Chapter 249: Discourse

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"Running inside the library?"

Hall Master Feng and the others questioned immediately if they had heard wrongly. They turned to look at Xiao Zhu with a perplexed expression.

If you say that he is browsing through books or meditating in the library, I will be able to accept it. But running...

Hall Master Feng blinked, "Could you have seen wrongly?"

The library is full of bookshelves, it wouldn’t be convenient to run in there!

More importantly, since he was able to beat up a Pixue realm savage beast, his cultivation realm should be rather high as well. How fast does he have to run for it to be of any use to his cultivation?

"Could it be related to some beast taming methods? Maybe it is about catching up to some savage beasts?"

Beast Tamer Wang asked doubtfully.

"He... isn't running quickly but merely at the pace of an ordinary human. Also, he seemed to be mumbling something while running around. However, as he is too far away, I couldn’t really make out what he was saying."

Xiao Zhu said in embarrassment.

He didn't feel comfortable speaking about what he had seen just now, fearful that someone might take him for a lunatic.

For a person who went to the library to adjust his state of mind to be running about while mumbling something... No one would ever think of it to be possible.

"Running, mumbling?"

This time, the three beast tamers were truly baffled.

They thought so hard that they were about to claw out their head, but even so, they were unable to understand... what in world has running got to do with adjusting his state of mind!

Honestly speaking, the first idea that would pop into anyone's mind upon hearing about the other party's actions is... wrecking havoc!

If he isn’t trying to wreck havoc, then what? Who in the world adjusts his state of mind like that?

Furthermore, to do it in the library....

Given how big the examination hall is, do you think that there isn't any space for you to run here? Besides, if you find this space small, there is a savage beast activity site which is several kilometers long. You won't be able to reach the other end even if you were to do somersaults for half an hour straight...

"No, I should go in to take a look. There are too many precious manuals in the library. I can't allow them to get damaged because of him!"

After pondering of a moment, Hall Master Feng thought that he couldn't let this matter be.

Given how the other party was running about in the room, he was likely to not be in his right mind. If he were to suddenly set the library ablaze, it would be too late for tears then.

He mustn't allow such a thing to happen!

With a grim expression, he walked straight toward the library. But at that moment, a young man walked over, his face full of fatigue.

Zhang Xuan.

The current Zhang Xuan was completely different from how he was an hour ago. Regardless of whether his mental state or his physical body, he appeared clearly worn out. It seemed as though he had just undergone a torturous training, and that the energy in his body had been sapped dry.

"Are you alright?"

Hall Master Feng couldn't help but approach him.

When others adjust their state of mind, they would enter their peak condition. On the other hand, this fellow seemed as if he had spent an entire night engaging in physical exercise. Are you sure you are adjusting your state of mind, not wearing your mind out?

"Oh, I'm alright. Is the paper ready? Let's begin!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually.

Even though he had managed to imprint all of the books in the library into the Library of Heaven's Path swiftly through the new method he discovered, due to the excessive amount of content inserted within a short period of time, the reverberation on his head was too great, causing him to become slightly faint-headed.

At this moment, he felt as though he hadn't slept for five days. He was fatigued from head to toe.

"So... do you want to start now?"

Seeing that the other party was having trouble opening his eyes, Hall Master Feng couldn't help but ask, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"Fine then. Let's go over there, the Record Crystal is out of range here." Hall Master Feng nodded.

Regardless of whether it was for the apothecary examination or the beast tamer examination, for the sake of fairness, a Record Crystal would be used to record the entire process, such that those who doubt the impartiality of the examination could check on it.

Soon, they arrived at the center of the room where the Record Crystal was located. Hall Master Feng and the other two beast tamers sat down.

Upon seeing them sitting down, everyone knew what was going to happen. They immediately burst into discussions.

"The examination is about to start!"

"Right! He is skipping the apprentice examination and going straight for the beast tamer examination. This is the privilege given only to the topmost geniuses. Even Mo Yu xiaojie didn't enjoy such a benefit. I would like to see if the fellow would dare to remain in this place once he fails!"

"He just happened to tame a few savage beasts by luck, do you think he possesses true capabilities? I think that he will fail for sure!"

"The first test assesses his theoretical knowledge. Without several years of study, it is impossible for one to remember the countless savage beasts in the world and their characteristics. Back then, in order to remember them all, our prince made to read through the books everyday. This fellow isn't even twenty. Even if he were to start studying from his mother's womb, how much content can he remember?"

"He is trying to attract attention. I doubt that he has any true ability..."


Seeing that Zhang Xuan was about to take the examination, everyone immediately crowded over, and many of their gazes were filled with derision.

It has been long since someone had skipped the apprentice examination and gone straight for the beast tamer examination. Green with envy, most of them hoped that Zhang Xuan would fail.

This was especially so for Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang. Due to their relationship with Yun Tao and Mo Yu xiaojie, they were filled with hatred for this fellow. They would love it if Zhang Xuan were to make a mockery of himself.

If the other party were unable to even pass the theoretical examination, becoming a beast tamer... would be nothing but a dream!

Amidst the commotion, Mo Yu was also brought back to reality. She stepped forward and glanced at the young man coldly.

With just a single glance, her eyebrows shot up.

What is wrong with this fellow?

Just a moment ago, he was flipping through books spiritedly. But now... Why does he seem as though he had been sucked dry?

