Yun Tao and the others nearly passed out.

What was going on?

This was a Pixue realm Gold Alloyed Panther, it possessed strength rivaling that of a Tongxuan realm primary stage expert. Furthermore, its coat of fur provided it with incredible defense way beyond that of an ordinary cultivator, yet to be sent flying with a single blow and foaming at the mouth….

How strong was that attack?

They swiftly turned their gaze toward that ignorant brat, only to see him walking with a vexed expression toward the Gold Alloyed Panther. Squatting beside it, he stared at it with an expression of lament.

"I told you that the ones who wanted to capture you are them, and that you shouldn't go for me…."


Hearing those words, the bodies of Yun Tao and the others convulsed.

The heck!

Do you have to go so far?

No matter what, since fate has allowed us to meet, we should at least get along with one another. What do you mean by those words?

Why are you persuading the savage beast to go for us?


Hearing the other party's words, the Gold Alloyed Panther howled in anger. Struggling upright, it roared and sent its paw straight at the fellow nagging at it.

"In the end, you're just a savage beast. I've been wasting my breath trying to explain the situation to you…."

Under the anxious gazes of the group, Zhang Xuan disregarded the claws of the other party and continued nagging. Just when the claws were about to fall on his head, he lifted his palm.

As though time had stopped, the claws capable of even smashing through metal stopped in midair.


Then, with a slight raise of the hand, the four-meter-long Gold Alloyed Panther weighing several tons was raised before being thrown to the ground. Then it was raised again before being thrown down once more.

Bang bang bang bang!

A large crater immediately appeared on the ground.

Yun Tao and the others trembled in fear. At this moment, they felt as though they were going insane.

This was a Gold Alloyed Panther, one of the most ferocious savage beasts in the forest. Possessing great might, it was usually the predator. Yet, at this moment, it was being grabbed by its paw and whipped around?

What kind of strength did that youngster possess?

"He… is probably at least at Tongxuan realm pinnacle. He might even be a… Half-Zongshi!" a subordinate of Yun Tao muttered through quivering lips.

"Half-Zongshi? I just mocked a Half-Zongshi? And I said that if I were to teach him a lesson, beating him to death would be considered as a light penalty…."

Yun Tao felt he was about to spit out blood.

Does everything has to be so shitty?

If you're a Half-Zongshi, you should've said so earlier. No matter how audacious I may be, I would never have offended you….

"Look here! The ones who want to capture you are them, not me!"

After smashing him around for a few times and seeing that the Gold Alloyed Panther was on the verge of passing out, Zhang Xuan stopped.

While others were stunned by the sight before them, Zhang Xuan was feeling dismal. He was just an innocent passerby who kindly said that the formation might not be able to trap the savage beast. It was one thing for the others to doubt him, but they had to insult him, making it seem as though he was just a kid trying to brag despite his ignorance.

As a result, he decided to stay out of the affair and allowed the others to do as they pleased. Yet... this fellow came rushing straight at him.

The one undertaking the beast tamer examination was Yun Tao, and the one who set up the formation was him as well. Instead of looking for the mastermind, why did you look for me?

As expected of a savage beast, dumb!

"Let's go!"

Seeing that the Gold Alloyed Panther was on the verge of breathing its last, Zhang Xuan shook his head and turned to Shen Bi Ru.


Shen laoshi walked toward him.

She already knew that Zhang Xuan's cultivation was at Tongxuan realm pinnacle and that the Gold Alloyed Panther wouldn't be a match for him. So she wasn't surprised by the turn of events.

"You two…"

Upon seeing the two leaving, Yun Tao started walking over to stop them. But at this moment, the Gold Alloyed Panther struggled to its feet, walked forward to block Zhang Xuan's path, and lay on the floor prostrating to him. Anticipation gleamed in its eyes.

"This is… Voluntary Submission? The Gold Alloyed Panther is submitting to him?"

As an apprentice beast tamer, Yun Tao was well-versed about the habits of savage beasts.

The Gold Alloyed Panther was clearly in awe of Zhang Xuan's incredible strength and intended to submit to him.

Yun Tao had tracked this savage beast for several days to accomplish his beast tamer examination, and it took a combination of luck and effort before he was able to encounter it. Yet it was submitting to someone else?

Yun Tao experienced depression in the pit of his stomach and nearly spewed blood.

However, there was no way around it anymore. The moment a savage beast decided to submit to someone, it meant that fear had already sprouted in the depths of its heart toward its master, and it wouldn't dare to go against him. Even if Yun Tao were to use all of his means at this moment, he would be unable to change the decision of the savage beast.

