Chapter 252: Failed?

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This is an incomparably prideful Viridescent Eagle. In order to tame it, Mo Yu had specially climbed to the peak of the mountain, personally slaughtered a Pixue realm snake for its dinner, gathered snow water for its bath...

Even so, this fellow had only agreed to follow her to the examination. In a sense, she hasn't successfully tamed it yet.

Yet, after the beating, it lowered its head immediately...

What that maddened Mo Yu the most was the fawning expression it had on its face, as though it was trying to please the other party... What the heck is that?

Mo Yu felt a stifling sensation at her chest. All of the sudden, she felt uncomfortable.

That was her savage beast, and she wasn't too far away from establishing a contract with it. Yet, at this moment, it was lying on another person's lap, trying to please the person. She felt so depressed that she was not far from sustaining internal injuries from it.

Zhu Jinhuang and Zhou Xuan, who were extremely confident a moment ago, looked as though they had been slapped in their face. Their faces distorted in disbelief, and they looked as though they were on the verge of tears.

Voluntary Submission after a beating?

Are our eyes playing tricks on us?

"You two..."

They were still brooding over the matter when Mo Yu xiaojie turned to them with an icy-cold expression. Her teeth were so tightly gritted together that the sound of them grinding against one another could be heard. "Didn't you two say that... he will fail?"


Zhu Jinhuang and Zhou Xuan trembled in fear.

They were the ones who persuaded Mo xiaojie to hand over the Viridescent Eagle for the other party to tame. They thought that they would be able to see the other party make an embarrassment out of himself. Not in their wildest dreams did they expect this situation to occur.

"Mo xiaojie, don't panic, I think that the Viridescent Eagle is just flustered after being beaten up, so it is feigning submission. It'll probably retaliate in short moment..."

With twitching lips, Zhu Jinhuang hurriedly explained.

"Indeed, indeed! Savage beasts of such level possess intelligence. It must have thought that it wasn't a match for the fellow, so it decided to pretend to submit to Zhang Xuan and look for another opportunity to exact vengeance..."

Zhou Xuan said.

However, before he could finish his words, an uproar could be heard. He turned over hurriedly and saw Zhang Xuan place a drop of blood into the other party's throat.

The contract had been established.


After establishing the contract, the Viridescent Eagle lay before Zhang Xuan in satisfaction. It rubbed its head against Zhang Xuan's clothes unceasingly, as though a lazy cat who had just been fed and was filled with fondness for its master.

"Is this what you call feigning submission to exact vengeance?"

Furious, Mo Yu's face turned beet-red in anger. She kicked the duo, sending them flipping in the air.

Have you seen any beast which establishes a contract while feigning submission?

Have you ever seen any vengeful savage beast act in such a manner?

Mo Yu's breathing hastened, and she felt as though she was about to burst from all the rage.

Why did she believe the words of these two fellows and lend the Viridescent Eagle to the other party to tame?

It was too late for regrets, given that the two of them had already established a contract.

Even so, amidst her anger, she was shocked as well.

How in the world did he do it?

She had watched the entire taming process carefully. All he did was to incur the other party's wrath before beating it up. Then, he whispered some words to it before patting a few spots on its body... and the attitude of the Viridescent Eagle changed immediately. Its infuriated expression suddenly turned into surprise and excitement. After which... It immediately submitted to Zhang Xuan!

Can it be that...

That's right!

It must be something that he said!

Otherwise, how can its attitude have changed so quickly?

Just that... what in the world could he have said to drastically change the attitude of the furious Viridescent Eagle who desired to kill him so suddenly?

"How is it? My words are true, right? This is Elder Zhang Xuan's skill, Beast Pummeling Taming Method. Any savage beast, after being beaten by him, would willingly submit!" Yun Tao laughed heartily.

Didn't you doubt him just now? Take a good look at this then!

"The Viridescent Eagle really submitted after a beating..."

"This is Mo Yu xiaojie's savage beast! How is this possible?"

