Chapter 232: The Confused Liu Xun

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Oblivious to Shen Bi Ru's and Han Qiong's thoughts, Zhang Xuan pinched his brows distressed. Whenever he thought about the things he had to take care of before his departure, deep circles would appear beneath his eyes.

"Zhang laoshi, don't abandon us…."

"You are going to Tianwu Kingdom? Bring us along as well!"

"We want to be with Teacher…."

The ones speaking were Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, and the other students.

They had heard Zhang Xuan's conversation with the other two teachers and anticipation gleamed in their eyes.

"You want to follow me?"

Zhang Xuan turned to look at them, "You guys should reconsider. I'm heading to a higher tier kingdom; there will be many experts there. Countless dangers lay in wait if you choose to make this journey, and the slightest mistake could potentially bring about your deaths!"

"We understand!" all five of them replied resolutely.

In the fortnight they had been with Zhang laoshi, they had seen for themselves how he treated them sincerely and gave his all to raise their cultivation, not expecting anything in return. Their relationship had already surpassed that of the typical teacher and student relationship.

"There's no need for you guys to rush your decisions. I will give you all a night to contemplate. You guys can tell me tomorrow!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

Honestly speaking, the affection his students had for him wasn't a one-way street. After teaching them for a fortnight, he had also slowly come to love them. He wanted them to think this over carefully before coming to a decision. He wanted them to make a decision out of their own will and not through peer pressure.

Furthermore, even if he decided to bring them along, they would have to learn to fend for themselves. After all, there were some places where it wouldn't be safe for Zhang Xuan to bring them, such as the Red Lotus Ridge where the Poison Hall was rumored to be. It was already difficult for Zhang Xuan to guarantee his own safety, much less the safety of these kids.

"Zhang laoshi, there's no need for me to consider any further. You gave me everything I have. I will follow you everywhere, no matter where you go!"

Yuan Tao shook his head and knelt on the floor. Determination gleamed in his eyes.

As an orphan, he had no access to cultivation resources whatsoever. Despite being the worst student in his batch, Zhang laoshi nurtured him step by step, giving him the best cultivation technique, the best pills, and the best education….

Only in this way did he achieve the strength he had now.

As a result, there was no need for him to consider any longer. Wherever Zhang laoshi went, he would follow him.

"Zhang laoshi, my thoughts are the same. I beg you not to chase us away. We are willing to serve as your students… and we will remain your students our entire lifetime!" The second one to kneel down was the usually gentle and weak Wang Ying.

"Zhang laoshi, I beg you to bring us along!"

Then Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, and Liu Yang knelt down as well. Immovable faith could be seen in their eyes.

His five students might have been young, but they had shown determination beyond their years. Even though Zhang Xuan had lived two lives, he felt excited within.

"I can bring all of you with me, but you won't be following me. I will have Liu shi and the others bring you guys straight to Tianwu Royal City. After I'm done with my business, I will head over to look for you all!" Zhang Xuan said after hesitating for a moment.

After he took care of the poison aura in his body, he would have to head to Tianwu City to try his hand at the master teacher examination.

With Liu shi and the others looking after them, it should be much safer.

"Thank you, Teacher!"

Upon hearing that Zhang Xuan was willing to take them with him, their eyes immediately reddened in excitement.

They didn't what kinds of repercussions their decision today would bring to the entire continent. Neither could they have imagined what kinds of levels and skills they would reach because of this.

"Alright, you guys should go back and make preparations. It's hard to tell how long we'll be away from Tianxuan Kingdom, so remember to say your farewells properly!" Zhang Xuan gestured.


The five of them nodded their heads before retreating from the classroom.

After taking care of his students, Zhang Xuan returned to his residence and met with Liu Ling and the others, back in his disguise as Yang shi. When he spoke of his intention to leave, a dejected and disappointed expression appeared on their faces.

After that, he had them take out their cultivation techniques and offered them some guidance on their cultivation. Eventually, Liu Ling managed to surpass his bottleneck and reach Zongshi realm.

Zheng Fei had just reached Half-Zongshi not too long ago, so it was difficult for him to make the leap within a short period of time. On the other hand, Zhuang Xian had managed to improve significantly as well. As long as he continued building up his foundation, he should be able to try for Zongshi realm within half a month.

After entrusting that "direct disciple" of his to the care of the three master teachers, Yang shi went to look for Sun Qiang.

"Old master, don't abandon me. I want to follow you…."

The moment Zhang Xuan walked in, Sun Qiang immediately knelt on the floor.

Just like Yuan Tao, he didn't have any powerful backers. Before meeting with Zhang Xuan, he was just an unimpressive merchant in Tianyu Commercial City.

The one who had brought him respect and prestige was the man before him, and he felt gratitude and reluctance to part from him.

"If you wish to follow me, look for Zhang Xuan laoshi at Hongtian Academy tomorrow and serve him well. I will drop by from time to time when I'm free," Zhang Xuan said.

Even though Sun Qiang had weak cultivation, he got things done. After becoming a master teacher, Zhang Xuan would have to deal with significantly more problems. It would be convenient for him to have someone like Sun Qiang resolve those miscellaneous issues. Furthermore, Sun Qiang had been following Yang shi and he had proven his trustworthiness, thus making him suitable for the job.

"Yes!" Upon hearing that the old master didn't intend to abandon him, Sun Qiang immediately nodded his head with excitement.

"Your cultivation is still a little too weak, so I created a cultivation technique for you. Cultivate properly. I hope that the next time we meet, you'll possess strength befitting your dignity!" After handing him a secret manual, Zhang Xuan said firmly, "Do not let me down!"

