Chapter 243: Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow

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The beast tamers of the Beast Hall are useless fools?

Hearing those words, everyone was outraged.

"What did he say?"

"Who's this fellow? Is he courting death?"

"To dare to insult beast tamers, he must be tired of living!"


Everyone glared at Zhang Xuan, their eyes filled with killing intent.

The reason why the Beast Hall grew so prosperous was because of the beast tamers. Yet, this fellow had dared to insult all of the beast tamers here. There must be something wrong with his head!

Shen Bi Ru's body trembled and she tugged on the sleeves of the young man before her hurriedly. She nearly fainted from shock.

Where are we?

The Beast Hall!

To be saying that the beast tamers here are all useless fools, aren't you asking for trouble?

This isn't something that can be explained as a rash act, this is clearly a provocation!

From long ago, she knew that Zhang laoshi was bold. But no matter what, she had never imagined that he would be so daring!

"What did you say?"

As everyone expected, Beast Tamer Hong's face turned so red as though he was bleeding. He turned his head to Yun Tao and questioned, "Yun Tao, is this what you think of the Beast Hall as well?"

Zhang Xuan stood together with the crowd from Hanwu Kingdom, so everyone thought that he was Yun Tao's subordinate.

"Elder..." Yun Tao quickly turned to look at Zhang Xuan.

When he heard Zhang Xuan say those words, he nearly went insane as well.

Even though he might fail due to a biased judgement by the examiner, he could still try again next year.

However, now that those words have offended the Beast Hall, it would be impossible for him to take the examination ever again.

Even though he hadn't been with Elder Zhang Xuan for long, he knew that he was a powerful and calm person. He deals with everything rationally and appropriately. So why is he acting so unreliably at such a crucial moment?

He stared at the young man in panic, only to see the other party looking at him calmly, as though he was unconcerned.


The edges of Yun Tao's lips twitched.

Is he really bold, or is he truly confident in his strength?

There were several thousands of savage beast in the Beast Hall, and even the weakest one had a Pixue realm cultivation. Even a Zongshi realm expert wouldn't be able to escape after wrecking havoc here!

Flustered, he immediately walked over to persuade Zhang Xuan to apologize. However, the young man simply smiled. With his hands behind his back, he turned to look at Beast Tamer Hong.

"Disregarding the rules, failing to recognize a savage beast before him, acting as he pleases, coming to a conclusion without verifying his facts... If he isn't a useless fool, what else can he be?"

He spoke slowly and calmly, as though the infuriated Beast Tamer Hong meant nothing to him at all.

"Is he... lecturing Beast Tamer Hong?"

"Who is this fellow?"

"Even Hall Master Feng wouldn't dare to speak like that!"


Hearing that young man's tone that sounded as though he was lecturing a student, everyone felt as though their brain was coming to a halt.

They have seen arrogant people, but they have never seen such an arrogant person.

This fellow must be mad!

Who do you think you are?

Beast Tamer Hong is a famous beast tamer of the Beast Hall. To say that he came to a conclusion without verifying his facts... This is no longer speaking up for Yun Tao. This is a blunt insult, he doubts the other party's professionalism.

"You said that I disregard the rules and failed to recognize a savage beast?"

Having been criticized in public, Beast Tamer Hong felt the blood within his body go on a rampage.

"I, Hong Feng, have been a beast tamer for thirty-seven years. I have tamed twenty-four savage beasts and taught a hundred and eighteen students. Three of them even became beast tamers. Even though I don't claim to be learned in the profound art of beast taming, I am not someone who would speak nonsense! Yet, you said that I disregard the rules and failed to recognize a savage beast? Fine! If you don't explain yourself today, regardless of who you are, don't blame me for not going easy on you!"

Infuriated, Beast Tamer Hong's revealed his cultivation. He was a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert, and was not too far away from reaching Half-Zongshi.


At the same time, a massive savage beast appeared and stood beside him.

It was a giant red-eyed ape. Around three-meter tall, every single movement it made caused the ground to tremor.

A beast tamer usually fought along with its tamed beast.

This giant red-eyed ape had also reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle. A savage aura emanated as though a tide over the crowd, and the pressure it exerted on the others was several times stronger than that of Beast Tamer Hong.

Upon witnessing this, everyone's face went pale. Subconsciously, they retreated a few steps backward.

If the two of them were to fight alongside one another, they would be able to match up against even a Half-Zongshi!

"Why? You refuse to admit your mistakes and want to make a move on me?"

Even amidst the immense pressure, Zhang Xuan simply flung his sleeves and replied calmly.

The other party may be strong, but he has also reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle. Furthermore, given the numerous tactics he possessed, even if ten of them came at him, it would be impossible for them to hurt him at all.

"What is going on?"

The atmosphere in the room was completely still and it seemed that Beast Tamer Hong was about to make a move when a bellow sounded in the room. Then, three figures walked in.

"It's Hall Master Feng, Beast Tamer Lu, and Beast Tamer Wang. They are all 2-star beast tamers!"

"Didn't Beast Tamer Hong say that they are busy?"

"This fellow challenged the prestige of the Beast Hall. Even if they are busy, they would definitely rush over upon knowing of the matter!"

"This fellow is done for. Yun Tao as well!"

"That's right. Hanwu Kingdom is just a Tier 2 Kingdom, how can it withstand the anger of the Beast Hall?"


Upon seeing the trio, everyone immediately burst into discussion.

All three 2-star beast tamers of the Beast Hall have arrived at the scene.

Zhu Jinhuang and Zhou Xuan glanced at Yun Tao gleefully, as though heartened by the tragic plight that was about to befall him.

