Chapter 281: Crimson Flame Lotus Seed

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The entire environment was devoid of sound.

Gu Mu's face paled.

He saw the speed his 'senior granduncle' displayed, and if the other party were to use this speed against him, he probably won't even last for a breath!

That is to say... Killing him is indeed not any harder than slaughtering a chicken!

Upon recalling the fact that he had tried to get violent with such an expert, cold sweat drenched his back immediately.

It was fortunate that the other party had recognized him, and that there was a form of kinship between them. Otherwise, even though he was an envoy of the headquarter, he would definitely have been reduced to a corpse in an instant.

The other party was an expert of an entirely different level, and given he didn't attempt to retaliate when Gu Mu provoked him earlier on, why would he need to fool him just to take his life? Rather, that would just sully his status.

"Senior granduncle, I was too skeptical, please forgive me!"

Upon understanding this fact, Gu Mu bowed in apology.

If killing him was as easy as killing a chicken, there should be no need for the Senior granduncle to play mind games with him if he really wished to slaughter him.

"I was traveling around the world when I passed by Red Lotus City and noticed that the Great Herb King was afflicted with the Contract Gu. Thus, I saved him, and from him, I heard about the conflict over the seat of the Hall Master in the Poison Hall branch. Unable to bear the sight of the younger generation of poison masters killing one another over such a minor matter, I came here with the intention of resolving the conflict!"

Staring at the skies, benevolence shone through Zhang Xuan's eyes.


Upon hearing that the other party came here for such a reason, Liao Xun and the others felt embarrassed.

To think that they had believed that he was a fraud hankering for some treasure... Such thoughts appear ludicrous now that they recalled about it.

No wonder he spoke of conducting an examination the moment he arrived and declared that the most outstanding poison master would become the Hall Master. Through such, they would be able to avoid unnecessary conflict and trouble.

Gu Mu came to a realization as well. He had been thinking why his senior granduncle, despite his position, would choose to impersonate as the envoy. In the end, it was because he was unwilling to see fellow poison masters killing one another.

Upon realizing this fact, Gu Mu couldn't help but be impressed with the other party. Probably, only a true poison master, one who had an intense love for this occupation would be able to possess such magnanimity.

"Alright, since the real envoy is here, it's meaningless for me to remain here. Thus, I'll be taking my leave!"

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan turned around and walked out of the Poison Hall.

The reason why the others took in his words so easily was that they were still awed by the Heaven's Path Movement Art. As time went by, they would realize the many loopholes in his words.

However, Zhang Xuan's motive here was to browse through the books. Now that he had accomplished his primary aim, and that the real envoy had arrived, remaining here would do nothing but increase the chances of his disguise being seen through. In that case, he might as well leave immediately.

After leaving the perimeter of the poison mist, he would be able to summon the Howling Firmament Beast and leave this place for good.

"Senior granduncle, please save me..."

Seeing the other party turn around to leave without talking about his illness, Gu Mu's complexion turned pale. He knew that his doubt had offended the other party, so he hurried forward and kneeled to the floor.

All experts had their own dignity.

From the moment he arrived, Gu Mu has been antagonizing him, even making a move against him. Furthermore, when the other party offered to help him out of goodwill, he refused to believe him and doubted his intentions. It was no wonder why the other party was displeased.

His temper could already be considered good for not teaching Gu Mu a lesson there and then.

"I require my patients to be unconscious when treating them. I understand that you're worried about your safety, and I don't blame you for not believing me!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

The other party was clearly angry from his tone, and he didn't seem to intend to help him. Thus, Gu Mu hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and sending a telepathic message, "Senior granduncle, wait a moment! It was merely a pretense that the headquarter sent me to nominate a new Hall Master and stabilize the situation in the branch; the truth is that the [Crimson Flame Lotus Seed] in this branch has matured!"

"Crimson Flame Lotus Seed?"