A savage beast only recognized a single master in its entire life. Since it was taking the initiative to prostrate itself, it showed its intent to submit to Zhang Xuan. It was too late for Yun Tao to do anything.

"It's mine…"

Tears streamed down Yun Tao's face and he felt despondent. Even so, he was too afraid to say anything.

Yun Tao thought that the other party would be delighted to see the savage beast submitting to him, but the youngster only frowned. "Are you done? If so, scram. Otherwise, I will beat you up again!"


The Gold Alloyed Panther lowered his head and whimpered.

"Why? You aren't content and wish to get back at me?" Zhang Xuan lifted his leg and prepared to kick it.

"Cough cough, Elder Zhang Xuan…"

Seeing that the other party didn't seem to understand the meaning by the Gold Alloyed Panther's gesture, Yun Tao immediately stepped forward.

Yun Tao had only disregarded Zhang Xuan previously because he thought that he was Shen Bi Ru's lackey, but upon realizing that he was likely to be a Half-Zongshi expert, he didn't dare to be disrespectful to him in any way.


Zhang Xuan was stunned for a moment as he didn't expect this braggart to address him like this. However, after pondering for a moment, he felt that it wasn't completely unexpected.

"This Gold Alloyed Panther has chosen to submit to you. If you're willing to take it in, pet its head, and feed it with a drop of your blood, it will be loyal to you for the rest of its life…. If you decide to turn it down, you can just turn around and leave!" Yun Tao said.

He could tell that even though this fellow was powerful, he knew nothing about beast taming at all.

Otherwise, how could he not even know the submission positions of savage beasts?

"Chosen to submit to me?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Why did it suddenly submit to me when all I've done was to beat it up?

Looks like beast tamer isn't as hard of an occupation as I think it to be…

If Yun Tao could hear his thoughts, he would definitely spurt blood.

There were many methods to induce a savage beast to submit to a person, such as gratitude, enticement, overwhelming force….

Of which, overwhelming it meant defeating the other party in a battle of strength, rendering it into a completely helpless position.

The Gold Alloyed Panther possessed invincible defense and incredible speed, and with just these two, it was able to give an ordinary Tongxuan realm expert a splitting headache. However, to Zhang Xuan, who cultivated the Heaven's Path Movement Art and Heaven's Path Golden Body, its defensive ability and agility meant nothing at all.

Regardless of which it was, the Gold Alloyed Panther realized that it wasn't a match for this human. Thus, it willingly submitted to Zhang Xuan.

Even though it was simple in theory, it wasn't easy in practice.

Putting everything aside, there were no one beneath Zongshi realm who could triumph against Zhang Xuan in terms of physical ability. Even if there truly were one capable of rivaling Zhang Xuan, there was no reason for him to tame a weak Pixue realm Gold Alloyed Panther.

Zhang Xuan only thought that it was simple because he didn't understand the true underlying difficulty in the matter.

"Wuuuuu!" The Gold Alloyed Panther gazed at Zhang Xuan in anticipation.

Seeing its expectant eyes, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before asking, "Can you fly?"

The Gold Alloyed Panther staggered and nearly fell to the ground.

It was a savage beast that dominated the land, how could it possibly fly?

"If you can't fly, I don't have any use for you…." Zhang Xuan frowned.

His destination was Tianwu Kingdom, tens of thousands of kilometers from here. No matter how swift this fellow could run, it was impossible for him to reach Tianwu Kingdom without taking a month or two. It would be much faster riding on an aerial savage beast instead.

Besides, it didn't have enough strength to contribute to Zhang Xuan's fighting prowess.

In other words… to Zhang Xuan, it didn't matter to him whether he tamed it or not.

Upon seeing his hesitant expression, Yun Tao and his subordinates felt frenzied.

Brother, do you need to be so twisted?

To capture this savage beast, putting aside the dozen or so days we spent tracking it down, just the preparation phase took more than two months by itself. In the end, it ignored us and submitted to you instead. Yet, you are unwilling to accept it….

Why is there such a huge disparity between us even though we are both humans?

"Forget it, since you wish to submit to me, I don't mind taking you in!"

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.

In any case, taking it in shouldn't pose as any problems. Besides, having a Pixue realm savage beast also seemed impressive.

Doing as Yun Tao said, he stretched his hand to pet the Gold Alloyed Panther's head and dripped a drop of blood into its mouth.

The moment the blood drop entered the beast's body, a ritual seemed to have been triggered. A bridge seemed be formed between his mental state with the other party. As its master, he could sense that if he were to give the order, the Gold Alloyed Panther would be willing to die for him.

