Chapter 257: What Else Can You Be If Not an Inept Physician?

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"He said that Grandmaster Qing Yang is an inept physician?"

"He said that he is a fool with inferior medical skills?"

Everyone was stunned.

Even Mo Yu, who was resentful against Zhang Xuan, was stunned.

To say that Grandmaster Qing Yang is an inept physician... This is equivalent to insulting the other party's professionalism, and there is no way for reconciliation.

Why in the world is a fellow like you, who is ignorant in the Way of Medicine, acting big?

Even though it wasn't common for a savage beast to be castrated, it wasn't as though it had never happened before. If they don't castrate it, is there any other solution to treating the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast?

"Beast Tamer Zhang..."

Not expecting him to insult Grandmaster Qing Yang all of a sudden, Hall Master Feng's complexion darkened. He immediately turned to Grandmaster Qing Yang and tried to appease him, "Grandmaster Qing Yang, don't get angry. He isn't doing this on purpose..."

"Shut up!"

Grandmaster Qing Yang's expression warped savagely. As though a furious lion, he stared coldly at the young man before him. With a frosty tone, he declared, "I, Qing Yang, have been practicing medicine for more than thirty-nine years. I have saved countless lives and relieved countless people of their ailments. This is the first time I have been insulted by someone like that. Lad, regardless of whether you are a beast tamer or not and who is backing you, if you don't explain yourself clearly today, don't blame me for getting nasty!"


The moment he finished speaking, a powerful aura immediately burst forth from him, reaching even the heavens. It was so powerful and repressive that it forced Yun Tao and the others to retreat continuously.

Grandmaster Qing Yang is a Zongshi expert!

Regardless of occupation, while talent was a factor, one required a cultivation realm that could match up with it. All those who have reached 2-star were mainly Zongshi realm experts. This was also the reason why those who have reached 2-star were termed as grandmasters. This wasn't just a show of respect toward the person's mastery in the occupation, but to the person's cultivation and strength as well.

As the most skilled physician in Beiwu Kingdom, Qing Yang had never suffered such humiliation while practicing his medical art. If not for his sophistication, he would have already lashed out at Zhang Xuan.

"The reason why you've never been insulted... is because you've never met me. If you've met me earlier, you would have long been insulted!"

Despite the other party's intimidation, Zhang Xuan simply looked at him indifferently.

Grandmaster Qing Yang's eyebrows twitched, "Do you think that I dare not kill you?"

"Kill me? Being unable to see through the Howling Firmament Beast's illness, you came up with a nonsensical diagnosis. If it were to be treated as you said, not only will the Howling Firmament Beast not be saved, it will die on the spot... Is this the result of your diagnosis? What else can you be if not an inept physician? And you still want to kill me... Despite erring so severely, you refuse to allow anyone to talk about it. How can one be so thick-skinned?" Zhang Xuan lifted his eyebrows.


Upon hearing those words, Grandmaster Qing Yang was so maddened that he almost spurted a mouthful of blood.

After releasing his full might as a Zongshi realm expert, he thought that the other party would apologize to him fearfully. Yet, not only did Zhang Xuan continue to criticize him boldly, he even reprimanded him for being thick-skinned...

A dignified grandmaster physician getting scolded by a young lad in public. He felt so humiliated that he was about to go insane.

"Do you feel indignant? Fine, I'll explain it to you then!"

Just as Grandmaster Qing Yang was about to fly into a rage, the young man approached and stood before the Howling Firmament Beast.

"The most direct way to determine the age of a Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast is through its teeth. The teeth exposed outside for a mature Howling Firmament Beast will be exactly three chi and three cun. I believe that all beast tamers should know about it, so I need not elaborate more!"

(Three chi and three cun ~1.1m)

Zhang Xuan pointed to the Howling Firmament Beast and said, "The teeth of this fellow are only two chi and seven cun long, proving that it is still some age away from adulthood. If I'm not wrong, it should be only seventeen-year-old. Based on the two hundred years lifespan of a Howling Firmament Beast, it should still be a child... I would like to ask you, how can a prepubescent savage beast possess libido?"

(Two chi and seven cun ~90cm)

Initially, Hall Master Feng and the others thought that Zhang Xuan was just causing trouble. However, after hearing his words, they were all taken aback.

