"Stop arguing. The ten slots to Hanwu Kingdom's Sebei City has been filled up. If you wish to head there, come back tomorrow!"

"We still have three empty seats for Jibei City of Anyuan Kingdom! Hurry up, before it is too late!"

"The youngling of the Tongxuan realm savage beast Red-tailed Fox is for sale here. Interested buyers, take this opportunity…."


All kinds of ruckus and noise could be heard from the crowd ahead.

"Xuanluo Mountain Range borders ten kingdoms. Beiwu Kingdom, Hanwu Kingdom, Tianxuan Kingdom... All of them travel here to trade. Everyday, plenty of people visits the Beast Hall, especially those who wish to travel long distances. However, given the limited number of savage beasts in the entire Beast Hall and the huge traveling crowd, it is impossible for the supply to meet demand. Thus, one has to queue in advance; a few had waited for several weeks, but are still unable to get a seat!"

Watching the bustle, Yun Tao explained.

"They were unable to get seats even after several weeks?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Zhang Xuan had already guessed that it was impossible for the Beast Hall to possess sufficient savage beasts to meet the demand, but he hadn’t expected such a queue.

Compared to waiting here for several weeks, it might be faster for him to just ride the Gold Alloyed Panther to Tianwu Kingdom instead.

"Elder, don't worry!" Upon seeing his expression, Yun Tao chuckled. "Once I complete the examination and become an official beast tamer, I be able to request an aerial savage beast for elder immediately so that you won't have to wait like the others!"

Hearing his words, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Most occupations gave privileges to their own members.

For example, apothecaries are given preference and a discount in purchasing pills.

The Beast tamer occupation is no different.

Others would have to queue and pray to get a slot in order to ride a savage beast . But it is a different story for official beast tamers. They are allowed to skip the normal queue and directly access any savage beasts, thus saving time.

"Then... let's go complete your examination!"

Upon witnessing the incredible queue, Zhang Xuan felt his goosebumps rise. Thus, he immediately turned to Yun Tao and said.

"Un, the examination site is over here!" Yun Tao led the way.

On their journey there, the passers-by would step aside immediately upon seeing Zhang Xuan's tall and ferocious Gold Alloyed Panther.

At this moment, the Gold Alloyed Panther had already withdrawn the sharp aura it had exuded after reaching Tongxuan realm. Thus, at this moment, other than its massive size, it wasn’t too different from how it was before. At first glance, others would simply think that it was still at Pixue realm.

However, even if it were just a Pixue realm savage beast, no one was willing to get on its bad side. It wasn't because of the strength of the savage beast, but because they were in the Beast Hall. A person who was able to bring such a huge savage beast around must have connections around. He would either be an apprentice or a beast tamer, and regardless, both aren’t people they could offend.

Thus, without anyone obstructing the way, they proceeded swiftly through the Beast Hall. Before long, they arrived before a massive room with the words 'Beast Tamer Examination' hung outside.

In comparison to the apothecary examination hall, the room was much wider.

"There's quite some time before the examination ends. Let's first enter and take a seat!"

Thinking that he would be able to become an official beast tamer soon, Yun Tao's eyes gleamed with exhilaration. With a bright smile, he lifted his feet and walked toward the room.

"Isn't that Yun Tao? Why are you back so quickly? Is it because you have given up on the examination and decided to come back alone?"

A voice with a mocking tone rang out of a sudden.

Turning his head to take a look, it was a young man, who led several subordinates and a gigantic Tiger Head Beast, strutting in their direction.

The Tiger Head Beast was larger in size than the Gold Alloyed Panther and the aura it emanated was much more fearsome. It felt as though it was capable of tearing apart the heavens.

Nevertheless, it was still lacking in its cultivation, being just Pixue realm primary stage.

"This is the sixth prince of Beichen Kingdom, Zhu Jinhuang. He has always been at loggerheads with our prince..."

Sensing Zhang Xuan's confusion, Yun Tao's subordinate whispered to Zhang Xuan.

"Beichen Kingdom?"

A book about the geography and containing maps appeared in Zhang Xuan's mind.

Just like Hanwu Kingdom, Beichen was also a Tier 2 Kingdom. As they were close neighbors, there was constant friction between the two countries, and they could be considered as rivals. Belonging to the royal family of each kingdom, it was natural that they would view one another with hostility.

"Actually, their grudge isn't... because of their country's background, but..."

Before Yun Tao's subordinate could finish his words, footsteps rang and another group approached.

