Chapter 279: Senior Uncle

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When Butler Lu realized that the middle-aged man was Physician Bai in disguise, his face contorted, and he nearly ripped off his own shirt out of frustration...

Even if you don't recognize the envoy, you should at least recognize the poison master emblem pinned on his chest!

There are no 3-star poison masters in this Poison Hall. Where else can he come from other than the headquarter?

If you pay a little more attention, you'll notice all of these details...

To say 'Who do you think you are, did I allow you to speak' straight in his face'...

The heck heck heck heck heck!

Before you said those words, you could have at least come up with some excuse to explain yourself. Now that you've insulted him in public, there's no room for reconciliation!

Even though he has only known the other party for a few days, the Physician Bai he knew was an impressive and rational figure. Why did he suddenly become such a reckless person?

Your actions aren't just bringing harm to yourself, the old master and I will also be dragged into this disaster!

The master and servant duo felt as if they were going insane. At the same moment, the mouths of Liao Xun and the others twitched.

They have seen arrogant people, but it was their first time meeting SUCH an arrogant person!

For a mere impersonator to speak to the real envoy in such a manner, the word "courageous" is no longer sufficient to describe him!

This is simply... courting death!

Not just courting death, but courting the worst possible way to die.

"You reap what you sow!"

"This time, we don't even have to do anything. The envoy will help us settle it all!"

A gloating expression appeared on the faces of the other two Vice Hall Masters.

To think that a mere impersonator had managed to scare them, they felt ashamed just by the thought of it. If they could, they would rip apart the other party's tendons and pluck out his bones, so as to pay him back for the humiliation.

But from the looks of it now, they wouldn't get a turn.

"What did you say?"

As everyone expected, the envoy flew into a rage immediately. A powerful aura burst forth from him, reaching to the skies. It exerted so much pressure on the crowd that they found it difficult to even breathe.

Zhizun realm!

Just as they had guessed, the envoy was indeed a Zhizun realm expert!

Fighter 9-dan Zhizun realm. In this vast world, they were the ones who reigned supreme. With strength exceeding ten thousand ding, they possessed the might to destroy castles, eradicate oceans, and obliterate mountains.

The moment his rage flurried, the heaven and earth wailed in agony beneath his might. The pure energy he emanated gushed over the crowd, and as though a massive torrent, they were helpless before it.

Liao Xun and the others retreated uncontrollably before the overwhelming might that was displayed.

The Great Herb King's face scrunched up in fear.

It was too frightening.

Even if a Zongshi pinnacle were to face him, he would be rendered completely helpless.

They were thinking that the impersonator would be forced to give himself away under the intimidating aura when, instead, Zhang Xuan frowned in displeasure.


Bellowing angrily, Zhang Xuan flung his hands, "How dare you darned rascal lay your hands me! Who gave you the guts to do so?"


The Great Herb King convulsed.

Displeased, the heck you are displeased about!

Furthermore, calling him a darned rascal...

Brother, where does your confidence come from?

Your identity has been exposed. If you carry on with the act, the other party will really beat you to death...

Even though the Great Herb King couldn't tell the exact strength of Physician Bai, after days of interacting with him, he had gauged it to be around Zongshi realm. In any case, he thought that it was impossible for the other party's cultivation to be above Zongshi realm pinnacle.

Even I myself will be rendered helpless before the envoy, why the heck are you acting so arrogantly?


"Fine! To think that an impersonator would dare talk to me like that, I'm truly impressed. Since you are that tired of living, allow me to grant your wish!"

He thought that the impersonator would be intimidated by his aura, but contrary to his expectations, the other party criticized him for being brazen. The envoy felt so infuriated that he could feel himself losing his rationality, and killing intent gleamed in his eyes.

The headquarter had sent only him here, so the man before him had to be a fake!

For a mere impersonator to yell at him, there must be something wrong with his head, or he must have extremely large guts!

