Chapter 298: Framed

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"May I know what it is that you have lost?"

How could Liu shi not tell that the other party was lying? Hearing the other party's words, his eyebrows knitted together into a frown.

"I lost a stalk of precious medicinal herb!"

Physician Bai Chan had been used to carrying out this scam, so he continued calmly, "Hand it over now, or else I will report all of you and have you jailed!"

"Liu shi, I didn't take his things. He's slandering me!"

Zhao Ya explained hurriedly.

"Indeed, Liu shi. Zhao Ya's father is the city lord of Baiyu City, and she has everything she needs. It isn't possible that she resorts to stealing!"

"Zhang laoshi is an apothecary. There is no need at all for her to steal!"

Zheng Yang and the others stepped forward.

Having spent so much time together, all of them naturally placed their trust in Zhao Ya’s character.

How could she possibly steal the belongings of this shabby middle-aged man?


Liu shi held his hand up to silence everyone, before raising his head to look at the other party. "I am Beiwu Kingdom's 1-star master teacher, Liu Ling! These are my students whom I have brought along, and there seems to be a misunderstanding..."

After which, he flicked his hands and a token representing his identity as a master teacher appeared in his palm.

"1-star master teacher?"

Physician Bai Chan was taken aback.

Master teachers possess an extremely high standing in Tianwu Royal City, and with them both having a 1-star grade in their respective occupations, he was far beyond what a mere physician could compare up to.

However, the truly prestigious ones in Tianwu Royal City were the 2-star master teachers.

Furthermore, as a veteran in the city, he didn't fear a mere outsider. So what if he was a master teacher? As long as the other party didn't come from Tianwu Royal City, he had ten thousand ways to silence him.

At the same time, he recalled how respectful the other 1-star physicians were to him recently, and his pride immediately swelled. With a darkened face, he said, "Misunderstanding? Even the guild leader of the Physician Guild treats me respectfully, and you say that I framed your little student?"

"That's not what I meant..."

Liu shi didn't expect the other party to disregard his identity, so he quickly explained himself.

In Tianxuan Kingdom and Beiwu Kingdom, no one would have dared to offend a 1-star master teacher. However, in a Tier 1 Kingdom like Tianwu, the standing of master teachers took a dive.

Some of the powerful clans even raised master teachers of their own.

This was precisely why even though the identity of a master teacher could induce fear in most people, those who had truly strong backings wouldn't care too much about it. Unless... the person was a 2-star master teacher!

With the Master Teacher Pavilion behind his back, Liu shi wasn’t worried that anyone would do anything to him. However, Zhao Ya and the others were different.

He didn't have many connections here, and if this matter wasn't resolved properly, it could potentially bring about a lot of trouble.

If the other party tried to be shameless, it might even affect his reputation as a master teacher.

"If that's not what you meant, then what do you mean? Your student stole my possession, and I have already chased her all the way here. Do you mean to say that I chased her for nothing?"

Physician Bai flung his hands imposingly.

He knew what the other party was afraid of, and this boosted his courage.

"Masters, what's wrong?"

Because both sides were speaking loudly, their quarrel caught the attention of the boss of Tianwu Inn.

"These customers of yours have stolen my possession, what do you think that we should do?" Physician Bai Chan pulled out a chair and sat down.


The boss panicked.

Before he came over, an attendant had already informed him of the situation. On one side was a 1-star master teacher, and on the other was the prominent Physician Bai Chan. He couldn't afford to offend any of them.

"I shall not make things difficult for you. Since you can't settle this, let’s just invite a patrol squad in!"

Lifting his eyelids slightly, Physician Bai Chan felt confident. A master teacher that hailed from a small place such as Beiwu Kingdom... there wasn’t a reason to feel fear!

"Yes, yes!"

The boss heaved a sigh of relief. He gestured to the attendant in a hurry, who then ran out hastily.

Tianwu Royal City was huge, and there were all kinds of fights and conflicts every day. Only by resolving them in a timely manner could order be maintained. Thus, the royal family formed patrol squads to uphold the peace within the city.

In case of trouble, one could inform and invite them over.

"That... May I know what kind of medicinal herb did you lose? It's not convenient to alarm a patrol squad at this time of the night. Why don't we settle this matter privately!"

Upon hearing the other party mention calling for a patrol squad, Liu shi chose to give in.