"I don't understand it as well. It's not like we've never tried taming savage beasts by beating them up before. But, all of the attempts had ended in failure, so how in the world did he succeed?"


Everyone was dumbfounded.

This was especially so for the three 2-star beast tamers. They felt a dizzy sensation in their head.

It's not like no beast tamer had attempted to tame a savage beast by beating it up. However... Not only did such actions fail to tame the savage beast, it even incurred their wrath. Most of the savage beasts tamed in such a method would refuse food and die of starvation.

There were cases of failures all around. Putting others aside, they had tried this method personally as well.

This was the reason why they found it hard to believe Yun Tao's words. Yet... To think that he wasn't lying!

Just by beating the Viridescent Eagle up, it immediately submitted to him...

Is this the same prideful and wild Viridescent Eagle?

Why does it seem like an obedient dog now, fawning on Zhang Xuan so shamelessly?

They were still in a state of disbelief when Zhang Xuan walked forward and inquired, "Hall Master Feng and the two beast tamers, have I passed the examination?"


Recovering from his shock, Hall Master Feng coughed immediately, "Cough cough, wait a moment. We have to check the Loyalty Level before deciding on your pass or failure!"

Even though it looked like the Viridescent Eagle had been tamed, there was still a need for official verification. Firstly, it was to ensure that the test was impartial and precise. Secondly, they were curious to see if this Viridescent Eagle has sincerely submitted to him.

If it didn't submit to him from the bottom of its heart, flying on it may prove to be dangerous.

"Let's do the test then!"

Zhang Xuan said casually.

He was confident in the Viridescent Eagle's loyalty toward him.

Naturally, the Viridescent Eagle didn't submit to him just because he beat it up.

When it attacked him, a book on it was compiled in Zhang Xuan's head. Thereafter, he swiftly looked through the book and understood the eagle’s flaws.

While it seemed that he was merely beating it up, he had infused his pure zhenqi into the body of the other party to cleanse its bloodline. Employing both the carrot and the stick simultaneously, it would be difficult for it to not submit to him.

His Heaven's Path zhenqi is an unparalleled tool in cleansing a savage beast's bloodline and raising its cultivation. No savage beast is able to resist its allure.

Given that there were only two choices, be killed by Zhang Xuan, or follow him and raise its strength, regardless of how foolish a savage beast could be, it was obvious what they would choose.

Compared to cleansing its bloodline and raising its strength, all of the other delicacies, tonics, and such were nothing.


Beast Tamer Lu took the Heart Inquisition Crystal and started conducting the test on the Viridescent Eagle.

Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang stood up and walked over to Princess Mo Yu.

"Mo Yu xiaojie, don't worry. So what if he has established a contract? Given that the Viridescent Eagle is tamed through brute force, its Loyalty Level must be low. Even at maximum, it will only be 31!"

"If it's just 31, given that xiaojie's Loyalty Level is 30, there's a high possibility you might be able to tame it back!"

The two of them consoled.

Even though Advanced Taming is technically a high level than Inceptive Taming, in practice, a Loyalty Level of 31 doesn’t actually differ much from a level of 30. As long as Mo Yu pleased it by feeding it with delicious food, the Viridescent Eagle might still come back to her.

The saying that a savage beast recognized only a single master in their entire life is actually just a general statement.

Legend has it that the truly formidable beast tamers are able to tame another person's tamed beast with just a few words, even if it has already established a contract with another tamer.

Putting everything else aside, the very fact that Zhang Xuan managed to tame Mo Yu's Viridescent Eagle proved that it wasn't entirely impossible.

Since it has changed sides once, it is possible for it to do so once again.

"A maximum of 31?"

Mo Yu's anger still wasn't placated.

"Indeed, how loyal can a savage beast who was tamed through brute force be? Does this even need to be said..."

Zhu Jinhuang sneered coldly. Yet, before he could finish his words, he suddenly felt a tightening sensation on his arm.

"What's wrong?"

