Chapter 268: Entering the Courtyard

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Ever since he met a problem in his cultivation three years ago, he had been suffering from hyperventilation every night. He would feel as if a person was strangling his neck, torturing him to the verge of death.

He had consulted physicians, but regardless of 2-star or 3-star physicians, they were unable to identify the cause. They had prescribed him several different medications, but none of them were effective.

He thought that he would have to suffer the torture of the illness for his entire life, up till he steps into his grave. Yet, the seemingly unimpressive 1-star physician before him was able to point out his condition with a single glance.

Can he, in actual fact, be an expert despite being just a 1-star physician?

"May I know how to address you?"

Stopping his guards, who were on the verge of charging up to the other party, Butler Lu suppressed his shock with great effort and bowed politely.

"Tianwu Kingdom's Bai Chan!"

Zhang Xuan replied impassively.

"So you're Physician Bai Chan! May I invite you in for a talk?"

Butler Lu didn't want the entire city to know about his hyperventilation issue.

"Of course!" Zhang Xuan nodded.


Witnessing this sight, Mo Yu's pair of beautiful eyeballs nearly fell onto the ground.

No matter how slow she could be, it was obvious that Zhang Xuan's diagnosis of the other party's condition was correct. Otherwise, there was no reason for this Butler Lu's sudden change in attitude.

Without any questioning or a close-up examination, just by observing one punch, he was able to tell what the other party was suffering from...

To think that the method of diagnosing savage beasts would work on humans as well...

Why does the situation seem so incredulous?

Other people might have suspected the middle-aged physician of having looked into Butler Lu's condition beforehand, using it as a tool to enter the Great Herb King's manor. However, Mo Yu knew that Zhang Xuan hadn't even heard of the Great Herb King, so it was possible for him to know of this butler’s condition.

The only possible explanation was that Zhang Xuan had diagnosed his condition on the spot.

To tame savage beasts through brute force, instructing her to forge a grade-2 pinnacle pill, diagnosing someone through observing their punches... She already knew from long ago that this fellow wasn't ordinary, but wasn't this... way too extraordinary?

"I should go over and take a look."

After a moment of shock, Mo Yu realized that the duo had already walked into the manor. She ran forward hurriedly in order to catch up with them.

Butler Lu had given the orders, so the guards didn't dare to block her way.

"Even though I don't know how that fellow managed to accurately diagnose Butler Lu's condition from just a punch, it would be futile if he isn't able to solve it!"

Mo Yu thought.

Red Lotus City was the greatest medicinal herb trading hub for the surrounding dozen or so kingdoms, and there were innumerable physicians who traveled in and out of it. Given the Great Herb King's esteemed position, if Butler Lu was injured, how could there not be any physician to treat him?

Since even 2-star and 3-star physicians were unable to cure his affliction, Mo Yu found it hard to believe that Zhang Xuan could cure him.

Mo Yu speculated as she walked into the courtyard. She was considering what she would do if Zhang Xuan failed to treat Butler Lu's illness when she caught sight of the duo who entered the manor before her.

With a single glance, Mo Yu staggered backward, nearly falling onto the floor.

At this moment, Butler Lu was standing respectfully before Zhang Xuan. As though a student, his eyes were filled with gratitude and admiration.


Mo Yu rubbed her eyes, fearful that they were playing tricks on her.

She entered the manor mere moments after the duo, and Butler Lu was clearly infuriated with the two of them just seconds earlier. What in the world happened to cause such an abrupt change in the situation?

If it weren't because of the fact that there was no one lying on the floor, she would have even suspected that the fellow had knocked Butler Lu out and disguised as him.

Thus, she walked forward, wanting to ask Zhang Xuan about the matter. But at this moment, Zhang Xuan waved his hands and said impatiently, "Alright, bring me to the Great Herb King!"

Mo Yu staggered once more.


What the heck are you getting impatient about?

This is the Great Herb King's manor! To get impatient with his butler, are you that tired of living?

Mo Yu thought that Butler Lu would definitely be displeased with Zhang Xuan's attitude. Yet, contrary to her expectations, the latter bowed so politely that it was as if he was bowing to his parents. "Yes, this way, please. I will bring you to the Great Herb King now!"

Mo Yu swayed violently, feeling giddy all of a sudden.

What in the world is going on?

Even though he identified your illness, you need not behave in such a manner!

Accurately diagnosing an illness and curing it are two different manners! To act in such a manner before the other party has treated you, aren't you lacking backbone?

The situation was too strange for Mo Yu to accept. She walked over to Zhang Xuan's side immediately and communicated to him telepathically.

"What is going on? Why would Butler Lu act..."

"Oh, I've just solved his problem!"

Zhang Xuan replied telepathically.

"So-Solved?" Mo Yu froze. A sudden vertigo overwhelmed her.

In that single minute, he solved the other party's illness?

Are you joking with me?

"He wasn't really ill, he was merely poisoned. I helped him expel the poison, so naturally, he's grateful to me for that." Sensing the other party's doubt, Zhang Xuan explained.

The reason why Butler Lu suffered hyperventilation in the middle of the night wasn't a fault in his cultivation. Rather, someone has secretly poisoned him.

