Chapter 259: Cauldron Explosion

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"Cauldron explosion?"

Hall Master Feng and the others could not help but clench their fists.

Cauldron explosion is the most fearsome event an apothecary can encounter during pill forging. It is usually due to an apothecary failing to control the energy contained by the medicinal herbs, causing the process to turn violent and uncontrollable.

The moment an explosion happens, the medicinal herbs within, as well as the entire cauldron, will be ruined. The apothecary might also get injured by the impact of the explosion.

The higher the grade of a pill, the more violent the energy contained within, and the higher its tendency to explode during the pill forging process.

If Mo Yu were a 2-star apothecary and that her cultivation had reached Zongshi realm, given her own strength and her grasp over medicinal herbs, she might have been able to suppress the raging strength contained in the cauldron forcefully. But at this moment, the entire cauldron was swaying violently, and it seemed as though it would blow at any moment. It was clear that it was too late to reverse the cauldron explosion.

"Is this is a failure?" Hall Master Feng's complexion looked awful.

He knew how important the Searing Sun Pill was to the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast. If the pill was successfully forged and fed, the yang attribute energy in its body would be augmented. This would increase the chances of it successfully achieving a Bloodline Evolution and raise its strength significantly.

On the other hand, if the pill forging fails, the chances of the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast overcoming its current crisis would be low. Once it fails, it would be difficult for it to ever wake up and only death awaits it.

Before, with Beast Tamer Zhang guiding Mo Yu to forge the pills, he had carried a sliver of hope. However, looking at the rocking cauldron, he reckoned that it was all over.

The cauldron would definitely explode, and the pill would be ruined.

It was an unchangeable fact.

"It's over..."

Not expecting such a situation to occur, Yun Tao's face paled.

Even though it hadn't been long since he met this young man, his confident smile and his ability to achieve the impossible had long left a deep impression in his mind.

Will this seemingly omnipotent Elder Zhang Xuan fail in this pill forging?

"Who asked you to act so haughtily? You're getting what you deserved!"

Distinct from the tense looks on others’ faces, Zhou Xuan and Zhu Jinhuang exchanged gazes and sneered coldly.

Weren't you bragging just now that nothing would go wrong with your guidance...


Now that there's a cauldron explosion, I would like to see how you explain yourself later on.

Despite being a brat, you kept acting as though you know everything. See how we'll mock you later on!


Oblivious to the tension in the air, Zhang Xuan frowned.

This Mo Yu is simply too unreliable. To think that her attention would waver at such a crucial timing.

It is a wonder how she became an apothecary.

Even though she was early by just half a breath, that half a breath was more than sufficient to destroy the balance which he had sustained with great difficulty.

It caused a vast difference in the results.

Formidable apothecaries were capable of using their own strength to forcefully suppress the violent reaction between medicinal herbs. However, Mo Yu was only a 1-star apothecary, and her strength and capability didn't allow her to do so. Thus, Zhang Xuan could only ensure a balance among the various herbs to forge the pill. Yet, a mistake occurred, and if he didn't salvage the situation quickly, all of his previous hard work would go to vain.

"Calm your mind, don't panic and don't retreat!"

Seeing that the cauldron was on the verge of exploding, Mo Yu instinctively tried to retreat. With a darkened complexion, Zhang Xuan bellowed at her.

She mustn't back down at this point. The moment she leaves her spot, the medicinal properties in the cauldron would spiral out of control and an explosion would definitely occur.


Mo Yu's face turned red.

"Why? Are you scared? If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have asked for your help. If only I had looked for another apprentice apothecary, such a situation wouldn't have occurred!" Zhang Xuan harrumphed coldly.

"You..." Mo Yu was enraged.

She was a proud and competitive person. That was also the reason why she was able to take on so many different occupations at once and achieve great accomplishments in them, thus becoming the genius in the eyes of others.

Initially, when she saw that the cauldron would explode at any time, she was hesitant to continue the pill forging. However, when she heard the other party say that looking for her to forge the pill for him was a mistake on his part and that even an apprentice would do better than her, her anger peaked.