"That's right. The Crimson Flame Lotus Seed lives in the depths of the volcano, and it absorbs the strength of the earth veins for its growth. If a cultivator were to consume it, their chances of breaking through the Zhizun realm bottleneck to reach higher realms would be increased by 20%! It is precisely because I'm stuck at this bottleneck that I took the initiative to apply for this mission."

Gu Mu spoke of everything without withholding any information.

"I know that given senior granduncle's strength, this object is useless to you. Even so, it would be beneficial to your disciples and students if they were to consume it."

"It can increase the chances of breaking through Zhizun by 20%?" Zhang Xuan was astonished.

A breakthrough in cultivation depended on one's will, faith, accumulation, and cultivation technique... Pills are considered as supplements, and most medicinal herbs weren't very effective for helping to raise one's cultivation.

Yet, the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed increased the chances of breaking through the Zhizun realm by a full 20%. If Zhang Xuan didn't hear this news from a Zhizun realm expert himself, he wouldn't dare to believe it to be true.

Even though 20% may not seem to be much, such effectiveness was already considered to be amazing by cultivators. Many would kill to lay their hands on the seed.

Zhizun realm was the pinnacle of being a Fighter, but it wasn't the terminal point of one's cultivation. In the vast world out there, there were countless experts who had surpassed the Zhizun realm.

A single Crimson Flame Lotus Seed can increase the possibility of one's breakthrough by a staggering 20%, so it is definitely considered a priceless treasure.

Zhang Xuan didn't expect to find such a valuable object in this Poison Hall branch.

"Alright, speak of your request!"

Knowing that the other party must have his motives for this matter, Zhang Xuan turned to look at him.

"I only hope that senior granduncle can lend a helping hand to cure my physical trauma. As for the lotus seed, I only require one for my breakthrough, and I'll present the rest to senior granduncle!"

Gu Mu said.

Gu Mu knew that given his current physical condition, even if he were to obtain the lotus seed, it would be impossible for him to reach higher realms. If that was the case, he might as well trade the seeds in return for treatment.

Besides, even though the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed was good stuff, it wasn't that easily obtainable. Otherwise, the old Hall Master wouldn't have died so abruptly.

Other people may not be aware of the cause of the death of the old Poison Hall, but Gu Mu was in the know. The branch had written and submitted a report on the old Hall Master’s death, and Gu Mu happened to see its content by coincidence.

The rumors outside claiming that he died due to an illness were false. Rather, it was because the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed had matured and in the midst of picking it, the old Hall Master was burnt to ashes by the Earthen Flames.

Given how even a Zhizun expert was burnt to ashes by the flames, it was likely that Gu Mu would require the help of his senior granduncle to obtain that lotus seed.

Thus, after some contemplation, he decided to inform the other party of this news and make a deal.

Gu Mu knew that an expert of the other party's level wouldn't treat him poorly in consideration of the latter’s status after knowing of the news.


Zhang Xuan nodded.

Zhang Xuan had already intended to treat Gu Mu from the start, and now that there would be a reward, there was no reason for him to turn the other party down

"So... When do we begin?"

Seeing the other party agree, Gu Mu was delighted. "Are there any preparations that need to be done?"

"There's no need for any preparations, we can start now!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

The longer he dragged the matter, the likelier a twist would occur in the situation. It was best for Zhang Xuan to get it over and done with.

"Alright!" Upon hearing that the other party would conduct the treatment now, Gu Mu was overjoyed. "I'll be depending on senior granduncle then!"

After which, he raised his hands.


Knocking himself on his head, his body went limp and fell to the floor.


Seeing that the other party had knocked himself unconscious, Zhang Xuan glanced downward to look at the bag of [Soul Numbing Powder] in his hands. Helpless, Zhang Xuan could only place it back into his storage ring.

"I was intending to use this. To think that you would be even more reckless than the Great Herb King..."