With a slight step, the envoy charged forward as though a bolt of lightning. Opening his fingers, an immense force burst forth from his palm and flew straight at Zhang Xuan!

Zhizun realm is also known a Ten Thousand Ding realm, and the strength of a Zhizun realm expert isn't something that any Zongshi realm cultivator can withstand. The envoy's might crushed down on Zhang Xuan as though a gigantic wave, leaving him with no place to hide. Even a small hill would be reduced to powder under that might!

Due to his insufficient cultivation, Zhang Xuan's body stiffened before that overwhelming strength. Under this condition, it would be difficult for him to even execute a battle technique.

With his pure Heaven's Path zhenqi, it was rare for Zhang Xuan's to suffer from such suppression. However, he was only a Half-Zongshi, and the gap between him and a Zhizun realm expert was simply too huge.

Even though Zhang Xuan was capable of defeating opponents beyond that of his cultivation realm, that was only limited to Zongshi realm primary stage cultivators. Before a Zhizun expert, he wasn't capable of any retaliation. The most he could do was to escape his attacks using the Heaven's Path Movement Art.

Feeling the intense pressure on his body, Zhang Xuan's mind moved swiftly. He maintained the impassive look on his face, but inside, Zhang Xuan was panicking.

He had guessed that the other party was the true envoy, but if he were to back out at this point, death would become inevitable.

Aren't you arrogant?

I'll be more arrogant than you.

And this was the only way Zhang Xuan would be able to scare the other party, making him fearful of laying his hands on him.

Yet, that fellow didn't fall for his tricks and, instead, attacked him directly. This placed Zhang Xuan in a terrible position.


Even if he were to dodge using the Heaven's Path Movement Art, he could only do so for a blow or two before his stamina ran out. By then, he would be dead meat as well. Thus, he hurriedly turned his attention to the Library of Heaven's Path.

A book appeared before him.

Looking at the contents, Zhang Xuan calmed his nerves. He revised his original intention of escaping using the Heaven's Path Movement Art, and with an absurdly calm expression, spouted coldly.

"Gu Mu, to dare to lay your hands on me, do you crave for your entire line to die?"



Upon hearing those words, the calm envoy was taken aback. He pulled back his palms forcefully and questioned in astonishment, "Who are you? Why do you know my name?"

Upon receiving the orders from the headquarter, he rushed here from afar, and on the journey, he had never mentioned his name to anyone.

Before receiving the orders, he had been secluding himself to focus on his cultivation. Other than his examiners and friends, almost no one knew his name. Logically speaking, it would be impossible for anyone in this backward location to know of his identity. Thus, upon hearing his name from the mouth of that fellow before him, he could not help but feel bewildered.

Of course, even though he withdrew his palms, he didn't disperse his might. The moment the other party spouted nonsense, that force would burst through his body immediately.

Seeing the other party stop, Zhang Xuan knew that he had taken a successful gamble and heaved a sigh of relief.

Humans were curious creatures, and regardless of how furious a man could be, hearing a stranger call his name would cause him to be puzzled. Using the information from the book on the other party in the library, Zhang Xuan was confident of convincing him to not dare raise his fists again.

Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan stood upright as though an erect spear before the other party. It seemed as though he was impervious to the rage and intimidation of the party.

"In the Xuanyuan Conferred Kingdom branch, you are the fourteenth person to pass the 3-star poison master examination, and you took only five years to reach 3-star pinnacle from then. As such, you are reputed to be a genius who appears only once every century!"

"Born with an innate passion toward poison, you passed the apprentice poison master examination at fourteen years of age. The [Fiery Heat Powder] which you concocted then killed the 314 people in your mortal enemy's household. At seventeen years of age, you created the [Soul Shattering Dust], and you managed to kill a Zongshi realm primary stage expert with it. At twenty-six years of age, you passed the 2-star poison master examination, and the [Frangible Bone Fragrance] which you concocted allowed you to successfully poison a Zongshi realm pinnacle savage beast to death..."