The others could tell that something was amiss with Zhang Xuan as well. Shen Bi Ru exchanged glances with Yun Tao, and deep creases appeared on their foreheads.

"Zhang laoshi, are you alright?"

"I'm fine!" Zhang Xuan nodded. "It's just that I'm a little exhausted!"

To duplicate that huge collection of book in less than two hours into the Library of Heaven's Path took up a lot of his energy. Not only did he have to keep willing for 'flaws' to appear, the tremor in his mind whenever a book was compiled took a toll on him. It would be truly weird if he were to appear spirited instead.

In his current condition, it was a wonder that he could still remain standing.

"Elder, if you aren't feeling well, why don't we rest for a bit and take the examination tomorrow?" Yun Tao asked.

The person before him was potentially a Zongshi realm expert. What in the world did he go through for him to be so exhausted?

"It's no problem..."

Knowing that they were simply expressing their concern, Zhang Xuan was about to reject them politely when a cold sneer echoed.

"I think he is intentionally feigning it. Maybe his actual intention of heading into the library is to read up on the beast taming books, and upon realizing the difficulty of the examination, he decided to feign weakness to avoid the examination!"

The one who spoke was Zhu Jinhuang.

There was blatant contempt in his eyes, and it seemed as though he was resolute to uncover a fraud's disguise.

"There must be the case! How is it possible to become so withered after reading just a few books? Pardon me for my ignorance, but this is my first time hearing of such a thing!" Zhou Xuan took this opportunity to get back at Zhang Xuan.


"Now that they spoke of it, it does seem possible."

"He was probably confident until he started flipping through the books and realized how profound the art of beast taming is. Fearful, but not wanting to disgrace himself, he decided to come up with an excuse..."

"That must be the case..."

Most of the crowd thought that the words of the duo were logical and agreed with their view.

If that's not the case, how can a simple trip to adjust his mental state result in him returning as though he was on the verge of death?

He seemed so exhausted that it was as if he could collapse at any moment...

It is impossible for someone to become so tired just by reading books... Since this situation can’t be explained, only a single possibility is left. He is feigning it.

"There's no need for it. We can start now!"

Hearing the doubts and discussions in the surrounding, Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"This is the paper that I just came up with. You have an hour to complete it, and you will pass the examination if you score full marks. You may start now!"

Seeing him persist, Hall Master Feng decided to say nothing. Instead, he passed a huge stack of paper to Zhang Xuan.

Just like the written paper in the apprentice apothecary examination, it was dozens of pages thick. It would take a long time just to write an answer to every single question, not to mention the effort required to think through every question carefully in order to ensure that the answers are correct.

Zhang Xuan lowered his head to glance at the papers, only to see all kinds of questions on the fundamental knowledge of beast taming on it. The questions covered all aspects of beast taming, and without sufficient knowledge, one might not even understand the questions.

"Alright, you can begin answering. The time starts now!"

Seeing Zhang Xuan receive the papers, Hall Master Feng gestured grandly and said.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan placed the papers on the desk and picked up a brush. He was about to begin answering when he felt his head ring. His entire hand seemed to be trembling uncontrollably.

The rapid pace at which he duplicated the books into the Library of Heaven's Path had really taken a toll on him. Due to his insufficient cultivation, not only was he drained mentally, his body took a huge toll as well.

It would probably take at least an hour of rest before he can recover.

But he didn't have the time for it now.

If he were to rest for an hour, it would be impossible for him to finish that thick stack of papers. Even with the assistance of the Library of Heaven's Path, it was an impossible feat.

As long as he were to answer a question wrongly, he would fail the beast tamer examination. Failing and embarrassing himself was a small matter. More importantly... He would be unable to enjoy the privilege of a free ride. That was something he couldn't tolerate.

"Look, he seems to be so tired that he can't even hold the brush!"

"Hehe, do you believe that a cultivator whose cultivation exceeds Pixue realm can be so tired as to be unable to hold a brush? It must be an act!"

"That must be the case! He must have seen the questions and felt that it is beyond him. That's why he chose to feign weakness... Honestly speaking, this is the kind of people that I despise the most!"

"Who doesn't despise such people?"

Seeing how Zhang Xuan's fingers were trembling to the point where he was unable to grip his brush properly, everyone harrumphed coldly.

Hall Master Feng, Beast Tamer Lu, and the others stared at one another doubtfully.

Can that really be the case?

But it isn’t logical for Zhang Xuan to be so exhausted just by running about the library!

"Zhang Xuan, if you feel that you aren't in a condition to answer the questions, I can allow you to rest for a day and start tomorrow."

After confirming visually that the fellow before him was to be in a bad state to answer the paper, Hall Master Feng couldn't stand it further and said.

Sighing, with trembling hands, Zhang Xuan placed the brush down.

The other party was right. Even if he were to force himself to write, his words would likely be illegible given his current condition.

More importantly... His speed wouldn't be sufficient. It was likely that he would have to stop to rest after writing a few lines. It was impossible for him to finish the paper like that.

If Zhang Xuan wanted to pass the examination without wasting a day resting here... There was only one last option!

Sighing, Zhang Xuan lifted his head and looked forward.

"Hall Master Feng, the two beast tamers, I am not in a condition to hold a brush. Can I opt for a discourse instead?"


The three beast tamers stood up in astonishment. Disbelief was reflected in their eyes.

"Wha-What did you say? You wish to take on the most difficult form of the theoretical examination... discourse?"



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