Chapter 237: Play Somewhere Else!

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"Of course! I bought this formation from the Formation Master Guild at a high price. Even a Tongxuan realm primary stage expert would be trapped in it, let alone a Pixue realm savage beast!"

Yun Tao gestured grandly as he turned to look at Zhang Xuan. "Why? Do you doubt the ability of this Green Wood Confinement Formation?"

"That isn't it!" Zhang Xuan shook his head. "I just think that there's something wrong with the setup of this formation, and it might be unable to display its full strength—"

"Arrogant! Do you even know what a formation is?"

"Where did this bumpkin come from, trying to doubt the formation His Highness has set up?"

"Know your place…."

Before Zhang Xuan could finish speaking, angry bellowing interrupted him.

They came from Yun Tao's subordinates.

They had heard the conversation between that boy and their prince. This fellow, who didn't even know what a formation was, said that something was amiss about the setup of the formation….

How can you be so thick-skinned?

Do you know how the formation functions? Do you know how strong it'll be after it's activated?

Doubting His Highness's capability despite knowing nothing at all? He sure is arrogant!

"Cough cough, Zhang laoshi. We shouldn't interfere in their affairs…."

Hearing the criticism from the group, Shen Bi Ru's face reddened.

She was rendered completely speechless by Zhang laoshi.

Wasn't saying that there was something wrong with the setup of the formation equivalent to mocking Prince Yun Tao?

Even though this fellow was narcissistic, he possessed true ability. Since they were ignorant about formations, it was best for them to not get involved in this affair. It wasn't a wise decision to offend a soon-to-be beast tamer before reaching the Beast Hall.

Seeing the indignance in everyone's eyes, Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly.

Since his kind words fell on deaf ears, Zhang Xuan decided to stay out of the matter.

"The study of formations is as deep and vast as the ocean. Since you are ignorant, you shouldn't speak of it lightly. You're lucky that I am magnanimous, otherwise I would teach you a lesson based on the words you just said. Even beating you to death would be considered a light penalty!"

Yun Tao glared at Zhang Xuan and harrumphed. Then he pointed to the formation and continued confidently, "This Green Wood Confinement Formation, when complemented with trees, will have its effects amplified. Given the bushes and trees around, this is a suitable location for the setup of this formation. Later, I will show you how impressive the formation is by capturing the Gold Alloyed Panther!"


Seeing through the other party's desire to impress Shen Bi Ru, Zhang Xuan didn't linger on the topic and stood to the side.

Only then did Yun Tao nod his head in satisfaction. Just when he was about to continue bragging about the capability of the formation, a roar echoed from the front.

Then a massive figure charged out.

The Gold Alloyed Panther!

This Pixue realm savage beast was around four meters long. Its golden body was covered with green spots. Even from several hundred meters out, it exerted strong pressure onto the group.

"It's here…."

Yun Tao's eyes lit up. He immediately rushed nervously forward to take a closer look.

The Gold Alloyed Panther strolled around the area leisurely, and upon seeing the group, instinctively retreated and prepared to leave.

"Light it up!" Yun Tao hurriedly commanded his subordinates upon seeing its actions.

It took them ten days of effort before they were able to track it down. If it escaped, it would be difficult to find it once more.

"Yes!" One subordinate immediately took out a bag and lit it with an ignitable paper roll.

In an instant, a repulsive odor immediately emanated from it. The stench was so strong that it made people feel lightheaded and nauseous.

"This should be the feces of a female Gold Alloyed Panther. Upon burning it, it releases an extremely powerful smell. While it is intolerable to a human, it is irresistible to a male Gold Alloyed Panther."

Shen Bi Ru seemed to be slightly knowledgeable on the topic of taming savage beasts, as she softly explained the situation to Zhang Xuan.

Feeling faint from the overpowering stench, it was a wonder to Zhang Xuan why that fellow would be attracted to such an odor. Turning to look at the Gold Alloyed Panther, it had stopped in its tracks upon smelling the scent. After hesitating for a moment, it started heading toward the group.

As the fellow slowly approached them, the group gradually felt the pressure from the savage beast grow stronger.

Slowly, its ferocious appearance and streamlined body appeared clearly before them. Even though it was a Pixue realm savage beast, it was probably capable of warding off eight human cultivators of the same realm easily.

This savage beast was born swift, and coupled with its huge physique and fur serving as a defensive layer, it was capable of matching up to a human cultivator beyond its cultivation realm!

In other words, this Gold Alloyed Panther wasn't incapable of challenging a Tongxuan realm primary stage expert.

"Prepare to trigger the formation!"

Upon seeing the Gold Alloyed Panther being attracted by the scent and walking toward the Green Wood Confinement Formation, Yun Tao clenched his fists in excitement.

As long as he grabbed hold of this fellow and tamed it, he would be able to become an official beast tamer!

With this identity, he could stand out against the other princes. Even if he couldn't inherit the throne, he would gain considerable standing within the empire.


But to his astonishment, that fellow suddenly stopped ten meters in front of the formation.

As a Pixue realm savage beast, it possessed intelligence. It could sense Yun Tao and the others were up to no good. If not for the alluring scent, it would have escaped long ago.

"Attack it! Find some way to enrage it!"

As befitting of a potential beast tamer, even though Yun Tao was surprised by its actions, he immediately reacted based on his understanding of savage beasts and gave instructions.


