Chapter 254: Critically Ill Savage Beast

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Master teachers are protected by the Teacher Guild and the Master Teacher Pavilion. Putting aside whether they would be able to get off with assassinating a master teacher, even if they were to just offend one, a sanction may be imposed on them.

Given their power and prestige of the, almost all powers and experts have no choice but to show respect to the Teacher Guild and the Master Teacher Pavilion, needless to say, a mere Tier 2 Kingdom. Even if the sanction was applied on a Tier 1 Kingdom like Tianwu Kingdom, it would merely be a matter of time before the country fell apart.

That was to say, if they were to attempt to assassinate a master teacher and be discovered, not only would they be killed, even their kingdom would be implicated!

This is how fearsome master teachers are!

The number one occupation in the world mustn't be insulted or desecrated!

Regardless of emperors or sect leaders; regardless of how powerful or influential one can be, with a single word from the Master Teacher Pavilion, his existence would be erased.

It was said that an emperor of a Conferred Kingdom once teased a beautiful female master teacher, incurring her wrath. Without even using the power of the Master Teacher Pavilion, simply just by conducting a lecture on the same spot for seven days straight, she attracted countless experts, and with a single command, captured the emperor alive and beat him to death.

There was a very powerful old elder in the kingdom, and he could have stopped them. Yet, he dared not to do so.

When an emperor dies, another one can be appointed. But if a kingdom were to be destroyed, nothing would be left.

It was hard to tell how many students a master teacher could have, With just a single pointer, one can already be regarded as half a teacher. Thus, master teachers were thought to be beehives. If a person were to agitate them, he would be crippled even if he were to survive the ordeal.

Assassinating a master teacher... Honestly speaking, it was no different from courting death.

Zhu Jinhuang and the others trembled in fear. He immediately suppressed the thoughts in his head.

"Master teacher?" Not expecting Mo Yu to come to this conclusion, Zhang Xuan shook his head. "I'm not one yet!"

Even though he was acknowledged by three master teachers, he could only be considered as one of the more incredible master teacher apprentices. Since he hasn't passed the master teacher examination yet, he couldn't be considered as a master teacher.

"You aren't?" Mo Yu was stunned.

She thought that the reason why the other party possessed such formidable means was that he was a master teacher. To think that he wasn't one...

"He isn't a master teacher? Great..."

"As long as he isn't a master teacher, he must die by hook or by crook!"

Upon hearing Zhang Xuan confess that he wasn't a master teacher, Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang, who were panicking a moment ago, heaved a sigh of relief. Their killing intent started to emerge once more.

But in the next moment, Shen Bi Ru's voice rang, "Although Zhang laoshi isn't a master teacher, he is a senior to Beiwu Kingdom's Liu shi, Zhuang shi, and Hanwu Kingdom's Zheng shi!"

"The senior of three master teachers?"

The duo stared at one another. This time, they really burst into tears.

As princes from Tier 2 Kingdoms, they have heard of the name of the three master teachers. They were considered as one of the top-notch figures in the Tier 2 Kingdoms, and even the lowest of men knew of their existence.

And Zhang Xuan was their senior...

Even if he wasn't a master teacher, his standing was already way above that of a master teacher!

It was fortunate that they didn't make a move. Otherwise, the one who would die by hook or by crook would be them two...


"I know Liu shi from Beiwu Kingdom, and I've met him once at 2-star Master Teacher Jiang Shu's lecture. If you're his senior, can it be..."

Upon hearing Shen Bi Ru's words, Mo Yu immediately realized something and her eyes narrowed.

Given that he was the senior of a master teacher, it meant that they have the same teacher. For a person to make a master teacher willingly acknowledge him as his teacher, that person had to be at least a 2-star master teacher, or even... above that!

For Zhang Xuan to be the direct disciple of a master teacher of 2-star or higher.

His standing was even above that of hers, a princess of Tianwu Kingdom.

Furthermore, to be accepted as a direct disciple of such an incredible figure meant that Zhang Xuan possessed incredible potential. It was likely that his future achievements would far surpass hers.

After all, even though she was an apprentice of 2-star Master Teacher Jiang Shu, she wasn't his direct disciple.

