Chapter 265: The Great Herb King’s Residence

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Unlike Tianxuan Royal City, this city was built using red-colored bricks, and it blended in perfectly with the entire Red Lotus Ridge, looking extremely ancient. In terms of size, it was much smaller in size and could not be compared with the Beast Hall.

"The Red Lotus City is older than even Tianwu Kingdom. It is said that it has more than three thousand years of history, and is the trading hub of medicinal herbs for the dozen or so countries around Tianwu! However, due to the influence of the Poison Hall, no one is willing to remain here for long. As such, it had been on a decline, and now it doesn't match up to even those third-rate cities."

Mo Yu explained.

The Red Lotus City belonged to Tianwu Kingdom, and as the princess of Tianwu Kingdom, Mo Yu was well aware of its background.

"The Howling Firmament Beast and Viridescent Eagle are too conspicuous, and we might attract unwanted trouble if we enter like that. It would be best if we enter by foot."

Even though the Red Lotus City was merely a small city at the borders, it acted as a major trading hub for medicinal herbs and poison. As such, there was a large traffic of experts from surrounding kingdoms through the city gates. Given the humongous size of the Viridescent Eagle and the Howling Firmament Beast, entering just like that would bring unwanted attention to themselves.

In terms of strength, there were few who could defeat the Half-Zhizun Howling Firmament Beast. However, there was a possibility of poison masters hiding within the city, and attracting scrutiny to themselves might be perilous. While Zhang Xuan and the others didn't fear a straightforward assault, it would be hard for them to guard against sneak attacks that used poison.

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan replied. He got the Howling Firmament Beast to land somewhere a distance away from the city and instructed the two beasts not to stray too far away before heading to the Red Lotus City together with Mo Yu.

Walking on the streets of the ancient city, surrounded by ancient buildings, it felt as though they had traveled into the past.

Despite the small city, there was quite a huge crowd on the streets. Lined along the long streets were vendors, and huge piles of medicinal herbs stacked up before them. There was a significant number of herbs which one usually couldn't find in any other market.

"Withering Earth Grass, Gossamer Cicada, Five Poison Silk Thread..."

Briefly glancing at the herbs, Zhang Xuan recognized quite a few of them and frowned.

These medicinal items contained lethal poison within them. They were rarely used in treatments and pill forging, and this was Zhang Xuan's first time seeing it sold in such great quantities.

"There must be poison masters here!"

Only poison masters would stock up on these items at great quantities. There was no need for ordinary apothecaries and physicians to store so much of them.

"There are poison masters here, but you won't be able to recognize any if he doesn't concoct poison before you!" Mo Yu said.

Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.

Unlike master teachers, skills of a poison master are independent of his cultivation. Sometimes, a seemingly powerless child or a stumbling old lady is capable of concocting poison which even Zongshis are unable to withstand.

That's why it was hard to recognize poison masters. Even if a person with high cultivation realm were to purchase poisonous herbs, he may not necessarily be a poison master. On the other hand, an inconspicuous and fragile looking lady may just happen to be a famous assassin.

"If you wish to look for a poison master, you can sell medicinal herbs here. If you were to continue for three to five years, you might just meet with one." Mo Yu said. "There are plenty of people who are seeking vengeance but unable to raise their cultivation waiting here for an opportunity to be accepted into the tutelage of a poison master. However, those who succeed are among the minority."

"Three to five years?" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

I might already be dead by then… why not kill me with a stab of the knife right now.

While the Library of Heaven's Path revealed a person's occupation, the requirement was that the other party had to first execute a battle technique. Otherwise, the person had to be unconscious... If Zhang Xuan were to try to knock someone out here, endless trouble would surely ensue.

Others might think of him as a lunatic and chase him away.

"Let's first look for the Great Herb King!" Thinking of that, Zhang Xuan said.

"Indeed, the only clue we have at hand is the Great Herb King. However, have you ever wondered why everyone chose to sell medicinal herbs here despite being aware that the Great Herb King knows the location of the Poison Hall and is acquainted with poison masters?"

Mo Yu stared at Zhang Xuan.


"The Great Herb King isn't someone anyone can meet easily!" Mo Yu shook her head.

"Even so, we should give it a try."

Zhang Xuan also knew that it wouldn't be easy. However, since he was already here, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Perhaps, the other party might just meet him.

"Alright then! However, I'll just say this first. The Great Herb King isn't someone anyone can offend. Even though your cultivation isn't weak, it's best for you to keep a low profile here. Otherwise, you won't even know how you died!" Mo Yu advised.

"Rest easy, I'm not a rash person!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Fine, follow me!" Seeing the other party agreeing to the matter, Mo Yu led the way.

She seemed to be well-acquainted with the roads here, as though she had been to this Red Lotus City. After around an hour, a massive manor appeared before them.

Red bricked with an emerald roof, green trees, and a beautiful stream, this manor which contained some modern elements in its design seemed out of place in this ancient city. Several guards stood proudly at the door, exuding an astonishingly powerful aura.

"Tongxuan realm?"

With a glance, Zhang Xuan's expression turned grim.

The guards at the entrance were all Tongxuan realm primary stage experts.

In Tianxuan Kingdom, experts of such level were capable of rattling the lands with a stomp. Yet, over here, they acted as mere guards.

"This is the manor of the Great Herb King!" Mo Yu whispered telepathically to Zhang Xuan.

Even without her explanation, Zhang Xuan had already arrived at that conclusion. Just as he was about to speak, a young gentleman approached the entrance with two retainers beside him and passed a name scroll forward.

"I am the prince of Tier 2 Baili Kingdom, Qing Yu. I'm here to seek an audience with the Great Herb King."

