Chapter 256: I Said That You Are an Inept Physician

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Seeing the actions of the youngster, everyone became dumbfounded.

Isn’t this fellow too brazen!

Don’t you see that the grandmaster physician is examining the Howling Firmament Beast?

Why did you come over? Furthermore...

This is a Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast, a Zongshi realm savage beast, not your family's pet. Touching it... as if it were a domesticated dog, what in the world are you up to?

"I, too, would like to take a look to see what this Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast is suffering from!"

Seeing the doubt in everyone's eyes, the youngster turned around and smiled.


Hearing his words, Mo Yu harrumphed.

She recognized the person as soon as he turned around. It was the person who had been embarrassing her time and time again, Zhang Xuan.

No wonder he disappeared just now! He had headed forward to touch the Howling Firmament Beast.

Hall Master Feng invited us over to view how Grandmaster Qing Yang would treat the savage beast. We're here to learn, so we should remain obediently at our spots and observe the proceedings quietly. Yet, to interrupt the other party's diagnosis...

Why the heck are you trying to touch it!

Aren't you asking for a scolding?

As expected, the moment this thought appeared in her mind, Grandmaster Qing Yang's face steeled and his eyes narrowed.


Flinging his sleeves, he turned to Hall Master Feng and criticized sharply, "Is this how the people in the Beast Hall act? Are they usually this undisciplined? Take a look... Does he even know what he is looking at? To be touching around so casually despite knowing nothing at all, how conceited can one be!"

"Grandmaster, calm down. He didn't do it intentionally. He is probably just worried about the Howling Firmament Beast..."

Not expecting Zhang Xuan to act so rashly so as to run forward to touch the Howling Firmament Beast, Hall Master Feng tried to placate Grandmaster Qing Yang immediately.

"After years of working together, you should know that I need absolute silence during my treatment!"

Interrupting his words, Grandmaster Qing Yang spoke haughtily.

"I know, but..."

"It's good that you know, there are no 'buts'. Since we've been friends for numerous years, I won't pursue this matter. However, this shouldn't be a place where an incompetent nobody can enter. I am in the midst of treating the Howling Firmament Beast, so chase all of them out." After finishing his words, Grandmaster Qing Yang waved his hands arrogantly.

Who was he?

A grandmaster physician, a highly respected figure in the Beiwu Kingdom. While he's in the midst of treating someone, a fellow suddenly popped out and said that he would like to take a look as well. What do you know about the Way of Medicine? Do you know what to look for?

"Please calm down, Grandmaster Qing Yang. These few youngsters are beast tamers who just passed the examination today. The reason why I brought them over was so that they can watch the treatment process. They definitely didn't mean to offend you!" Hall Master Feng said.

"Indeed. Beast Tamer Zhang merely touched the Howling Firmament Beast out of curiosity. I guarantee you that it won't happen again!"

Beast Tamer Lu walked up to persuade him as well.

"Hmph, I will let this matter go on your account then. I hope that the Beast Hall can be more disciplined in the future! To treat someone, I require absolute silence. Not everyone is qualified to watch the proceedings, and my treatment isn't something just anyone can understand! If some ignorant fool were to mess about, interfere with the treatment process, and delay the optimal treatment timing, can any of you take responsibility?"

Grandmaster Qing Yang harrumphed as he scanned the surroundings, him holding an irrefutable authority.

"Yes, yes!" Hall Master Feng hurriedly nodded.

The standings of beast tamers and physicians were similar, but given that he was the one who had a request for the other party, he had no choice but to lower his head.

This was the only person who was capable of treating the Howling Firmament Beast. Thus, even though the physician was speaking so harshly, he had no choice but to tolerate it.


Observing the other party's pleasant attitude, Grandmaster Qing Yang decided to not pursue the matter. Instead, he turned his attention to the unconscious Howling Firmament Beast.

"You said earlier that you have identified the problem. Is there a way to treat its illness?" Hall Master Feng asked nervously.

