Chapter 253: You Are a Master Teacher?

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At this moment, the Viridescent Eagle seemed like a bomb that is about to explode at any moment. The sound reminiscent of flowing water sounded from its body, and its numerous acupoints were flickering, as though a powerful energy was gushing into them.

Geji! Geji!

The sound within its body crescendoed, and its three-meter-tall body grew suddenly. At the same time, its feathers also extended outward.

"This… is this Bloodline Evolution? Is it breaking through its cultivation realm?"

Hall Master Feng narrowed his eyes.

Coming to the same conclusion as well, Beast Tamer Lu and Beast Tamer Wang's faces grew red with agitation, and they clenched their fists tightly.

"Bloodline Evolution? What's that?"

Someone asked doubtfully.

Not everyone in the room was a beast tamer, such as the guards of Yun Tao, Zhu Jinhuang, and Zhou Xuan. They didn't have a complete knowledge of beast taming.

"The strength of a savage beast is affected by several factors, and of which, there are three which is the most commonly seen. Firstly, age. A savage beast would grow along with age, reaching the peak of its strength only when it reaches adulthood. This is also the most common limiting factor of a savage beast's strength. Secondly, bloodline. The more powerful a savage beast's bloodline is, the more potential it has. Even when it reaches adulthood, if its bloodline is sufficiently potent, it can continue to raise its cultivation. Thirdly, cultivation techniques. Some of the more intelligent savage beasts are capable of cultivating alongside their beast tamers and improve along with them."

One of the more knowledgeable people in the room replied him with a hushed voice. "Usually, it is impossible for a savage beast to improve its bloodline. However, sometimes upon eating unique herbs or undergoing an exceptional experience, it is possible for a savage beast's bloodline to break through its limits and reach higher levels!"

"As its bloodline evolves, its cultivation also breaks through its limit and reach higher realms. This kind of evolution is similar to mutation and is extremely rare. To think that the Viridescent Eagle would be so lucky as to chance on such an opportunity. It's truly lucky..."

"Along with the Bloodline Evolution, its cultivation soars rapidly. Will this Viridescent Eagle really reach Half-Zongshi?"

"If it succeeds to reach Half-Zongshi, it would mean that Zhang Xuan has successfully tamed a Half-Zongshi savage beast. If so, he would meet the conditions for the test, thus passing the beast tamer examination!"

Upon hearing the explanation, everyone came to a realization.

"This... This is impossible..."

Upon witnessing such a situation right after challenging Zhang Xuan's qualification, Mo Yu's face turned red. She was on the verge of going insane.

This Viridescent Eagle was her tamed beast, and she had investigated its background clearly. It had become an adult and it hadn't eaten any precious herbs that could possibly trigger a Bloodline Evolution. As such, it should have been impossible for such a situation to occur.

Yet, right after being beaten up by Zhang Xuan, not only was its cultivation raised, its bloodline even evolved...

You must be joking with me!

If I knew that it would undergo Bloodline Evolution, I would have never given you a chance to tame it!

A Half-Zongshi realm savage beast... Once tamed, one can cultivate along with it. It would be much easier for her to reach Half-Zongshi with its assistance...

Yet, she gave away this opportunity just like that!

She felt so stifled that she was about to go insane.

"Mo Yu xiaojie, can it be that fellow's beating which triggered the Viridescent Eagle's bloodline to evolve, resulting in the rise in its cultivation?" Zhu Jinhuang asked.

"That's impossible!" Before Mo Yu could reply, Zhou Xuan shook his head. "Usually, a Bloodline Evolution can only be triggered by consuming precious herbs or blood essences left behind by powerful savage beasts and purifying its bloodline. How can it achieve a breakthrough just by undergoing a beating?"

Bloodline Evolution requires a huge amount of luck to occur. Regardless of whether a savage beast consumed a precious herb or the blood essence of a powerful savage beast, it has to be completely compatible with the savage beast for it to work. The success rate is below 1 in 10000.

