Chapter 247: Soul Depth Above 10?

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Yun Tao couldn't react to the abrupt change before him.

Didn't he declare with determination that he wouldn't take the examination, just a moment ago? Why did he change his mind so quickly?

The moment he mentioned that there were exemptions of fees for riding aerial savage beasts, Zhang Xuan's attitude changed immediately...

Feeling overwhelmed, Yun Tao nearly choked on his saliva.

In his perspective, Elder Zhang Xuan, who was a powerful Zongshi who possessed incredible strength, shouldn't have any interest in material wealth. For his eyes to glow the moment he heard that it was free... Cough cough, wasn't he too materialistic?

"Fine then..."

It took him much effort before he managed to swallow the saliva stuck in his throat. He was about to say something when Mo Yu xiaojie turned over, and with her head raised proudly, glanced at Zhang Xuan in disdain.

"Try taking it on? Hmph, do you think that becoming a beast tamer is a joke? You just happened to succeed in taming two savage beasts, and you think that beast taming is easy? Let me tell you, just for the commonly seen savage beasts in the world, there are already more than tens of thousand of them. Not to mention, they have their own defining characteristic, personality, habits, and other numerous other traits. Without at least a year of effort, it is impossible for you to remember them all!"

Mo Yu was still infuriated by how that fellow rejected her challenge. Upon hearing his arrogant words, she struck back immediately.

What do you mean by "try" taking it on...

Beast taming is one of the top occupations among the Upper Nine Paths. The difficulty of becoming an official beast tamer is not any lower than that of becoming an apothecary.

Do you think that this is a joke? Do you think that you can pass the examination just because you tamed two savage beasts by luck?

It is just like one wanting to become a physician just because he happened by accident to formulate a medicine which is useful toward an illness.

Dream on!

Every single occupation has its own depth and complexity. It is impossible for one to become proficient in an occupation within just a day or two.

This is especially true for beast taming. You might be able to tame savage beasts weaker than you through brute force. However, what about those with higher cultivation than you?

If you dare to disrespect them, they would destroy you in an instant.

Despite knowing nothing about the characteristics of the savage beasts, you said that you want to take on the beast tamer examination. If this isn't being arrogant, what else can it be?

"Mo Yu xiaojie, there's no need to get mad at such a haughty and ignorant person! He just happened to know the name of the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow and tamed a Gold Alloyed Panther by luck, and he thinks that the world revolves around him. Given how he knows nothing about beast taming, his ignorance will surely be revealed the moment he takes the examination!"

Zhu Jinhuang stepped forward.

Beast taming is a profound art. Even if one is talented, he would require at least several years to learn the fundamentals. This fellow is definitely not an apprentice beast tamer, and from the looks of it, he hasn't really learned much about beast taming either. With those subpar skills, he wishes to take on the beast tamer examination?

"He is just a conceited fellow. A beast tamer must know more than taming savage beasts. More importantly, one has to understand the savage beasts from head to toe. All he did was to coerce savage beasts to submit through brute force, and he thinks that he is a beast tamer already. What a joke! If that's the case, anyone can become a beast tamer!"

Zhou Xuan sneered.

The two of them were hostile toward Yun Tao. Naturally, they hoped that those around him wouldn't be able to pass the examination. Besides, that fellow had just snubbed Mo Yu xiaojie, and speaking up for her now could possibly win them some brownie points.

"Since I just happened to tame two savage beasts and know nothing at all... then Mo Yu xiaojie, why do you want to compete with me and learn how I won the favor of the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow?"

Couldn't be bothered with Zhu Jinhuang and Zhou Xuan, Zhang Xuan turned to the beautiful figure and spoke impassively.


Mo Yu's body stiffened and her face turned red.

Given her noble standing, others usually maintained an attitude of utmost respect when speaking to her. Never had anyone dared to speak to her in such a manner. Hearing Zhang Xuan's words, she felt so furious that her words jammed in her throat.

"Lad, do you know who you're talking to? You arrogant fellow..."

"Hurry up and apologize. It is your honor to be criticized by Mo Yu xiaojie. How can you be so audacious so as to refute her words..."

Seeing how the fellow insulted their goddess, Zhu Jinhuang and Zhou Xuan felt greatly displeased. They bellowed at him immediately, but before they could finish their words, Mo Yu's expression darkened.

"Shut up! No one will take you for a mute if you don't speak!"

"Xiaojie..." Taken aback by her sudden outburst, the two of them went silent.

They were speaking up for her, yet they ended up being yelled at instead.

In any case, they knew that they had accidentally triggered Mo Yu's ire with their fawning, thus they decided not to speak anymore.

"It's this fellow's fault. I'll see how he make a fool of himself later on!"

The more they thought about it, the more furious they became. Not daring to vent their anger on their goddess, they chose to divert it all toward Zhang Xuan. As such, the more they looked at him, the more of an eyesore he became to them.

Couldn't be bothered to deal with these three fellows, Zhang Xuan followed behind Yun Tao as he walked toward Hall Master Feng.

"Hall Master Feng, Elder Zhang Xuan has agreed to take the beast tamer examination. So... when can the examination begin?" Yun Tao asked excitedly.

He had completely confidence in this Elder Zhang Xuan.

Other people had to go through all sorts of hardship to tame a savage beast, but he was able to achieve the same feat just by beating it up. Not to mention, he was able to raise their cultivation easily. Even if it were Hall Master Feng, Yun Tao didn't believe that he was capable of doing the same.

Since he is a person of such great means, how can he possibly fail a mere beast tamer examination?

"We can start now. I heard that you haven't participated in any examination before, and you aren't even an apprentice beast tamer. Is that true?" Hall Master Feng glanced at Zhang Xuan.

