Chapter 260: Half-Zhizun

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"Freshly forged pills?"

Mo Yu was taken aback. With quivering lips, she asked, "Can it be that... is the forging a success?"

Due to the explosion of the cauldron, everyone thought that it was a failure. However, Zhang Xuan carried in his hands round pills which exuded a powerful yang attribute aura. What else could those pills be other than the Searing Sun Pill?

"A success?"

"How is that possible?"

With Mo Yu's exclamation, everyone turned their attention to the pills in Zhang Xuan's hands and upon seeing the pills in his hands, turned dumbfounded one by one.

What is going on?

To think that... pills were actually formed!

Zhu Jinhuang and Zhou Xuan's body stiffened, and they felt as though they had been slapped in their faces.

They had just criticized the other party for attempting something beyond his means, and in the next moment, he whipped out these pills...

Even the cauldron had been blown into smithereens, where could this stuff have come from?

If not for the fact that the pills had a lustrous appearance and were emanating heat, which screamed that they were freshly out of the cauldron, the crowd would have suspected if he had prepared these pills beforehand to play out this act.

"Didn't the cauldron explode? Your pills..."

Trembling, Zhu Jinhuang asked.

The others in the room also swiftly turned their heads over. Unable to believe the sight before them, they experienced fainting spells.

"Who says that it is impossible for pills to be successfully forged in the case of a cauldron explosion?" Zhang Xuan lifted his eyebrows.

"Is it possible for pills to be formed even with a cauldron explosion?"

Everyone felt faint.

It was common knowledge that a cauldron explosion was a sign of the failure of a pill forging process. Yet, this fellow broke all preconceptions. Despite the broken cauldron, the pill remained completely intact. What in the world happened?

"What is going on?"

Hall Master Feng couldn't help but ask.

As the hall master of the Beast Hall, he had come across by all sorts of bizarre happenings. Even so, he had never heard of such a thing.

"The cauldron merely acts as an intermediary for pill forging. The main factors that result in the formation of the pill are the flames and the medicinal herbs!"

Seeing that everyone's eyes were widened in disbelief, Zhang Xuan explained.

"Earlier, because Mo Yu xiaojie placed in a medicinal herb at the wrong timing, the medicinal properties within the cauldron clashed, resulting in the violent reaction. Even so, at the very last moment, right before the moment of the explosion, the rise in heat forced the pills to form successfully."

If the other party had followed his instructions strictly, she would surely have been able to successfully forge the Searing Sun Pill without any mishap. However, Mo Yu's attention wandered at a crucial moment, resulting in a mistake.

Even so, as long as Mo Yu continued forging the pill, the book in the Library of Heaven's Path would continue to refresh itself. Thus, he chose not to give up, and instead, continued instructing to her, trying to avoid all mistakes in the process. Even though the cauldron eventually exploded, the pills were formed at the very last moment.

"The pills formed at the moment of explosion?"


Everyone stared at one another in a frenzy.

The situation sounded even more incredulous after hearing the explanation.

How did you know that the pills had formed given that it was in the cauldron then?

Furthermore, to form them at the moment of explosion... How much mastery does one need to possess over medicinal herbs in order to do this?

Just when everyone thought he was only skilled in beast taming, he stood out and showcased his medical knowledge; just when everyone thought that possessing some medical knowledge should be the real limit of his abilities, he ran forward and declared that he was an apothecary...

Fine, we'll accept that you are an apothecary. After all, while it's rare, it's not impossible for one to be skilled in multiple occupations. Yet... You don't know how to forge pills.

Fine, we'll take that as well.

However... Despite being unable to forge pills yourself, you are able to guide a 1-star apothecary to successfully forge a grade-2 pill. Furthermore, for the pill to be formed at the moment of the explosion... This is inconceivable!

People often said that geniuses are eccentric. However... Aren't you being too eccentric!

Each and every single time, you exceed all of our expectations and accomplish the unthinkable!

"Even though the cauldron exploded, because the pills were within the cauldron, they managed to survive the primary impact. However, if I didn't swiftly rush forward to guard them, the shock wave from the explosion would still reduce the pills to powder. Thus, I rushed forward to grab the pills at the moment of the explosion. It is fortunate that I managed to make it in time!"

Zhang Xuan explained. Then, he turned to Mo Yu, and with an earnest look, he said, "The reason why I charged forward was really to save the pills. Because you were apothecary, when the pills form, they would definitely fly in your direction. Thus, standing before you was the ideal location to catch it. Please do not misunderstand, I really didn't mean to save you..."


Seeing the other party explaining the situation to her earnestly, Mo Yu's face twitched. Rage surged through her trembling body, and she nearly exploded.

When she saw the other party charging forward to protect without care for his personal safety, she was incredibly moved. Yet, now with Zhang Xuan's words, the goodwill she held for him vanished without a single trace.

Damn it!

Can't you say anything good?

To have won the favor of a beautiful lady by mistake, even if it wasn't one's original intention to do so, one would usually accept it politely. Yet, Zhang Xuan was in a rush to deny the fact, as though it would blemish his reputation...