Tier 2 Baili Kingdom was a country of equivalent standing as Beiwu Kingdom. It was significantly larger and more powerful than Tianxuan Kingdom.

"I'm sorry, the old master had instructed us to turn away all guests." A guard spoke expressionlessly, blocking his way.

"Audacious! Our master is the prince of a Tier 2 Kingdom. How dare you obstruct his path?" A retainer behind the young man bellowed. Stepping forward, he roared, "Get out of the way!"

"In the Red Lotus City, our old master is the ultimate authority. Even if the emperor comes personally, we will turn him away, needless to say, a prince from a Tier 2 Kingdom! Scram, otherwise don't blame us for getting nasty."

The guards narrowed their eyes. With a swift movement, all of them drew their swords.

"You're courting death!"

Upon hearing those words, the retainer flew into a rage. He charged forward, aiming his palm straight at the guard’s neck. A powerful wind blew into the surroundings.

"Tongxuan realm intermediate stage?"

The retainer was actually a Tongxuan realm intermediate stage expert! It was no wonder why he would act so arrogantly.


At Tongxuan realm intermediate stage, one possesses 200 ding of strength. Before his hands could reach the guards, the compressed air as a result of his movements had already let out a piercing screech.

"Are you trying to barge into the Great Herb King’s residence?"

The guard who spoke took a step back.

"So what if I'm trying to barge in?"

Prince Qing Yu's retainer harrumphed coldly. Not only did he not back down, he exerted even more strength into his palm.

"If that's the case, you can... die now!"

Sensing the increasing vigor in the other party's movements, the guards and harrumphed and flicked their wrists.


The retainer was covered in a white mist immediately.


Before the retainer could react, the white mist came into contact with his skin. His entire body convulsed, and soon afterward, white foam leaked out from his mouth. It wasn’t long before he fell to the ground and his eyes rolled backward. Just like that, he met his end.


Qing Yu and his remaining retainer were shocked by the sight before them. They hurriedly retreated in fear.

The retainer charged forward to attack was significantly stronger than the two of them, but yet, he died before he could even touch the other party. The poison they used was simply too vicious.


After killing the retainer, the guards waved the two of them away.

This time, Yu Qing and his retainer didn't dare to say anything else. Carrying the corpse with them, they left in a hurry.


All of these happened within a few breaths. Taking this scene into sight, Zhang Xuan's expression became grim.

The other party was a prince from a Tier 2 Kingdom, yet the guards poisoned his retainer without any hesitation...

This was something that Zhang Xuan never expected.

It was no wonder why Mo Yu treated this matter with grave importance. This Great Herb King was indeed a difficult and cruel figure.

"Are we unable to enter, even with your name scroll?" After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan asked.

No matter what, Mo Yu was the princess of Tianwu Kingdom after all. Her prestige should be much greater than a Tier 2 Kingdom prince.

"That’s right." Knowing Zhang Xuan's thoughts, Mo Yu shook her head. "The Red Lotus City may belong to Tianwu Kingdom in name, but it's actually a free zone. Even if a prince were here in person, he would be unable to interfere with the matter here, not to mention that I am a mere princess. Haven’t you seen for yourself? Despite having his retainer killed before him, that prince didn't dare to say anything at all."

"Then... Is it possible to sneak in?"

"Sneak in? That's even more impossible! Since the Great Herb King is able to become the sovereign of this city, there is no doubt that he possesses incredible means. If anyone can sneak in that easily, his manor would have been patronized by countless people."

Mo Yu said.

"That's true..."

Zhang Xuan nodded.

Given the Great Herb King's position as the most powerful man in the chaotic Red Lotus City, if anyone could sneak into his manor freely, he would have already died hundreds of time by now.

"Yet another person seeking death!"

"Do you think that it'll be that easy to enter the Great Herb King's manor?"

"It's said that only three types of people are allowed to enter the manor. Herb kings, poison masters, and those with an invitation letter! Otherwise, it's best not to loiter here, or you might die without knowing why!"

"That's right!"


Seeing the prince from a Tier 2 Kingdom sent running, hushed discussions arose in the surroundings.

"Invitation letter? Old uncle, do you mean that anyone with an invitation letter can enter?"

Hearing the discussion, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. He walked up to the group and passed forward a gold bill.

"That's right!"

Grabbing over the gold bill, the elder smiled and nodded.

"Then, how does one obtain an invitation letter?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"That I don't know..."

The elder shook his head. However, he seemed to have recalled something all of a sudden and added, "Oh, there's another type of person who can enter with an invitation letter."

"Oh?" Zhang Xuan and Mo Yu's attention was piqued.

"The Great Herb King is old, and his physical condition hasn't been well recently. He has been inviting physicians the last few days, and all official physicians with a physician emblem in their hands are allowed to enter the manor." The elder said.

"Physician?" Zhang Xuan looked at the elder. "Is there a Physician Guild here?"

Physicians, just like the many other occupations, have an organization behind them, and it is called the Physician Guild.

Due to Tianxuan Kingdom's remote location, it didn't have a Physician Guild. If there was one in the Red Lotus City, Zhang Xuan could try taking the physician examination.

"How can there be a Physician Guild here? All of them are physicians who are stopping by to purchase medicinal herbs." Pointing forward, he continued, "Look, that person over there should be a physician!"

Hearing his words, Zhang Xuan directed his gaze to the manor immediately. A middle-aged man was walking up to the entrance.

"I am 2-star Physician Nie Yuan from Beichen Kingdom. The Great Herb King has invited me."

As he said so, he produced an emblem and passed it to one of the guards.

"It's Physician Nie Yuan, this way please!"

Upon seeing the emblem, the guards bowed hurriedly and opened up a path for him.

"Thank you!"

Physician Nie Yuan walked into the manor.



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