Chapter 267: Butler Lu

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All she saw was that Zhang Xuan appeared identical to Physician Bai Chan, who was lying on the floor. If Mo Yu hadn’t seen him put on the other party's clothes, she would have suspected that Physician Bai had a twin brother.

She had heard of disguising from others. However, in her opinion, it was just a way of tricking the eye. As long as one was careful, he would definitely be able to see through any disguise. However, the sight before her shattered her understanding of disguises.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Xuan had turned into another person. Furthermore, she couldn't discern any differences between the disguised Zhang Xuan and the real Physician Bai Chan... How did this fellow manage to do it?

Can he really be a... professional disguiser?

Legend has it that there is an extremely formidable job in the Middle Nine Paths known as disguiser. Even though it doesn’t add to one's fighting prowess, it allows one to impersonate anyone that he comes across perfectly. It is the best method to escape from any pursuit.

However, the occupation had long disappeared in the annals of history. No one had seen a disguiser for a very long time. Mo Yu only happened to overhear it from the conversation of some elders. All along, she had thought that it was just a legend, but to think that... it would be true!

Physician, beast tamer, apothecary, master teacher...

She thought that this was already his limit, but to think that he would be a disguiser as well!

Even when devoting an entire life to a single occupation, a normal cultivator may not even be able to master this one item. Yet, this fellow seemed to be capable of everything...

Does your family deal in occupations? Otherwise, how can you be so skilled in so many occupations when you aren't even twenty?

How is it possible for there to be such a monster in this world!

More importantly, if this fellow were just a monstrous genius, it wouldn't be anything... But his talents were matched with his eccentric nature!

Initially, she thought that this fellow just had a provocative mouth. Not even in her dreams could she expect that his actions... would be even more vicious!

In the Beast Hall, he stole a savage beast that she tamed with great difficulty. She thought that it was as bad as it could get. Yet, this time, he knocked out Physician Bai with a fist and left her to bear the consequences...

I am only here to offer help. Tell me, did I offend you?

With this blemish in my history, how can I take the physician examination in the future?

Upon thinking of this, Mo Yu felt an urge to enter a rampage.

"Let's go!"

Ignoring the conflicted Mo Yu, Zhang Xuan completed his preparations and, with big strides, began to head toward the Great Herb King’s manor.

The Heaven's Path Disguise Art allowed him to alter the muscles and bones in his body as he pleased. Not only was his appearance identical to Physician Bai Chan, even his voice was remarkably similar. It was nearly impossible for anyone to tell that he was a fake.

This was precisely the reason why Zhang Xuan chose to impersonate a physician instead of taking the examination.

This way, he didn't have to worry about offending the Physician Guild.

On the other hand, given Mo Yu's status as a princess, wouldn’t it be a joke if she were unable to resolve such a small issue?

Besides, his reason for impersonating him was to meet the Great Herb King and ask about the location of the Poison Hall. He wasn't committing any heinous crimes, so no harm was done.

"Damn it..."

Seeing the other party walk out of the alley, Mo Yu gritted her teeth and followed behind him.

Now that the other party had already dragged her down, it was too late for her to back out. She could only go along with him.

"It's easy to obtain a physician emblem, but as for treating Great Herb King... Let's see what you'll do when you can't say a single word!"

There were physicians who specialized in treating humans, and there were those who specialized in treating beasts. Since this fellow was able to treat the Howling Firmament Beast with ease, it was likely that he belonged to the latter group. When it comes to humans, he might not be able to showcase the same level of expertize.

If you aren't able to treat the Great Herb King, there is no point meeting him.

Walking through the streets, it didn't take long before they reached the Great Herb King's manor once more.

As before, the entrance was protected by guards. Aware of the fact that the Great Herb King wouldn't meet with any guests, even though a huge crowd has gathered outside, no one dared to rush forward to offer their name scroll.

After tidying up his clothes, Zhang Xuan tried to recall Physician Bai Chan's walking habits. Then, while imitating it as closely as he could, he walked toward the entrance.

"Look, another person is courting death!"

"Hehe, there are already quite a few brazen fellows who have been beaten to death today. This fellow sure is gutsy to dare to approach the manor!"

"Let's just watch the show. I bet that he won't even know how he died!"

Seeing Zhang Xuan walk over, the crowd in the surroundings began to gloat over his impending doom.

There were countless people who wished to visit the Great Herb King, and there was a reason why they had held themselves back. To head toward the entrance so leisurely, what else could he be doing if not seeking death?

"Halt!" Lifting his eyebrows, one of the guards blocked Zhang Xuan and Mo Yu's path.

"I am a physician!" Zhang Xuan whipped out his emblem.

"Physician?" The guard glanced at the emblem before shaking his head. "I'm sorry, the manor only allows the entry of physicians who are ranked 2-star and above!"

"2-star and above?" Zhang Xuan nearly spurted blood.

After hearing the elder say that all physicians could enter, Zhang Xuan immediately rushed off to look for an emblem. He didn't expect that there would be further conditions.

Even if he has the time, where in the world can he find a 2-star physician emblem?

1-star physicians were mostly Pixue realm and Tongxuan realm cultivators, so Zhang Xuan was able to deal with them easily. However, virtually all 2-star physicians were Zongshi realm experts. Even if Zhang Xuan intended to steal the emblem from them, there was no way he could succeed!

"Please leave!" Stepping forward, the guard gestured for them to leave.

Seeing the other party's actions and hearing his words, Mo Yu knew that it was a hopeless cause. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, Zhang Xuan placed both his hands behind his back and his eyebrows shot up.


With imposing might, he bellowed, "I, Bai Chan, am a 1-star physician, but who says that 1-star physicians are inadequate to cure illnesses?"