No matter what, she is a top beauty, and, not to mention, is the princess of a Tier 1 Kingdom.

To be in such a rush to deny the matter... What do you mean by that?

Are you saying that I am not worthy of you? Or do you find my looks repulsive?

Mo Yu gritted her teeth angrily. If she didn't know that she wasn’t a match for him, she would have long stepped forward in an attempt to give him a good bashing.

Taking a few deep breaths, she forcefully suppressed the anger within her heart. Then with tightly clenched jaws, she said, "I'm the princess of Tianwu Kingdom, and I won't owe anyone a favor. No matter what, you saved me. So, feel free to speak of anything you want!"

"That's to say... I'll receive a reward for saving you?" Zhang Xuan was stunned.

"That's right!" Mo Yu spat out.

"So that's the case!"

Putting on a serious expression, he said grandly, "Actually, it was because I noticed your precarious situation that I rushed forward despite the personal risks. As for the pill... That was of secondary concern! Saving you was my greatest priority. Look, I've even sustained injuries on your behalf. Honestly, I won't mind if you pay me ten million or so. Otherwise, some pills for the wounds would do..."

"..." Mo Yu.

"..." Hall Master Feng and the others.

They've seen shameless people, but they've never seen such a shameless one.

Mo Yu was so infuriated that she nearly breathed her last.

After so much commotion, despite being a princess of a powerful country, the verdict was that her value was beneath that of gold and silver to the other party...

"What should we do now that the pill has been forged? Do we feed it directly to the Howling Firmament Beast?"

Hall Master Feng's mouth twitched. Seeing that Mo Yu was on the verge of tears, he quickly interjected and changed the topic to avoid the awkward situation.

He was afraid that if he allowed things to progress like that, this princess of a Tier 1 Kingdom would die from anger.

"Oh, dissolve it in water and force it down the Howling Firmament Beast using zhenqi."

Zhang Xuan passed forward a Searing Sun Pill over. Then, he kept the remaining two into his storage ring.


Upon hearing Zhang Xuan's instructions, Hall Master Feng dissolved the pill in water anxiously and fed it to the unconscious Howling Firmament Beast.


As the medicinal fluid entered the body of the Howling Firmament Beast, a sound reminiscent to the roar of lightning reverberated. Its body began to emanate a wave of heat, just like a pot of oil that has been set on fire.

Pi li pa la!

Soon, the noise of the cracking of bones sounded. The massive physique of the Howling Firmament Beast grew and expanded once more, and it became just like an insurmountable mountain.


The massive savage beast opened its eyes abruptly and released a long howl. The clouds parted immediately, and its voice shook the entire valley.

Feeling its intimidating presence, all savage beasts fell silent immediately and trembled in fear.

"Is this... Half-Zhizun?"

"He leapt straight from Zongshi realm to Half-Zhizun?"

Hall Master Feng's lips quivered in agitation. On the other hand, Beast Tamer Lu and the others widened their eyes in disbelief.

They knew that the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast would grow significantly stronger after undergoing the Bloodline Evolution, but they didn't think that it would be able to surpass Zongshi realm immediately to reach Half-Zhizun!

Zhizun realm was the highest realm of a fighter. The strength of a Zhizun realm expert was several folds greater than that of a Zongshi realm cultivator, and every single Zhizun expert stood at the very top of the pyramid.

As a Half-Zhizun, the Howling Firmament Beast had yet to take the final step into the realm. Even so, it wasn’t far from it.

Even in Tier 1 Tianwu Kingdom, an expert of this level was considered as a national trump card!

With such a powerful savage beast in Xuanluo Mountain Range, the standing of the entire branch would rise exponentially.

"His words are right..."

Grandmaster Qing Yang's complexion paled, and he staggered a few steps back.

While the other party's words sounded logical, he had remained a little doubtful. However, upon witnessing the situation, the answer couldn't be any more clear to him.

The other party's conjecture was completely true. The Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast had fallen into a coma due to the clash of differing attributes within its body. If they were to have really treated it using the method he had proposed, instead of making a breakthrough to Half-Zhizun, this powerful savage beast would have been dead by now.

As a 2-star physician, he had treated countless people. He didn't expect that he would make such a grievous mistake because of a savage beast. In an instant, he looked as though he had aged a decade, and the imposing aura from when he first arrived faded into thin air.

"For a fellow who hasn't reached twenty to be able to see through the root of the illness of the Howling Firmament Beast with a glance and guide a 1-star apothecary to forge a grade-2 pinnacle pill..."

Grandmaster Qing Yang's lips trembled uncontrollably as he turned to look at Zhang Xuan.

The more he looked at him, the more he found the situation unbelievable.

Putting him aside, even the famous Liu shi of Beiwu Kingdom wasn't capable of such a feat.

As long as such a person doesn't die, he would definitely become so well known in time, his name resounding throughout the world.

"Young lad, what's your name?"

Unable to hold himself back, he walked forward and asked.

"My name?" Zhang Xuan glanced at him. "I am an incompetent nobody!"