"That's right!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"Since you are able to tame a Pixue realm savage beast and recognize the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow, this shows that you have an in-depth knowledge of beast taming. As such, I'll skip the apprentice beast tamer examination."

Hall Master Feng said.

The main purpose of the apprentice examination was to test the foundation of a person in the certain occupation. Since Zhang Xuan was able to recognize the Ancient Cloud Lightning Sparrow while the others weren't able to, Zhang Xuan was likely to be someone who has a solid foundation in beast taming. Thus, to have him take the apprentice examination would be both troublesome and pointless.

Of course, if he were to know that Zhang Xuan didn't know anything about beast taming, he wouldn't be thinking the same.

"However, it would be hard to test your understanding of savage beasts without the apprentice examination. Since that's the case, I will remove the first phase of the beast tamer examination and, instead, add in a theoretical component to the apprentice examination."

The apprentice examination consisted of a theoretical examination and a savage beast discernment test.

On the other hand, the beast tamer examination consisted of receiving the acknowledgement of a savage beast and taming a savage beast.

Since Zhang Xuan was able to recognize a rare savage beast like the Ancient Cloud Lightning Sparrow, it could only mean that he was extremely knowledgeable in the different types of savage beasts. As such, the test on discerning savage beasts would be a complete waste of time. Also, for a person who had successfully tamed a savage beast, there was no purpose in getting him to earn the acknowledgement of a savage beast.

Thus, Hall Master Feng contemplated for a moment and decided to change the format of the examination.

"The first phase will be a theoretical examination, which will be presented in the form of a written paper. After you pass the first phase, you will have to tame a savage beast which is stronger than you! I'll be impartial in the judgement, and as long as you pass the two phases, you will be an official 1-star beast tamer."


Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Yun Tao had told him about the beast tamer examination beforehand and it was around the same as what Hall Master Feng has said. He didn't intentionally make things difficult for Zhang Xuan.

Upon seeing him agree to it, Hall Master Feng smiled. "Alright then, I will prepare the written paper now. It’s a pass if you can answer all of the questions correctly!"

"Wait a moment, do you have any books on beast taming here? Can I browse through them?"

Zhang Xuan asked.

"You wish to browse through books?"

Hall Master Feng and the others stared at one another in confusion.

Why would you look at books now?

"The library over there is full of books on beast taming. Usually, only apprentice beast tamers are allowed to browse through them, but I can give you special permission to look through them now if you want. But to browse through them now..."

Hall Master Feng felt perplexed. Even though he didn't finish his final sentence, everyone knew what he was trying to say.

There are at least hundreds of thousand of books on beast taming. Isn’t it a little too late to do some cramming now? It is just like looking for a wife only when one wants to have a child. Your way of doing things is unbelievable!

"Oh, it's a habit of mine. Before major events, I tend to feel a little anxious and would have to browse through books to adjust my state of mind. Thus, I will have to trouble Hall Master Feng for this matter!"

Zhang Xuan replied his doubts casually.

He used the same reason at Master Lu Chen's residence back then, and the result wasn't too bad. Thus, he decided to use it once more.

"Is that so... Alright, the library is over there. You can head there directly!"

Hall Master Feng was unsuspecting and pointed toward the door.

"Much thanks!"

Zhang Xuan nodded before heading forward with widened strides.

It would be impossible for him to pass the beast taming examination without reading up on it. However, given that he now has access to the library, as long as he copies all of the books there into the Library of Heaven's Path, the rest would be a piece of cake.

"This fellow..."

Upon seeing Zhang laoshi agree to go ahead with the beast tamer examination, Shen Bi Ru's eyelids twitched. She could feel blood welling up in her mouth, threatening to spurt out at any moment.

Isn’t this way too daring!

It wasn't that she didn't believe in the other party, just that... along the way, he had shown his lack of knowledge in the field of beast taming time and again. In fact, it was just a moment ago that he asked her what the 'Beast Forest' was...

You don't even know the Beast Forest, yet you dare to challenge the beast tamer examination?

More importantly...

The other party would be bringing in the papers in a moment, but you're only going to start reading up now?

The heck you are up to?

"Un? Wait a moment... The last time he was at the Compendium Pavilion in the academy, he was also flipping through the books randomly. Could it be that..."

Suddenly, Shen Bi Ru recalled the sight when the two of them was in the Compendium Pavilion.

This Zhang laoshi was flipping through the books randomly. She thought that he was doing it intentionally to attract her attention, but only after that did she realize that she had been overthinking it. The other party wasn't just flipping through the books randomly. He was actually remembering the contents of the books.

To remember contents of the books just by flipping through them haphazardly...

Can it be that Zhang laoshi really knows nothing about beast taming, and that his purpose of browsing through the books is to... learn?

"This... How can this be? After becoming a teacher at Hongtian Academy, he probably visited the Compendium Pavilion often to read through those books. After all, even 3-star master teachers who possess photographic memory can't possibly learn the contents of that much books within such a short period of time!"

Finding her conjecture ridiculous, Shen Bi Ru dumped it aside immediately.

It is said that if one who possesses the State of Insight of Heart of Tranquil Water has a Soul Depth of 10 and above, he would gain photographic memory. Then, the moment he flips through a book, he would be able to remember the content clearly until his death.

This is precisely the reason why the more incredible master teachers are able to immerse themselves in so many occupations and remember a vast amount of knowledge.

However... Assuming that Zhang laoshi really possesses a Soul Depth exceeding 10, flipping through the pages of that hundreds of thousand of books one by one would still take several months!

"Can it... can it be?"

Another thought appeared in Shen Bi Ru's mind and her body shuddered involuntarily.



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