Other people might not know how old this Howling Firmament Beast was, but they were extremely clear of this. Ever since it was an infant, it had been living in the Beast Hall. It had been seventeen years since then. Zhang Xuan's words were completely accurate.

If one didn't know beforehand, it was impossible for one to fathom that a fellow possessing such a gigantic body would be merely seventeen-years-old.

For a savage beast which has a lifespan of two hundred years, it was no different from a seven to eight-year-old human.

"It is a savage beast..." Grandmaster Qing Yang harrumphed. However, before he could finish his words, Zhang Xuan had already interrupted him.

"Don't tell me that the physical condition of a savage beast is different from that of a human, so their physical development is different. If this fellow is truly suffering from excessive libido and craves for a mate, it would only suffer from excessive heat, discomfort, and a fiery temper. Libido causing one to go into a coma like that... Grandmaster Qing Yang, for you to make such a judgment, can it be that... you experience the same phenomenon?"

Zhang Xuan asked.

"That's true!"

"Even if it is overwhelmed by lust, it would only be in discomfort. I have never heard of anyone going into a coma from an overwhelming desire for the female body!"

Everyone was taken aback by Zhang Xuan's words. Finding his explanation logical, they began to mutter in agreement.

It is a physiological need for a mature adult to look for a mate. This isn't applicable to just savages beast, the same goes for humans as well. However, never have they ever heard of a person being stifled to the point of going into a coma just because they were unable to find a girlfriend.

That isn't logical at all!


Grandmaster Qing Yang's face flushed furiously. He wanted to refute Zhang Xuan's words, but he found himself unable to say a single thing. Flinging his sleeves, he harrumphed, "Since you claim that it isn't libido, what do you think caused it to be agitated then? Also, why would it run about as though finding an outlet for its inexhaustible energy during the nights of the full moon?"

"Does being agitated and possessing inexhaustible energy at night mean that it is looking for a mate? What reasoning is that?" Zhang Xuan shook his head. "If that's the reason, why would its appetite dwindle, with nothing able to catch its attention?"

Grandmaster Qing Yang was stumped.

Even if it were looking for a mate, despite being unable to talk as a savage beast, there were plenty of ways for it to express himself. It was truly inexplicable why it would it refuse food and be disinterested in everything.

"From the words of the apprentice, we know that ten days ago, the Howling Firmament Beast merely suffered from a lack of appetite. As the days went by, his condition worsened, and by morning today, it was unable to endure any longer and finally fainted. If it was truly just looking for a mate, it could just fly away. There doesn't seem to be any chains binding it to the Beast Hall, preventing it from flying away!"

The crowd nodded their heads.

The Beast Hall would try to fawn up to that fellow at every available chance, how can they possibly bind it?

If it was truly distressed by the lack of a mate, it could simply fly outward to look for one itself. There was no reason why it should stifle itself in the courtyard to the point of fainting!

Upon hearing his analysis, everyone started to doubt Grandmaster Qing Yang’s diagnosis. They turned to look at him with a bizarre expression.

"Then... What do you say it is?"

Grandmaster Qing Yang's complexion paled. He realized that he had neglected many details, and at this moment, his rage had already vanished. Unable to hold himself back, he asked.

"Since it's not seeking a mate, the answer is simple... The Howling Firmament Beast is either truly critically ill or is plagued by some other problem!" Zhang Xuan surveyed the crowd. "Everyone, you should look at the claw of the Howling Firmament Beast."

"Different from the usual eagle-type savage beast, the Howling Firmament Beast has a thick layer of flesh covering its claws, similar to human feet. Under normal conditions, the claw should be greenish-gold in color. However, at this moment, red veins can be seen within the flesh."

Everyone immediately turned to look at the claw of the Howling Firmament Beast. Taking a closer look, they realized that there were really blood-red veins.

The veins were extremely thin, similar to the capillaries in a human's body. If one didn't pay careful attention to it, it was easy to neglect.

"Most savage beasts have a meat crown, and the Howling Firmament Beast isn't an exception either. Under normal circumstances, the meat crown would be slightly red. However, it is slightly pale at the moment. Even though it is inconspicuous, it remains visible to the eye." Zhang Xuan said.

Everyone quickly looked over, and it was exactly as Zhang Xuan said.

"What kind of illness is this?"

