Chapter 261: Beast Taming Competition

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"Passed the examination?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed by his answer. "When did I even... take the examination?"

Before the other party could finish his words about the 2-star examination, the issue of the Howling Firmament Beast came up. Zhang Xuan didn't even know what the 2-star beast tamer examination was about, so how did he... suddenly pass the examination?

"The 2-star beast tamer examination is significantly easier than the 1-star examination. One just has to tame a Zongshi realm savage beast... Given that the Howling Firmament Beast has submitted to you, you have already met the criteria for promotion!"

Beast Tamer Lu said.

"Ah... It's that simple?" Zhang Xuan was dumbfounded.

He had to run about and undergo a Pill Discourse for the 1-star examination. He hadn't expected the 2-star examination to be so easy and straightforward.

Upon hearing his words, everyone became speechless.

Savage beasts who managed to reach Zongshi realm possess their own pride and do not submit easily to humans. This could be clearly seen from the fact that the Howling Firmament Beast had never submitted to anyone, even when Hall Master Feng and the others had taken care of it for more than a decade.

Zhang Xuan only happened to earn its gratitude by treating it when it was in a dire state, thus prompting its submission. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for one to tame a Zongshi realm beast so easily under normal conditions.

"Beast Tamer Zhang, I'm afraid that your 2-star beast tamer emblem won't be ready by today. At the earliest, I can only deliver it to you tomorrow. Why don't you remain here today? I also have something that I would like to discuss with you!"

Hall Master Feng smiled.

"This..." Zhang Xuan hesitated.

"The Howling Firmament Beast has reached Half-Zhizun, so its speed has increased tremendously. Even though the Red Lotus Ridge may be far, you can reach in two days. Besides, it's also getting dark, so it would be good for you to rest here for the night as well."

Hall Master Feng persuaded.

"Alright then!"

Lifting his head, Zhang Xuan realized that the sky had dimmed unknowingly while he was busy, and it was already nearing sunset. Thus, he nodded in agreement.

"Alright, Beast Tamer Zhang, this way."

Seeing the other party agree to the matter, Hall Master Feng was delighted. He immediately ushered him along.

"Let's go!" Zhang Xuan nodded and followed behind him.

Since the commotion had come to an end, the crowd gradually dispersed from the scene.


"Are you saying that... not only did Beast Tamer Zhang treat the Howling Firmament Beast but also tamed it?"

"And he treated an illness which even Grandmaster Qing Yang is incapable of solving?"

"You must be joking with me, surely?"

"The Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast has reached Half-Zhizun?"

The news spread across the Beast Hall swiftly. Upon hearing the news, everyone's first reaction was disbelief. Shen Bi Ru, who was waiting outside, was completely dumbfounded.

She knew that Zhang laoshi had a tendency to cause an uproar wherever he went, but she didn't expect that he would cause such a huge commotion!

For him to see through an illness which even Grandmaster Qing Yang was unable to discern... When did this fellow become so adept in the Way of Medicine?

Furthermore, he tamed the Howling Firmament Beast and became a 2-star beast tamer...

"I wonder if Han Qiong will believe me if I tell her about it..."

After confirming the news again and again with Yun Tao, a bitter smile appeared on Shen Bi Ru's face.

Her best friend, Han Qiong, had spent a great effort before she managed to become an apprentice beast tamer. It had been several years since then, and she had been unable to complete the final step to becoming an official beast tamer. On the other hand, this fellow’s original intention was to borrow a Beast Mount at the Beast Hall ...

Yet, not only did he become an official beast tamer, he even reached 2 stars... More importantly, he even managed to take the prized treasure of the Beast Hall for himself...

If she were to tell Han Qiong about this matter, she might just go insane on the spot.


As a 2-star beast tamer, Zhang Xuan was entitled to numerous privileges. For one, he was immediately given a residence in the Beast Hall. Knowing that Shen Bi Ru had no lodging here, Zhang Xuan had her move in to settle down first. On the other hand, he followed behind Hall Master Feng to a large and wide lounge.

"Beast Tamer Zhang possesses outstanding talents, and not to mention, you are a master teacher apprentice. This thing will probably be of use!"

