Chapter 255: Grandmaster Qing Yang

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Try challenging the examination?

The corner of the mouths of Hall Master Feng and the others twitched.

Of the countless examinees who had ever taken an examination in the Beast Hall, this was the most eccentric reason they have ever heard.

Most people took the beast tamer examination because their capability and strength had met the basic requirements, and they hoped to receive recognition. Yet, this fellow was doing it just so that his ride would be free...

You are a senior to master teachers! With such incredible capability, as long as you are willing to put in some effort, you should be able to earn a few million gold coins easily. To act like that just for some money... Where is your pride? Where is your dignity? What about your standing?

More importantly, the examination he wanted to take was the 2-star beast tamer examination. In the thousand years since the establishment of the Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, there hadn't been more than ten 2-star beast tamer.

Try challenging the examination... You make it sound as though it is as easy as eating and drinking, and there's nothing to be scared or nervous about.

Do you know the difficulty of the examination?

Do you know that an expert like Beast Tamer Hong has already failed it seven times?

To speak of the matter so casually, aren't you underestimating the profession a little too much?

Mo Yu's chest expanded and contracted violently. She was close to bursting into a rage.

Despite being one of the top geniuses in Tianwu Kingdom, she spent a year before achieving the status of a 1-star beast tamer. She thought that she would win the admiration of everyone here, but... she met this fellow.

It took her countless resources, coaxing, and pleading to achieve Inceptive Taming with the Viridescent Eagle. Yet, just by beating it up, the Viridescent Eagle submitted completely to the other party... He had just passed the 1-star beast tamer examination, yet he wasn't satisfied and wanted to take on the 2-star beast tamer examination immediately...

It was one thing if Zhang Xuan had built up a solid foundation and wanted to take on both examination at once to amaze others. However... He obviously didn't have such intentions beforehand. It was only after hearing that he would get to ride on the Lightning Mount for free did he have such thoughts.

Other people tire themselves to death in order to become a 2-star beast tamer, yet you regard it as though a walk in the park. You don't have to demoralize others like that, do you...

"The 2-star beast tamer examination requires..."

Suppressing the stifling sensation in his chest, Hall Master Feng was just about to start explaining when an elder abruptly walked in with an agitated expression.

"Hall master, hall master! Grandmaster Qing Yang is here!"

"He's here?"

The eyes of the three beast tamers lit up immediately. They stood up in a hurry and walked out without saying a word.

After taking a few steps, Hall Master Feng abruptly stopped. He turned around and said, "Since you are all official beast tamers already, you are qualified to examine the proceedings as well. This is a good opportunity for you to spectate how a grandmaster physician treats a Zongshi realm savage beast and build on your knowledge!"


Mo Yu, Zhu Jinhuang, and the others nodded their heads and followed along.

"Elder, let's take a look as well. It's a rare opportunity to witness the treatment of a savage beast, and we might be able to learn a thing or two from it!"

Seeing the others walk into the distance, Yun Tao walked over to Zhang Xuan.


Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

He had been wanting to ride on the Lightning Mount all along. Once that fellow was treated, he would be able to save considerable time and effort for his journey to the Red Lotus Ridge.

Following behind the crowd, he soon arrived at a giant courtyard.

It was large and vast, and the infrastructures were several times larger than those of an ordinary residence. It felt as if one had stepped into a country of giants.

The stone stools in the courtyard were all seven to eight meters wide. If one didn't examine it carefully, he might even think that it was a stage. The stone pavement by the courtyard was also extremely wide, around several dozens of meters large. There was a pond at the center of the courtyard, and the entire place felt like a majestic palace.

"This is the residence specially built for the[Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast]. There are seven apprentice beast tamers who live together with it to manage its day-to-day necessities..."

Upon seeing Zhang Xuan's bewildered expression, Yun Tao explained to him telepathically. "The Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast is the ill Zongshi realm savage beast."

"A residence built specially for a savage beast?"

Zhang Xuan was dumbfounded.

Does it have to be so extravagant?

