Chapter 242: Failing the Examination!

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You tamed a bird?

Upon those words, the bustling room turned quiet all of the sudden.

Everyone covered their mouths in shock as they turned to look at Yun Tao.

Are you trying to insult someone here, or are you giving up on yourself because you failed to tame anything?

It can't be that this fellow had been scared silly seeing the others before him receiving grade-1 and grade-2 results.

"Tamed a bird? The heck, why don't you say you tamed a hammer! To dare to speak to Beast Tamer Hong like that, you sure are brazen!"

"This is no longer a problem about being brazen or not, there's something wrong with his head! If he tamed a bird, I tamed a ball!"

"If that's the case, then I tamed a chili padi... Actually, all of us have something we tamed, so shouldn't we take the beast tamer examination as well?"


A moment of silence, and the room burst into laughter.

The heck.

Ever since the establishment of the Beast Hall, this is the first time someone failed to tame anything and declared it so proudly. This is a new high for crudeness.

If you don't have anything to show, why are you here?

Still saying that you tamed a bird...

A bird your head!

Can you be anymore audacious?

"Haha, Yun Tao. All along, I thought that you are an incredible figure. To think that you didn't let me down... To tame nothing at all and speak of it so proudly and brazenly, I'm impressed!" Zhu Jinhuang was almost getting cramps from laughing.

Is this fellow a retarded?

If he tamed nothing at all, the most that could happen is a failure. To tell Beast Tamer Hong that he tamed a bird... Is he looking for some thrill?

Beast Tamer Hong may not be the best beast tamer in the Beast Hall, but he is known for being austere. To spout such brazen words.. he is clearly challenging his authority!

"You truly are courting death..." Zhou Xuan laughed.

To think that he thought of this man as a competitor. At this moment, he felt that he had undermined his own worth by having even thought such.

He was worried that this fellow would awe everyone with his capability... He did awe everyone, with his audacity, that is.


With her hands behind her back, Mo Yu xiaojie raised her impeccable face and snorted.

Even if Yun Tao didn’t tame anything this time, he could try again the next time. But with such an immature attitude, no matter how talented he was, he would never become anyone great.

While everyone else roared in laughter, Beast Tamer Hong almost died from anger. His hair stood on its ends as he gritted his teeth, "What did you say?"

As a reputable beast tamer of the Beast Hall, this was the first time he had been provoked in such a manner.

Bird your head!

Come, why don't you show it to me right now?

If you can't, why don't I take yours away and kick it like a ball?

"I mean... I tamed a bird, a strange bird!"

Only now did Yun Tao realize that he has misspoke. He quickly explained and whistled. Wuuu, the strange bird flew into view.

From the instant they reached the Beast Hall, this fellow had been flying around freely, and no one noticed its presence.

Savage beasts are usually three to four-meter big, and even the smallest ones are around a human's height. Given that the bird was only a palm's size, if one didn't look at it carefully, he would only think that it was a canary or a wild bird. No one would dare to think that it was an aerial savage beast.

Furthermore, even if they had considered this possibility, they would have found it unbelievable.

The purpose of taming savage beasts is to aid one in his battles. Even the worst beasts could be used as a method of transportation. Given the miniature size of this fellow, what could it do?

Honestly speaking, it wouldn't even be sufficient to fill one's stomach.

"You call this a savage beast?"

"Are you sure you didn't take it from some random bird cage?"

"What the heck is this? I thought you were just joking. To think that you've really tamed a bird! But, what is the use of this bird? To play with?"

Seeing that Yun Tao had really just tamed a bird, the room was silent for a moment before bursting into laughter once more.

Look at the Viridescent Eagle which Mo Yu xiaojie had tamed. It is also a bird, but it is mighty and exudes majesty! Yet, yours is just nothing but hilarious!

You should know that you are here for the beast tamer examination! Those who don't know what's going on might just think that you are in a market putting on a circus show.

"Is this the savage beast that you tamed?"

Beast Tamer Hong's complexion didn't recover just because he saw the strange bird. With a steeled face, he asked coldly.

"Yes!" Yun Tao replied.

"According to the rules of the Beast Hall, in the second test, one has to tame a savage beast which is stronger than himself. This little bird can be killed with just a slap. Yet, you brought it here for me to assess... Are you joking with me?"

Beast Tamer Hong tried to hold back his anger.