Upon realizing these, she glanced at the young man before her once more. This time, admiration could be seen in her gaze.


"So you’re a direct disciple of a master teacher, no wonder you have such an in-depth understanding of beast taming!"

Upon coming to a realization, Hall Master Feng and the others nodded their heads.

They were just about to ask Zhang Xuan about the Beast Pummeling Taming Method and learn it from him. However, upon knowing of his true identity, they immediately dispelled this thought.

Even though beast-taming was an occupation in the Upper Nine Paths, it was far from matching up to master teacher, who stood at the zenith.

It was likely that Zhang Xuan's Beast Pummeling Taming Method came from that master teacher... If the other party were to find out that they had tried to learn his skills from his direct disciple, they could be in trouble.

Rather than that, it was much wiser to just build a good relationship with Zhang Xuan.

"This is your 1-star beast tamer emblem!"

Upon knowing of Zhang Xuan's 'identity', the attitude of the three master teachers immediately improved. They swiftly retrieved an emblem representing one's identity as a beast tamer and presented it to Zhang Xuan.

Upon grabbing the emblem, Zhang Xuan casually placed it into his storage ring before asking.

"I would like to go to the Red Lotus Ridge and I need an aerial savage beast. What do you think I should do?"

Even though he had become a beast tamer and read a large collection of book on beast taming, he had never ridden on an aerial savage beast before, and there might be a difference between theories in the book and practical situations. As such, he hoped to receive some professional input.

"Red Lotus Ridge?"

Hall Master Feng stroked his beard as he calculated, "Tianwu Kingdom is around tens of thousand of kilometers from here. If you ride on the Viridescent Eagle which you've just tamed, it should take around half a month!"

"Half a month?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He thought that since the Viridescent Eagle had reached Half-Zongshi, the journey should only take a couple of days. The thought that he would still require half a month never crossed his mind.

"That's right. This Viridescent Eagle has just achieved a breakthrough, and its cultivation hasn’t yet stabilized. At most, it can travel 4000 to 5000 kilometers per day. Furthermore, it has to take frequent rest, so it is unable to fly overnight. Therefore, half a month is the fastest that it can go!" Hall Master Feng said.

Zhang Xuan nodded.

Even though he didn't know how fast the Viridescent Eagle could fly, given how it had just reached Half-Zongshi, it was unlikely that it was able to unleash the full strength of the realm. In addition, it has to stabilize its cultivation and adapt to its new strength. As such, the estimate of half a month made sense.

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan recalled what Han Qiong said before and asked.

"I've heard that the Beast Hall have [Lightning Mounts] which travel at swift speeds and are able to easily cover distances of tens of thousand of kilometers within a few days. May I ask if that's true?"

"The Beast Hall does have Lightning Mounts, which are Zongshi realm savage beasts. They are given the nickname of 'lightning' due to the swift speed at which it can ferry humans. However..." Hall Master Feng hesitated for a moment before speaking. "There are only two such Beast Mounts in the Beast Hall. One of which is on the way to Qianxue Kingdom, while the other one..."

At this point, he shook his head. The other two beast tamers beside him also seemed to be dispirited upon talking about this matter.

"What's wrong?" Zhang Xuan became puzzled after seeing their strange expressions.

"The other Lightning Mount has become critically ill. Today, it was unable to even stand up, needless to say, fly. Just earlier today, I, Beast Tamer Lu, and Beast Tamer Wang were examining it to identify possible treatments. That is also the reason why we weren't able to make it for the examination and had Beast Tamer Hong stand in for us!"

Hall Master Feng said.

"Critically ill?" At this point, Zhang Xuan suddenly recalled Beast Tamer Hong saying that Hall Master Feng and the others were busy with something and as such, they were unable to make it for the examination.

A while ago, he was wondering what could be more important than the beast tamer examination. Turns out, this was the matter they were attending to.

The Zongshi realm savage beast could be considered as the trump card of this Beast Hall. Given that it was too ill to even stand up, it was no wonder why they were feeling flustered.

"What illness is it?" Zhang Xuan asked.

The condition of the savage beast didn't matter to him at all... What Zhang Xuan was concerned with was how much time he could save if he flew on that Lightning Mount.

