests. If the Beast Hall were to be built in the kingdom, with countless savage beasts running and flying about all day long, many people would be scared out of their wits!"

"That's true!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head with understanding.

Savage beasts were ferocious and wild in nature. If they were reared in small cages all day long, they wouldn't survive for long.

This was also the reason why wild hares and boars were difficult to be domesticated.

"What? Do you want to try the Beast Hall? Do you need me to bring you there? I've been there a few times and I know its location quite well. Also, I have quite a few acquaintances there, so there is a chance that I could get a good aerial savage beast for you."

Han Qiong laoshi chuckled.

"Hmph!" Hearing the clear flirtatious tone her good friend spoke with, Shen Bi Ru frowned. "Zhang laoshi, don't listen to her. If you wish to go to the Beast Hall, I can lead the way!"

"I'll be troubling Shen laoshi then!" Zhang Xuan also found the flirtatious Han laoshi hard to deal with, so he chose to take Shen laoshi up on her offer.

Compared to Han laoshi, he was much more comfortable with Shen laoshi.

Besides, they were well-acquainted with each other.

"Alright!" Shen Bi Ru nodded her head. "So, when do we head out? I need to prepare in advance."

"I have a public lesson tomorrow. After that, I'll leave straightaway!" Zhang Xuan said after contemplating for a moment.

It was best for him to deal with the poison aura lingering in his body as soon as possible. Since he had already decided to leave, there was no need to stall.

"Alright, I'll make some preparations then!"

Shen laoshi nodded her head and left with Han Qiong.

The moment she left the classroom, she turned to look at Han Qiong. "Han laoshi, it can't be that you're actually interested in Zhang laoshi?"

"Me?" Han Qiong gazed at her best friend with a suggestive grin. "I should be the one asking that question, right? I was just trying you out to see how you would react. To think that you would immediately offer to go with him…. Hehe, this isn't what the great Ice Queen Shen of our academy would do!"

"I…" Shen Bi Ru blushed.

"I know that you're interested in him, and honestly speaking, I can understand why you would like him. However…"

Han Qiong shook her head grimly, and the lighthearted attitude she had just a moment ago disappeared.

"Despite his strength and potential, he was able to turn away from material gains and losses, tolerating humiliation for so such a long period of time…. As long as no mishaps happen to him, it is just a matter of time before he makes a name for himself!"

"Such a person…"

"We aren't worthy of him!"



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