"Jinhuang, how can you say so? Don't you see that Gold Alloyed Panther behind him? With such a huge fellow, he will surely pass the examination!" A white-robed young man chuckled softly. But then, he frowned and continued, "Just that... Doesn’t it seem that the Gold Alloyed Panther isn’t intimate with him? It can't be that it isn't his tamed beast!"

It sounded as if he was here to absolve Yun Tao from his awkward situation, but his lips were curled up in ridicule.

"This is the ninth prince of Qianyuan Kingdom, Zhou Xuan. He isn't on good terms with our prince as well..." Yun Tao's subordinates continued explaining.

Qianyuan Kingdom was also a Tier 2 Kingdom, and it wasn't too far from the Beast Hall. However, it was on the opposite side of the Xuanluo Mountain Range from Tianxuan Kingdom, closer to Tianwu Kingdom.

"Oh, I only noticed it now that you spoke of it!"

Glancing at the Gold Alloyed Panther who was intimate with another unknown youngster instead of Yun Tao, Zhu Jinhuang chuckled, "Yun Tao, it can't be that you failed to tame a savage beast and found someone to borrow one in your stead? If that's the case, I advise you to be careful. If the Beast Hall were to find out about this matter, you will be barred from the examinations for life. By then, you can only leave obediently!"

There were clear rules in the Beast Hall, and if a beast tamer used another person's savage beast for the examination, once found out, that person would be barred from the beast tamer examination for life. In other words, he would never become an official beast tamer.

As fellow apprentice beast tamers, Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang possessed superb eye of discernment as well. With a single glance, they were able to tell that the Gold Alloyed Panther was only close to Zhang Xuan. Clearly, it wasn't Yun Tao's tamed beast.

"Hehe, once he fails that examination, I would like to see how he dares to continue pursuing Mo Yu xiaojie!" Zhou Xuan said.

"Pursue? He should be escape as far as he can! Given the incredible talents Mo Yu xiaojie possesses, someone like him will never match up to her!" Zhu Jinhuang harrumphed coldly.

"Me, unqualified? None of you are any better than me, so stop making a fool out of yourselves here. Why don't you pass the beast tamer examination before spouting such nonsense?" Seeing the two of them ganging up against him, Yun Tao flung his sleeves furiously.

"Is that so? You seem quite confident! We'll see how you cry later on then. It is not just about passing the beast tamer examination, I would like to see what grade you are capable of obtaining!"

Zhou Xuan said.

"Worry for yourself! I'm afraid that you won't even obtain a grade-3!" Yun Tao said.

"You..." Zhou Xuan narrowed his eyes. "I hope that you can continue being that confident after the examination."


The trio stared at one another in hostility, none of them seeming to possess the intention to back out.

Hearing their words, Zhang Xuan understood the situation immediately. Their rivalry wasn't because of their countries, but a lady named Mo Yu.

"Mo Yu xiaojie is a famous genius among the apprentice beast tamers. Currently, she's undergoing the beast tamer examination along with all of the princes. Due to her beauty and capability, these princes, hailing from different countries, are all infatuated with her, and they fight secretly in the shadows, hoping to gain her favor..."

Yun Tao's subordinate told Zhang Xuan via zhenqi transmission.

Upon knowing the reason, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

As princes, they were thought to be disputing over territories or such. To think that it would be because of a woman.

"It's Mo Yu xiaojie!"

"Quick, look at that savage beast behind her..."

"How incredible!"


The trio were in a glaring at one another when a commotion broke out and a slim figure slowly walked over.

Behind her, a towering eagle followed. Steel-backed with golden wings, its eyes were sharp as though lightning, causing its viewers to put on their guards subconsciously.

"A Tongxuan realm savage beast?" Zhang Xuan's expression turned grim.

This eagle has reached the strength of a Tongxuan realm advanced stage, and it is much stronger than his Gold Alloyed Panther.

Furthermore, vaguely, Zhang Xuan could feel something reminiscent of a storm within its aura. Most probably, the eagle possesses speed comparable to the strange bird previously, exceeding it even.

"Mo Yu xiaojie!"

Upon seeing the figure, Yun Tao, Zhu Jinhuang, and Zhou Xuan's eyes lit up. They hurried to welcome her.

"So this person is Mo Yu?"

Only after examining the eagle did Zhang Xuan's gaze finally land on the slim figure in front.