Zhang Xuan's ability to point out the numerous inconspicuous symptoms on the Howling Firmament Beast had convinced the crowd of his judgment. Unable to hold himself back, Hall Master Feng asked immediately.

"In a sense, it isn't really an illness. In fact, I should congratulate Hall Master Feng."

Zhang Xuan smiled.

"Congratulate? Why would you congratulate me?"

Hall Master Feng was stunned.

The Howling Firmament Beast was still in a coma, and it was hard to tell whether its life was still in danger or not. Furthermore, if you know the cause of the problem, you should know the solution as well. Such congratulatory words should only be said after it rises from its coma, why would you say it now?

"If I'm not wrong, the Howling Firmament Beast is probably undergoing Bloodline Evolution!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Bloodline Evolution? How... How is that possible?"

Hall Master Feng was stunned. The rest of the crowd also found Zhang Xuan's words inconceivable.

The Bloodline Evolution of a savage beast was similar to a mutation in the genes, it was extremely rare. Furthermore, without a trigger, it was impossible for it to happen.

The trigger could be the absorption of an even purer blood essence or the consumption of precious herbs...

However, the Howling Firmament Beast didn't appear to have experienced any of the two.

Furthermore, a Bloodline Evolution shouldn't have caused the Howling Firmament Beast to descend into a coma, as though it had fallen into critical illness.

Seeing the disbelief in everyone's eyes, Zhang Xuan chuckled and turned to Hall Master Feng, "Half a month ago, did the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast visit a location dense in yin energy?"

"This... Half a month ago, it ferried a person to the Yin Tempest Valley!" The one who replied was Beast Tamer Wang.

He was the one who drove the beast there, so he remembered the details clearly.

"The Yin Tempest Valley is dense in yin energy, and an extremely potent yin attribute fruit called Yin Tempest Fruit grows there. It has the ability to raise the cultivation of a person whose physical constitution is aligned toward the yin. If I'm not wrong, the person probably presented this fruit as payment!" Zhang Xuan said.

"That's right!" Beast Tamer Wang nodded.

One could pay the fee for the Beast Mount through gold coins or rare herbs.

The Yin Tempest Fruit was an extremely well-known commodity, and it was worth a fortune. Furthermore, it was the kind of product which rarely appeared in the market, and one might not be able to buy it even if one had money. Naturally, Beast Tamer Wang accepted his payment.

"The cause of the incident is the Yin Tempest Fruit!"

Zhang Xuan smiled, "Everyone should be aware of the gender of the Howling Firmament Beast, male. As such, it has overwhelming yang attribute within its body. After consuming the Yin Tempest Fruit, the yin and yang clashed with one another. Even so, the worst that would have happened to it was discomfort. Given its gigantic physique, it was just a matter of time before it tides through the period! However, at this point, you fed it Spirit Rejuvenation Water."

"The Spirit Rejuvenation Water calms one's mind, revitalizes one's spirit, and eases one's agitation. The main ingredient in it is [Fermented Mother Grass]."

"This is a neutral medicinal herb which served as a mediating factor. Logically speaking, no matter how many of it one consumed, it wouldn't cause any adverse effect. However, it just happened that the property of this herb clashes with the nature of the Yin Tempest Fruit. Upon contact, the yin aura of the Yin Tempest Fruit is amplified by more than three times. These two happened to be the main ingredients required for the forging of [Unravel Yang Pill], and it is extremely potent in awakening yang attribute physical constitutions."

Zhang Xuan continued, "It was due to the stimulating of the yang attribute within the body of the Howling Firmament Beast that it was unable to sleep at night and possess inexhaustible energy, as though afflicted with overwhelming libido!"

"If this was only it, it would have been able to tide through the matter. As long as the yin and yang within its body achieve a balance, the problem would be resolved. However, it is a pity that... Hall Master Feng had someone feed it two [Heat Dissipation Pill]

At this point, Zhang Xuan shook his head in pity. "The Heat Dissipation Grass contains the Arctic Grass, and the Arctic Grass dispels yang flames within one's body... The yang energy within the Howling Firmament Beast was stimulated when it was fed this. Not to mention, it had consumed two at once. That is equivalent to throwing ice cubes onto a fire seedling... With the clash of hot and cold within its body, it is already extremely fortunate that it didn't die on the spot!"