"At thirty-five years of age, you came under the tutelage of the Hundred Variations Poison Master Jin Conghai. This year, you're forty-four, and your prowess in poison is unmatched in the Xuanyuan branch... This time, the headquarter sent you here as the envoy to train you so that you can take over as the next Hall Master of the branch!"

"I wonder..." Zhang Xuan paused for a moment. Chuckling, he glanced at the envoy. "...if what I've said is true?"

"Who in the world... are you?"

Envoy Gu Mu's eyes narrowed.

Other than his closest kin, no one knew about these facts, especially the orders from the headquarters. Yet, the other party knew of them as though it was in the grasp of his palm...

Who in the world is he?

He didn't recall any acquaintance having such an appearance.

That's to say, he didn't know the person before him at all. But how could the other party know of the affairs surrounding him in such great detail?

Disregarding the Envoy Gu Mu's question, Zhang Xuan chuckled, "In order to become a 4-star poison master, you went to the extent of even testing out poisons on your own body. Others are impressed by your feat of giving up your life for your passion for poisons, but the truth is that you wish to exact vengeance for your dead wife!"

"Your enemy... is a 4-star poison master! His abilities at using poison are above yours, and if you don't reach his level, you'll be unable to kill him!"

"You, you..."

Gu Mu's face paled, and his eyes narrowed. His face seemed as though he has seen a ghost.

The other party was completely right.

All along, he had been cultivating and researching new poison with everything he had, and this all was for his vengeance!

Just that, it was a secret he had hidden in the depths of his heart. He had never told anyone about it, and he didn't dare to.

After all, every single poison master was an important asset of the Poison Hall. If they found out that he intended to kill a 4-star poison master, someone would definitely stop him.

Thus, this matter had always remained as his own personal secret. Yet, at this moment, it was coming out from the mouth of a stranger. How could he not be astonished and terrified?

"Your current cultivation realm is Zhizun realm pinnacle, and to become a 4-star poison master, you have to achieve a breakthrough in your cultivation. Thus, you've been feeding on [Green Snake Grass] and applying it on your shenmen acupoint so as to increase your potential. At the same time, you applied [Bone Corroding Powder] on your shenhun acupoint to boost your Soul Depth. Even though your strength and Soul Depth has increased under the stimulation of the poison, it has worn your life thin. If I'm not wrong, you are already nearing your end, and you can possibly die at any moment now!"

Circling around the other party, Zhang Xuan sighed.

When the other party attacked him, he executed a battle technique. As such, a book was compiled, and the other party’s flaws were revealed on it. Shockingly, there were more than hundred flaws on him!

To outsiders, he may seem like a person who has a bright future ahead of him, a 3-star pinnacle poison master who could become the new Hall Master of the Xuanyuan branch at any moment. However, his body had already reached his limits, and he could die at any moment.

Based on his current condition, it was unlikely for him to survive more than three years.

Deng deng deng deng!

Staggering backward a few steps, Gu Mu's face became ghastly white.

The other party's words were completely correct, he had been exchanging his own life for strength. If he didn't do so, he would never become a 4-star poison master in this life, and without reaching that level, how could he exact his vengeance?

If he didn;t avenge his wife, he wouldn't be able to face her in the underworld.

"Who in the world are you?"

Clenching his fists tightly, Gu Mu stared grimly at Zhang Xuan.

To know his background so clearly and not fearing his attacks at all, could he possibly be an unknown senior of Xuanyuan branch?

"Who am I..."

Zhang Xuan lifted his gaze, and a faraway look appeared in his eyes. "Of course you don't know who I am. That's because... even your teacher would have to call me..."

"Senior uncle!"


Those who come under your teacher earlier than you are normally known as your seniors.

(Unless you are a direct disciple. Direct disciples are given seniority over normal students, as in the case with Liu shi and the others)

Your teacher's senior is known as your senior uncle.



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