Chapter 234: Soul Depth Exceeding 3?

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Zhang Xuan nodded his head and continued proceeding forward.

The voice of the lady was sonorous and attracted the attention of many. The crowd immediately opened up a path for him.

"He, he… is Zhang laoshi?"

Seeing the young man he had just "reprimanded" walking toward the dueling ring, Liu Xun's mouth twitched.

'Didn't you say that Zhang laoshi was nearing his twenties?

'Then why does he look so young…'

More importantly, given how massive the affair was, he should at least wear something more official. To be dressed in everyday attire which probably wasn't even worth a single gold coin….

'Aren't you too laidback!'

When Liu Xun recalled how he lectured the other party for cutting in line, tears threatened to stream down his cheek.

If he wasn't allowed to enter… then what kind of lecture could they hear? The lecture of the wind?

In any case, his embarrassment didn't last for long. Because... Zhang laoshi's lecture had begun.

Transmitting his voice via zhenqi, despite the huge crowd that had gathered here, everyone could hear every single word of his clearly as though it were spoken right next to their ears.

Initially, Liu Xun didn't pay the lecture much heed. After all, he had been listening to a lecture of a master teacher for three years straight. However, as time went by, his face slowly flushed red and a bright gleam twinkled in his eyes. He felt as though every word was a tonic to his body.

Even though Zhang laoshi was only lecturing on the fundamentals of Juxi realm and Dantian realm, his every word was both profound and simple, and his words pointed straight to the essence of cultivating itself. Hearing his words, the zhenqi in one's body would be automatically triggered, and one couldn't help but cultivate along with his words.

After a moment of driving one's zhenqi around one's body, one would feel a comfortable sensation slowly spreading across oneself. Then, the person's cultivation that had been stuck at the same level for an extremely long time would increase slightly.

Even though it was only a slight increase, it was equivalent to several days of hard work.

To think that a lecture on fundamentals could raise one's cultivation….

If not for personally witnessing the sight, no one would think it possible. No other teacher of Hongtian Academy was capable of such a feat.

Astonished, Liu Xun glanced at the others and realized that everyone was immersed in his lecture. Especially for those who were still at Juxi realm like Yu'er, cultivating through the concepts that Zhang Xuan spoke of seemed to have triggered the spiritual energy in the surroundings to gush into them. Every single one of them improved significantly.

There were even a few who were already at the peak of their current realm breaking into the next one.

"This... could this be the Imparting of Heaven's Will spoken of in legends?"

Liu Xun's eyes narrowed and he subconsciously clenched his fists tightly together.

Legend told that when a high-tier master teacher lectured on content which aligned with the essence of cultivation, a special force field would be triggered. Within this force field, the listeners would subconsciously drive the zhenqi in their body according to the method spoken and unknowingly raise their cultivation.

He had heard his teacher speak of this once, but even he was unable to achieve such a feat.

In fact, it was said that even 4-star master teachers would find it hard to achieve such a feat. Yet, a star teacher who wasn't even in his twenties succeeded in doing so?


'Are my eyes playing tricks on me!'

"There's no mistake. Even though this is the most simple form of it, this is Imparting of Heaven's Will."

In a state of disbelief, Liu Ling and the others abruptly stood up. Their eyes narrowed and their white as snow beards trembled.

"Imparting of Heaven's Will isn't a skill accessible to all master teachers. In order to trigger it, one has to fulfill two criteria. First, the content of one's lecture has to dive straight into the essence of cultivation, meaning there mustn't be the slightest error in one's words! Second, the lecturer must possess the State of Insight of Heart of Tranquil Water, and his Soul Depth must be at least 3!"

Zhuang shi's mouth was agape.

Imparting of Heaven's Will was different from bewitching techniques. Rather than bewitching a person to cultivate, it was a result of the lecturer's words being aligned with the very essence of cultivation, thus triggering an intangible force in the world.

The reason why master teachers were so esteemed was because of this ability of theirs.

The heavens seemed to bend to their words, forming order around them.

To trigger Imparting of Heaven's Will, the lecturer needed more than an in-depth knowledge of cultivation. He needed to possess the State of Insight, and his Soul Depth had to reach 3. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to enchant so many people with just his words.

"Could it be that… he has already reached Heart of Tranquil Water, and his Soul Depth… has reached 3?"

The wide-eyed Zheng Fei felt lightheaded.

It was just yesterday that he spoke about Soul Depth to the other party, and it was clear that the other party was completely ignorant of the matter. In the blink of an eye… he achieved a breakthrough, and his Soul Depth even reached 3….

Even though the basic requirement for taking the master teacher examination was 3, not everyone was able to reach such a level upon achieving the State of Insight.

Even when they first reached Heart of Tranquil Water, they were only around 1.5. They had to follow a master teacher and cultivate for several years before they slowly raised it to become qualified to take the master teacher examination.