"Incompetent nobody?"

Grandmaster Qing Yang froze.

Previously, when the other party touched the Howling Firmament Beast, he insulted him as an 'incompetent nobody', and demanded for Hall Master Feng to chase him out... To think that the other party would return those words to him now.

The Beast Hall specially invited him to treat the Howling Firmament Beast, but not only did he fail to do so, he nearly killed it. On the other hand, not only did the youngster who he called an incompetent nobody cure the beast of its illness, he even helped it break through and achieve Half-Zhizun...

At this moment, all Grandmaster Qing Yang could feel was a burning sensation on his face. Unable to remain here for a second longer, he said, "Hall Master Feng, Beast Tamer Lu, and Beast Tamer Wang, I'll be taking my leave!"

After saying so, not even getting onto the savage beast he arrived on, he left the Beast Hall.

This time, he had truly made a fool of himself. He felt too embarrassed to remain any further.


Seeing how Zhang Xuan sent a grandmaster physician leaving in shame, everyone's mouth twitched.

This fellow may seem to be casual and light-hearted, but when someone steps on his toes, he becomes fearsome monster.

They wouldn't doubt it if someone said that he had killed a person with his words before!

"Beast Tamer Liu, go and send off Grandmaster Qing Yang!"

Hall Master Feng didn't expect Zhang Xuan to reply in such a manner. Smiling bitterly, he shook his head and made arrangements for the grandmaster physician.

In any case, Zhang Xuan was still young and, not to mention, he was capable. It was natural for him to retaliate when someone insulted him.

"Yes!" The elder rushed out immediately.

Even though Grandmaster Qing Yang had misdiagnosed the Howling Firmament Beast, it didn't mean that he was incompetent. On top of that, he specialized in treating humans rather than savage beasts. Furthermore, which physician could ensure that every single one of their diagnosis was accurate?

Even a 9-star physician would be unable to achieve that.

There are many different kind of bizarre illnesses in the world. No one would dare to claim that they've seen all of the illness there is in the world and that they can treat all kinds of sickness.


Soon after Beast Tamer Lu left, the aura of the Howling Firmament Beast finally hit a ceiling and stopped rising. Turning around its gigantic head, its gaze fell on Zhang Xuan. Then with a roar, it walked to him, lowered its head, and rubbed it against him.

"Is this... Voluntary Submission?"

Even though the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast was raised by the Beast Hall, it had never submitted to anyone.

Yet, at this instant, it actually took the initiative to submit to Zhang Xuan. The eyeballs of all beast tamers on the scene popped out immediately, and they were just a slight push away from fainting.

This was especially so for Hall Master Feng. His entire body trembled, and he was on the verge of tears.

He was just thinking that the Beast Hall could rise to greater heights with a Half-Zhizun savage beast backing it, yet this savage beast chose to submit to someone else. The moment it leaves with its owner... Without a backing, how could the Beast Hall rise?

"You wish to submit to me?"

Zhang Xuan was stunned for a moment before he realized the intentions of the Howling Firmament Beast.

Most likely, this fellow found out that it was Zhang Xuan who saved it after waking up and decided to acknowledge Zhang Xuan as its master out of gratitude.


It just happened that Zhang Xuan was unsatisfied with the Viridescent Eagle's speed. Since the Howling Firmament Beast had reached Half-Zhizun, its speed should be sufficient to meet his expectations.

With a tap of his finger, a droplet of blood flew into the mouth of the Howling Firmament Beast.

The other party's intention to submit to him could be felt immediately.

It was exactly as Zhang Xuan had guessed. The Howling Firmament Beast found out that someone nearly castrated it, and that it was Zhang Xuan who saved its life and helped it achieve a breakthrough, that's why it chose to submit to him.

After choosing a master, it could communicate with its master if anything happens. At the very least, it wouldn't be put into such danger in the future.


Upon realizing these, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

On this trip to the Beast Hall, he had tamed three savage beasts and even became a 1-star beast tamer. This was a huge gain for Zhang Xuan.

"Ah, right! Hall Master Feng, how does the 2-star beast tamer examination go? I asked you this question previously, but you've only answered half of it and..."

Suddenly recalling a matter, Zhang Xuan could not help but ask.

Previously, after he inquired how the 2-star beast tamer examination worked, Grandmaster Qing Yang happened to arrive. Due to the urgent matter at hand, Hall Master Feng rushed off immediately, and the session ended abruptly. Since the issue had been settled, the Hall Master was free and Zhang Xian could clarify his doubts and decide whether he should take the 2-star examination.

Even though he already possessed this Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast, it would be a waste to allow this opportunity to take the 2-star beast tamer examination slip him by. Besides, there might come a time when he would need to borrow Zongshi realm Beast Mounts from other Beast Halls.

"For the 2-star beast tamer examination..."

Hall Master Feng shook his head, "There's no need for you to take it!"

"There's no need for me to take the examination?"

"Yes, that's because... you've already passed the examination! You're already a 2-star beast tamer!"

Hall Master Feng flashed a bitter smile.



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