Chapter 245: Mo Yu's Challenge

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Shen Bi Ru got increasingly confused about the young man before her.

The Beast Forest is where the savage beasts reside, and it is an untidy and dirty location. It is one thing to feed the savage beasts, but for one to have to clean their feces, bathe them and comb their fur... For an official beast tamer to be grounded to such a location, it could be considered as a severe punishment.

All beast tamers, even if it were a mere apprentice, who have been to the Beast Hall would know what this represents...

Yet, he asked what kind of place it was and whether the punishment was considered harsh...

Are you joking with me?

It is one thing if you don't know the first thing about taming. However, you easily tamed the Gold Alloyed Panther and the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow, as well as raised their cultivation. Furthermore... You were able to identify an ancient beast when Hall Master Feng and the others were unable to...

You recognized an ancient beast so unknown that even Hall Master Feng knew nothing about, yet you don't know about such fundamental knowledge...

If it were anyone else, she would have thought that he was intentionally looking for reasons to strike up a conversation with her so as to win her favor. However, Shen Bi Ru knew that this young man truly knew nothing at all!

Because... Even if he didn't say anything, Shen Bi Ru was more than willing to strike up a conversation with him!

"The Beast Forest is..."

Suppressing the stifled sensation she was experiencing in her chest, she explained the matter regarding the Beast Forest. At the very end, she couldn't help but ask, "Do you really not know anything about beast taming?"

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Even though there were records on beast tamers in Tianxuan Kingdom's Book Collection Vault, information was in random bits and pieces; there wasn't any reliable content on the occupation. The reasons why Zhang Xuan was able to help the Gold Alloyed Panther and Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow achieve a breakthrough was because of the Library of Heaven's Path and his pure zhenqi...

Truthfully speaking, Zhang Xuan knew nothing about beast taming.


Hearing the other party's confirmation, Shen Bi Ru became speechless.

Despite knowing nothing at all, you managed to tame a savage beast. Furthermore, you were able to make the Hall Master punish an official beast tamer, and not to forget, leave four beast tamers speechless...

At this rate If you were to know beast taming, won't you overthrow the entire Beast Hall?

You said that you don't know anything about formations, yet you were able to see through the flaws in the Green Wood Confinement Formation. You said you don't know anything about beast taming, but you were able to tame a savage beast so easily... Brother, can you teach me how I can be as ignorant as you?

Honestly speaking, I finally understand why 'ignorance' is bliss...

Shen Bi Ru felt so stifled that she wanted to vomit blood. On the other hand, Yun Tao was about to go mad with excitement.

After being criticized by Beast Tamer Hong, he thought that he would have to leave the Beast Hall in disappointment today. Yet, Elder Zhang Xuan managed to solve his problem with just a few words.

More importantly... That strange bird is actually an ancient beast, the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow!

As an apprentice beast tamer, he knew how valuable the bloodline of an ancient beast was. While it couldn't be said to be worth a city, it didn't pale much in comparison.

Elder Zhang Xuan recognized the true identity of the strange bird, but he still gave the opportunity to him, allowing him to tame it...

"After this beast tamer examination is over, I should find a way to dispel the contract..."

Yun Tao made up his mind.

While having an ancient beast was great, it was impossible for him to control or protect it with his current strength.

On top of that, the ancient sparrow was obviously much closer to Elder Zhang Xuan. After the examination was over, he would dispel the contract and allow the ancient beast to accompany its true owner.

If Zhang Xuan were to know of his thoughts, he would definitely shake his head with a smile.

Honestly speaking, Zhang Xuan had no interest in a mere ancient beast.

Possessing the Heaven's Path Divine Art and Heaven's Path zhenqi, along with the rise in his cultivation, he would be able to cleanse the bloodline of any savage beast as he pleases. As long as he has sufficient time, he would be able to transform any ordinary savage beast into an ancient beast!

More importantly, even though the bloodline of the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow was impressive, it was small. Not only could Zhang Xuan not ride on it, it would be riding on his shoulder all day long. Thus, to Zhang Xuan, it was of no value to him.

If it were an aerial primordial beast, Zhang Xuan would have given it some thought. While Zhang Xuan didn't mind taming ancient beasts, bringing it around everywhere, cultivating together, the contract, and all kind of other miscellaneous matters, just thinking about them was a huge hassle in itself... Better not.


Hall Master Feng personally conducted the examination for Yun Tao. Knowing that the ancient beast had submitted completely, there was no doubt about its loyalty. Thus, Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to continue watching.

Stretching his back and pondering about how he should go to Tianwu Kingdom to look for the Poison Hall, he suddenly caught a whiff of fragrance. A beautiful figure appeared before him. In her eyes, one could see pride and a refusal to concede.

"To be able to recognize the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow, you are knowledgeable. You must be a beast tamer!"

The genius, Mo Yu.

When she was evaluated as a grade-1, she should have been the one to enjoy the looks of admiration from the others. Yet, this fellow stole her limelight, and thus, she couldn't help but be interested in the affairs of this young man.

Ever since her birth, except for that one person, regardless of whether it was her occupation or her cultivation, as long as she set her mind to it, she would always stand out from the others. She thought that, just like the many times before, she would definitely be in the first place for this beast tamer examination, but from the looks of it now, it is likely to be impossible.

While the Tongxuan realm Viridescent Eagle isn't weak, it pales too far in comparison to an ancient beast.

After several days of being with Yun Tao, she knew that it was impossible for that fellow to possess the capability to tame an ancient beast. Thus, it was likely that he had a helper with him, and that helper was this unimpressive-looking fellow before her.

"I'm not a beast tamer!" Glancing at the other party, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"You're not? Then how do you know of the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow? Also, how did you tame this Gold Alloyed Panther then? Not to mention, gain intimacy with that ancient sparrow?"

