Chapter 291: Painting of the Fifth Level, Done!

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"Is such a thing possible?"

"To know the constituent of the ink and the mud on the savage beast beforehand, is he still a human?"


Listening to the explanation, the crowd widened their eyes in disbelief, as if it were the most absurd thing they had ever heard.

Painting a picture using a savage beast that was caught at random, and you were able to create a Breathtaking Verisimilitude art piece which only 2-star painters are capable of producing... Brother, you are about to break through the heavens!

"Vice Guild Leader Cheng does indeed possess a superior eye of discernment!"

Hearing the other party point out the reason, Zhang Xuan complimented.

Even though the other party's words were not perfect, the idea was there.

While he was correct about the mud on the Verdant Alacrity Beast, he failed to explain why they appeared so perfectly on each corner of the plum blossom.

Naturally, it was due to his manipulation.

However, since the other party had explained it this way, he did not bother to add on.

"You said that as long as this painting reaches the fourth level, you will admit defeat. Do you still have anything else to say?"

Zhang Xuan glanced at Ji Mo gongzi with a sharp gaze.


Ji Mo gongzi's knees caved in, and he fell to the ground. His face went as pale as a sheet of paper.

Initially, he thought that his victory was certain and that nothing in the world could change it. Never in his dreams did he expect that the other party would hide a trump card within his painting!

By heating it with a fire torch, the painting was brought up by entire level...

Ji Mo gongzi could only hear the thunder rumbling in his mind, and he nearly burst into tears.

At this moment, all he felt within himself was regret. Of all people, why did he have to provoke this fellow? Furthermore, he could have accepted the draw, yet he had to push his luck. In the end... he simply dug his own grave.

Feeling greatly depressed, he turned to Vice Guild Leader Cheng.

Initially, Vice Guild Leader Cheng intended to ignore his plight. However, after a moment of hesitation, he sighed and asked, "Little brother, how should I address you?"

"Zhang Xuan!"

"Brother Zhang Xuan, you and Painter Ji are pillars that will prop up our guild. On my account, can you... forgo the bet?" Vice Guild Leader Cheng Feng asked.

Ji Mo was courting death. Vice Guild Leader Cheng Feng was already siding with him by declaring the match a draw, yet he wasn't content with the result, choosing to push the boundaries.

Now that the other party has brought the painting up to the fourth level without having made a single action, Ji Mo had no choice but to admit defeat.

Just that... if he were to admit defeat, he has to carry out the bet they promised on, and this bet would be too huge of a loss for both this talent and the guild.

"Forgo the bet? I'm sorry, but I don't have the habit of not retaliating when someone has already climbed over my head!"

Waving his hands casually, Zhang Xuan uttered, "Kneel down and admit your mistake. Then, leave the Painter Guild and never return."

If the other party had merely provoked him once or twice, Zhang Xuan wouldn’t have been bothered to waste his efforts on him. However, since the other party had chosen to cross his line time and time again, he shouldn't be blamed for getting nasty.


Hearing those words, Vice Guild Leader Cheng and Vice Guild Leader Wu exchanged gazes, shook their heads simultaneously, and fell silent.

Since Ji Mo has lost the bet, he was expected to carry it out. Otherwise, if words spread that the Painter Guild was siding with their own people, the prestige it had built up in the capital would crumble.

Seeing that Zhang Xuan was unwilling to give in even after the vice guild leader had pleaded on his behalf, Ji Mo's face darkened, "Fine, I'll apologize to you!"

After which, he kneeled to the floor. Glaring at Zhang Xuan with a grudge so deep as though the other party had killed his father, he spat, "It's my fault for provoking you. I apologize to you!"


The other party was clearly insincere in his apology, but Zhang Xuan wasn't bothered. In his eyes, Ji Mo was nothing more than a pesky fly.


Ji Mo stood up resentfully and he sneered, "Hmph, I may have lost the bet, but you don't have the right to prevent me from entering the Painter Guild! Even I leave today, I can still return tomorrow. I am an official painter of the Painter Guild, do you think that a mere bet can restrain me? Dream on!"


