Chapter 250: Can You Lend Me Your Tamed Beast?

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Discourse is the most difficult mode of assessment in the beast tamer theoretical examination.

Instead of answering using a brush, one answered by speaking with his mouth.

When answering through writing, one is free to contemplate over the question for as long as they wish. Even if they were to write wrongly, they are able to change their answers. However, a discourse is not like that.

The examinees aren’t given thinking time or an opportunity to change their answers. The moment it starts, the examinee will have to answer all questions correctly. If he were to spout a single erroneous word, it would mean his failure.

This examination model is similar to the Pill Debate of the Apothecary Guild. It is specially prepared for master teachers so as to reduce the time required for the examination. At the same time, it assesses how well-versed one was in the knowledge of beast taming, as well as how fast one can access that knowledge.

A normal written theoretical examination takes two hours while a discourse is only an hour long.

Even so, the difficulty of a discourse is way higher than that of a written paper. It has high demands on a person's reaction speed and their grasp on their knowledge. Virtually no one dares to take it on, and there is no need for them to do so too. As such, for the past thousand years since this branch's founding, no one had ever taken up the challenge.

Hall Master Feng and the others didn't expect that this fellow, who seemed as though he would collapse at any moment, would choose to challenge the beast tamer examination in this format!

"Yes!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"You should think it through. You aren't allowed thinking time during a discourse, and the moment you make a mistake, you will be disqualified..." Hall Master Feng advised.

"I understand, but I'm really too tired to use a brush. Thus, I can only opt for this method!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Since you insist, let's start then!" Seeing the determination in Zhang Xuan's eyes, Hall Master Feng decided to follow his wishes. Thus, he stepped forward, retrieved the examination papers, and looked at Zhang Xuan. "Tell me about the defining characteristics of Gold Armored Steel Fang Beast!"

"The Gold Armored Steel Fang Beast is a Pixue realm savage beast whose entire body is covered by golden scales, providing it with powerful defensive ability. It usually dwells in the marshlands or near mountain streams, feeding on Green Bamboo Grass which grows around that area. Also, it is nocturnal... This is what Senior Hu Yao mentions as in "Stratagem to Beast Taming". In the "Encyclopedia on Gold Armored Steel Fang Beast" written by Beast Tamer Bai Zhen, his descriptions of the savage beast are slightly different from Senior Hu Yao. Based on his observations, the Gold Armored Steel Fang Beast prefers cooling places. As such, it often lives in shadowy places where the sun doesn't reach..."

"Thirty years ago, numerous outstanding seniors of the Beast Hall gathered the theories of all of the predecessors and after many years of research, they realized that the Gold Armored Steel Fang Beasts spoken of weren’t of the same species. There is a total of three different species, namely the Marsh Steel Fang Beast which resides in the marshlands, the Mountain Steel Fang Beast which lives near mountain streams, and the Shadow Steel Fang Beast which dwells in the colder regions."

"There are clear differences between these three Steel Fang Beasts. Firstly, the scales in the center of their foreheads are different. Secondly, the structure of their tails is different... If you wish to check on my answer, you can browse through the "Detailed Explanation on Gold Armored Steel Fang Beasts" left behind by them. It is toward the left of the 17th bookshelf in the library!"

Zhang Xuan replied calmly.

"His answer is... completely correct!"

The Gold Armored Steel Fang Beast was a rare savage beast. Furthermore, its classification was extremely confusing. Most people would only be able to recall basic characteristics about the savage beast, and the examiner would have already considered their answers to be correct. However, not only did Zhang Xuan provide a complete answer, he even introduced the various books left behind by the senior beast tamers, even... pointing out the exact locations of those books...

The heck, is he really just a human?

The crowd widened their eyes in shock. The entire room was deathly silent.

"The defining characteristics of Steelbacked Monkey!"

"The Steelbacked Monkey has a massive spinal bone that towers up high. Most of the strength the Steelbacked Monkey possesses originates from its unique bone. Also, it possesses large feet which grant it swift speed. Even though it is a monkey, it is unable to scale trees. Instead, its body structure resembles larger ape-like savage beasts... These defining characteristics are recorded in "Zashan's Savage Beasts Exposition". Senior Zashan is a famous beast tamer of the Beast Hall 140 years ago..."

Before everyone could recover, Hall Master Feng posed another question, and without any hesitation, the young man answered once more.

Just like that, with a person asking questions and the other one answering them, the discourse proceeded extremely swiftly. Most of the time, while the crowd was still pondering whether the answer to the question was correct or not, the next question was already answered.

In the eyes of the crowd, this young man who wasn't in his twenties yet felt like an answer sheet. Not only were his answers detailed, he even listed out the various possibilities and theories written in the books out.

There wasn't a single flaw that could be picked out in his answers.

"Completely correct!"

"Completely correct!"

"The River Worm's living habitat... correct!"

"Why the Three Stream River and the Erudite Bird is unable to co-exist... correct!"


As Hall Master Feng raised question after question, the replies he received left him in so much so much shock that his mind was about to go blank.

Initially, he thought that the other party only happened to know the answer to the questions he raised. As long as he increased the difficulty later on, the other party would surely be unable to reply so swiftly.

However... Despite the other party seeming as though he was on the verge of fainting, his replies only came faster and faster. Hall Master Feng felt as though he was unable to keep up with the situation.