A glean flashed across Mo Yu's eyes.

As a master teacher apprentice, it was natural that she had a sharp eye for things. It was clear that he possessed great intimacy with his Gold Alloyed Panther, and the ancient sparrow seemed to be attached to him as well. She found it hard to believe that he wasn't a beast tamer.

"Oh, it might just be my good luck!" Zhang Xuan casually replied.

Other people would be trying their best to fawn on her given her noble identity as the third princess of Tianwu Kingdom and her great talents. However, Zhang Xuan didn't think much of her identity.


Mo Yu staggered.

Taming beasts is about sparing no means and schemes to build a relationship with savage beasts. Luck... What the heck is that?

Whenever others speak with her, they would be trying their best to act knowledgeable, using all sort of exaggerated and bombastic phrases to impress her. However, not only did this fellow refuse to tell her anything, he was even unwilling to put in the effort to make up an excuse...

Luck... If such a thing could tame savage beasts, who would be willing to spend so much effort to become a beast tamer?

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, everyone has always talked to her respectfully. No one has ever dared to treat her in such a way.

She couldn't help but feel dismal.

Seeing how even the esteemed third princess of Tianwu Kingdom suffered a blow from Zhang Xuan, Shen Bi Ru shook her head.

When she first spoke to this fellow, she also nearly died from anger.

Now that she has gotten used to it, it felt much better. Other than suffering a few shocks and the face-slapping on a daily basis, at the very least, she is able to handle his speech now.

Talking to Zhang Xuan when one doesn’t know his temper and character is definitely suicidal.

Unaware of Zhang Xuan 'glorious past', Mo Yu xiaojie took in a few deep breaths before managing to calm her breathing. Then, she raised her head as though a proud crane.

"If you're unwilling to speak of it, I shall not force you. But to be able to make a savage beast submit so willingly, you do possess some capability! How about this, why don't we have a competition? If I win, you will tell me how you caught the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow and how you won its favor! On the other hand, if you win, I will you give a 2-star Master Teacher Jiang Shu's Tutelage Jade Token!"

"2-star Master Teacher Jiang Shu?"

"I heard that he is the most incredible master teacher in Tianwu Kingdom, reaching 2-star pinnacle. Furthermore, he is the person in charge of Tianwu Master Teacher Pavilion. His Tutelage Jade Token is invaluable, even if it's just for two hours!"

"This object is something one can't buy with just money... If I were to obtain it, I will surely be able to reach Tongxuan realm or even higher!"

"It is a waste to use this token when trying to reach Tongxuan realm. At the very least, one should only use it when trying for Half-Zongshi. Only then will it be worth its value!"


Several people in the surrounding had been paying attention to Mo Yu xiaojie's actions. Seeing her strike up a conversation with this fellow, they immediately focused the hearing. Upon hearing the stakes, they were so excited that their eyes shone and their breathing hastened.

Even if it were just for two hours, a 2-star master teacher's Tutelage Jade Token was something countless people dream of.

It might very well be the impetus for one to surpass their current limits to reach higher realms.

No one would be able to turn down such an enticing offer.

Everyone thought that the lad would agree immediately when Zhang Xuan shook his head and replied, "I'm not interested!"

After impersonating a master teacher for a period of time and interacting with Liu shi and the others, Zhang Xuan knew what a Tutelage Jade Token was and what it was used for.

However, his method of cultivation is only limited by the number of books in his possession. He doesn’t require guidance from anyone.

Even the Tutelage Jade Token of a 3-star or a 4-star master teacher wouldn't entice him.

No matter how knowledgeable they are, can they be even more knowledgeable than the Library of Heaven's Path?

Nothing could be hidden from the heavens. Even 7-star or 8-star master teachers wouldn't match up to the value of the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Not interested? Have you thought the matter through..."

With such a huge bait, Mo Yu originally thought that Zhang Xuan would accept it immediately. However, after hearing his answer, she was taken aback. She was about to say something when the Heart Inquisition Crystal lit up. Yun Tao was done with his examination, and slowly, numbers floated into appearance on the surface of the crystal...


"What? A Loyalty Level of 40? Is this... Advanced Taming?"

Hall Master Feng was taken aback. He stood up abruptly, and his eyes reflected his disbelief.

He wasn't the only one. The entire room immediately burst into commotion. Even Mo Yu was dumbfounded by the sight.

The various phases to the taming of a beast could be divided into Inceptive Taming, Advanced Taming, and Complete Submission.

For Inceptive Taming, the loyalty of the tamed beast would be around 15 to 30. At this level, the Beast Tamer is able to easily summon their savage beast, and it will follow him. In a way, it is similar to a domesticated animal.

For Advanced Taming, the loyalty of the tamed beast would be around 31 to 45. At this point, the beast tamer and savage beast would establish a contract and they would be capable of communicating with one another telepathically.

As for the even more advanced Complete Submission, the Loyalty Level would exceed 45. Usually, it would require many years of friendship between the tamed beast and the beast tamer. At this level, they would be able to practice the same cultivation technique and improve together.

It was already incredible to achieve Inceptive Taming with an ancient beast. Yet, the Loyalty Level of the strange bird has already reached 40... This means that it was already beyond the level of just following Yun Tao. A contract has already been established between the two!

But... how is this possible?

"How... did you do it?"

Hall Master Feng couldn't help but ask.

"This..." Yun Tao hesitated.

"I understand that it might be inconvenient for you to speak, but don't worry too much about it!" Upon seeing his attitude, Hall Master Feng thought that it was secret, so he hurriedly added in.

"That's not it. Actually..." Yun Tao scratched his head. "It's Elder Zhang Xuan's efforts. He beat up this ancient sparrow, and this fellow submitted immediately..."



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