"Old master, I will give it my all!" Sun Qiang replied seriously.

The old master's words rang true. His greatest flaw was his cultivation. It was shameful for him to only be at Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm despite being the butler of a master teacher.

He was done with his previous life. If he wanted to continue serving the old master, he had to build up his strength.


By the time Zhang Xuan was finished with the necessary instructions, the sky had already turned dark. As there would be a public lecture tomorrow morning, Zhang Xuan chose to rest.

As he slowly drifted off to sleep, the issue regarding the Book of Heaven's Path popped into his mind. The mysterious disappearance of the golden page bewildered him, but there wasn't anything he could do about it at this point.


Liu Xun was the most outstanding member of the younger generation of the Liu Clan, one of the Four Great Clans. At twenty-three years old, he had already achieved a cultivation realm of Pixue realm primary stage. More importantly, his teacher was a 1-star master teacher of Jinyang Kingdom and he had an in-depth comprehension of cultivation.

After studying abroad for three years, he rushed home, eager to see his family. Before the sun had even risen, he had arrived at the entrance to his clan's home. He was about to enter when he suddenly saw clan members sprinting out.

"Hurry up, otherwise we'll be late!"

"Indeed, we should make haste!"

"This is a good opportunity. If we miss it, we'll definitely regret it for our entire lives!"

Most of those who emerged from the gate were of the younger generation, but there were also a few who were in their thirties. They had a brush and book in their hands, and anxiety could be seen on their faces.

"What is everyone up to? Is someone causing trouble with our Liu Clan?"

Upon seeing their expressions, Liu Xun frowned. Driving his zhenqi, he immediately surveyed his surroundings wearily. However, he soon abandoned that thought.

If someone was causing trouble with the Liu Clan, the upper echelons would definitely appear as well. More importantly… if they were going to pick a fight with someone, why would they bring their books and brushes along?

Unless they were planning to fling ink into the faces of their enemies!

"Cousin Liu Xun, you're back!" During his bewilderment, a young lady suddenly walked next to him.

"Yu'er, this is…"

As cousins, he had grown up alongside Yu'er. In the years that he was away, she was admitted into Hongtian Academy and came under Lu Xun laoshi's tutelage. A bright future stood before her.

"Oh, Zhang Xuan laoshi is about to conduct a public lecture. We're here to attend his lesson. Since you've returned, you might as well come along with us!"

Yu'er chuckled.

"Zhang Xuan laoshi?" Liu Xun frowned. "The garbage teacher you mentioned in your letters? What's so good about his lecture?"

Even though he had left Tianxuan Kingdom for several years, the clan had been keeping him abreast of the matters occurring here.

Zhang Xuan's horrid reputation had spread far and wide, and even students several thousand kilometers away had heard of his name.

"He isn't garbage. He is a true star teacher!" Yu'er tugged on his hand. "Hurry up! Otherwise we won't be able to get any good seats."

"Unable to get any good seats? He's conducting a lesson so early in the morning?" Liu Xun asked baffled.

"It's not a morning lecture, it's an afternoon one!"

"Afternoon?" Liu Xun nearly fainted from shock.

'If it's an afternoon lecture, why are you all rushing there so eagerly when the day has barely started? What in the world are you doing?'

"Just listen to me. We should hurry. I'll tell you about it when we're there!" Yu'er ushered him toward Hongtian Academy agitated.

Seeing how flustered Yu'er and the other clan members were, Liu Xun couldn't stifle his curiosity and followed along.

"These are... the clan members of the Bai Clan?"

A short distance away, they saw a group of people rushing to the academy as well.

The group was significantly larger than theirs and even some elders with white beards were among them. Their eyes glowed with anticipation, as though a huge treasure were awaiting them.

With a single glance, Liu Xun recognized them as the members of the Bai Clan, one of the Four Great Clans as well.

"That is… Clan Head Bai Ming? He… came as well?"

Taking a quick look around, Liu Xun caught sight of a figure at the front of the crowd and he shuddered.

It was Clan Head Bai Ming!

To think that he was leading the group personally! And they were heading in the same direction too!

"That is… Clan Head Wang Hong?"

Before he could recover from his shock, another group appeared from around the corner. They were also heading to Hongtian Academy. He recognized the leader of the pack, Clan Head Wang Hong of the Four Great Clans, Wang Clan!

Clan Head Wang Hong was known for his haughty personality and his powerful cultivation. In fact, he could be considered as the de facto leader of the Four Great Clans, but… why was he also here?

Furthermore, he had a brush and book in his hands….

"Du Miaoxuan of the Du Clan? Du Yuan… and all of the younger generation of the Du Clan?"

A moment later, he saw clan members of the Du Clan as well. Similar to everyone else, they were carrying a brush and book each as well, and they were charging toward Hongtian Academy excitedly as well.

All of the Four Great Clans were actually gathered at the same spot. Liu Xun felt the world spinning around him, and he nearly slipped and fell.

"Yu'er, what's going on?"

Unable to suppress his curiosity any longer, he turned to look at his cousin.

"They're all here for Zhang laoshi's lecture!" Yu'er replied.

"They're all here for the lecture? Could that Zhang laoshi… be a master teacher?" Liu Xun was stumped by her answer.

Other than master teachers, there didn't seem to be anyone else who could possibly rally the clan heads of the Four Great Clans to attend a lecture personally.

"He isn't a master teacher!" Yu'er shook her head.

"He isn't? Then…"

Bewildered, Liu Xun was just about to ask why an ordinary teacher was able to rally so many people to attend his lecture when the girl's voice chimed once more.

"Even though he isn't a master teacher, he is a master teacher's…




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