Around twenty-three or twenty-four-year-old, she was dressed in a light green robe which displayed her beautiful figure perfectly. Her lustrous hair which trailed down to her slim waist, coupled with her white smooth skin made her a unique beauty.

In terms of her beauty, she was in no way inferior to Shen Bi Ru. In fact, she wasn't too far from Zhao Ya after triggering the ten percent of the Pure Yin Body Consitution.

While she was beautiful, she had an extremely cold expression. Toward Yun Tao and the others, she disregarded them altogether.

"As expected of Mo Yu xiaojie, your skills are indeed incredible!" Zhu Jinhuang walked up to her with a smile. "A Tongxuan realm Viridescent Eagle, probably you are the only one who is capable of taming it. I'm impressed!"

"Of course, it's just a mere Viridescent Eagle. Any savage beast would be willing to submit to Mo Yu xiaojie immediately!"

Zhou Xuan chuckled.

Toward the flattery of the two, Mo Yu xiaojie simply glanced at them impassively. Gazing about, she saw Shen Bi Ru and froze for a moment. Then, she walked over.

"You came here to take the beast master examination? What about Han Qiong? Is she here?"

Her voice was crisp and moving, but it felt distant and foreign.

"She didn't come. I came here with another friend." Shen Bi Ru pointed at Zhang Xuan.

Mo Yu xiaojie glanced at Zhang Xuan casually before turning away, as though his presence meant nothing at all. Without saying anything, she walked into the room.

Even though they had been disregarded, Zhu Jinhuang and the others didn't seem displeased at all. They hurriedly followed her in.

"You two know each other?" Unbothered with Mo Yu xiaojie's disregard, he turned to look at Shen laoshi doubtfully.

"I met her with I was here with Han Qiong the previous time." Shen Bi Ru nodded her head.

"Is she really just a talented apprentice beast tamer?" Zhang Xuan asked.

No matter how beautiful that lady was and how talented she was in beast taming, it shouldn't be possible for the princes of three great kingdoms to be fawning on her like that.

Regardless of whether it was Beichen, Qianyuan, or Hanwu, as Tier 2 Kingdoms, they should have a sizeable number of beast tamers in their country. As she is a mere apprentice, there was no reason for the princes to talk to her so subserviently.

In a Tier 2 Kingdom, not even a master teacher apprentice has such standing.

Along with the rise in the tier of the kingdom, the stronger the monarchy becomes. Unless one is a high-tier member of his occupation, he would simply be disregarded by the royal family. Only in small countries like Tianxuan Kingdom would an emperor treat a master teacher apprentice with utmost respect.

"Indeed, she isn't a mere apprentice beast tamer. I've heard Han Qiong speak of it once, she possesses another identity... The third princess of Tianwu Kingdom!" Shen Bi Ru pondered for a moment before replying.

"The third princess of Tianwu Kingdom?" Zhang Xuan finally understood the reason.

This is more like it.

As a Tier 1 Kingdom, Tianwu Kingdom is the dominant power among the surrounding twelve kingdoms.

As a princess of Tianwu Kingdom, Mo Yu's identity is much more noble than the royal family of those smaller kingdoms. If they were to marry her, as the prince consort, they would gain a powerful backing in their fight for the throne in their kingdoms.

It seems that Zhu Jinhuang, Zhou Xuan, and Yun Tao all have the same idea in mind.

However, the fact that she was a princess didn't matter at all to Zhang Xuan.

In Zhang Xuan's view, one should rely on himself. Power granted by others is illusory.

The duo walked into the room as they spoke.

Contrary to the situation outside, there were only a few people in the room.

"All four of us taking the examination are back. Who do you think will be the one to assess us?"

"Of course it will be the Hall Master! As a 2-star beast tamer, he is the most capable beast tamer in the Beast Hall. Usually, he's the one who acts as the examiner."

"That's true. I've heard that the Hall Master is extremely strict in his assessment, I wonder if that's the case."

"Regardless, our prince has already tamed a savage beast and fulfilled the passing criteria. There should be no problem becoming a 1-star beast tamer."


Upon walking into the room, Zhang Xuan heard some hushed discussions.

The three princes have each brought a few of their subordinates along, while Mo Yu xiaojie came on her own. Standing by the side, the cold aura she emanated discouraged anyone from approaching her.

"Judging from her tone early, is there a conflict between her and Han laoshi?"

Seeing how the third princess of Tianwu Kingdom didn't bring along a single servant and her cold behavior, Zhang Xuan suddenly recalled the conversation between her and Shen Bi Ru. Thus, he asked.