Furthermore, through this bridge, he could clearly sense the Gold Alloyed Panther's will to serve him. He could also easily give orders to it through this connection.

It was no wonder that beast tamer was such a fearsome occupation. Just its ability to control savage beasts to fight alongside it was already a fearsome feat.

"Since you have submitted to me, you should serve as my mount. I'll be depending on you for the journey to the Beast Hall!" Zhang Xuan said.

However, the Gold Alloyed Panther looked at him pitifully. It struggled to its feet, only for its legs to collapse to the ground. No matter how much effort it put into its feet, it was unable to stand up.

Zhang Xuan had gone too far with his attacks previously, causing it to sustain severe injuries. As such, it was difficult for it to even stand up, much less serving as a mount.

"Elder Zhang Xuan, the Gold Alloyed Panther has sustained severe injuries. It has to recuperate for at least half a month before it is able to move around freely!" Yun Tao glanced at the Gold Alloyed Panther before speaking.

"Recuperate for half a month?"

Zhang Xuan frowned.

The reason he was heading over to the Beast Hall to rent an aerial savage beast was because he was pressed for time. After all, he didn't know when the poison aura would act up. His life was threatened as long as the poison aura remained within him.

It would be a great waste if he spent half a month here just for the sake of a savage beast he had no use for.

"You're an apprentice beast tamer. Do you have any ways to heal its injuries swiftly?"

Zhang Xuan turned to look at Yun Tao.

A human cultivator could hasten his recovery through consuming pills or circulating his zhenqi.

Savage beasts should possess similar abilities as well.

He didn't understand such things, but Yun Tao, as a potential beast tamer, should know of them.

"The physical constitution of a savage beast differs from that of a human's. However, the methods to hasten their recovery are similar. The first method is to use suitable herbs to forge a pill for the savage beast to consume. If the right pill is used, the savage beast should be able to make a complete recovery within two days!" Yun Tao pondered for a moment before saying.

"Two days?" Thinking that two days was also too long, Zhang Xuan shook his head. "What about the other methods?"

"That is the method for apothecaries, as well as the one most people resort to. The second method is a treatment method unique to beast tamers. Only an official beast tamer is capable of utilizing this method, and it is only useful for one's own tamed beast…."

Yun Tao glanced at Zhang Xuan.

Beast tamers had a unique method to treating their own tamed beast. This method required both the beast tamer and his tamed beast to practice a unique skill to boost their compatibility with one another. It would take at least half a year before the couple could utilize this method. Given how this fellow knew nothing about beast taming and his tamed beast had just submitted to him, it was impossible for him to utilize this method.

"The third method is for master teachers! Given how powerful this Gold Alloyed Panther is, it is likely to be at Pixue realm pinnacle. As long as you help it to reach Tongxuan realm, its injuries should recover in an instant."

After speaking of the second method, Yun Tao hesitated for a moment before proceeding ahead to talk of the third one.

There were only these three methods to swiftly heal a savage beast's injuries.

And each of them corresponded to the means of an apothecary, beast tamer, and master teacher respectively.

Any single one of those methods would be effective, but from the looks of it, it was impossible to utilize any single one of them now.

"Helping it reach Tongxuan realm would heal its injuries in an instant?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

For the first method, putting aside the fact he had no herbs now, Zhang Xuan thought that two days were too long a time to wait.

For the second method, given how Zhang Xuan knew nothing about beast taming at all, it was completely out of question.

As for the third method, given that Zhang Xuan possessed the Library of Heaven's Path, it was a simple feat for him to help someone achieve a breakthrough, be it human or beast.

Taking the Sky Shattering Lion for example, he had solved its trauma and raised its cultivation by a level to Tongxuan realm.

With the pleading of his grandson, Elder Shang intentionally cooked up a show to agonize Zhang Xuan, so he deserved to have his teaching license revoked. However, in order to resolve the mistakes of his previous self, Zhang Xuan had unintentionally pinned the blame of "intentional oppression of the other teachers" onto him, causing his reputation to fall into the gutter.

To make up for it, before his departure, he specially paid the Sky Shattering Lion a visit to solve its trauma.

With a Tongxuan realm savage beast guarding him, even though Elder Shang was stripped of his teaching license, he should be able to rise up once more.

In a way, this was Zhang Xuan's apology to him.

With this prior experience, Zhang Xuan knew that this method, which seemed to the others that it would be the most difficult of the three, was actually the easiest one for him.

So he turned to look at the Gold Alloyed Panther expectantly.