"After my initial diagnosis, I have confirmed the root of its illness." Grandmaster Qing Yang gestured grandly.

Everyone's eyes lit up.

As expected of a grandmaster physician. He was able to locate the root of the problem swiftly.

One must know that the three 2-star beast tamers and numerous 1-star beast tamers have examined the Howling Firmament Beast for two whole days but to no avail.

Amidst everyone's expectant gazes, Grandmaster Qing Yang nodded his head in satisfaction. He calmly said, "Given how this Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast is vigorous at night, filled with internal heat, and often howled to the heavens, I suspect that... it's craving for a mate!"

"Craving for a mate?"

"That's right. Savage beasts possess libido as well, and this libido heightens during the autumn season, reaching a level where it is hard for them to control itself. Based on what I saw previously, its body is warm and it urgently needs an outlet to vent its frustrations. However, as it is unable to find a release, it is growing more and more restless. As time went by, the internal heat that gathered within its body diffused into his organs, causing him to descend into a coma."

Grandmaster Qing Yang lifted his head slightly, and he seemed to be glowing with wisdom.

"We've also thought of the possibility before, just that... given the age of the savage beast, it is unlikely that it has reached that point..." Hall Master Feng asked doubtfully.

"Savage beasts cannot be gauged using the human standards. Once its bodily functions mature, it will experience libido. Its symptoms of being unable to sleep at night, howling toward the skies, and such are all signs of its desire for a mate. It's impossible for me to be mistaken!" Grandmaster Qing Yang turned to look at the crowd, and there was a bizarre glint in his eyes which exerted pressure on those he gazed upon. "Why? Do you doubt my diagnosis?"

"That's not it, just that..." Hall Master Feng shook his head, choosing not to linger on this problem. Rather, he looked at Grandmaster Qing Yang anxiously, "So... How can such an illness be treated?"

"Even though it appears complicated, once the root of the problem is identified, it isn't that difficult to solve. Since it wishes to look for a mate, we can just find one for it!" Grandmaster Qing Yang smiled.

"Find one?"

A bitter expression appeared on Hall Master Feng’s face.

The other two 2-star beast tamers also shook their heads.

"It's not that we don't want to find one for it, but the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast is a rare species. It is nearly impossible to find another female which is of a comparable age!"

An aerial savage beast such as the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast which could possess the strength of a Zongshi before maturing was extremely rare. Even considering the entire range of the vast Xuanluo Mountain Range, it was unlikely for there to be more than two of them.

More importantly, it is capable of flying at incredible speed. Even if they happen to find one, how can they possibly capture and tame it?

The reason why there was a Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast in the Beast Hall was that they had raised it from young, even going to the extent of building a residence for it and sending apprentices to wait upon it. That was the main reason why it chose to remain here. Honestly speaking... Until now, no one had managed to tame it, and it hadn't established a contract with anyone either.

It's not that they didn't want to do it, but that it was impossible for them to do it!

The Howling Firmament Beast was prejudiced against humans, so taming it completely was impossible. Assuming if it was tamed completely, it would have been able to communicate with its master. If so, the beast tamers would know what was wrong with it and treat it by themselves. They wouldn't have had to go through so much trouble as to invite Grandmaster Qing Yang to diagnose its condition.

Since they weren't even able to tame a Howling Firmament Beast which they raised from young, how could they possibly bring a mate for it within a short period of time?

Clearly, this isn't a feasible solution!

"It is impossible to find another one?"

"Yes!" Hall Master Feng nodded. "Grandmaster Qing Yang, please look for another solution. I'm willing to give anything as long as the Howling Firmament Beast can be saved!"

"I do have a solution, and it will solve the problem once and for all. Just that... this solution will be slightly troublesome." Grandmaster Qing Yang hesitated for a moment.

"Since there's a solution, then I'll have to trouble you to hurry up and treat it." The eyes of Hall Master Feng and the others lit up as they hurriedly said.