Yet this fellow only learned about it yesterday, and broke through within the span of a day….

'Do you have to be that fast?

'The breakthroughs of the others were fraught with difficulty, as though ascending a towering mountain, yet yours was as simple as eating and drinking….'

"His Soul Depth has reached 3, and he possesses the skills of a grandmaster painter, and the title of 1-star apothecary. It seems like this senior of ours is already qualified to take the master teacher examination!" Liu Ling said agitated.

Yesterday, he was still thinking that it would take awhile before Zhang Xuan would be qualified to take the master teacher examination. After all, the State of Mind was a difficult hurdle to overcome. It required one accumulate countless experiences before being able to mature to that level. Never in his dreams did he expect that within a single night, not only did Zhang Xuan achieve Heart of Tranquil Water, his Soul Depth was even an astonishing 3.

'What is a genius? This is a genius!'

All of the incredible figures gathered here seemed to pale in comparison.

It was no wonder he became the direct disciple of Yang shi. His talent was truly nothing short of the word phenomenal.

While they were shocked, the crowd in the stands was immersed in the lecture. Unknowingly, time passed swiftly and Zhang Xuan stopped.

"Thank you Zhang laoshi for your guidance!"

Recovering from the unique state, everyone knew that they had benefited greatly from the lecture, and one after another, they knelt to him in gratitude.

From today onward, this Zhang laoshi was half a teacher to them. This relationship was something that would remain in their memory for the rest of their lives.

Otherwise, they would only be spat on by everyone for being ungrateful.

Zhang Xuan didn't expect that the effects of his lecture would be so extensive. This was completely different to how he had lectured Zhao Ya and the others in the past. Nodding his head in satisfaction, he stepped down from the dueling ring. In the next instant, Liu Ling and the others immediately surrounded him.

"Senior, can you allow me… to check your Soul Depth?"

Liu Ling trembled with excitement.

"Soul Depth?"

Not expecting the other party to speak about this matter, embarrassment appeared on Zhang Xuan face. He wanted to disappear into thin air from the shame.

"Forget it, my Soul Depth… is too low. I'd rather not embarrass myself in front of you all…"

If they knew his Soul Depth was 0.1, they would definitely laugh their heads off.

It was better for him to not humiliate himself.

"Too low?"

The three master teachers swayed. A Soul Depth beyond 3 was low?

'Furthermore, what's with your embarrassed expression?

'Do you think that your Soul Depth of 3 isn't worth mentioning?'

'The heck, any other master teacher apprentice would leap for joy if their Soul Depth turned out to be above 3. They would think they were a genius who only appeared once in a century and brag about it everywhere they went such that the entire world would know. Yet you are embarrassed….

'Senior, aren't you being too ambitious!'

"To be able to induce Imparting of Heaven's Will, your State of Insight Soul Depth must be at least 3. If possible, I would like to see… the value of Senior's Soul Depth!" Liu Ling commented, stifling the urge to spew blood.

"What is Imparting of Heaven's Will?" Zhang Xuan blinked several times confused.

Staggering, Liu Ling and the others were on the verge of tears.

Truly, one man shouldn't be compared to another.

Despite an entire lifetime of hard work, they were unable to induce Imparting of Heaven's Will a single time. Yet this fellow had induced it unknowingly….

Stifling the sensation in his chest, Zhuang Xian started explaining about it to Zhang Xuan. The eyes of the young man before them slowly widened in disbelief.

"You're saying that… my Soul Depth is at least 3?"

Zhang Xuan was dumbfounded.

When he tested his Soul Depth yesterday, it was only 0.1. Why would he suddenly possess a Soul Depth above 3?

"Indeed, Senior. Have you not tested your Soul Depth after achieving Heart of Tranquil Water?"

Seeing the bewildered expression on their senior's face, Liu Ling and the others were speechless.

Other people would be giving their all to brag about their successful breakthrough, yet this fellow was completely oblivious to it.

'Aren't you keeping too low a profile!'

'Could it be… the golden page?'

Ignoring their looks of admiration, a thought suddenly popped into Zhang Xuan's mind.

Yesterday, the golden page has disappeared mysteriously. Could it be that… it had raised his Soul Depth without him knowing?

This possibility was extremely high.

After all, it was the Book of Heaven's Path. Since it could even assimilate the vast knowledge contained in the library into Zhang Xuan's mind, raising Zhang Xuan's Soul Depth shouldn't be an issue.

As he thought this, he saw the looks of anticipation on the faces of the master teachers. So, with a flick of his wrist, he took out a Stone of Insight.

Entering the Heart of Tranquil Water.


Numbers appeared on the jade.

Before he could even see it, Liu Ling and the others stared at him stupefied, as though they were staring at a monster.

"Senior, your… your Soul Depth…"

The three master teachers convulsed as though they were experiencing strokes.



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