Regardless of the land area or the grandeur of the infrastructure, it was a match for Tianxuan Royal Palace. As such, Zhang Xuan thought that an important figure lived in the residence. Yet, to think that it was built specially for a savage beast...

Furthermore, seven apprentice beast tamers were assigned to it to take care of its day-to-day living... The privileges it enjoyed seemed to be beyond that of an ordinary expert.

It was no wonder why a single trip to Tianwu Kingdom would cost eight million gold coins. Without such fees, it was impossible to sustain the cost of housing it.

"Grandmaster Qing Yang, we will be depending on you..."

Zhang Xuan was lamenting how the living conditions of a savage beast surpassed even that of a human when Hall Master Feng's excited voice sounded.

Glancing over, Zhang Xuan saw a tall elder dressed in green standing not too far away. With his hands behind his back, he exuded a distant aura that seemed to ward off strangers. Judging from his appearance, he seemed to be in his fifties. And without any emotions on his face, it was difficult to fathom what was going on in his mind.

He appears to be the legendary Grandmaster Physician Qing Yang!

Usually, a 1-star for any occupation would be addressed as a master while a 2-star would be addressed as grandmaster.

Grandmaster Qing Yang, as a 2-star physician, was clearly much more capable than Master Yuanyu.

"Alright! Where's the Howling Firmament Beast? Bring me to it!"

Nodding at Hall Master Feng words, Grandmaster Qing Yang dived straight into the matter at hand.

"Yes, over here!"

Hall Master Feng led the way.

Soon, they arrived at the backyard. A humongous savage beast could be seen lying on a massive stone pedestal. Its eyes were tightly shut, and it was hard to tell whether it was alive.

This savage beast bore some resemblance to the Viridescent Eagle but was significantly larger. With a physique of a dozen meter wide, it looked like a small mountain from afar.


With a single glance, Zhang Xuan could tell that the humongous fellow was in a comatose.

It was no wonder why Hall Master Feng and the others were in such a panic, rushing off upon hearing that Grandmaster Qing Yang had arrived. It seemed that the Howling Firmament Beast was truly in a critical condition.

"Grandmaster Qing Yang, the illness struck three days ago. Initially, it only refused food, and the condition didn't seem to be serious, so we didn't pay it much attention. But this morning, it passed out all of a sudden. We've tried several methods to wake it up, but it was futile..."

Hall Master Feng explained.


Nodding, Grandmaster Qing Yang stepped forward. He circled around the Howling Firmament Beast, and the more he walked, the darker his complexion became.

"Tell me about its recent diet!"

Hall Master Feng beckoned, and an apprentice beast tamer who was in charge of waiting on Howling Firmament Beast walked over and bowed respectfully.

"Ten days ago, the Howling Firmament Beast started to lose his appetite, and it seemed to have become slightly agitated. As it is the dry season of autumn and it is easy for internal heat to accumulate, we fed it the calming [Spirit Rejuvenation Water], and its symptoms were somewhat alleviated."

"However, something remained amiss with its situation. It would thrash around the residence at night, and from time to time, it would howl toward the sky. Especially, in the past few days, when there was a full moon present, it stayed up all night, running about, as though it was trying to look for an outlet for its inexhaustible energy!"

"Yet, when it wakes up, it would lose all appetite, and nothing can catch its attention. Today, it even fainted!"

"The amount of food it consumed has been decreasing constantly through the days, and other than the cooked beast meat and porridge, it doesn’t eat anything else. Oh, abiding by Hall Master Feng's words, it was fed two [Heat Dissipation Pill] yesterday, but it seemed to be ineffective. On the contrary, its condition seemed to have worsened."

Very quick;y, the apprentice beast tamer conveyed the basic condition of the Howling Firmament Beast.

After which, Grandmaster Qing Yang nodded and waved his hands, "You can leave now!"

"Yes!" Not daring to say anything else, the apprentice turned around and left.

"How is it?"

Hall Master Feng asked.

"Wait a moment!"

