Chapter 251: Beast Pummeling Taming Method

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The savage beasts in the Beast Hall are those brought back by beast tamers after great efforts to tame them. As such, they are considered as private possessions.

Most beast tamers regard their savage beasts as their wives, and Zhang Xuan's request for wanting to borrow a tamed savage beast was no different from borrowing another person's wife to play with. Everyone stared at him as though staring at an idiot.

Mo Yu nearly exploded on the spot.

Borrowing my savage beast to tame?

How in the world did he think of such an idea?

How can taming a wild savage beast be the same as taming a tamed beast?

Taming the latter is several times harder than taming a wild savage beast.

Even though she had only accomplished Inceptive Taming with the Viridescent Eagle, she had already interacted with it for seven to eight days and had agreed to many of its difficult demands. Throughout the days that the both of them were together, a deep and strong bond had already sprouted between them.

The Loyalty Level of the Viridescent Eagle had already reached 30 and wasn't too far from 31 to achieve Advanced Taming.

Besides, this Viridescent Eagle is arrogant and hates interacting with humans. It was the work of numerous coincidences that allowed her to tame it.

Yet, this fellow said that he wanted to borrow it from her to tame it...

Do you think that this is a joke?

She felt so stifled that she was about to go on a frenzy.

She had become so impressed with the solid fundamental knowledge of the other party and thought that he was a beast taming genius when he immediately spoke the words of an amateur.

Borrow? Borrow your head! This is my first time I'm hearing that one can borrow a savage beast to tame!

Why don't you borrow another person's wife to play with instead?

She narrowed her eyes and sneered coldly. Just as she was about to reprimand the other party for his thoughtless words, Zhu Jinhuang walked up and whispered into her ears.

"Mo Yu xiaojie, I think that it's a good idea to lend the Viridescent Eagle for him to tame!"

"What did you say?"

Mo Yu glared at Zhu Jinhuang ferociously. It seemed as though if his answer didn't please her, she would immediately fly into a rage.

"You have already tamed the Viridescent Eagle, and its Loyalty Level has also reached 30. It is definitely impossible for him to tame it! Isn't this fellow acting arrogantly and gleefully? You should give him a try, and once he fails, he would definitely be embarrassed!"

Zhu Jinhuang harrumphed.

"Indeed. Even a 2-star pinnacle beast tamer like Hall Master Feng is unable to tame a tamed beast. Despite not being a beast tamer, he is speaking such arrogant words. I think that we should teach him a lesson!"

Zhou Xuan chirped in.


Hearing the words of the two, Mo Yu hesitated for a moment before nodding her head.

She felt that their words made sense. It is technically impossible to tame a tamed beast.

Since this fellow is acting so impudently, it isn’t anything to let him embarrass himself.

As she thought so, she harrumphed coldly and looked at Zhang Xuan. "You wish to borrow my Viridescent Eagle? Here it is. If you can tame it, I'll allow you to have it."

"Are you serious?"

Zhang Xuan was only asking casually, he hadn’t expected the other party to agree to his request. With glowing eyes, he turned to look at Hall Master Feng and the others, "If I were to tame this Viridescent Eagle, will it be considered as a pass for the second test?"

"This... Yes, it can be considered as a pass!"

Hall Master Feng nodded. He had a bizarre expression on his face.

This fellow had just shown his vast knowledge on beast taming through the discourse. Why did he become an ignorant amateur all of a sudden?

This Viridescent Eagle is clearly extremely fond of Mo Yu, and it is just a matter of time before it submits completely to her. Yet, you want to try to tame it... Aren't you looking for trouble?

You are wasting time like this. You might as well head out and look for a wild savage beast.


After the moment of rest, Zhang Xuan has roughly recovered from the toll from duplicating those books. Chuckling, he walked forward to the Viridescent Eagle.

"Little eagle, your master has already lent you to me. You should hurry up and submit to me!"


A Tongxuan realm savage beast like it is capable of understanding human speech. Upon hearing Zhang Xuan's words, it exploded into a rage.

This is blatant provocation!

Other people brought it good food, entertainment, and all kinds of treasures when trying to tame me. Yet, you came to me empty-handed. More importantly... What's with this attitude?

Acting as though it is my fortune to be able to submit to you...


The furious Viridescent Eagle patted its raised its giant wings and smacked it straight at Zhang Xuan.


The wind blew violently. The resilient wings and the sharp feathers cut through the air as though a sharp knife, causing the air to shrill.

This fellow is a Tongxuan realm savage beast, and its fighting prowess is much stronger than an average Tongxuan realm cultivator. The air seemed to part wherever the wings passed by. Everyone's face immediately turned pale as they stepped backward.

It would be difficult for a Pixue realm expert to even withstand the shock wave from its movement, needless to say, face it head on.


Even as everyone retreated backward, Zhang Xuan's expression remained completely calm. With a slight sway of his body, he was already seven to eight meters away, thus dodging the attack.


A dozen meters long crack appeared on the tough bluestone ground after being struck by the wings.

The bluestone ground was something the Beast Hall purchased from Baiyu City at an exorbitant price. Even a Pixue realm pinnacle expert would find it difficult to leave a mark with a punch from their fists. Yet, with a slight sweep from the Viridescent Eagle's wings, such a huge crack appeared.


Yun Tao and the others turned pale.