Hearing Ji Mo's sneer, the crowd felt despise for this rising painter. However, they couldn't help but agree with the other party's words.

No matter how mediocre and unseemly Ji Mo gongzi was, he was nevertheless an official painter after having passed the examination. Even if the bet could cause him to leave temporarily, it was clearly impossible to ban him from entering the guild for good.

"The bet can't restrain you?" Zhang Xuan stroked his chin, him appearing to be deep in thoughts.

"That's right! Unless you camp outside the guild every day, I will still return, without a doubt! Haha, I might have lost this time, but it can't be considered your victory either!"

Ji Mo gongzi put on a 'so what can you do about it' expression gleefully.

His words were true. No matter who it was, it would be impossible to camp outside the Painter Guild forever. The moment Zhang Xuan left, the other party would be able to easily return back in.

After all, it is just a verbal bet, not an official contract. Even if I do not comply with the bet, what can you do to me?

"I won’t be camping here. However, if you were to return while I am away, it will indeed look bad on me!"

When a human tosses aside his pride, he will feel invincible. Initially, Zhang Xuan thought that this fellow would value his dignity, given how he had won himself the heart of countless ladies.

Yet, to think that he would be so shameless. Thus, Zhang Xuan could only nod his head in agreement, "This is indeed a dilemma. However... this isn't any big issue, and there's a simple solution to it!"

"A simple solution? Only 3-star painters are qualified to issue a ban. Are you thinking of banning me from the Painter Guild? Dream on..."

Ji Mo gongzi sneered coldly.

Only painters who have reached a minimum of 3-star have the right to order a permanent ban on specific people. In Ji Mo's opinion, no matter how incredible Zhang Xuan's painting skill was, he could only be a 2-star painter at maximum.

Since he wasn't a 3-star painter, how could he ban him?

"3-star painters can issue bans?" Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before nodding his head. "Then... I'll take the 3-star painter examination first then!"

"Take the 3-star painter examination?"

"Is this person sleeptalking? To actually say that he wants to take the 3-star painter examination?"

"He must be joking! While I admit that he's formidable for being able to create a fourth level painting, he is still a far way off from reaching the level of a 3-star painter!"

Shocked by Zhang Xuan's words, the crowd nearly fainted.

Of the entire Tianwu Kingdom, only the guild leader has reached the level of a 3-star painter, it being so obvious that to do so isn’t any simple feat. Do you think that you can pass the examination just because you want to?

Speaking so arrogantly, aren't you afraid that the heavens will punish you?

Even the two vice guild leaders couldn't help but shake their heads to his words.

The youngsters nowadays are complacent, unable to realize there is a huge world beyond what they are able to see and imagine.

Even though it was just a level of difference between 3-star and 2-star, the gap was just like the divide between heaven and earth. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been stuck at the level of a 2-star pinnacle for so long.

They weren't the only ones. There were more than a dozen 2-star painter in the Tianwu Kingdom Painter guild, but there was only one 3-star painter. The disparity between a 2-star and a 3-star painter wasn't something that just anyone could fathom.

Yet, to say so easily that he would take the examination...

The ignorant sure is fearless!

"Haha! This is the funniest joke I've heard today!" Ji Mo gongzi sneered coldly. "Don't become complacent just because you happened to create a painting of the fourth level. You're still way too far from becoming a 3-star painter!"

Disregarding the conceited Ji Mo gongzi, Zhang Xuan walked up to the two vice guild leaders, hesitated for a moment, before asking sheepishly.

"Actually, I'm here to take the painter examination. That... I would like to ask how does the apprentice examination work?"


Everyone fell to the ground.

The heck! Didn't you just declare haughtily that you would take the 3-star painter examination? Yet, to ask about how the apprentice examination work...

Brother, you must still be sleeping!