Mo Yu felt her sight turning dark.

You're right in saying that a 1-star physician can cure illnesses... But even your 1-star ranking is fake. Where in the world does your confidence come from?

Aren't your guts a little too inflated!

Didn't you see what happened to the prince’s retainer? If things go wrong, you might very well die...

Mo Yu's heart beat furiously in anxiety. She was already regretting following this fellow here.

"It's true that a 1-star physician can cure illnesses, but..."

The guard didn't expect a mere 1-star physician to speak so confidently, and he was overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events. Just as he was about to continue speaking, the middle-aged man gestured grandly, and with a questioning tone, asked, "Did those 2-star and 3-star physicians who entered previously manage to cure your old master of his illness?"


The guard was taken aback.

Quite a few 2-star and 3-star physicians have come and left the manor, but until now, not a single person was able to deduce their old master’s affliction, needless to say, cure him of his illness.

"One's emblem isn't representative of one's medical standards. Are you certain that you can take responsibility for delaying your old master’s treatment?"

Raising his eyebrows, he bellowed sternly, "Hurry up and get out of the way!"


The several guards stared at one another. For a moment, they were unable to make up their minds.

While it was true that higher ranked physicians were more skilled, there were also rare experts who were unconcerned with the ranking of the Physician Guild.

If this fellow were truly capable and they obstructed his entry, none of them would be able to withstand the rage of their old master.

However, their superior had given instructions that only physicians of 2-star and above were allowed to enter. As such, they felt conflicted.

"What's wrong?"

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded, and a middle-aged man walked out.

"Butler Lu!" Upon seeing this middle-aged man, the guards immediately bowed.

"What's going on?"

The middle-aged man saw Zhang Xuan and Mo Yu standing a short distance from the manor’s entrance, and the guards were blocking their way. A slight crease appeared on Butler Lu's forehead.

"This is Physician Bai Chan. He's a 1-star physician..." A guard quickly explained.

"A 1-star physician? Chase him out then!" Butler Lu waved his hands impatiently.

As the butler of the Great Herb King, he had met with numerous 2-star and 3-star physicians. As such, he didn't think highly of a mere 1-star physician.

"But he said that... we won't be able to take responsibility if we delay the treatment of the old master. He seemed confident of treating the old master's illness..."

The guard spoke hesitantly.

"How arrogant!" Harrumphing coldly, Butler Lu turned to Zhang Xuan, his eyes filled with contempt. "Did you claim that you are capable of treating the old master? Not even 2-star and 3-star physicians dare to say such words, where in the world does your confidence come from?"

These guards may not know much about the old master's illness, but as the butler of the manor, he was well aware. Several 3-star physicians had seen him, but they were helpless at diagnosing the root of his illness. If so, what can a mere 1-star physician do?

"It's none of your business where my confidence comes from! If you don't believe my words, we can make a bet!"

Zhang Xuan looked at him.

Butler Lu stared at Zhang Xuan with disdain, "What do you want to bet?"

"Whether I will be able to point out your illness through your punches!" Zhang Xuan said with his hands behind his back.

"What rubbish are you talking about? Butler Lu is still young and healthy, what kind of illnesses can he have?"

"It is clear that you are just an arrogant brat. I've met numerous 3-star physicians, and all of them make their diagnosis based on their examination of the patient. I've never heard of anyone who can diagnose someone just by observing his punches!"

"He is merely a boastful fellow, we should just chase him away!"

The guards roared furiously in unison.

Standing beside Zhang Xuan, Mo Yu felt her face heating up. She was just a step away from digging a hole and leaping into it.

Other physicians diagnosed patients through examining, smelling, and asking questions. It was unheard for one to examine someone through their punches... Do you think that this is a circus act?

Initially, Mo Yu thought that Zhang Xuan possessed an in-depth understanding of the Way of Medicine given how he was able to treat the Howling Firmament Beast. But in the end...

Are you sure you are treating a human, not a savage beast?

Due to the inability of a savage beast to speak, physicians often require them to move about in order to determine the root of the illness. For you to ask Butler Lu to do the same as well, are you trying to ascertain whether he is a savage beast?

Besides, the one who is sick is the Great Herb King. Why are you trying to diagnose the butler...


Butler Lu often came into contact with physicians, so he knew that such a situation only applied to savage beasts. Humiliated, his face grew beet-red. Just as he was about to criticize the other party, a blur flew across his eyes. A fist shot straight toward him.


A 1-star physician had actually dared to punch him at the entrance of the Great Herb King's manor! Butler Lu felt so angered that he was on the verge of exploding. His hands shot out immediately to counter the other party's fist.

"You're seeking death!"

"Impertinent fellow!"

The guards didn't expect Zhang Xuan to be so daring. They drew their weapons immediately and in an instant, a strong killing intent was released into the atmosphere. There were even some who had grabbed poisonous pills, prepared to throw them at any moment.


Before Butler Lu's palm could come into contact with the other party's fist, the physician who assaulted him backed away abruptly. With a calm expression, he placed his hands behind his back, as though nothing had happened at all.

"Men, take him down!"

Butler Lu roared.

The Red Lotus City was the territory of the Great Herb King, and his prestige mustn't be sullied. Regardless of what the other party was up to, whether he was a 1-star or 2-star physician, even if he were the prince of the kingdom, for causing trouble at the manor of Great Herb King, it was the death penalty!

"Take me down?"

Zhang Xuan shook his head. Staring at the middle-aged man before him, he said, "If you feel that you can continue enduring the hyperventilations you suffer at night, I can leave right now!"

"What did you say?"

Butler Lu froze at the other party's words. His face turned as pale as a sheet of paper.



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