Chapter 270: Zhang Xuan's Secret Art

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"Who did you say is unable to make it?"

"Being a mere 1-star physician... how dare you speak such arrogant words!"

The crowd burst into an uproar immediately.

What do you mean by we are unable to make it and that you'll give it a try... Do you mean that you are more skilled than us?

Despite being a measly 1-star physician, how can you be so confident?

"What arrogant words. Bai Chan, you sure became capable in just a few days!"

Even Physician Cheng Feng hadn’t expected him to say such words. He narrowed his eyes angrily at Zhang Xuan.

"Ignorant lad, how dare you utter such conceited words. I would like to see what you are capable of then!" Physician Mu Hong flung his sleeves in displeasure.

Even we 2-star and 3-star physicians aren't able to determine the root of the illness and treat it, so what is a 1-star physician like you bragging for?

Give it a try? Do you even understand what is going on?

"This fellow..."

Mo Yu rolled her eyes.

Even the 3-star physicians present weren't able to make sense of the Great Herb King's condition. Yet, you, who don't even know what Extreme Diagnosis Method and Observation Diagnosis Method are, dare to declare that you would give it a try, disregarding everyone else...

Aren't you afraid of getting beaten to death?

Where does your confidence come from?

Ignoring their furious and doubtful gazes, Zhang Xuan walked up to the Great Herb King.

He didn’t notice it from afar but upon walking closer, Zhang Xuan realized that the Great Herb King’s condition was indeed critical. His flesh was hanging loosely off his body, his skin was incredibly dry, and the life in his eyes seemed to be flickering as if it would extinguish at any moment.

Circling around the other party, Zhang Xuan touched and examined him meticulously...

As expected...

He wasn't able to discern anything at all!

"Physician Bai, are there any results from your observation?"

Seeing the other party deep in contemplation, Butler Lu couldn't help but ask.

The others paid close attention as well.

The man had acted arrogantly, and they wanted to see if he did have the capabilities to back his words.

"Un, I've noticed a few things. However, I'm not very sure!"

If Zhang Xuan were to say that he was unable to discern anything, he would surely be beaten to death on the spot. Thus, after a moment of silence, Zhang Xuan replied.

"You noticed a few things? Really?" Hearing Zhang Xuan's reply, Butler Lu was thrilled.

The other party was able to tell that he was suffering from asthma with just a glance, so perhaps, he might be able to do what others were unable to accomplish.

"Hmph, putting on an act!"

"I would like to see what you have managed to find out!"

The other physicians responded disdainfully to Zhang Xuan's words.

There were particular methods and steps to examine a patient’s condition, and all the fellow did was to circle around the patient. He had disregarded the most important aspects, yet he arrogantly declared that he noticed a few things...

Are you dreaming?

Feel free to brag all you want, let's see what you can do later on!

"Don't be in such a hurry. Even though I now have a rough idea about the problem, I should confirm his condition before starting the treatment!"

Ignoring the disdainful gazes of the crowd, Zhang Xuan shook his head and paused for a moment. "I do have a secret art which would allow me to easily ascertain the root of the illness. However..."

At this point, Zhang Xuan paused, and hesitation hung on his face.


Hearing that there was a secret art which could ascertain the root of the illness, Butler Lu became agitated immediately. Even the corpse-like Great Herb King rolled his eyeball over as well.

The greatest problem they were facing wasn't the treatment. Rather... they didn't even know what the condition was. If they could ascertain his illness, they might be able to search through the books and look for a solution.

"Just that... the Great Herb King might have to suffer for a little!"

Zhang Xuan slowly spoke.

"As long as you can ascertain the illness, a little suffering means nothing. Physician Bai, feel free to speak of what that needs to be done!"

After discussing with the Great Herb King, Butler Lu looked at Zhang Xuan with determined eyes.

Compared to death, suffering or that sort was nothing.

"I don't require any other preparations. Since you have already said so, I will be executing my secret art now..." Zhang Xuan said seriously.


Butler Lu nodded his head. Then, he asked doubtfully, "Since you're going to use a secret art, do you require us to excuse ourselves..."

Just as the name stated, secret arts tend to be something personal. It might have been inconvenient for Zhang Xuan to display his secret art before so many physicians.

However, before he could finish his words, he saw Physician Bai Chan lift his hands and send a slap straight at the Great Herb King.


It was a crisp sound. His palm struck the back of the Great Herb King's head, and before the latter could even react, his vision went dark. With a look of disbelief... he fainted.

"What are you doing..."

Not expecting the other party to knock the old master out instead of executing his secret art, Butler Lu was enraged. He was about to rush forward when the other party touched the Great Herb King and clapped. "Alright, I'm done executing my secret art..."

"You're done... executing it?"

The crowd staggered and they nearly fainted on the spot.

Brother, you must be joking with us!

Do you mean to say that... your secret art is to slap the Great Herb King?

Secret art my foot! Even a dog can execute such a move... To think that I even thought of excusing myself so that you can execute it freely...

On the other hand, Mo Yu's slim body was trembling in fear, and she nearly fell limply to the ground.

When the other party declared his intention so confidently previously, she thought that it might be possible that he had a good idea in mind that could help ascertain the illness. To think that this would be it...

Slapping the Great Herb King out of consciousness with a single slap... If Zhang Xuan failed to come up with a valid excuse, the two of them might very well die here.

"Old master..."

Butler Lu rushed forward and massaged the other party. It took him great effort before the latter regained his consciousness, and only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

Turning to Zhang Xuan, he suppressed his urge to tear the fellow into pieces and spat, "Physician Bai, you..."

Honestly speaking, if the other party hadn't treated the poison in his body, he would certainly have ordered the guards to kill him just now.

The old master's body was already in such a weak condition. Knocking him out... was no different from murder.

"My secret art requires the patient to be unconscious to be performed. I have no other choice, so I beg of your understanding!"

Zhang Xuan had thought of an excuse beforehand.

"Is there such a secret art?"

"The patient has to be unconscious in order to be diagnosed?"

Members of the crowd stared at one another, and for a moment, they found it hard to comprehend the situation.

Is it possible for such an eccentric skill to exist?

The three 3-star physicians looked at one another, and they could see the confusion in each other's eyes.

They had read countless books in the Physician Guild but had never heard of any diagnosis method that required one to be unconscious. This method was in conflict with the fundamental principles of the Way of Medicine.

"So that's the case..."

Butler Lu hadn't heard of it either, but that fellow's previous action of diagnosing him through his punch was against common sense as well. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, "May I know if Physician Bai was able to ascertain the illness that the old master is suffering from?"

Upon hearing the question, everyone's gazes immediately turned to Zhang Xuan. They wanted to hear what this braggart had to say.

"I've verified the illness!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head. After hesitating for a moment, he sighed, "It's... suffering for one's own deeds!"

"What did you say?"

Butler Lu was stunned for a moment before he lashed out.


The sound of swords being drawn echoed in the air and countless guards charged forward immediately.



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