If it were them, they would surely have been unable to dodge the attack in time. They would have been struck to death in an instant.

"If you continue, don't blame me for not going easy on you!"

In contrast to everyone's fear, Zhang Xuan frowned in displeasure.


Upon hearing those words and seeing the expression in Zhang Xuan's face, the Viridescent Eagle was enraged further. Flapping its wings, it flew into the air and struck at Zhang Xuan with its sharp claws.

The two most powerful moves of the Viridescent Eagle are the Wing Sweep and Steel Claw.

The second move is much stronger than the first one. Furthermore, it has a flight advantage, and the momentum from its swoop downwards adds to its force. Even a Half-Zongshi expert would find it hard to deal with this move unprepared.

"One wouldn't die if they don't court death. You shouldn't have been so arrogant in the first place!"

"To even dare to taunt a Viridescent Eagle, you deserve it!"

Zhu Jinhuang, Zhou Xuan, and the others sneered coldly.

Even their strongest guards were unable to withstand this powerful move from the Viridescent Eagle. They didn't believe that this youngster who wasn't even in his twenties yet could survive the attack.

"The moment he is grabbed by those claws, even if he isn't torn apart, he will surely sustain severe injuries!"

"With this move, the Viridescent Eagle is able to unleash a might exceeding 500 ding, and that is comparable to a Half-Zongshi. The only way to deal with this move is to avoid it!"

No one could have imagined that this lad would be so good at incurring the ire of others. With just a few words, he caused the Viridescent Eagle to fly into a rage. Upon seeing it use its powerful steel claws, everyone grew anxious.

There are innumerable cases of beast tamers killed while trying to tame a savage beast.

However, it was unheard of for a person to be killed by a savage beast in the Beast Hall.

Just when everyone thought that misfortune would befall Zhang Xuan, his calm voice echoed.

"Since you're unwilling to listen, I've no other choice!"

As he spoke, he clenched his fist and faced the other party's claws straight on.


Everyone shuddered.

The claws of the Viridescent Eagle are more than capable of smashing through steel. Yet, to face it with his fists...


Before anyone could recover from their terror, the fist and the claw had met.

Everyone was expecting the youngster would fracture his arm and suffer grievous wounds when the haughty Viridescent Eagle suddenly released a shrill scream. As though struck by a massive mountain, it was unable to control its body and fell from the skies.


It crashed heavily on the ground. At this moment, everyone could see its distorted claws.


Everyone exclaimed in astonishment.

'Ah', the same exclamation, but one was in fear while the other one was in shock. They felt as though their moods were on a roller coaster ride, flying from one end of the spectrum to the other, and then end abruptly. Even catching a savage beast isn’t as thrilling as this.

"Weren't you acting arrogantly just now?"

However... Before they could recover from the shock, Zhang Xuan has already walked up to the Viridescent Eagle and sent a kick at it.


Before the Viridescent Eagle could react, it was sent flying outward. It crashed heavily into a pillar in the room and twitched non-stop.

The strength of his kick definitely exceeded 600 ding. Regardless of how powerful the defenses of the eagle was, it should be impossible to withstand.

"To dare to make a move against me, you must be tired of living!"

It seemed that a single kick wasn't enough to vent Zhang Xuan's frustration. He walked forward and kicked yet again.


The Viridescent Eagle was sent into the air once more. Its haughtiness had disappeared without a trace, and at this moment, it appeared exceptionally shabby. If not for the strong defense it possessed as a savage beast, it would have already died from the two kicks.


Mo Yu's face turned red in anger.

That was her savage beast! If Zhang Xuan were to continue beating it up like that, even if it doesn’t die, it would become crippled.

She couldn't allow the savage beast which she has tamed with great difficulty to die here just like that.

"Mo Yu xiaojie, don't panic. This should be the Beast Pummeling Taming Method!"

Yun Tao hurriedly walked over to inform her.

"Beast Pummeling Taming Method?"

"This is the name that I came up with. Every time Elder tames a beast, he would first beat it up. It seems that he's doing the same this time as well!" Admiration gleamed in Yun Tao's eyes.

As expected of Elder Zhang Xuan, his beast taming method is indeed extraordinary!

This is one of the hardest Tongxuan realm savage beasts to tame! Other people would have to bring tons of delicious food and treasures to coax it. Yet, he started pummeling it immediately without any mercy...

He couldn't help but admire his courage!

"Can he really tame the savage beast like that? I think he'll only incur the wrath and resentment of the Viridescent Eagle!"

Mo Yu's eyes narrowed.

She had read nearly all of the books in the library, but she had never heard of any Beast Pummeling Taming Method!

Such an action would only cause resentment in the savage beast. If so, how can one successfully tame it?

"The Viridescent Eagle, as one of the stronger aerial savage beast, has a wild and arrogant nature. It has great pride, and if one tries to befriend it as an equal, it might still choose to give in. However, if one hopes to tame it by pummeling it, that's no different from daydreaming..."

Flinging her sleeves, Mo Yu harrumphed. However, before she could finish her words, her body froze abruptly. Her eyes widened as she muttered, "Ah? This... This... What is going on?"

All of a sudden, the hostile Viridescent Eagle struggled to its feet and rubbed its head against Zhang Xuan's body, fawning on him as though a loyal dog.

This is... Voluntary Submission!



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