The concept of its bloodline evolving through a beating... is a joke!

"Zhou Xuan is right. No matter how capable that fellow is, it is impossible for him to purify the Viridescent Eagle's bloodline and trigger a Bloodline Evolution just by beating it. The only explanation is that... the Viridescent Eagle had consumed something special before coming here, and that it began to take effect here..."

Agreeing with Zhou Xuan's words, Mo Yu nodded her head. "If I'm not wrong, it might be the Bewildering Soul Flower that I fed it before coming here! I heard that it is a tonic to the Viridescent Eagle, and I had specially spent a huge sum of money to purchase it for the purpose of taming the eagle..."

Recalling the price of the Bewildering Soul Flower, she felt her heart ache. Just as she was gritting her teeth in resentment, she saw Yun Tao walk over, muttering something beneath his breath.

"As expected of Elder Zhang Xuan. Any savage beast which he beats up experiences a Bloodline Evolution. It was the same for the Gold Alloyed Panther and the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow as well... I thought that it was just a coincidence, but to think that this Viridescent Eagle has achieved a breakthrough as well!"

"What did you say?"

Upon hearing his words, Mo Yu swallowed back the words at the tip of her tongue. With widened eyes, she stared at Yun Tao.

"Oh, nothing much. I am just impressed by Elder Zhang Xuan. You have all seen his Gold Alloyed Panther as well. It should have been a Pixue realm savage beast, but it has already reached Tongxuan realm! The Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow was also merely a Pixue realm primary stage savage beast, but at this moment, it has reached intermediate stage... All because of Elder Zhang's beating."

Yun Tao replied seriously.

"After being beaten up... Not only is he able to get the savage beast to submit, he can trigger a Bloodline Evolution as well?"

Mo Yu, Zhu Jinhuang, Zhou Xuan, and the others felt themselves entering a frenzy.

Why... do Yun Tao’s words seem so incredulous?

This was especially so for Mo Yu. It hadn't been long since she declared that it was due to her Bewildering Soul Flower that the Viridescent Eagle was able to achieve a breakthrough. Upon hearing Yun Tao's words, she felt a stinging sensation on her face.

Who is she?

An incredible genius. Even considering the entire Beast Hall and Tianwu Kingdom, she belonged to the very top.

Being awarded a grade-1 in the beast tamer examination, she outshone everyone. But while she was still gleeful over this feat, this fellow tamed her savage beast, pummeled it, and even helped it achieve a breakthrough...

Are you sure your purpose here isn't to humiliate me?

Otherwise, why would you disprove every single word that I say...


Amidst everyone's shock and frenzy, the Viridescent Eagle's rising aura finally came to a standstill.

At this moment, its physique was significantly larger than how it was previously, reaching a height of four meters. At the same time, it emanated a much more powerful aura than before. It felt as if with a slight scratch of its claws, cracks would appear on the bluestone ground.


This Viridescent Eagle has actually reached Half-Zongshi!

"So... have I passed the examination?"

Zhang Xuan smiled.

"You pass!"

The three beast tamers nodded.

If this can’t be considered a pass, what can?

Besides, they were also overflowing with doubts.

Mo Yu might not be able clearly to tell what Zhang Xuan did, but as 2-star beast tamers, they could tell that the Bloodline Evolution of the Viridescent Eagle was Zhang Xuan's credit.

To trigger a Bloodline Evolution within a savage beast...

If he can do this for any savage beast, it will definitely cause an uproar in the Beast Hall.

At this point, Hall Master Feng couldn't hold himself back anymore. Clasping his fists, he said, "Beast Tamer Zhang, I have something I would like to ask..."

"I know what you want to ask. Are you curious why this Viridescent Eagle would suddenly undergo a Bloodline Evolution?"

Zhang Xuan looked at him.

"Yes!" Hall Master Feng replied.