"Gold Alloyed Panther, try executing a battle technique… Cough cough, I mean, attack me!"

Back when that fellow attacked him, Zhang Xuan didn't try to peer into its flaws, and as a result, there wasn't a book compiled on it. To help it achieve a breakthrough, he had to understand its physical condition first.


Shen Bi Ru, Yun Tao, and the others stared at each other, dumbfounded.

What was this fellow trying to do?

Yun Tao already spoke of the three methods, yet, instead of choosing to go with any one of them, he asked the Gold Alloyed Panther to attack him….

Did he have a screw loose?

That fellow can't even stand up, yet you want it to attack you? Could it be that you hope to beat it up once more?


The Gold Alloyed Panther was also stunned.

"Hurry up!"

Sensing its hesitation, Zhang Xuan urged it.

If that fellow didn't launch an attack, a book wouldn't be compiled. If so, Zhang Xuan wouldn't know what was wrong with it and he wouldn't be able to help it achieve a breakthrough.


The Gold Alloyed Panther lowered its head.

Putting aside how it didn't dare to attack its owner, it didn't have the strength to do so either!

He couldn't even stand up straight, how could he attack?

"When I told you to stop just now, you continued charging at me. Now that I'm telling you to attack me, you hesitate!"

Seeing how that fellow was behaving as docile as a small kitten, Zhang Xuan was speechless.

When I told you go for Yun Tao instead, you kept charging toward me. Now, you're acting like this….

In the end, you're still a savage beast. Seems like it's impossible to reason with you.

Forget it, I'll do it myself then!

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan walked up to the Gold Alloyed Panther and smiled compassionately. "You don't have to be anxious. Lift your head…."

The Gold Alloyed Panther raised its giant head up.

The others also turned their attention to them, curious to see what he was up to.

"Yep, right, just like that…."

Upon seeing the savage beast obediently lift its head, Zhang Xuan stretched his hands and pah! He struck the back of its neck.


Not expecting its master to beat it even though it has already submitted to him, the Gold Alloyed Panther roared in resentment. Then its massive body swayed and it collapsed onto the ground, unconscious.


The others stared at one another in so much shock that they were about to faint.

This is your tamed beast! Furthermore… I thought that you are going to treat it? Why are you knocking it out?

Ignoring the reaction of the others, Zhang Xuan placed his palm on the beast's body.


A book appeared in the library.

Reading through it swiftly, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction. He then turned to Yun Tao and asked, "That… it has fainted. How do I wake it up?"


Yun Tao and the others felt they were going insane.

When you asked about the methods to heal a savage beast swiftly, we all thought that you are going to treat it. Yet, contrary to our expectations, you struck it unconscious.

Now that everyone is trying to figure out what you're up to, you want to wake it up….

Brother, can your actions be any more irrational?

What in the world are you up to? We're utterly stumped by your actions!

"What? You don't have any ideas?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"I do, I do!"

Stifling the urge to pull out his hair, Yun Tao hurriedly walked forward.

He was well aware of the habits of the Gold Alloyed Panther. Pressing his finger on an acupoint, the huge fellow soon slowly roused from its rest.


Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, the eyelids of the conscious Gold Alloyed Panther twitched. It was on the verge of tears.

"There's no need to look at me like that. Let me ask you, do you want to recover from your injuries instantly? Also, do you wish to reach Tongxuan realm?" Ignoring the resentful expression of the other party, Zhang Xuan said, "If you wish to, let's get on with it. Otherwise, I'll leave right now. You can remain as king of the mountain, and we'll treat it as though you have never submitted to me!"

If this fellow couldn't recover from his injuries swiftly, it would be of no use to Zhang Xuan. If so, there was no need for Zhang Xuan to waste his time on it.


Even though it was hesitant, the Gold Alloyed Panther eventually nodded its head.

"It's good that you've agreed!"

Nodding in approval, Zhang Xuan walked over to the Gold Alloyed Panther. Then, he sent a palm strike straight at its massive body.

Pah pah pah pah pah!

The sound echoed thirty-six times consecutively, and every single strike struck the acupoints of the Gold Alloyed Panther accurately. At the same time, pure zhenqi seeped into its body and flow through its meridians.


Other people might be confused by Zhang Xuan's actions, but as a potential beast tamer, Yun Tao could tell what Zhang Xuan was doing with a single sight!

"I thought he didn't know anything about beast taming at all? How is he able to strike the acupoints on the Gold Alloyed Panther so accurately?"

Jaw dropping, Yun Tao trembled in astonishment.