After they sat down, Hall Master Feng smiled and passed an object to Zhang Xuan.

Casually grabbing it, Zhang Xuan took a look and was astonished.

"Enlightenment Jade?"

The Enlightenment Jade was the item which Zhao Ya's father, City Lord Zhao Feng, gave him back then in Tianxuan Kingdom. It is useful for raising one's Soul Depth.

"That's right!" Hall Master Feng nodded his head.

Zhang Xuan stared at him doubtfully.

Despite the huge amount of jade that Baiyu City mined throughout the years, only a single Enlightenment Jade was found. This showed how rare and valuable the object was, yet this Hall Master Feng was giving it to him so casually...

"I only happened to obtain it by coincidence. As a beast tamer, this object is completely useless to me. On the other hand, you are a master teacher apprentice, and since you're going to take the master teacher examination eventually, there's a need for you to raise your Soul Depth. Rather than allowing this item to collect dust in my storage, I might as well give it to you."

Sensing Zhang Xuan's doubt, Hall Master Feng explained.

Zhang Xuan nodded his head. Just as he was about to speak, Beast Tamer Lu grinned, "I realized that Beast Tamer Zhang has reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle, and you aren't too far from Half-Zongshi. I happen to still have the cultivation technique manual that I practiced back then, as well as a notebook on the epiphanies I had, so I'll give them to you! Even though you already have an incredible teacher and probably don't lack these, please accept this token of sincerity on my part."

As he said so, he retrieved a few books and passed them over.

Zhang Xuan flipped through them, and they were indeed manuals and cultivation pointers for reaching Half-Zongshi.

"I am not as wealthy as the other two and do not have many prized possessions. All I own is this sword. It was crafted by Grandmaster Blacksmith Qing Yanzi of Tianwu Kingdom personally, and I'll give it to you now!"

Beast Tamer Wang stroked his beard with a smile and passed forward a sword.

"Wait a moment..."

Seeing the three smiling elders stuffing objects at him, Zhang Xuan stopped them hurriedly.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

He didn't think that his reputation was so sound as to have three great 2-star beast tamers gift him with such treasures despite having just met.

"If there's anything on your mind, feel free to speak of it!"

"As expected of Beast Tamer Zhang, you sure are a frank person!" Hall Master Feng glanced at the other two before nodding. "Since that's the case, I'll get straight to the point. Actually, there's something that we require your help with."

"You require MY help?"

Zhang Xuan was stunned.

While Zhang Xuan had become a 2-star beast tamer, the same could be said of the other three. Besides, having served as leaders of the Beast Hall for many years, their connections far surpassed his. Zhang Xuan couldn't think of anything that might require his help.

Could it be...

"The Beast Pummeling Taming Method was created by my teacher. He has strictly instructed me to not impart it on to anyone, so..."

After digesting all of the books in the library of the Beast Hall, Zhang Xuan understood why everyone was so shocked by his feat of taming a savage beast by beating it up.

It was precisely due to the pure Heaven's Path zhenqi and the ability of the Library of Heaven's Path to peer into the flaws of savage beasts that he could easily tame them. Even if he wanted to impart it to them, they wouldn’t be able to replicate his means. Furthermore, there was a risk that the existence of the Heaven's Path Divine Art might be revealed.

It was clear that these three elders had something to request of him given how they were stuffing gifts toward him. However, there was no way that Zhang Xuan could teach them the Beast Pummeling Taming Art.

Thus, it was best for him to turn them down in advance.

In any case, teachers were highly respected in the world, and a teacher's words were absolute to his students. If Zhang Xuan's teacher instructed him to not impart the technique on to anyone, then he mustn't impart it regardless of the situation. Therefore by saying so, it would be hard for the three elders to persist on the issue. In a sense, it was the best excuse for the situation.

"Ah, every single beast tamer has their own secret technique. We won't ask for it if you are unwilling to impart it. However, our purpose isn't this!"

At this point, Hall Master Feng shook his head.

Just like how most established apothecaries have their own personal forging technique, most famous beast tamers also possess their own beast taming methods. On top of that, depending on one's disposition and cultivation technique, everyone has different beast taming methods that were compatible with them. Even if they were to learn the other party's means, it wasn't guaranteed that they would be able to replicate his accomplishments.