His subordinates had already been waiting for his commands. Hearing his words, they nodded their heads. Retrieving arrows from the quivers on their backs, they nocked the arrow, drew the bowstring, and shot at the Gold Alloyed Panther.


The arrows shot through the air straight toward the Gold Alloyed Panther. Since they were specially crafted arrows imbued with the zhenqi of Pixue realm experts, the Gold Alloyed Panther felt threatened by the arrows and its fur stood on end. It immediately leapt to the side to dodge the arrows.

It might have been huge in stature, but its movements were exceptionally agile. Its speed was almost comparable to Lu Xun's when he was executing the Illusory Shadows Nine Celestial Steps.

"Keep it up!" Yun Tao shouted.

Hearing his orders, everyone moved swiftly and arrows fell like rain.


Seeing the increasing number of arrows, the Gold Alloyed Panther roared furiously. Seemingly completely enraged by their actions, he charged straight toward the group.


In just a few paces, it stepped into the range of the formation. A light ringing sound echoed and the Green Wood Confinement Formation was activated. As though it had fallen into quicksand or was trapped in a metal cage, the Gold Alloyed Panther struggled but was unable to break out of the formation.

"So this is a formation! Incredible!"

Shen Bi Ru was impressed.

She had seen the strength of the Gold Alloyed Panther for herself, and she wouldn't have believed that a formation consisting of just a few flags could trap such a powerful savage beast within if she hadn't seen it for herself.

If she intruded on the formation unintentionally, she would be in the same plight as well.

"Looks like I have to be careful of formation masters in the future!" she reminded herself warily.

The reason why formation masters were highly respected was because they possessed the ability to defeat enemies beyond their cultivation realm.

As long as they were given sufficient time to set up a formation, they were able to slaughter an opponent whose strength far surpassed theirs.

"Let's see where you can escape to!"

Oblivious to the dread in Shen Bi Ru's heart, Yun Tao chuckled and glanced at Zhang Xuan gleefully.

Didn't you say that something was wrong with the formation?

Look, wasn't the Gold Alloyed Panther trapped in an instant?

With his hands behind his back, Yun Tao turned to look at his subordinates and ordered, "There's no need to hurry. We should let this fellow thrash about for a bit longer so that it expends its strength!"


Everyone nodded their heads in agreement as they scattered around the perimeter of the formation.


While they were waiting for the Gold Alloyed Panther to expend all its stamina and tame it in a single go, a furious roar echoed and the latter charged frenziedly at the formation.


The formation shook and the formation flags which had been concealed from view suddenly appeared.

"Your Highness, what do we do…."

Upon seeing the formation flags coming into view, a Pixue realm expert immediately turned to look at Yun Tao anxiously.

"What are you panicking for? Rest easy! The Green Wood Confinement Formation makes use of the geographical terrain to absorb the surrounding wood elemental energy to augment its defense. The Gold Alloyed Panther doesn't have enough strength to break out…."

Yun Tao smiled confidently as he gestured grandly. Just as he was about to continue bragging about the formation, the ground quaked once more. The flags, unable to bear the impact from the charge, flew away.


The removal of the formation flags caused the instantaneous collapse of the Green Wood Confinement Formation. With a stride, the furious Gold Alloyed Panther appeared before Yun Tao. Raising its paw, it clawed at him.


Yun Tao was just bragging about his Green Wood Confinement Formation when this fellow suddenly appeared before him. He yelled in terror and fell paralyzed to the ground.

"You beast!"

"Your Highness, be careful!"

The Pixue realm subordinates immediately rushed over as they drew their weapons. In an instant, numerous swords fell upon the Gold Alloyed Panthers.


Disregarding those attacks, the Gold Alloyed Panther whipped its tail at one of Yun Tao's subordinate while smacking another two next to it with its paws.

Pah pah pah!

Yun Tao's subordinates felt a fearsome force traversing through their body as they fell backwards with reddened faces. At the same moment, they felt a sweet sensation gushing up their throat and blood spewed from their mouths.

Even though the few of them were strong, they were still incapable of combating a frenzied Pixue realm savage beast.


Seeing that even his subordinates were unable to stand their ground against it, Yun Tao nearly fainted from fear. He immediately bellowed and began to run. However, at this moment, he saw the giant body of the Gold Alloyed Panther rushing toward Zhang Xuan and Shen Bi Ru.

"They're doomed…."

He froze.

Even his subordinates were unable to match up to the Gold Alloyed Panther, and that beautiful lady was only at Dingli realm pinnacle. That ignorant lad beside her was likely even weaker. Under such circumstances, Yun Tao couldn't think of any way they could avoid their demise.

Just when he prepared himself for the gruesome sight, that ignorant lad spoke in frustration.

"Are you stupid? They're the ones who want to catch you, why are you going against me?"

Upon hearing his words, everyone swayed.

Was that lad a fool?

Speaking to the Gold Alloyed Panther like that when it was at the peak of its anger, that brat must be tired of living!

Just when everyone thought that the lad with a screw loose would die for sure, they heard his helpless voice once more.

"If you refuse to leave, I'll have to make a move…. Forget it, since you aren't willing to listen to logic, play somewhere else!"

Right after saying those words, a loud slap echoed.


The gigantic body of the Gold Alloyed Panther immediately flew aside. Smashing into a massive tree, white foam leaked from the corners of its mouth as it convulsed.



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