"It can't actually be considered as a conflict. As an apprentice beast tamer, Han laoshi also once stayed at the Beast Hall for a period of time. As they're both beauties, they were often compared to each other and as time went by, they became rivals. Just that, I didn't expect her to take the beast tamer examination so quickly. She is indeed talented."

Shen Bi Ru's astonishment was clear to see.

"Talented?" Zhang Xuan was puzzled.

She is talented just because she took the beast tamer examination?

"Looks like you don't know of it. This Princess Mo Yu has barely learned beast taming for a year!" Shen Bi Ru said.

"Barely for a year? Then she's indeed talented!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Even though Zhang Xuan didn't have much of an understanding of beast taming, he was a certified apothecary. Given that both occupations were around the same ranking in the Upper Nine Paths, beast taming was likely to be a highly difficult occupation as well.

To become an apprentice, and even undergo the beast tamer examination when she has barely learned for a single year, she was indeed a fearsome genius.

"More importantly... she is also a 1-star apothecary! Furthermore, she isn't far from reaching 2-star! On top of that... she's also a master teacher apprentice. It's said the reason why she came here to learn beast taming is train her mental fortitude. Once her preparations are done, she can take the 1-star master teacher examination upon returning to her land."

Shen Bi Ru said.

"1-star apothecary? Master teacher apprentice?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Even though she shared a similar situation to him, Zhang Xuan knew that the other party was much more talented than him.

Luck played a big part in why Zhang Xuan could become a 1-star apothecary. Furthermore, he had relied greatly on the power of the Library of Heaven's Path. With his current pill forging proficiency, he can only formulate some basic powder, and forging pills is still way out of his reach.

To successfully become a 1-star apothecary through her very own capabilities at such a young age, and not to mention, having became a master teacher apprentice, it was no wonder why others would call her a genius. She was indeed worthy of the title.

While the two was speaking, an elder walked in.

"Silence. I'm in charge of assessing you today!"

Upon seeing the elder, everyone was taken aback.

"Beast Tamer Hong? Why is he the one in charge of the assessment?" Yun Tao was stunned. "Usually, the Hall Master would be the one who conduct the assessment. Furthermore, the rules state that a 2-star beast master must be present at the assessment. Even though Beast Tamer Hong possess a high standing within the Beast Hall, he's still at 1-star pinnacle... He isn't yet qualified to conduct an assessment."

Seeing the doubt on everyone's faces, Beast Tamer Hong said, "The Hall Master and the other elders have something else to attend to, so today, I'll be conducting the assessment in their place! I will follow the steps strictly and I won't condone any bribery or cheating, so there's no need to worry at all. Besides, there are Record Crystals all around, and as long as you fulfill the criteria, you will pass the examination and become a member of the Beast Hall."


Everyone nodded in assent.

Regardless of whether it was for the apothecaries or the beast tamers, all examinations would require Record Crystals to be ready so that the proceedings can be checked on if something turns out to be amiss.

With this object present, no one would dare to cheat.

"Those here are apprentice beast tamers who have passed the first examination. I believe everyone is well aware of the content of the second examination and the structure it takes, but for the sake of formalities, I shall mention them once more."

Beast Tamer Hong glanced at the surroundings, "The test requires you to tame a savage beast who's stronger than you. Even though an Inceptive Taming would be sufficient, different grades can be awarded."

"The higher the cultivation of the savage beast compared to you, and the more loyal the savage beast is, the higher your grade."

"There are 3 grades, namely grade-1, grade-2, and grade-3. The higher one's grade is, the better one's results are. I believe that no one here has any disagreements to my words, right?"

"Yes!" Yun Tao and the others nodded hurriedly.

"Alright, I'll start the examination then. First, Zhou Xuan!" Beast Tamer Hong glanced at Zhou Xuan.

"Yes!" Zhou Xuan stepped forward.

"What did you tame?" Beast Tamer Hong asked.

"Reporting to Beast Tamer Hong, I tamed that Whistling Fang Wolf! It is a Pixue realm primary stage savage beast." Zhou Xuan pointed to the side, and his subordinates immediately brought a three-meter long wolf over.

The huge wolf has gray fur, and within its mouth, sharp fangs could be seen. Just by its outer appearance itself, one could almost see how it would brutally tear apart its prey.


Nodding his head, Beast Tamer Hong retrieved and passed a crystal ball.