Turning around to look, it was Zhou Xuan who had grabbed him.


Zhou Xuan's lips were quivering.

Following the direction where he was pointing in, Zhu Jinhuang took a glance and all of the words he was about to spout vanished. In an instant, he felt tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

Numbers had appeared on the Heart Inquisition Crystal.

Loyalty Level of the Viridescent Eagle toward Zhang Xuan, 45!

Complete Submission, the highest realm possible...

Complete silence.

Everyone's jaws fell to the ground.

Actually, Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang weren't the only ones who thought so. Everyone also felt that the Loyalty Level of the Viridescent Eagle would be low, given that it was beaten into submission. Yet... never had they imagined that it would reach 45!

This was Complete Submission, the highest level of loyalty a savage beast could have! Countless beast tamers had lived together with their savage beasts for numerous years, but remained unable to induce such loyalty in their savage beast... Yet, this level was reached just by giving a round of beating...

Everyone felt their perspective of the world overturn.

"This should be considered as a pass, right?"

Seeing the number on the Heart Inquisition Crystal, Zhang Xuan wasn't surprised at all. He turned to look at Hall Master Feng with a smile.

"In the first round of the theoretical examination, you passed the discourse without making any mistakes. In the second round, you managed to tame a Viridescent Eagle with a Loyalty Level of 45..." Hall Master Feng nodded his head. "I declare that Zhang Xuan has passed the beast tamer examination and that he is officially a 1-star beast tamer!"

Seeing that he had passed the examination, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

With this identity, he would be exempted from paying for future rides on aerial savage beasts borrowed from the Beast Hall...

"Wait a moment..."

The moment Hall Master Feng finished announcing the result, a bellow sounded.

"What's wrong, Beast Tamer Mo?" Hall Master Feng turned to look at her.

The one who spoke was Mo Yu.

She had passed the examination, thus he addressed her as a beast tamer to display his respect.

"I disagree with the results. I believe that he hasn't fulfilled the criteria of the examination and thus, he isn't qualified to become an official beast tamer!"

Mo Yu stepped forward and spoke.

"Oh?" Hall Master Feng frowned.

"For the beast tamer examination, one has to tame a savage beast stronger than him. Even though Zhang Xuan didn't display his cultivation, given how he was able to defeat the Viridescent Eagle easily, his cultivation realm is most likely higher than it. At the minimum, he is probably at Tongxuan realm pinnacle!"

Mo Yu sneered coldly, "Meaning to say... even though he tamed the Viridescent Eagle, he had merely tamed a savage beast with a cultivation realm lower than him. With this, he doesn’t meet the required conditions, and thus, he shouldn’t pass!"


Upon hearing her words, Hall Master Feng hesitated.

The situation was exactly as what the other party said.

The conditions for the savage beast tamed for the examination is that its cultivation realm has to be higher than the examinee. Zhou Xuan, Zhu Jinhuang, and Yun Tao had fulfilled this condition.

In the previous battle, Zhang Xuan relied solely on his physical body strength, and as such, the others weren't able to see through his cultivation realm. Even so, given how he was able to defeat the Viridescent Eagle so easily, there was no doubt that his cultivation realm was above that of the Viridescent Eagle... Going by the usual practice, Zhang Xuan wasn't yet qualified to become a beast tamer.

"You mean to say... I am unqualified to become a beast tamer because the savage beast I tamed has a cultivation realm lower than mine?" Zhang Xuan glanced at her.

"Yes!" Mo Yu replied coldly.

"Then, what if... this Viridescent Eagle isn't at Tongxuan realm, but at Half-Zongshi, does this mean that I've passed the examination?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Of course!" Mo Yu nodded.

Even though she didn't know how strong the other party was, she didn't think that he had reached Half-Zongshi.


Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan turned to the Viridescent Eagle and said, "Alright, it's your turn!"


Following a piercing call, a powerful force suddenly burst forth from the massive body of the Viridescent Eagle.



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