Chapter 246: 246.Are You Taking the Beast Tamer Examination?

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"Gave it... a good beating?"

Everyone present was stunned.

Hall Master Feng's lips twitched and he nearly fainted.

This is an ancient beast, and there might not a second one in the entire Xuanluo Mountain Range. Given its value, everyone would be vying to dote on it, yet... beating it up?

Furthermore, to tame a beast, a beast tamer has to cultivate feelings with it. Beating it up may encourage it to submit grudgingly, but as time goes by, all kinds of problems would surface.

But... if Zhang Xuan really used such rough methods to force the Ancient Lightning Cloud Beast to submit to Yun Tao, then why would it have a Loyalty Level of 40 toward Yun Tao?

There were those who forced savage beasts to submit to them, but even those who managed to establish a contract with their tamed beast could only attain a Loyalty Level of 31 or so at maximum.

A Loyalty Level of over 40 means that a tamed beast is truly willing to follow its master, without the slightest bit of doubt!

"Can it be that... ancient beasts have to be tamed in such a way?"

Hall Master Feng, Beast Tamer Lu, and Beast Tamer Wang stared at one another in deep contemplation.

There wasn't a precedent in which an ancient beast was tamed in this Beast Hall, and as such, no one knew how an ancient beast was supposed to be tamed. As such, everyone thought that to tame an ancient beast, one had to employ the same method as with other savage beasts; treat it with care and concern to befriend it before trying to tame it... Can the key to taming them truly be simple violence?

"This... Where is the Elder Zhang Xuan you speak of? Can we pay him a visit?"

Even after pondering, Hall Master Feng was unable to reach a comprehension. As such, he asked Yun Tao for Zhang Xuan's whereabouts.

From what he visualized, this elder Yun Tao spoke of was likely to be an esteemed beast tamer who has an in-depth knowledge about ancient beasts

"Pay him a visit? There's no need for it, Elder Zhang Xuan is here..."

Hearing Hall Master Feng's words, Yun Tao was stunned. Then, recovering from his daze, he pointed to Zhang Xuan as he spoke.

"He is... Elder Zhang Xuan?"

Hall Master Feng was astounded. He felt his vision turning gray.

No matter what, Yun Tao was twenty-seven years old and, not to mention, a prince of Hanwu Kingdom. Since he addressed the other party as an elder, the other party should at least be someone in his fifties and sixties. Yet... it was the fellow who just recognized the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow, a youngster who hadn’t even reached his twenties...

"That's right. Elder may be young, but his ability in beast taming is incredible. Do you see that Gold Alloyed Panther beside him? It is savage beast that he just tamed, and it was less than ten minutes from the point he saw it before it was tamed."

Afraid that Hall Master Feng would disregard Zhang Xuan, Yun Tao hurriedly added in a praise for Zhang Xuan.

"Taming a Gold Alloyed Panther... in less than ten minutes?"

"Am I dreaming?"

"Even if you're spouting nonsense, you should have a limit. Even the most basic Inceptive Taming takes a minimum of three to five days. Yet, you said that he tamed it within ten minutes?"

"Why does it sound like a huge joke to me?"


Yun Tao didn't try to lower his voice at all. As such, everyone in the room heard his voice clearly. They stared at one another blankly.

Putting aside Mo Yu, Zhou Xuan, and the others, even their guards who had experience in beast taming knew how difficult it was to tame a savage beast.

One had to understand the other party's condition, habits, companion, likes and dislikes...

Only after getting familiar with all of these information can one formulate a plan to tame the savage beast. Furthermore, they have to do subtly so as to not incur the savage beast's displeasure... In all, if one includes the preparatory work one has to do beforehand, taming a savage beast should take a minimum of several months. Ten minutes... Who are you trying to deceive?

Not mentioning a Pixue realm savage beast, would a young puppy follow you home just after ten minutes?

Mo Yu xiaojie stared at the young man who has just rejected her in disbelief.

Taming a savage beast in ten minutes?

If it was true, then it was suicidal for her to challenge him to a beast taming competition!

To tame this Viridescent Eagle, she had spent a huge amount of time and prepared two months in advance...

"How did he manage to tame a Gold Alloyed Panther in such a short time? What kind of method did he use? Did he use a female companion to attract it? Or maybe he tackled its gluttony? The allure of power... Or did he resort to some other unique means?"

Beast Tamer Lu couldn't help but ask. He immediately pointed out over ten different ways of common beast taming methods

"That's not it. Those are the fundamental methods, and those methods are slow. I think he probably used multiple methods simultaneously. He first captured the attention of the other party in the shortest time possible before removing the guard of the savage beast bit by bit, increasing the intimacy between the duo swiftly...

Hall Master Feng said.

"However, it is impossible for him to employ so many different methods within just ten minutes. My conjecture is that it should be a single powerful method..." Beast Tamer Lu shook his head.

The two of them had dedicated their entire lives to the art of beast taming, and knowledge of beast taming had been ingrained directly into their soul. Upon hearing that someone had managed to successfully tame a savage beast within an extremely short period of time, their first question was the method the other party used to achieve the feat.

"Cough cough, Hall Master Feng, Beast Tamer Lu, Elder Zhang Xuan... didn't use any of those methods!"

Hearing their discussion slowly becoming more and more complex as various theories were dumped in to support their claims, Yun Tao couldn't help but stop them.

"He didn't use any of those methods? Could it be that... he used some new beast taming method?"

The duo's eyes lit up.

A new beast taming method was similar to the emergence of a new apothecary forging technique. It would create a huge uproar, and the creator would leave his name in history.

If there was truly a method to tame a Pixue realm savage beast in less than ten minutes, the art of beast taming would be revolutionized.