The poison was extremely strange. Even 3-star physicians would be unable to identify it, needless to say, treat it.

However, Zhang Xuan was different. Possessing the Heaven's Path zhenqi, he was able to expel such a poisonous aura from the butler’s body easily. The duration of a few breaths was more than what he required.

"Poisoned? Expelled the poison?"

Even though Zhang Xuan made it sound as though it was a simple task, Mo Yu went into a frenzy over his words.

Expelling poison is way harder than treating just an illness!

Otherwise, poison masters wouldn't have been such a fearsome existence.

Besides, only official poison masters, who are well-versed in the properties of poison, are capable of expelling poisonous aura from a person’s body... Isn’t it that you don't even know the location of the Poison Hall?

When did you learn how to expel poison?

Initially, Mo Yu had intended to return to Tianwu Kingdom right after bringing Zhang Xuan here. However, her curiosity toward this young man was growing by the moment. She felt impelled to follow him and witness personally what kind of unbelievable legends this fellow would continue to forge.


Oblivious to the thoughts flowing through Mo Yu's mind, Zhang Xuan examined the surroundings silently as he followed behind Butler Lu.

It was no wonder why the princess said that it was impossible to sneak in. Taking a good look at the interiors of the manor now, Zhang Xuan realized how true the other party's words were.

Putting aside the complicated layout within, the manor was packed with sentries. Most guards possessed a Pixue realm cultivation, and some of the commanders had even reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle.

Not just so, Zhang Xuan could also see several formation flags and formation core at the corners of the courtyard. If an intruder were to enter without knowing the position of the formation and stepped into one of them, it was highly likely that the person would be trapped for good.

And these guards and formations made up only the things that could be observed on the surface. Given the relationship between the Great Herb King and the Poison Hall, how could the defenses of the manor not include lethal poison?

Thus, despite Zhang Xuan's high cultivation, it was almost impossible for him to sneak into this manor.

With the butler leading the way, Zhang Xuan and Mo Yu didn't meet with any obstructions. Soon, they arrived at a vast hall.

Walking in, they saw more than ten middle-aged men and elders seated on chairs located by the sides. Each of them had donned an emblem on their chests.

With a single glance, Zhang Xuan felt astonished.

They were all physicians of at minimum 2-star, and three of them had even reached 3-star.

Even in a Tier 1 Kingdom, a 3-star physician could be considered to be a part of the highest echelon of the country. For three of them to be gathered here, the Great Herb King was indeed an impressive figure.

"Butler Lu, I thought that only physicians of 2-star and above are allowed to enter. Why did you bring a 1-star physician?"

Noticing Zhang Xuan, one of the 3-star physicians could not help but frown.

"Isn't this Physician Bai Chan? This isn't a place where you should be. Scram!"

Another physician recognized Zhang Xuan's disguised identity and harrumphed.

"Physician Mu Hong and Physician Cheng Feng, even though Physician Bai Chan is just a 1-star physician, his mastery in the Way of Medicine isn't mediocre. Thus, I specially invited him in." Seeing the contempt in the eyes of the two physicians, Butler Lu quickly explained.

"Did you say that his mastery in Medicine isn't mediocre? Butler Lu, you must be joking!"

The one who recognized Zhang Xuan, Physician Cheng Feng, sneered, "I've known him for over twenty years, do you think that I’m unaware of his standard?"

Even though Physician Bai Chan was merely a 1-star physician, due to his greedy and lustful nature, he had committed numerous atrocities, making him a notorious figure in the Tianwu Kingdom's Physician Guild. At one particular point in time, he almost had his physician license revoked. If not for his absurd luck at that crucial moment, that 1-star emblem on his chest would have long been gone.

Yet, Butler Lu said that his mastery in the Way of Medicine isn't mediocre... Even going to the extent of inviting him in...

"Butler Lu, you must have been mistaken!"

"I know this fellow as well, and he barely made it to qualify as a 1-star physician. How can his mastery in the Way of Medicine not be mediocre?"

"Do not be fooled by his flowery words..."

There were quite a few people within the group who had either heard of Physician Bai Chan or knew him personally, and all of them felt nothing but contempt toward him.

Despite being a 1-star physician, he didn't possess any true medical capability. In fact, he didn't even dare to treat anyone and made a living by trading medicinal herbs. When in the world did he become an expert?


Hearing everyone's words, Butler Lu was stunned as well. Clearly, he hadn’t expected this formidable physician who resolved his issue so easily to have such a poor reputation.

Just as he was about to speak up in Physician Bai Chan's stead, a 3-star physician in the group interjected.

"Alright, who the hell cares whether he is a 1-star or 2-star physician. If he fails to produce any results later, he will be ashamed to remain here, so let's not waste our words. Our purpose here is to treat the Great Herb King. Butler Lu, since so many of us are gathered here already, shouldn't you bring us to meet the Great Herb King already?"

"Yes, I will now invite the old master here for everyone to examine!"

Seeing that the crowd was no longer pursuing the matter, Butler Lu arranged for Zhang Xuan to sit by the side before nodding his head in agreement.



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