"This is a Heart Inquisition Crystal which tests a savage beast's loyalty. A number will appear on it, and for Inceptive Taming, the Loyalty Level would range between 15 to 30. The higher the number, the better the grade."

"Heart Inquisition Crystal?"

Looking at the object, Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Back then, during the Enlightenment Will Trial, that was the object which was used to test Liu Yang's Trust Level.

It seems that the object is more than capable of testing a human's trust; it is able to gauge a savage beast's loyalty as well.

But on further contemplation, it made sense. Since it was able to induce life-like illusions in one's head upon contact, the Loyalty or Trust Level shown should be extremely accurate.

Just like the test of Trust Level, Zhou Xuan first dripped a droplet of blood on it before communicating with his savage beast.

Soon, a number slowly floated into appearance on the crystal——20!

"For its Loyalty Level to reach 20 within less than half a month, you have passed the Inceptive Taming prerequisites. Not bad, I'll give you a grade-2!"

Upon seeing the numbers, Beast Tamer Hong stroked his beard in approval.

To find a savage beast, tame it, and raise its Loyalty Level to this point within half a month, the other party is definitely qualified to become a 1-star beast tamer.

"His Highness is indeed impressive!"

"It has been long since anyone has been given a grade-2 in the Beast Hall!"

"Indeed, this is incredible!"

Upon hearing his results, discussions immediate broke out below.

For the beast tamer examination, grade-3 was already considered as a pass. Those who reached grade-2 were considered as geniuses among the new beast tamers.

"Grade-2, not bad. However, I won't lose to you!"

Not expecting Zhou Xuan's results to be so good, Zhu Jinhuang was stunned. However, he soon smiled and walked over.

It didn't take long for the results to be out. That Tiger Head Beast of his also had a Loyalty Point of 20 or so, and he was deemed to be at grade-2 as well.

"It's Mo Yu xiaojie's turn!"

"Mo Yu xiaojie tamed an aerial savage beast, which is much harder to tame than any other savage beast. Furthermore, it is at Tongxuan realm, so the additional points she receive should be great!"

"You're right. I think her result will probably exceed that of a grade-2."

"It has been thirty years since the last grade-1 result in the Beast Hall. Do you think that the record will be broken today?"


Seeing Mo Yu xiaojie walk up, everyone's anxious gazes immediately fell on her.

To be given a grade-1 ranking in the beast tamer examination is equivalent to forging a pill reaching Perfection in the apothecary examination.

Such a beast tamer will be highly valued by the Beast Hall. All kinds of resources would be invested into grooming her.

It was already an incredible feat for Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang to receive a grade-2, but Mo Yu xiaojie was clearly much more skilled than them. Everyone was curious to see if history could be created today.

Disregarding the commotion, Mo Yu xiaojie calmly walked forward. With a beckon, the massive Viridescent Eagle slowly paced forward as well.

Repeating the same actions as the two before her, she soon completed the assessment.

Loyalty Level, 40!

"Grade-1! This result definitely warrants for a grade-1!"

The room immediately burst into commotion.

Even though everyone has already guessed that Mo Yu xiaojie would likely receive a grade-1 ranking, they were still shocked when it came.

"Hehe, Yun Tao, it's your turn. We're all grade-2, and Mo Yu xiaojie has achieved a grade-1. You spoke so arrogantly previously, so I think it should be impossible for you to show us a grade-3. If I were to get a grade-3, I would be so embarrassed that I would hole myself up in my room!"

Seeing that it was Yun Tao's turn, Zhu Jinhuang sneered.

"I think Brother Zhu is overestimating him. Putting aside grade-3, I think that... passing the examination may already pose a problem to him!" Zhou Xuan harrumphed coldly.

"This Gold Alloyed Panther isn't his, so where's the savage beast he tamed?"

"That's true, it can't be that he hadn’t tamed any savage beast?"

"If that's the case, it means that he has already failed..."

The two of them spoke loudly, and their words immediately created an uproar.

Even Mo Yu xiaojie couldn't help but frown.


Waving his hand and silencing the discussions, Beast Tamer Hong turned to look at Yun Tao doubtfully, "What did you tame? Is it that Gold Alloyed Panther?"

"That's not it, the panther was tamed by Elder Zhang Xuan..."

Yun Tao scratched his head awkwardly, "I... tamed a bird!"


"A bird" is a chinese pun, and it also can be interpreted as 'The heck that I have tamed anything'.

It is an offensive way of replying another person's question.



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