Grandmaster Qing Yang didn't explain anything. Instead, he continued circling around the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast. In the midst, he plucked a strand of fur and pulled up its eyelids. A deep frown was etched on his forehead, and he seemed to be trying to deduce the condition.


"Can physicians treat savage beasts too?"

Seeing Grandmaster Qing Yang in deep thoughts, Zhang Xuan asked.

"Grandmaster Qing Yang is the best grandmaster physician in Beiwu Kingdom. It's said that he has already reached 2-star pinnacle, and is just a step away from reaching 3-star. Many of the illnesses which the Beast Hall was stumped by was treated by him!"

Yun Tao said with a suppressed voice.

"The fundamental theories behind illnesses, be it for a human for a beast, are the same. Since he is able to treat humans, naturally, he is able to treat beasts as well! Otherwise, how can physicians, despite their lacking combat ability, be ranked among the top of the Upper Nine Paths?"

Hearing their conversation, Mo Yu interjected.

Without a doubt, the master teacher was the number one occupation among the Upper Nine Paths. On the other hand, the rankings for the other occupations were blurred, and there wasn't a standardized ranking. Even so, apothecary, physician, formation master, and beast tamer were commonly accepted to be the few occupations which ranked at the front, and their practitioners were highly respected.

Compared to formation master and beast tamer, physician, as an occupation, possessed no fighting ability at all. However, it was able to be ranked alongside them because their capability extended beyond just treating humans.

"Aren't you skilled in beast taming? I thought that you are knowledgeable in everything. Why, do you know nothing about the Way of Medicine?"

Seeing Zhang Xuan's confused expression, Mo Yu lifted her head haughtily.

Aren't you formidable, taming a savage beast just by beating it up?

Yet, to know nothing about the Way of Medicine! You shouldn't have acted so arrogantly. Embarrassed now, aren't you?

"Err..." Hearing the other party words, Zhang Xuan smiled awkwardly.

The books on the Way of Medicine in Tianxuan Kingdom were far too lacking, and the only physician he knew was Master Yuanyu. Furthermore, he had merely conversed with him on painting.

As such, Zhang Xuan didn't know much about physician as an occupation.

This was the first time he heard that a physician could treat savage beasts as well.

"Not only is Mo Yu xiaojie a 1-star beast tamer, 1-star apothecary, and a master teacher apprentice, she is an apprentice physician as well!" Yun Tao whispered to Zhang Xuan with a hushed voice. His admiration for Mo Yu gleamed in his eyes.

"Apprentice physician?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Even though this Mo Yu was rather arrogant, she did have the achievements to back it up.

Despite her young age, she was adept in numerous occupations. Of all of the people Zhang Xuan had met, she was probably the most talented one.

"There are some points of overlap between a physician and an apothecary, so I went ahead to learn a little. For me, it isn't difficult at all! After this, I'll be returning to Tianwu Kingdom to take the physician examination!" Mo Yu chuckled lightly.

For what seemed to be an incredibly profound occupation in the eyes of others, to Mo Yu, it was as simple as playing house.

She had always towered over others as a genius, but over here, she had been humiliated time and again because of this Zhang Xuan. Thus, upon seeing that the other party knew nothing about physicians, she decided to leverage this fact against the other party and rebuild her confidence.

She thought that she could win his admiration just by saying so, but when she turned to look at him, he had already disappeared from sight.

"Damn it!"

Stomping her feet, her face flushed with anger.


"Did you manage to diagnose anything? Seeing a deep frown on Grandmaster Qing Yang's forehead, Hall Master Feng asked once more.

"Un, I have a rough idea on its condition now. I should be able to deduce what it's suffering from..."

Grandmaster Qing Yang nodded. Halfway through his words, his face suddenly darkened and he bellowed, "What are you doing?"

Hearing his voice, everyone turned their gazes over. Unknowingly, a youngster was already standing before the Howling Firmament Beast. After stretching his hands over... he touched its head.


Internal heat is a concept of traditional Chinese medicine. It is normally associated with a body's discomfort and various symptoms.



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