Chapter 293: He is Called Zhang Xuan

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Exhaling deeply, Zhang Xuan rubbed between his eyebrows.

Even though there were many books in the Painter Guild, to Zhang Xuan, it just meant a slightly longer run. In less than an hour, he managed to duplicate all of the books in the library into the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Even though I am able to produce fifth level paintings, my understanding of the occupation is sorely lacking. Now that I possess these books to augment my knowledge, I should finally be able to live up to my identity as a 3-star painter!"

Looking at the neat rows of books in the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan stretched his back lazily.

Even though he was able to create fifth level paintings through the painting techniques mentioned in Master Lu Chen's books, he didn't know much about the basic history of painting, the various styles, schools, and such.

Taking Duan Yu, for example, he was capable of executing the top-notch martial arts technique, Six Pulse Divine Sword, which allowed him to defeat the powerful Murong Fu. However, his fundamentals were extremely weak, and he didn't know any other basic techniques. If he were to face a group of hoodlums, he might not even be a match for them.

Zhang Xuan was in a similar circumstance. He was able to create a fifth level painting easily, but if one were to ask him to produce a Reality Depiction painting, he would find it very difficult to do so.

However, with the books from the Painter Guild library, it was no longer a problem.

Once Zhang Xuan read all of these books, his knowledge would far surpass that of 3-star painters, and perhaps, even 4-star painters.

"However... I have countless books in the Library of Heaven's Path collected from Tianxuan Kingdom Book Collection Vault, the Beast Hall, Poison Hall, and Painter Guild... There are several ten million of them in the library, and if I were to read them one by one, how long would it take for me to finish reading all of them?"

After gathering the books, another dilemma struck him, leaving him with a slight headache.

He had already duplicated over tens of million books since his time at Tianxuan Kingdom, and even though he had been reading whenever he found the time, accompanied by his fast speed at reading, he could only cover a maximum of one to two thousand books every day. In comparison to the huge collection consisting of tens of million of books... The number of books he could read a day was just like a droplet of water in an ocean.

Furthermore, as he goes further and deeper into each occupation, the amount of books he would have to read would only increase. Without several years of effort, it would be impossible for him to convert all of them into his own knowledge.

"If only I have the golden page..."

Zhang Xuan thought.

The golden page was something that was formed by the Book of Heaven's Path.

It could instantly assimilate all of the knowledge contained within the library into his own mind. If he obtains the golden page, he would be able to easily remember everything contained in the library, and he wouldn't have exhausted himself flipping through the books one by one.

"I thought that it is formed only when someone is grateful to me, but thinking about it now, that shouldn't be the case! When I was passing off as Yang shi, there were many people who were grateful to me, but the golden page didn't form. This means that there is more to it!"

Thinking of the golden page in the Book of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan tried to recall the scenario in which it appeared.

He had no idea when the first golden page appeared, but the second golden page appeared when Zhao Ya and the others challenged Lu Xun on the dueling platform in order to defend his honor.

Back then, their gratitude carried the purest and most earnest of emotions between teacher and student.

Can it be that... only strong feelings of gratitude between the teacher and his students can make the golden page appear?

As Yang shi, most of the people he helped felt deference to him instead of such feelings.

"I can give it a try!"

Thinking of this, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

While other people might find it impossible to verify such matters, Zhang Xuan had a method up his sleeves.

Casually taking out an empty book from his storage ring, he wrote his conjecture in a book before touching it lightly.


With a jolt, an identical book appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.

Zhang Xuan flipped it open casually.

"It is really the earnest gratitude between the teacher and student that forms the golden page...! To think this would be the case!"

Upon seeing the results of his conjecture, Zhang Xuan felt agitated.

If he knew that this golden page was formed like that, he wouldn't have exhausted himself reading along the entire journey. He put in so much effort but had only managed to read a small portion of the entire sea of books.

"Looks like I should accept a few students and think of a way... to make them feel grateful to me!"

Zhang Xuan smiled gently.

Once the golden page was formed, he would be able to easily convert those knowledge into his own.

Right now, what he lacked was an accumulation of knowledge.

Only with sufficient knowledge can he easily identify flaws and solve problems without utilizing the Library of Heaven's Path.

"I wonder if Zhao Ya and the others have arrived. Seems like my only choice is to make an inquiry at the Master Teacher Pavilion tomorrow. Since I'm free now, maybe I should walk around to see if there's anyone I can guide. Perhaps, I might even find myself a student..."

Thinking so, Zhang Xuan stepped out of the Painter Guild library.

As he was leaving the library, he met the two vice guild leaders and after a short chat, he stepped, out of the guild, onto the streets once more.

Time is precious, so it was imperative for Zhang Xuan to identify a way to form the golden page.

The moment he stepped out of the guild, another young man walked in from another direction.

He was Lu Xun, who had just arrived at Tianwu Royal City.

The [Tianwu Inn] which they settled in was just a few hundred meters away from the Painter Guild, and he rushed here as soon as Liu shi finished making arrangements.

"To take the master teacher examination, one must have a supporting occupation. I have learned painting from my father from young, and I've long been able to produce paintings of the Reality Depiction level. I should first settle the apprentice painter examination before thinking of a way to become an official painter!"

Witnessing the large and majestic calligraphy at the entrance of the Painter Guild, Lu Xun felt agitated.

With his current skills, it would be difficult for him to qualify as an official painter. However, becoming an apprentice painter shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Upon stepping into the guild, he saw paintings after paintings hung on the walls. There were mountains, streams, canaries, spring, the radiant sun... And to his astonishment, all of them had attained the level of Reality Depiction. With a single gaze, he could tell that the painters behind those works possessed an understanding of painting that was in no way inferior to his.