Upon hearing his question, Hall Master Feng shook his head, "It's precisely because we can't tell what's wrong that we're helpless on this matter!"

"The three of us had used all kinds of beast tamer diagnosing methods, but we remain unable to tell what's wrong!" Beast Tamer Lu smiled bitterly.

Since they were unable to even tell what illness it was, they were, naturally, unable to treat it.

"Is there any solution?" Mo Yu could not help but ask.

As a beast tamer, she was concerned over the health of the savage beast after hearing about its plight.

"We've already sent someone to Beiwu Kingdom to invite Grandmaster Qing Yang over. Perhaps he would be able to diagnose the root of the illness!" Beast Tamer Wang said.

"Grandmaster Qing Yang? Is Beast Tamer Wang talking about the only 2-star physician in Beiwu Kingdom?" Shen Bi Ru pondered for a moment before asking.

"That's right! Even though we, beast tamers, do possess methods to diagnose and treat the illnesses of savage beasts, we are still far from matching up to real physicians. I've already sent someone to invite him, so he should be arriving soon!" Beast Tamer Wang smiled.

Even though beast tamers have their own methods to treat savage beast illnesses, their treatment methods mainly catered to common symptoms. They were helpless toward the more complicated illnesses, such as the one the Lightning Mount was afflicted with at the moment. The only option for them was to employ the help of a grandmaster physician.

Beiwu Kingdom wasn't too far from the Beast Hall, and a roundabout trip on an aerial savage beast wouldn't take more than two hours.

Since they were waiting for the arrival of Grandmaster Qing Yang, they decided to spectate the beast tamer examination and happened to witness the conflict between Zhang Xuan and Beast Tamer Hong.

Beast Tamer Wang seemed to be extremely confident in that physician named Qing Yang, and turning toward Zhang Xuan, he smiled, "As soon as its illness is cured, we can lend it to you for a trip to the Red Lotus Ridge! However... The price for riding on a Zongshi realm Beast Mount is quite steep. You will have to prepare yourself for it!"

"How much does it cost?"

Zhang Xuan asked.

"According to the price of the Beast Hall, a journey to the faraway Tianwu Kingdom on a Zongshi realm savage beast would require at least twenty [Beast Bloodstone]. As Beast Tamer Zhang is one of our members, we can give you a 20% discount, thus you will only require 16 Beast Bloodstone. In terms of common currency used in the kingdoms, it is around eight million gold coins!"

"Eight million gold coins?"

Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in shock.

In order to earn that sum, he had to disguise himself and work himself down to the bones. Yet, it cost so much money just to make a single trip... That was no different from daylight robbery!

"There's no way around it. A Zongshi realm savage beast requires a 2-star beast tamer to drive it. Furthermore, you are riding it as an individual. This is already the lowest price we can give you!"

Beast Tamer Wang smiled bitterly.

Even though the Zongshi realm Lightning Mount had been tamed, it was impossible for one to drive it without sufficient expertise. Thus, a 2-star beast tamer had to tag along for the ride.

Beast tamers who have reached 2-stars were at least Zongshi realm.

That is to say, for a single trip, a Zongshi realm expert and Zongshi realm savage beast have to be mobilized. Thus, how can the price possibly be low?

One must know that a Zongshi realm expert can be considered as a stabilizing pillar in a Tier 2 Kingdom!

Eight million gold coins weren't demanding too much given that a person of such immense standing would have to be mobilized. Even so, Zhang Xuan still found the price hard to accept.

"Didn't you say that... beast tamers can ride on Beast Mounts for free?" Suppressing his dismal, Zhang Xuan asked.

The reason why he took the beast tamer examination was that Yun Tao said that he could ride for free. Yet, it turned out that he has to pay eight million... He felt depressed just by thinking about it.

"A 1-star beast tamer can only ride on aerial savage beasts below Zongshi realm for free. If he wishes to ride on Zongshi realm savage beasts for free, he has to be a 2-star beast tamer!" Seeing that Zhang Xuan was ignorant of the matter, Hall Master Feng explained.

"A 2-star beast tamer can ride on the Lightning Mount for free?"

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan asked, "If that's the case... What's the requirement for the 2-star beast tamer examination? I'll try challenging the examination!"



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