Hearing the exchange between the two, the others immediately focused their attention here.

After beating up the Viridescent Eagle, not only did it submit, it even underwent a Bloodline Evolution. If they hadn’t witnessed this sight for themselves, they would never have believed it to be possible.

Everyone was dying to know what happened.

"It's simple. I used the blood essence of the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow as a bait to induce its submission. Then... I fed the blood essence to it, thus triggering the Blood Evolution." Zhang Xuan said.

Inducing a breakthrough in a savage beast was no easy feat. If others were to know that Zhang Xuan's zhenqi could trigger a Bloodline Evolution, it would bring him a whole lot of trouble.

Thus, he attributed the matter to the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow.

In any case, there were precedents of savage beast consuming the blood essence of powerful savage beasts and achieving breakthroughs... As an ancient beast, the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow possessed a pure bloodline. Even though the Viridescent Eagle had a massive physique, it was nevertheless considered as an avian. There was a possibility that the bloodline of the ancient sparrow might be compatible with the eagle...

However, if someone else wanted to try the same thing, Zhang Xuan wouldn't take the blame if their tamed beast dies.

More importantly, the Ancient Cloud Lightning Sparrow was Yun Tao's savage beast. Even if anything happened, Zhang Xuan wouldn’t be held responsible.

Since that fellow obtained a free ancient beast from him, he should at least contribute by becoming his whipping boy!

"So that's the case!"

Upon hearing his explanation, Hall Master Feng and the others exchanged gazes and nodded their heads.

This seemed to be the only plausible explanation.

Otherwise... to achieve a breakthrough by receiving a beating... it sounded nonsensical no matter how they looked at it.

"It's the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow..."

Upon hearing the explanation, Mo Yu came to a realization. At the same time, she felt intense regret.

If she knew that the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow could help trigger a Bloodline Evolution in the Viridescent Eagle, she would have tried to get close to Zhang Xuan and Yun Tao. It could have been the final trigger for her to achieve Advanced Taming.

But now, she has nothing left...

Her savage beast was completely tamed by the other party, and the Loyalty Level was at an astonishing 45. Even though he said 'borrow', it was unlikely that he would return it...

"To be able to recognize the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow and possess so many means, can it be..."

Upon recalling something, Mo Yu hesitated for a moment before walking over to Zhang Xuan.

"Damn it!"

Seeing numerous emotions flicker across Mo Yu's face and her walking toward Zhang Xuan, Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang clenched their fists tightly.

They had been completely outdone by this fellow this time. Needless to say, Mo Yu must have fallen for him.

"I heard that this fellow came from Tianxuan Kingdom and doesn't have any strong backing. If things come down to this..."

Zhu Jinhuang gestured his intentions to murder Zhang Xuan.

Given that Yun Tao was the prince of a country, they didn't dare to push things too far. However, Zhang Xuan was different. As an insignificant figure without any backing, his life and death meant nothing.

They might not be a match for the other party, but as princes of their kingdoms, it wasn't difficult for them to gather a few powerful subordinates to deal with him.


Zhou Xuan spat through gritted teeth.

Today, they were completely humiliated by that young lad. It would be hard to quench their anger if they didn't get back at him.

To dare to offend two princes without having any backing, he is truly courting death!

The duo was discussing how they could murder this Zhang Xuan when Mo Yu was already right before Zhang Xuan. With glowing eyes, she spoke of her doubt.

"The essence blood of the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow is probably just one of the contributing factors. There should be a more important reason behind its breakthrough... If I'm not wrong, you are a master teacher, right?"

"Master teacher?"

Upon hearing Mo Yu's words, Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang, who were just discussing how they could kill Zhang Xuan, shivered uncontrollably. At that moment, they could no longer hold themselves back and cried.

Those two fools had actually intended to kill a master teacher... They sure are brazen!

The heck, didn't they say that he doesn’t have any backing?

But his backing seems to be even greater than the heavens...



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