The physique of a physical beast was completely different from that of a human's. Naturally, their cultivation methods were different as well. Logically speaking, it was impossible for a person who knew nothing about beast taming to locate the acupoints on the body of a savage beast. In fact, it would be an incredible feat if they could fathom the rough locations of those acupoints in its body.

After the various incidents before, he knew that the person before him was completely ignorant of the art of beast taming. Yet… despite his ignorance, all of his seemingly casual strikes struck the acupoints of the savage beast without the slightest deviation!

What in the world was going on?

Furthermore... what was he hoping to do striking those acupoints?

Could it be that he was really trying to help the beast reach… Tongxuan realm?


That's something that even an official beast tamer would find hard to achieve.

While he was immersed in shock, Zhang Xuan finished striking all of the acupoints. At this moment, the pure zhenqi he had injected into the body of the Gold Alloyed Panther was flowing unbridled through its widened meridians.


Coming to a stop, Zhang Xuan wiped the beads of perspiration off his forehead.

Raising the cultivation of a savage beast was completely different from raising a human's.

Due to the enormous size of the Gold Alloyed Panther, the zhenqi it required for its breakthrough was multiple times that of a human cultivator. If not for the fact that Zhang Xuan cultivated the Heaven's Path Divine Art and his zhenqi was pure, Zhang Xuan would probably have been sapped dry of his zhenqi and collapsed onto the floor due to exhaustion before he could raise the other party's cultivation.

Even so, he expended a huge portion of his zhenqi and was slightly worn out.

Crick! Crack!

A crisp sound similar to that of beans popping echoed from the body of the Gold Alloyed Panther.

Under normal circumstances, the strength of a savage beast was determined by its race and its talents. Unless its bloodline evolved, it was difficult for it to raise its cultivation.

After all, even though they possessed intelligence surpassing that of ordinary animals, they were still inferior to human intellect, and they couldn't practice cultivation techniques either.

This was precisely the reason why even official beast tamers would find it difficult to raise the cultivation of their tamed beasts.

However… Zhang Xuan was different. The only difference that a high-tier savage beast had was its pure bloodline. The Heaven's Path zhenqi within Zhang Xuan's body was capable of washing one's meridians and cleansing the impurities in one's bloodline, raising the purity.

As the impurities in the bloodline reduced, the limiter on the savage beast would be released. Naturally, its cultivation realm would be raised as well.


The crisp sound didn't last for long. Soon, the body of the Gold Alloyed Panther inflated like a balloon, and it swiftly grew larger. From its previous length of four meters, it grew to around six or seven meters. At the same time, the aura emanated by the savage beast changed tremendously. It clearly grew stronger and even more fearsome.

Deng deng deng!

The pressure it emitted made Yun Tao and the others rapidly retreat with pale faces.


It was clear that the fellow before them had achieved a breakthrough!

With just a few random slaps, the Gold Alloyed Panther reached Tongxuan realm?

Yun Tao felt himself grow lightheaded. The sight before him was simply too incredulous.

After staying in the Beast Hall for a significant period of time, he knew how difficult it was for a savage beast's bloodline to evolve.

Even a 2-star beast tamer, without years of effort, would be unable to accomplish such a task!

Yet, the fellow before him… was able to achieve this feat in just a few breaths?

What in the world was going on?

Yun Tao wasn't the only one. Shen Bi Ru's eyes were also completely widened in shock.

She knew that Zhang laoshi would do something completely unexpected. Even so, the sight before her still made her doubt her vision…. His actions was beyond her expectations.

To induce a breakthrough in the Gold Alloyed Panther so casually….

Even the average master teacher wouldn't be capable of such a feat!

What in the world did this fellow learn from Yang shi?


Amid everyone's astounded gazes, the Gold Alloyed Panther successfully completed the evolution of its bloodline. At the same time, its strength stabilized at Tongxuan realm primary stage.


With its strength raised, the injuries it sustained previously also recovered. Standing up, it roared ferociously, shaking the heavens.

After which, the towering Gold Alloyed Panther walked over to Zhang Xuan and laid down. At this moment, its eyes were filled with admiration and affection, and the resentment it felt previously had vanished completely.

When Zhang Xuan struck it unconsciously previously, it was pondering whether it had chosen the wrong person to follow. But now, it realized that its master was a person of incredible means.

This time, it was submitting to him with utmost sincerity.

"Since you have achieved a breakthrough, let's set off!"

With a leap, Zhang Xuan sat on the back of Gold Alloyed Panther and gestured for Shen Bi Ru to climb on as well. Then the duo continued heading toward the Beast Hall.



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