When Yun Tao and Zhang Xuan insulted Beast Tamer Hong, it could only be considered as a personal grudge. However, from the moment that the Hall Master appeared, it become an issue between the Beast Hall and Hanwu Kingdom. This matter could no longer be settled easily.

Even Mo Yu xiaojie couldn't help but shake her head.

She thought that Yun Tao was a fool for bringing a bird for the beast tamer examination, but to think that his subordinate would be even dumber!

He insulted Beast Tamer Hong so thoroughly, how could the other party simply let this matter go?

If this matter blows up, the one who would be at a loss is Hanwu Kingdom.

Even so, there wasn't the slightest bit of emotion on her face. As though an emotionless fairy, she watched the spectacle impassively.

Yun Tao's fate has nothing to do with her, and she couldn't be bothered with it either.

"Hall Master, Beast Tamer Lu, Beast Tamer Wang!"

Upon seeing the trio, Beast Tamer Hong immediately stepped forward and greeted the three. Even though he was raging within, he took the time to explain the situation to them.

"You said that Hong Feng disregarded the rules and failed to recognize a savage beast before him?"

Hearing those words, the Hall Master Feng turned to look at Zhang Xuan with a sharp glance.

Hall Master Feng is an elder in his sixties. With a towering stature, his movements are dignified.

He is a Zongshi realm expert!

Beast Tamer Lu and Beast Tamer Wang merely stood quietly beside him, but somehow, they felt like mountains, impossible to budge.

The three 2-star beast tamers were all Zongshi-realm experts!

It was precisely because of them that no one dared to act out of line in the Beast Hall.

"Indeed!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"Do you know that your words are questioning his professionalism? To a beast tamer, those words are equivalent to sullying his reputation." Hall Master Feng's eyes narrowed.

The reason why Beast Tamer Hong was so infuriated was because the young man questioned his abilities as a beast tamer. For a beast tamer to be unable recognize a savage beast, he would become a laughingstock.

Zhang Xuan didn't explain the matter. Instead, he walked to the center of the room and snapped his fingers.


The strange bird on Yun Tao's shoulder flew over.

Compared to Yun Tao, the strange bird was much more receptive to Zhang Xuan's commands. Even though the latter had beaten him up, he had also helped to raise its cultivation.

After the strange bird sat on Zhang Xuan's hands, Zhang Xuan lifted his gaze and smiled.

"I would like to ask the four beast tamers what the name of this bird is."

"The name?"

Seeing Zhang Xuan ask about the name of the bird instead of answering Hall Master Feng's question, everyone gaze swiftly fell on the bird.

Beast Tamer Hong's complexion darkened, and he harrumphed, "Even though it is rare, I have once read a description of this bird on a book. The name of the bird is [Bone Bird]. It's said that this bird has an additional bone on its back to support its entire body. This bird is usually used for appreciation purposes and doesn't possess any combat abilities. Naturally, it isn't considered as a savage beast. Why? Are you going to say that I'm wrong?"

"Now that you speak of it, the bird does match the description of the Bone Bird!"

Beast Tamer Lu stroked his beard as he said, "The Bone Bird lives in the depths of the forest, and it is known for its moving song at daybreak. Just like Beast Tamer Hong has said, this bird is only for appreciation purpose. Even though it is a rare and valuable bird, as it cannot be considered as a savage beast, it isn’t eligible for use in the beast tamer examination!"

Hearing the words of the duo, Zhang Xuan simply chuckled and turned to Hall Master Feng.

"What does Hall Master Feng think of this?"

"I think that it is the Bone Bird as well. There is a bone protruding out from its back clearly!" Hall Master Feng nodded in approval of the other two's words.

Upon hearing the three beast tamer coming to the same conclusion, Zhang Xuan shook his head and sighed. "Since you have all determined it to be the Bone Bird, who can tell me the specific traits of a Bone Bird?"

"Since you all have determined it to be the Bone Bird, who can tell me the specific traits of a Bone Bird?"

"The Bone Bird has a black back, red beak, and golden claws. On its back, there are three feathers which creates a clear melody when it's flying. Thus, its melodious birdsong actually doesn't come from its throat, but from the feathers behind..."

Before the three beast tamer could answer, a quiet voice sounded.

It was Mo Yu xiaojie.

She stated the unique characteristics of the Bone Bird recorded on the books.

But before she could finish stating the full description, she paused abruptly. Her beautiful complexion turned dark, and confusion reflected in her eyes.

"You're right. The clear birdsong of the Bone Bird doesn't come from its throat, but from the feathers at its back. That is to say, as long as it flies, there should be a melody... But when it flew over just now, did any one of you hear it?"

Zhang Xuan smiled.

"This..." Everyone was taken aback.

The strange bird has flown about several times, but not even once did they hear any sound. If they didn't see the bird for themselves, they wouldn't have known that it was in here.

If what Mo Yu xiaojie mentioned was correct, does it mean that... the strange bird isn't the Bone Bird?

"The claw of this strange bird is gold, but there is a red dot at the center of its claw. Furthermore, there is a crown at the top of its head. Also, instead of one, it has three bones protruding from its back, and there isn't any sound-making feathers behind either. More importantly... It is light and flies swiftly!"

Zhang Xuan raised the strange bird up and explained its characteristics one after another.

With every aspect he explained, Beast Tamer Hong's face would darken.

Because at this moment, he could also tell that the strange bird was slightly different from the Bone Bird he spoke of.

"But if it isn't a Bone Bird, what is it?"

He asked.

Putting his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan smiled.

"It is an Ancient Beast——Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow!"



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