Besides, you just created a painting of the fourth level, which means that your skill is on par with a 2-star painter. How can you not even know how the apprentice examination works?

"How does the apprentice examination work? You... It can't be that you aren't even an apprentice?"

Realizing something, Vice Guild Leader Wu could not help but ask.

"Cough cough, that's right. I've never taken the apprentice examination. The reason why I'm here today is to give the examination a try..."

Zhang Xuan nodded his head as if it was the most natural thing to do in this world.


Everyone's eyes fell to the floor.

The two vice guild leaders shuddered at the same time, and they nearly vomited blood.

Being not even an apprentice, you dare to challenge an official painter and wager with him... Aren't you being too bold!

Furthermore, to be able to easily utilize a savage beast to create a painting of the fourth level... Despite not even being an apprentice, your skills and experience are clearly higher than ours!

Are you sure that you aren't lying to us?

More importantly, you speak so lightly of the examination as if it were nothing...

Other people have to put in the grueling effort just to pass the painter examination. Yet, from your tone, it sounds as if you're doing this just because you've some free time...


You do seem to have the ability to do so anyway!

Suppressing the depression welling up in them with great effort, Vice Guild Leader Wu began to introduce the examination.

"The examination for painters isn't as complicated compared to the occupations. One doesn't need to take the examinations one by one; as long as one is able to create an art piece to prove that his skills have already reached a certain level, he is qualified for the rank. For example, a person who has created a first level Reality Depiction work is qualified to become an apprentice painter, and a person who has created a second level Spiritual Canvas is qualified to become a 1-star painter. Given that you have just created a painting of the fourth level, you are already qualified to apply for the 2-star painter rank."

"Ah? It's that easy?"

Not expecting the painter examination to be so much easier than that of the other occupations, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. "Then, what is the requisite to apply for a 3-star painter rank?"

"A 3-star painter has to create a painting of the fifth level, Spirit Creation. There is a huge gap between the fifth level and the fourth level, and of the entire guild, only our guild leader has reached this level!"

Seeing that the other party was still hung up on this matter, Vice Guild Leader Wu tried to persuade him, "Given that you're able to create a painting of the fourth level at your current age, your talent is top-notch. Furthermore, you have never undergone professional painting training. If you study diligently under a true master, you will surely be able to create a painting of the fifth level in less than a decade and pass the 3-star painter examination. As such, there's no need for you to be so anxious!"

The difference between a painting of the fourth level and the painting of the fifth level was extremely huge, comparable to the gap between the Tongxuan and Zongshi realm.

Even though the Winter Plum Blossoms Painting that Zhang Xuan just created had reached the fourth level, luck seemed to have played a huge factor and even so, the painting appeared to have barely reached that level.

It is still a far way off from reaching the fifth level. To wish to sprint before you can even walk... Aren't you being too anxious!

"Vice Guild Leader Wu is right. Being able to create a painting of this level at your age bears testimony to your incredible talent. In my years with the Painter Guild, you're already the most talented painter that I've seen. As for 3-star, it's better for you..."

Vice Guild Leader Cheng Feng quickly chirped in as well. However, halfway through his words, he saw the youngster walk past him, and within a few steps, he was standing before the [Winter Plum Blossoms Painting].

There was a bowl of water, which appeared out of nowhere, in his hand. Taking a gulp, he sprayed the water out from his mouth, all of a sudden, onto the xuan paper.


The water droplets fell onto the painting, and gray spots appeared on the previously white portions, as though snow falling from the heavens. In an instant, it created an image of the plum blossoms standing proudly in the snow, contending against the heavens.


Spiritual energy in the surroundings suddenly gathered around the painting, and the plum blossoms emerged from the surface of the xuan paper. Relentlessly, the flowers were trying to climb into the sky, as though trying to challenge the heavens and destiny.

"I'm done!"

Placing the bowl on the table, Zhang Xuan clapped his hands. Then, turning toward the two vice guild leaders, Zhang Xuan casually pointed to the painting.

"A painting of the fifth level..."




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