"As expected of the Painter Guild, impressive..."

Lu Xun couldn't help but comment with glowing eyes.

Because this branch didn't have a long history, even Master Lu Chen hadn't been here to visit, so Lu Xun naturally wasn’t aware of what was within. He hadn’t expected to be able to see so many incredible art pieces the moment he enters and was impressed by the sight before him.

"Gongzi, may I know what kind of painting you are looking for? I can bring you around the guild!"

Right after he entered, the green-robed attendant who served Zhang Xuan previously walked up to him with a respectful attitude.

"I'm not here to buy a painting... I am here to take the apprentice painter examination! May I know where the examination held would be held?" Lu Xun smiled.

"Are you here to take the apprentice painter examination?"

The green-robed attendant was taken aback.

Usually, examinees appear only once every several months. What is going on today? Why have they appeared in a whole group today?

Right after Ji Mo gongzi’s assessment, Grandmaster Zhang appeared. And right after Grandmaster Zhang left, this fellow came to take the apprentice painter examination...

It sure is lively today!

"This way please!"

Even though he was bewildered by the situation, he didn't dare to keep Lu Xun waiting.

After all, he was just an attendant of the guild, while an apprentice is someone who has a chance to become an official painter in the future. There was a huge gap in status between the two.

"Un!" Lu Xun followed behind him.

"Impressive, this is really a fifth level painting!"

"Indeed, to think that he would be capable of painting a fifth level work in his first examination, and moreover, below the age of twenty! He is such a genius!"

"Even Ji Mo gongzi fell in defeat before him and was chased out of the guild. His talents are indeed impressive!"

"My head is still whirling from the situation just now. That is truly the most exciting competition I've ever seen!"

"I didn't think that a savage beast would be capable of painting as well. This is something which I've never dared to even think about in the past..."


Making his way in the spacious hall, discussions in hushed voices echoed from all directions.

Even though there were many of Ji Mo gongzi’s fans within the crowd during the competition an hour ago, there were also plenty of noblemen and aristocrats who were truly passionate about painting.

It was Grandmaster Zhang’s first appearance here, and he had already left the entire guild amazed.

"They say that... someone was able to produce a fifth level painting in his first attempt at the examination. What is that about?"

With the discussions around him heating up, Lu Xun could no longer hold back his curiosity and asked the green-robed attendant.

"Oh, they're talking about the competition that concluded just a moment ago!" The attendant's eyes glowed with excitement when he heard the question.

Not only was he able to watch the proceedings of the competition clearly from right beside, he was the one to attend to the grandmaster, and he felt greatly honored.


"That's right. It happened just a few moments ago..." The green-robed attendant soon recounted the events vividly to Lu Xun.

"You say that... the grandmaster dipped the savage beast in ink, allowed it to walk on the xuan paper, and with just a shake, turned the painting into a third level art piece?"

Lu Xun widened his eyes in disbelief.

Having studied painting under his father since young, he understood the difficulty in producing a third level painting.

Even his father couldn't guarantee to be able to produce a third level painting every single time he paints. Yet, this grandmaster is able to create such a painting using the random footsteps of a savage beast and a casual shake... Are you trying to exaggerate things?

However, the true shock was laying in wait.

"By heating the painting with a fire torch... it turned into a fourth level painting?"

"With a mouthful of water, it became a fifth level masterpiece?"

The more he heard, the more he found his mind unable to cope. He was on the verge of entering a frenzy.

Why does it sound like fiction?

If it is true, then that grandmaster's control over his painting is way too fearsome!

"It's all true! I attended to the grandmaster myself, and I witnessed the proceedings of the competition personally. I can't be wrong!"

Seeing the disbelief in the other party's eyes, the green-robed attendant declared proudly.

"That's amazing... If I can become a student of this grandmaster, my painting mastery will definitely soar rapidly, and it won’t be long before I become an official painter!"

Seeing how the other party was so certain of himself, a thought appeared in Lu Xun's mind and it soon grew to the point that it could no longer be contained.

One of the prerequisites to the master teacher examination is to become an official member of another occupation.

Even though Lu Xun had been studying painting from young, he knew that there was a world of a difference between Reality Depiction and Spiritual Canvas. If he studied all by his own, he could possibly take decades to reach the next level.

However... With the guidance of an incredible teacher, this process could be greatly shortened.

He didn't know about other grandmasters, but the one which the attendant just spoke of amazed him greatly.

To be capable of elevating the level of a painting so easily, especially to the fifth level, the grandmaster's comprehension of painting must be unimaginably profound!

If he were to come under the grandmaster's tutelage, he would be able to clear all the doubts he had immediately, and his path as a painter would become much more smooth-sailing.

"What is the name of that grandmaster? Do you know where he is? Is he accepting any students?"

Arriving at this conclusion, Lu Xun could not help but ask, his face reddened with agitation.

"That grandmaster... If I'm not wrong, his name is... Zhang Xuan!" The green-robed attendant pondered for a moment before replying.

"Zhang Xuan?"

Lu Xun's eyes widened immediately.


Duan Yu: Reference to Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

He is known for being capable of utilizing the ultimate art, Six Meridians Divine Sword. However, he only managed to learn this technique due to a series of coincidences, and due to his lacking fundamentals, he was unable to execute the technique every single time, which posed as a fatal flaw. He managed to defeat powerful antagonists like Murong Fu but often lost to minor and weaker characters.



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