More importantly...

Not only was he fast, his answer was flawless.

If Hall Master Feng didn't see it for himself, he wouldn't dare believe it to be true. To think that there would be such a monster in the world!

It was no wonder why the other party could recognize the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow. In terms of fundamental knowledge on savage beasts, it was likely that Zhang Xuan far surpassed the three 2-star beast tamers.

"This... This is impossible!"

"These questions are... so difficult!"

While the three 2-star beast tamers were overwhelmed by shock, Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang were dumbfounded by the sight before them. They could see the fear in each other's eyes.

The questions which Hall Master Feng just raised were of such great difficulty that even they would be unable to answer them.

It wasn't that their fundamental knowledge of savage beasts was weak. Rather, in several questions, the defining characteristics of the savage beast were extremely similar. With just the slightest lapse in judgment, they would make an error.

For example, the River Worm which was just mentioned may sound like an insect, but it is actually an extremely powerful savage beast. Its bones grow on its surface and it possesses immense strength.

Yet, such a ferocious and immense savage beast is able to float on the surface of the river. Most people would think that this savage beast lives on the surface of the water upon hearing the word 'river'. Yet, contrary to all expectations, the habitat it is compatible with is the mountains...

None of the questions that Hall Master Feng raised was simple. Even on a written paper, they would have to contemplate for a long period before they can jot down their answer. On the other hand, the other party is able to answer immediately, as though he didn’t need to muse over the question at all...

How does he do it?

Putting aside them, even the super genius Mo Yu would be incapable of answering such a question on the spot!

This is the performance of someone who had assimilated all of the fundamental knowledge thoroughly into his bones!

Zhu Jinhuang and Zhou Xuan shuddered.

They actually accused a person of such greatness of knowing nothing at all and putting on an act?

Compared to him, the knowledge they had was laughably pathetic.

While passing the apprentice theoretical examination through discourse and written paper seemed like the same thing, as someone who had studied beast taming for several years, they knew that it wasn't that simple.

Often, while taming a savage beast, unexpected situations would occur. Under such circumstances, one would have to swiftly organize the situation and knowledge in their arsenal to decide on the optimal course of action.

Every second count. If they were to miss the timing, it is likely for the situation to complicate, causing the difficulty of the taming process to multiply several folds.

This is precisely the reason why a beast tamer who passed the theoretical examination through discourse is highly respected by the others.

Every single beast tamer who passed the discourse eventually went on to achieve incredible feats.

Initially, they thought that Zhang Xuan was only a clown who wished to make a name for himself. Never in their dreams could they have imagined that... not only did were his answers perfect, he didn't even need to think at all...

This isn’t something a human can do!

While the two of them were trembling in fear, Shen Bi Ru's mouth was wide opened.

The fellow who didn't know what the Beast Forest was two hours ago was now spouting innumerable theories and facts as though they were nothing at all. No matter how foolish she could be, it was clear that something was amiss.

"Does he really... possess the talent of a seer?"

If it were just a doubt to her before, at this moment, she was completely certain of it.

How could he have answered all of the questions so swiftly if he didn't know the questions beforehand?

On the other hand, a frown was etched on Mo Yu's forehead. Doubt flashed across her eyes as she pondered.

"...This is all. Hall Master Feng, Beast Tamer Lu, Beast Tamer Wang, are my answers correct?"

After a moment, Zhang Xuan finally finished answering the final question and smiled at them.

"Your... answers are completely correct!"

The three of them glanced at one another before Hall Master Feng nodded his head.

The other party had answered all of the questions in the theoretical examination in less than an hour. Not only so, he even brought up the history of how the answers were derived.

They couldn't help but admire how detailed and precise his answers were.

"Since you've answered all of the questions correctly, you've passed the first test!"

It didn't take long for Hall Master Feng to announce the result. Then, he gazed at Zhang Xuan once more and said, "Since you've passed the first test, let's go on to the second one, taming a savage beast. You have half a month, and you only have to achieve Inceptive Taming to pass."

"Half a month? That's too long... Do you keep any untamed savage beast here? Can you allow me to tame it?"

Even though there are countless savage beasts in Xuanluo Mountain Range, it isn't easy to find a specific one which fits the examination criteria. If Zhang Xuan were to head out to look for one, it would definitely take up plenty of time. Since he is in the Beast Hall now, there is likely to be a suitable savage beast.

As he said so, Zhang Xuan stood up. Throughout the duration of the discourse, Zhang Xuan's fatigued physical body had recovered slightly.

Even though his condition remained nonoptimal, he was clearly in a much better state than before.

"Allow you to tame it?"

Hearing those words, everyone became speechless.

"What a joke! Every single savage beast is valuable, how can we possibly allow you to tame it? Besides, only tamed beasts are allowed to enter the Beast Hall! Otherwise, if a stampede were to occur, no one would be able to bear responsibility!"

Hearing Zhang Xuan spout such amateurish words, Mo Yu harrumphed coldly in displeasure.

"Is that the case..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head. He didn't expect the beast tamer examination to turn out to be so troublesome. Where in the world can he look for an untamed savage beast now?

"Ah, right! Can I borrow your Viridescent Eagle to tame?"

Suddenly, a thought flashed in Zhang Xuan's mind. He immediately turned to Mo Yu and asked.



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