If she were to back down now, wouldn't she be ridiculed by the other fellow later on?

Gritting her teeth, she forcefully held herself in place. "What do we do now?"

Seeing that his provocation had worked, Zhang Xuan instructed, "Throw the remaining White Sun Leaf and Turbid Solar Vine in together!"

"Throw all of them in?"

Mo Yu was taken aback. The energy was already running rampant, and if she were to throw in the remaining yang attribute medicinal herbs in, wouldn't that just cause the explosion to be even more violent?

Who in the world forges a pill like this...

At the very most, under the current situation, only the cauldron would be destroyed. If she were to throw these two herbs in, not only would the cauldron explode, the violent and searing heat from within would deal her a severe injury!

Could it be that this fellow is seeking vengeance...

"Hurry up!" Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up.


Not expecting the other party to bellow at her, her face darkened. Gritting her teeth, she made up her resolution.

If I die from this, so be it!

At the very least, this is much better than being mocked by that fellow!

Agreeing to it, she flicked her wrist and threw the two remaining yang attribute medicinal herb into the cauldron.


As she expected, the moment the two yang attribute medicinal herbs were thrown in, the cauldron began to shake even more violently.

Before, if it only looked as if the cauldron might explode, at this moment, everyone was hundred percent sure that it would explode.

This was because the cauldron was obviously nearing the limits of its durability. Cracks had started to appear on its walls.

"Everyone, back away..."

With a dignified expression, Hall Master Feng's zhenqi billowed and created a barrier before himself.

Knowing the danger of a cauldron explosion, everyone else also retreated hurriedly.

As though facing a dangerous enemy, all of them stood on their guards.

Geji, geji!

The cracks grew larger and larger, and the violent aura grew increasingly vigorous. It seemed that the cauldron was unable to take any further pressure.

"Add in the Green Toad Grass and the Crepe Myrtle Flower..."

Without the slightest panic, Zhang Xuan continued instructing.

Knowing that she had no other choice than to listen to the other party's words, Mo Yu swiftly grabbed the mediating medicinal herbs that Zhang Xuan spoke of and threw them in.

At this moment, all of the medicinal herbs required for the Searing Sun Pill had been fully thrown into the cauldron.

The addition of the herbs resulted in the cauldron rocking even more violently. The scorching heat waves caused even the air to distort. At this sight, everyone subconsciously wiped away the cold sweat on their forehead, and anxiety gripped their hearts.

"Raise the intensity of the fire by a single fold!" Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Raise the intensity of the fire?"

Mo Yu clenched her fists tightly together.

The cauldron was on the verge of exploding, yet Zhang Xuan ordered her to raise the intensity of the fire. It was comparable to adding fuel to explosives!

Even so, having made up her mind, she decided to go through with it without care for the result. Zhenqi furiously surged from her palms into the flames.

Xiong xiong!

Triggered by Mo Yu's zhenqi, the flames grew by a single fold immediately. The searing flames embraced the entire cauldron.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The cauldron had been pushed to its limits by the violent reaction among the medicinal herbs, so how could it survive this abrupt rise in temperature? A series of cracking sounds echoed and a slight crack crept along the surface of the entire cauldron immediately...

"It's exploding!"

Someone exclaimed. The next moment, the cracked cauldron gave way. Boom! A powerful explosion occurred.

Strong heat waves gushed into the surroundings, and fragments of the originally sturdy cauldron flew in all directions.

"It's over..."

Mo Yu, who was still in the midst of infusing zhenqi into the cauldron, hadn’t expected the explosion to come so suddenly. Caught off guard, she didn't even have the time to react when a powerful pressure came gushing straight toward her.

Amidst the intense outward pressure were cauldron fragments. If she were to be struck by any of it, despite her powerful cultivation, she would be severely injured.

"It's over. I'm really going to die because of that fellow..."

Mo Yu shuddered. Knowing that it was impossible for her to escape at this point, she drove her zhenqi to protect her vitals.