"I am not joking!" Sensing the bizarre tone in the other party's voice, Yun Tao hurriedly explained. "This strange bird may be small, but it's not weak. It possesses incredible speed which even Pixue realm experts are unable to catch up to. It must be a kind of savage beast..."


Before he could finish his words, Beast Tamer Hong slammed the table and stood up. His eyebrows shot up and his cheeks were trembling.

"Audacious! Yun Tao, do you think that this is your Hanwu Kingdom? Do you think this is a place you can fool around at? Beast taming isn't a joke! You passed the first test with outstanding results, so I thought that you would be able to achieve amazing results in the second one. But... you chose to commit such a preposterous actions instead!"

"As a Dingli realm pinnacle cultivator, even if you can't tame some of the stronger savage beast, a Pixue realm primary stage should be no problem for you. To tame a small bird and put on a show here, further claiming that it has incredible speed and that it must be a type of savage beast, do you think that I'm blind?"

"To dare to challenge an examiner directly in the beast tamer examination, bringing a wild bird here for assessment... Who gave you such guts to commit such audacious actions?"

Infuriated, Beast Tamer Hong waved him away with unquestionable authority, "Scram! You failed your second test. If you wish to take the examination, come again next year!"

"Beast Tamer Hong! This... This strange bird is really a savage beast with cultivation above that of Pixue realm, even I am not an opponent for it..."

Not expecting Beast Tamer Hong to fly into such a temper and proclaiming his failure, Yun Tao went pale. He hurriedly explained.

"Aren't you done yet? Yun Tao, didn't you hear those words? Beast Tamer Hong asked you to scram! Stop disgracing yourself here, you have already tarnished the good reputation of beast tamers!"

Seeing how his opponent has failed the examination, Zhu Jinhuang laughed heartily. He walked forward and stared at Yun Tao in disdain.

"Why don't you give up on beast taming? Without sufficient skills, it is impossible for you to become a beast tamer anyway. If Beast Tamer Hong were to pass you, wouldn't that mean that everyone can become a beast tamer just by buying a bird in the market?"

Zhou Xuan sneered by the side.

In the previous exam, Yun Tao had managed to stand above the rest of them. They thought that he would continue to outshine them for the rest of the exam, but never in their dreams did they expect that fellow to do himself in.

He could have just caught a normal Pixue realm primary stage savage beast, yet he chose to go for a wild bird which god knows popped out from where...

"Beast Tamer Hong..."

Ignoring the insults of the other two, Yun Tao turned to the elder.

"Aren't my words clear? Get out!" Beast Tamer Hong glared at him.

"Give me another chance, you can test it for yourself. This strange bird is really a savage beast, and its cultivation isn't weak..."

Not expecting such a situation, Yun Tao panicked.

He had just promised Elder Zhang Xuan that he would help him choose a good savage beast once he becomes a beast tamer. If he fails the examination now, he would be unable to make good of his words.

And this isn’t yet the biggest problem. At least for this problem, he could just apologize, and Zhang Xuan should be magnanimous so as to not pursue this matter.

More importantly, after creating such a huge uproar here, when he returns to the kingdom, his other competitors for the throne would make use of this matter to oppress him. If so, the opportunity for the throne would slip by his hands.

His pursuit for Mo Yu xiaojie would also have to come to an end.

"I don't want to say it for a third time. I'll allow you to walk out by yourself. This way, at least you get to retain a little bit of your pride!"

Beast Tamer Hong refused to listen to his explanation and waved him away.

If he wasn't a prince, he would definitely have slapped him out instead of wasting words with him.

"Scram! Yun Tao, if you still refuse to leave, I will have my men throw you out!" Zhu Jinhuang stared at Yun Tao gleefully.

From today onward, this fellow would be out of the race. Meaning to say, he was one step closer to Mo Yu xiaojie.

"Hurry up and leave. If you continue to cause trouble here, don't blame me for getting nasty."

Zhou Xuan sneered. With his hands behind his back, he glanced at Yun Tao contemptuously.


Angered and embarrassed, Yun Tao clenched his fists tightly.

He thought that he could pass the examination easily, yet it ended like this. Gritting his teeth tightly, he turned around and prepared to leave. But at this moment, a calm voice echoed in the air.

"Yun Tao, since the beast tamers of the Beast Hall are all such useless fools, I don't think you should bother taking the examination!"

From where the voice came from, Zhang Xuan was looking at Yun Tao calmly.



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