"It's not a new beast taming method, but..." Yun Tao scratched his head, as though he still found the fight he saw previously incredulous. "Elder Zhang Xuan pummeled this Gold Alloyed Panther, then... it submitted to him!"


"Pummeled it?"

Hall Master Feng and the others were flabbergasted.

Zhang Xuan's actions of taming the ancient beast by beating it up could have been attributed to the difference in species, so his violent method might have worked. However... there were others had tamed Gold Alloyed Panthers before him, and it was a known fact that these panthers possess an arrogant personality. They rarely interact with others, and the best way to tame it was to attract it using a female companion...

Yet, it submitted right after receiving a beating?

"That's right. Actually, I intended to tame this Gold Alloyed Panther for the examination, but I underestimated its strength and nearly got killed. It was Elder Zhang Xuan who appeared and saved us. After elder pummeled that fellow, it submitted completely to him, initiating a contract on its own volition. In truth, elder had been unwilling to accept it. If not for my persuasion, he might have turned it down."

Yun Tao recounted.

"Submitting right after a pummeling? Furthermore, it's a Complete Submission, and it initiated a contract on its own volition?"

"The Gold Alloyed Panther offered to become his tamed beast, but he was unwilling to accept it..."

"Other people had to squander their fortune and serve a savage beast as though it was a king in order to tame it, but he only has to beat it up..."


Hearing those words, everyone staggered and nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.

Especially for Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang. Their body trembled and they nearly passed out from astonishment.

In order to tame the savage beasts beside them, the kingdoms behind them had devoted great manpower and a massive fortune. Even so, they had only managed to achieve an Inceptive Taming, and the savage beast could possibly leave them at any moment. On the other hand, this fellow simply beat up the savage beast, and it immediately submitted to him...

When did beast taming become so simple?

"To be able to tame a savage beast just by beating up, as well as to recognize an ancient beast... Without a doubt, he's a genius beast tamer!"

Recovering from the shock, Beast Tamer Lu's eyes glowed in excitement.

"Right, is he... a beast tamer?"

Suddenly recalling something, Beast Tamer Wang asked.

Since the other party was able to tame savage beasts so easily, he should be a beast tamer. But if so, why wasn't there any records on him in the Beast Hall?

"He isn't one, he hasn't taken the examination yet! He is just an amateur who learned a little beast taming during his free time!" Yun Tao said.

Along their journey here, Yun Tao had already inquired if Elder Zhang Xuan had attempted any beast tamer examination.

There was a large group of talented personnel in the world who didn't take the examinations, but possessed exceptional talents.

"He hasn't taken the examination? Great, can you help me ask him if he's willing to become a beast tamer? As long as he's willing to, I will conduct an individual examination for him!"

Beast Tamer Feng hurriedly said.

With his incredible aptitude and means in beast taming, he would surely shine brightly when he becomes an official beast tamer. Perhaps, this Beast Hall branch might... become well-known because of his influence. More importantly, if he truly possesses the ability to tame a savage beast just by beating it up, then if he were to join that competition... he would surely be able to win first place!

Of course, in order to make sure of that, Hall Master Feng would conduct the examination personally.

"Take the beast tamer examination? I'll help you ask him..."

Yun Tao nodded his head. He walked over to Zhang Xuan and asked, "Elder, Hall Master Feng said that if you are willing to take the beast tamer examination, he will conduct an individual examination for you..."

"Forget it..."

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan rejected the offer.

The reason why Zhang Xuan was able to tame beasts was because of the Library of Heaven's Path. If he were to take the examination, his lack of knowledge would immediately be revealed.

However, that wasn't the aspect Zhang Xuan was the most concerned about. Regarding his lack of knowledge, he could easily solve it by going through the books in the Beast Hall. More importantly... the second phase of the beast tamer examination would take half a month by itself, not to mention the various tests he would have to undergo beforehand.

For the moment, the poison aura within his body was the topmost priority. He didn't want to waste any time here.

"This is a good opportunity, Hall Master Feng will be conducting the examination personally..."

Yun Tao didn't expect Zhang Xuan to reject the offer immediately. Thinking that this was too good an opportunity to let by, Yun Tao tried persuading him.

As long as he could impress Hall Master Feng, the Beast Hall would be willing to devote all kinds of resources to groom him. This was something that countless beast tamers dreamed about.

"I have urgent business to attend to, so I'll have to leave soon. Since you've already become a beast tamer, help me choose a good aerial savage beast. It doesn't matter to me whether I take the examination or not!" Zhang Xuan said.


Confirming that the other party wasn't inclined to take the beast tamer examination, Yun Tao shook his head in disappointment, "Actually, for the beast tamer examination, you just have to find a suitable savage beast to tame. It doesn't necessarily have to take half a month to complete. Besides, as an official beast tamer, not only do you get to freely choose among the aerial savage beasts, you don't have to pay any fees or whatsoever for it as well. In fact, you are allowed to change mounts freely at any Beast Halls..."

"Don't have to pay any fees?"

Before Yun Tao could finish his words, the calm Zhang Xuan from a moment ago was currently standing in front of him with glowing eyes.

"That's right. Official beast tamers have privileges. 1-star beast tamers are exempted from the fees borrowing mounts below Zongshi realm, while 2-star beast tamers are exempted from the fees of borrowing mounts at Zongshi realm, and so on. The higher your rank as a beast tamer, the more privileges you enjoy..."

Yun Tao explained. However, halfway through, Elder Zhang Xuan looked at him with a serious expression, and with a determined tone, he said,

"The fee exemption or whatsoever is just a small matter, you need not say anymore! How does the beast tamer examination work..."

"Why don't... I try taking it on!"



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