Rather than offending a rising beast tamer for an unlikely probability, they would rather not touch on the subject.

"It's not that?" Zhang Xuan was bewildered. "Can it be that... you three have some incurable disease, and you all want me to treat you? Are you suffering from the same symptoms as the Howling Firmament Beast, being unable to sleep at night as well? If it's really that bad, you can try Grandmaster Qing Yang's treatment method..."

"Cough cough!"

Upon hearing those words, Hall Master Feng and the others choked on their saliva.

They felt a cold sensation in the lower half of their body.

What the heck are you thinking about?

We merely require your help! If we allow you to ramble on like this, we might really end up as eunuchs...

"It's like that!" Afraid that they would lose their dignity if Zhang Xuan went on like that, Hall Master Feng hurriedly interjected. "Just like the Apothecary Guild, the Beast Hall has many branches as well. Since you're an official beast tamer, I probably won't have to explain too much."

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

After reading through the books in the library, Zhang Xuan had gained some understanding of the Beast Hall.

The Beast Hall wasn't just a singular entity. There were many branches just like the Xuanluo Mountain Range branch spread all over the world.

"Our Beast Hall is a Tier 2 Kingdom level branch, and we are under the jurisdiction of the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall."

There were many different tiers to the various branches as well.

The Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall mainly dealt with the surrounding dozen or so Tier 2 Kingdoms, and it was considered as the lowest tier branch.

Xuanyuan Kingdom was the closest Conferred Kingdom in the area.

Kingdoms can be classified as Conferred, Tier 1, Tier 2, and unranked (Meaning, there's no master teacher backing the country, and that it is unqualified to be ranked).

Tianxuan Kingdom was an unranked kingdom. While Beiwu Kingdom, with 1-star master teachers holding reign in the kingdom, was a Tier 2 Kingdom.

Tianwu Kingdom, who had 2-star master teachers, was a Tier 1 Kingdom.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Kingdom had 3-star master teachers, thus it was ranked as a Conferred Kingdom. As a Conferred Kingdom, it was qualified to build a gigantic transportation portal to trade with other countries. As such, this solidified its standing as a trading hub, and its national power was on the constant rise.

"The Xuanyuan Kingdom conducts a Beast Taming Competition once every five years, and it invites young beast tamers from the various subordinate beast halls to participate."

Hall Master Feng explained.

"Since you officially became a beast tamer at our Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, you are considered as a member of our branch. I hope that... you can attend the competition in the name of our Beast Hall."

"Beast Taming Competition?"

"That's right. This Beast Taming Competition brings the various talented beast tamers from surrounding kingdoms together, and if you can stand out from the group and emerge victoriously, you will be highly regarded by the Beast Hall, and all kinds of resources will be devoted into grooming you. At the same time, the reputation of our branch will also grow."

After saying so, Hall Master Feng looked at Zhang Xuan expectantly.


Zhang Xuan didn't expect the request to be this. Glancing at Hall Master Feng, he asked, "When is the competition?"

If the competition was coming up soon, Zhang Xuan would reject them immediately.

His main priority at the moment was to deal with the deadly poison lingering in his body and take the master teacher examination.

The only reason why he took the beast tamer examination was for the fee exemption on using their Beast Mount.

"It will be held half a year later in Xuanyuan Royal City." Hall Master Feng said.

"Half a year later? That... I'll have to see if I have the time then!" Zhang Xuan didn't dare to agree immediately.

He didn't want to make empty promises.

"Despite your young age, you have already reached the level of a 2-star beast tamer. On top of that, you're skilled in the Way of Medicine and are a master teacher apprentice. If you were to join the competition, you will surely be able to achieve remarkable results..."

Seeing that Zhang Xuan was unmoved by his words, Hall Master Feng decided to throw in his trump card, "Furthermore, you'll be entitled to generous rewards if you win the competition!"

"The rewards aren't important. It's just that I might be busy during that period of time!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Rejected by the other party, Hall Master Feng and the others couldn't help but feel disappointed. However, before they could wallow in their disappointment for long, the other party's voice sounded once more.

"Ah, by the way... what are the rewards?



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