"Un, alright!" Placing his hands behind his back, Grandmaster Qing Yang nodded his head. "Even if it's impossible to find a mate for it, there's actually another simple solution to curb its frustration. That's... castration! As long as the operation is successful, it will not be plagued by such problems in the future. It'll then be able to focus its attention on working for the Beast Hall."


Hall Master Feng and the others became dumbfounded.

"Only through castration will it be able to calm its mind. At the very least, it will not feel frustrated and be overwhelmed with heat every day, and such a situation wouldn't occur again."

Grandmaster Qing Yang turned to Hall Master Feng and questioned, "Aren’t there many other savage beasts in the Beast Hall which were castrated to avoid trouble?"

"This..." Hall Master Feng hesitated before nodding.

There were plenty of savage beasts in the Beast Hall who were castrated upon birth. This way, its attention wouldn't be diverted to its other needs, and it would be more obedient to its master.

"Alright, this is my diagnosis. You should give it some thought. If you want to go through with it, you should make your decision quickly. It is clear that this fellow will not hold on for long. If you don't resolve the problem soon, I'm afraid that it might not survive even until tomorrow!"

At this point, Grandmaster Qing Yang stopped speaking and stood quietly on the spot as he waited for the others to make their choice.

"Must we do this?"

Hall Master Feng and the others stared at one another in dilemma.

The Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast had been with them since young. They had been together for many years, and the beast tamers had already regarded it as their kin. To castrate it... They really couldn't bring themselves to do it.

Besides, while there were plenty of precedents of savage beasts having been castrated in the Beast Hall, a significant number of them didn't survive the operation and died on the spot.

The Howling Firmament Beast was critically ill, and at this moment, it had already descended into a coma. Conducting such an operation when it wasn't in a good physical condition bore a huge risk to its life.

Besides, a Zongshi realm savage beast possesses wisdom. If they were to infuriate it by doing so, it was likely that it might just leave the Beast Hall permanently. In fact, it might even try to exact vengeance on the Beast Hall, and this would put the Beast Hall at a huge peril.

It wasn’t that there were no precedents to such a situation. There were other Beast Halls who had met with similar situations and castrated a Half-Zongshi savage beast. This infuriated the savage beast, and not only did it leave the Beast Hall, it viewed the personnel of the Beast Hall with enmity and often returned to wreck havoc.

Eventually, the Beast Hall could only dispatch experts to kill it.

It's said that after it was killed, the master of the savage beast cried for three days straight. Due to his excessive grief, his zhenqi dissipated and he died a few days later.

Just like humans, savage beasts have to be respected.

Castrating the other party without informing it is a type of extreme humiliation.

"Grandmaster Qing Yang, is there any other solution? This... really isn't an easy choice!"

After hesitating for a moment, Hall Master Feng asked.

"This is already the best solution to the problem! If you are unwilling to do so, we can just forget the matter. I have already presented my diagnosis and the treatment to you, and it's your choice to go through with it or not. However, if there are any other problems in the future, you don't need to dream of looking for me!" Grandmaster Qing Yang harrumphed in displeasure.

He had presented the root of the problem and the treatment method, yet the other party kept questioning his judgment. Did they not trust his capability as a grandmaster physician?


Upon hearing the other party's words, Hall Master Feng gritted his teeth and decided to go ahead with the other party's solution. However, before he could speak, an impassive voice suddenly echoed in the air.

"In the past, I've heard that inept physicians could kill their patients. Back then, I thought that it was impossible, but to think that I would be seeing one right before me..."

"What did you say?"

Grandmaster Qing Yang burst into an outrage. He turned his head over immediately and saw a youngster standing amidst the crowd, looking at him with a calm expression.

It was the fellow who sneaked forward to touch the Howling Firmament Beast awhile ago.

Zhang Xuan!

"I say that you are an inept physician! If you don't understand what I'm saying..."

With a serious expression, Zhang Xuan said, "It means that you are a fool with inferior medical skills. When you are unable to determine the root of the illness, you make up a random diagnosis using your own imagination!"



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