Honestly speaking, the Howling Firmament Beast was truly a pitiful soul. Initially, it would have been able to recover on its own after resting for a few days. Yet, under the kind intentions of those around it, it was sent to the brink of death.

And yet, they claimed that they were trying to treat it... More like murdering it!

The complexion of Hall Master Feng and the other beast tamers immediately turned awful.

Clearly, they hadn’t expected that the condition of the Howling Firmament Beast was a result of them... feeding the wrong medication!

"Try recalling the matter. Is it after feeding the medication that the condition of the Howling Firmament Beast slowly deteriorated?" Zhang Xuan continued asking.

"Yes..." Recalling the words of the beast tamer apprentice, everyone couldn't help but nod in agreement.

That was indeed the case.

No one could have imagined that feeding it a common medication would cause such adverse side effects.

"Currently, the yang energy is currently in conflict with the yin aura within its body. If you were to castrate it right now, the yang energy would be quenched and the yin energy would overwhelm it. In less than two hours, it would breathe its last!"

At this point, Zhang Xuan turned to Grandmaster Qing Yang and said, "This is also the reason why I said that you are an inept physician. If the treatment is carried out as you've said, not only will the Howling Firmament Beast not be saved, it would have already become a corpse by now."


Grandmaster Qing Yang felt his body turn cold. As a 2-star physician, he had an in-depth knowledge in the Way of Medicine. The other party's deduction was logical and backed up by facts, to the point that he was unable to pick any flaws with it at all. It was as though the other party has witnessed the entire scene for himself, and he couldn't help but feel admiration for the other party's capability. He felt that there was a need for him to refute the other party's words to protect his reputation, but he couldn't find a word to say.

"Then, what about the Bloodline Evolution you spoke about previously?"

Afraid that Grandmaster Qing Yang would be put in a difficult position, Hall Master Feng quickly interjected and changed the topic.

"Once the stimulated yang energy within its body stabilizes, it will undergo a Bloodline Evolution. On the other hand, if it fails to strikes a balance between the yin and yang, it would die. That's to say, if the Howling Firmament Beast is able to survive this ordeal, its cultivation will reach new heights. If not, death awaits."

"Then... Is there any way to help it?" Hall Master Feng asked anxiously.

"Of course there is. However... I will need the help of an apothecary." Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before saying.

"Mo Yu xiaojie is an official apothecary. She can help you." Yun Tao hurriedly said.

Everyone's gazes shot toward Mo Yu immediately.

"I am willing to help. What do I have to do?" Mo Yu placed her hands behind her back confidently.

Even though she didn't like the fellow before her, she wanted to help save the Howling Firmament Beast.

Besides, even though she was inferior to the other party in the other aspects, this provided her an opportunity to showcase her talents as an apothecary and cleanse herself of her past shame.

Aren’t you an incredible beast tamer, the senior of master teachers, and a capable physician?

I may not be able to compare to you in these fields, but at the very least, I am able to forge pills!

At the very least, I'm a 1-star apothecary!

Thus, she proudly stepped out from the crowd and asked the other party what she should do. Yet, she was welcomed with a frown and a questioning tone.

"You... can you forge pills?"


Mo Yu staggered. She nearly exploded upon hearing those words.

Can't you say anything good?

I am a 1-star apothecary, of course, I can forge pills!

How can one become an apothecary without being able to forge pills?

Even though she knew that this fellow couldn't speak any good words, she didn't expect him to be so hateful.

Gritting her teeth, her breathing hastened, and her chest expanded and contracted rapidly. "Have you ever seen an apothecary who is unable to forge pills?"

"I have..." Zhang Xuan nodded. "I was worried that you passed the apothecary examination through Pill Debate. If so, you probably won't be able to forge pills..."

"Pill Debate? Only those who have reached a high mastery in the Way of Pills are capable of passing the examination!"

Reverence brimmed in Mo Yu's eyes, "All of the seniors who managed to pass the Pill Debate are amazing talents, and yet, you say that they are unable to forge pills? What a joke! If you were to say such words in the Apothecary Guild, you will surely be beaten to death..."

Before she could finish her words, the young man before her silently took out an apothecary emblem and pinned it on his shirt. While scratching his head, an awkward expression appeared on his face.

"I am the type of senior you are talking about, and I happen to be unable to forge pills..."



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