The [Soul Numbing Powder], which can send a person unconscious, is extremely useful for his 'unique medical techniques'. Thus, before setting off, he asked for plenty of it from the Great Herb King.

In any case, the object wasn't expensive, and the Great Herb King was also willing to do Zhang Xuan this favor. Thus, he gave him over twenty packets of it.

He was intending to test the effects of the powder, but by the time he managed to take it out, the other party had already knocked himself out.

That was way too fast!

However, this was good as well. In any case, he was unconscious, and this spared Zhang Xuan some effort.

Stepping forward to the unconscious Gu Mu, Zhang Xuan shook his hands and a few silver needles appeared in his palm.

A detailed description of the other party's physical condition was formed when the other party made a move on him earlier, so there was no need for Zhang Xuan to diagnose him once more.

With a flick of his fingers, the silver needles flew toward Gu Mu's body. Zhang Xuan's movements were light and nimble, as though a butterfly.

Gu Mu's physical condition was largely different from that of the Great Herb King.

The latter had his foundations damaged by the Contract Gu, resulting in his declining health, whereas the former used poison excessively to stimulate his acupoints so as to raise his cultivation, during which, the poison seeped into his body and began to destroy his physical functions.

The former required the nourishment of the Heaven's Path zhenqi whereas the latter merely required Zhang Xuan to locate the area where the poison accumulated and use the Heaven's Path zhenqi to expel it from his body to solve the issue straightforwardly.

In fact, the treatment for Gu Mu's condition was much easier than that of the Great Herb King.


The Heaven's Path zhenqi flowed through the silver needle toward the areas where the poison aura accumulated. Soon, the sound of flowing water could be heard from Gu Mu's body, and black water flowed out from his fingers and toes.

"Is this... the poison aura hidden in his body?"

"Is it being forced out just like that?"

Looking at the situation, Liao Xun and the others widened their eyes in disbelief.

Coming into contact with poison on a daily basis, they understood the difficulty of expelling poison from one's body.

Some poison aura, once seeped into the body, can never be removed regardless of the valuable herbs one consume or how long one tries.

This was precisely the reason why even though poison masters were fearsome existences, their lifespan tended to be extremely short. Reaching fifty to sixty years of age was already a huge achievement for them.

Even though they didn't have any visible conditions, there were already numerous problems within their bodies. The poisons that they came into contact with were already slowly gnawing at them from within.

They thought that there was no cure for them, but to think that the senior before them was able to resolve this trauma easily.

If he is able to expel the potent poison contained in the envoy's body so easily, doesn’t it mean that he can treat us with ease as well?

Thus, they started staring at Zhang Xuan with fiery eyes.

Oblivious to the crowd's reaction, Zhang Xuan was immersed in the matter at hand. Every single needle was pierced accurately at areas where the poison aura was hidden within his body. Before long, he shook his hands, and all of the silver needles flew back to him.

Then, he swung his arms in a grand fashion.

Gu Mu slowly roused into consciousness.


Opening his eyes, Gu Mu detected the changes within his body immediately.

Before, when his body was affected by the poison aura, he felt as though he was weighed down by gigantic shackles. Every single movement and action he made felt difficult. But now, as though all of the shackles were removed, his body felt as light as a feather.

Even without checking his condition with his zhenqi, he knew that the other party had pulled him back from the gates of hell.

"Senior granduncle, thank you for saving my life!"

Thus, he knelt to the floor once more. This time, it wasn't out of fear for the other party's strength, but in earnest respect for the other party's capability and assistance.

Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually, "Your condition is more severe than I thought, and you will require three treatments before the problem can be completely solved. Thus, there's no need for you to be thankful to me. It's not too late to say such words after you are completely cured!"

Zhang Xuan hadn't received the Crimson Flame Lotus Seed, and he wasn't out of danger either. Thus, Zhang Xuan left himself a bargaining chip, choosing not to cure the other party in a single go, in case the other party reneged on his words.



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