She was thinking that she would be severely injured this time round when a figure suddenly appeared before her.

Boom boom boom!

The violent shock wave burst forth vigorously, but the figure before her didn't budge in the least. As though an immovable mountain, he took all of the impact himself.

"Zhang Xuan..."

At this point, she recognized the fellow to be the one whom she had resented all along.

At the moment of the explosion, he rushed to her front to shield her from the impact...

Her eyes reddened slightly.

Even though this fellow spoke words that sounded awful, he was warm-hearted within.

The trio, Zhu Jinhuang, Zhou Xuan, and Yun Tao, declared that they would do everything for her. Yet, at such a crucial period, they simply watched from the side. Instead, it was this foul-mouthed fellow who shielded her.


Soon, the dust settled. At this moment, the towering cauldron had already been reduced to pieces after pieces of shattered metal. The coal within spilled onto the floor.

Zhang Xuan was standing right before the cauldron, shielding Mo Yu from the brunt of the explosion. His appearance was unkempt... His clothes were tattered and his face was charred black.

"Are you alright?" Hall Master Feng and the others walked over.

"I'm okay!" Zhang Xuan smiled.

Possessing the Heaven's Path Golden Body and Heaven's Path zhenqi, his defensive capability was nowhere beneath that of steel. While the might of the explosion was incredible, he had only sustained superficial wounds.

"It's good that you're alright... It's impossible to forge it, I'll send someone to Beixu Kingdom to render the service of Apothecary Wang Xing." Hall Master Feng consoled.

Wang Xing was the guild leader of Beixu Kingdom's Apothecary Guild and was a 2-star pinnacle apothecary.

Usually, it would be difficult for anyone to employ his services. But Hall Master Feng had some ties with him and furthermore, they were of equal standing, so it wouldn’t be too hard to obtain his assistance.

"There's no need..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head. Just as he was about to explain the situation, Zhu Jinuang and Zhou Xuan hurried forward to help Mo Yu up. They had concerned looks on their faces.

"Mo Yu xiaojie, are you injured..."

Seeing them rush over, a disappointed expression flashed across Mo Yu's face. She quickly shook her head.

Zhang Xuan had taken the brunt of the impact from the cauldron explosion for her, so she didn't sustain any physical injuries. Rather, she was only alarmed by the force of the explosion.

"It’s all this fellow's fault! What about guiding you to forge pills, he spoke as if he is so incredible. Yet, what happened in the end? Not only did the cauldron explode, Mo Yu xiaojie was almost injured! Are you sure that you can take responsibility if something happens to her?"

"Pill forging isn't a child's play, it's not like one can simply guide another. Do you really take yourself to be a master teacher? Even a master teacher wouldn't dare to claim that they would be able to guide a 1-star apothecary to forge a grade-2 pill. You should really learn some humility!"

Seeing how their goddess didn't say anything, the duo felt even more furious. They immediately turned to Zhang Xuan and began to criticize him.

"Shut up!"

She was already disappointed by the actions of the duo. Upon seeing them harping on this issue, she felt her anger escalate. Thus, her complexion darkened and she lashed out at them.

"Mo Yu xiaojie..."

The duo was just trying to speak up for her, so they didn't expect that they would agitate her further. They were about to explain themselves to their goddess when they saw her walk to Zhang Xuan with an apologetic look. "It's my fault that the pill forging failed. If it's possible, I can do it once more. This time, I promise you that my attention will not waver!"

"Don't worry about it!" Zhang Xuan casually waved.

"Thank you for standing in front of me and shielding me from the impact of the exploding cauldron. I've never had a man treat me this way before. I understand your intentions..." Seeing the casual look on the other party, Mo Yu felt even more guilty.

"Cough cough, wait a moment! You're mistaking something... I wasn’t shielding you from the impact of the exploding cauldron!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head. Stretching out his hand, a few round pills could be seen in his palm, "I was just collecting the freshly forged pills!"



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