It was a major disadvantage being in the other party's territory, it being likely that the patrol squad would side with the opponent. If they pronounce that Zhao Ya stole the other party's possession, she would have to go through all kinds of interrogation and investigation.

If it were just him, he wouldn't have feared the other party. Without the Master Teacher Pavilion's approval, no one would dare to capture a master teacher.

However Zhao Ya and the others came from the humble Tianxuan Kingdom, and they didn't possess any formidable background. The moment investigation began, it was likely that it would drag on for months. Furthermore, once they were thrown into the jail, wouldn’t the other party would gain the power to twist their words?

His 'senior' had entrusted these students to him. If they were to be locked up, how could he account to his 'senior'?

Thus, he chose to settle this matter peacefully in order to avoid trouble.

"What medicinal herb did I lose? Since you want to know, I'll tell you then. I lost a thousand-year-old [Green Steel Flower]. It is worth... at least ten million gold coins! I'm fine with settling it privately. You can choose to either pay me ten million gold coins or hand this girl over to me."

Physician Bai Chan looked at them gleefully.

Small matter! So you wish to settle this privately now? Let's see how I play with you!

"You... Bullshit!"

"How dare you frame me!"

Zhao Ya didn't expect the other party to be so shameless. Her face turned scarlet in anger, and her breathing hastened.

Zheng Yang and the others clenched their fists as well.

"A thousand-year-old Green Steel Flower?"

Liu shi's expression turned awful too.

As a master teacher, although he didn’t specialize in medicine, he had heard of the Green Steel Flower. Those which had grown to reach a maturity of a thousand years were extremely valuable, and even with ten million gold coins, one might not necessarily be able to purchase one.

Given his many years of savings, he did have ten million gold coins. However, anyone, even him would find it hard to accept to being scammed of so much money all of the sudden.

"That's right!"

Physician Bai Chan's finger drummed on the table. Lifting his eyelid slightly, he said, "Right after bumping into your student, the medicinal herb which I just bought went missing. If it isn't her who is responsible, who else can it be? You can either pay me the money or hand her over for me to interrogate. Otherwise, I shall publicize this matter, claiming that you turn a blind eye to your student's misdeed. Let's see how the Master Teacher Pavilion deals with you!"

Pouring a cup of water for himself as he spoke, he glanced at Liu shi gleefully.


Liu shi's was livid.

The other party seemed to be clear of a master teacher’s weakness.

All master teachers valued their own reputation. If he were to be framed of condoning his student's misdeeds, how will he be able to he take the 2-star examination in future? How will he face the world?


The entire room was silent when a group of men arrived; the attendant had returned with a patrol squad.

All of them had a Pixue realm cultivation at the minimum, and the one standing at the forefront was a Tongxuan realm expert.

They were dressed fully in steel and carried swords in their hands, appearing to be a cold-blooded bunch.

"Paying respect to Physician Bai Chan!"

Upon stepping into the lounge, the members of the patrol squad glanced around the room and recognized Bai Chan immediately. They walked forward and clasped their fists.

To name the persons who were the most prominent in the capital recently, without a doubt, the first place would go to Third Princess Mo Yu, and after which, the second place would go to this person before them.

It was said that he cured an illness which even 3-star physicians were incapable of treating. If so, his ability must have far surpassed a 3-star grade, just that he was unable to take the examination due to his lacking cultivation.

"Oh, it's Squadron Leader Yao!"

With a brief look, Bai Chan recognized the other party as well. He waved his hands grandly and proclaimed "Since it's you, this will make things easier. This girl stole the medicinal herb which the Great Herb King just gave me, a thousand-year-old Green Steel Flower. What do you say about how we should handle this?"

"The Great Herb King?"

Squadron Leader Yao's complexion changed.

The Great Herb King was an extremely famous person in the capital. He represented the Poison Hall and, as a result, could almost be considered an overlord in the Red Lotus City, such that even the Tianwu royal family dare not deploy troops against him.

If the Great Herb King gave him a medicinal herb personally, it appeared that the rumors were true; he had to deal with this matter prudently.

"Audacious! How dare you steal Physician Bai Chan's medicinal herb?"

Harrumphing coldly, Squadron Leader Yao walked over to Liu shi, "This master teacher here, in respect for your identity, I will not make a move on you. So, hand over your student so that I can interrogate her! Rest assured, the patrol squads are impartial, and if she is innocent, I will do her justice. However, if she really stole something, even if you are a master teacher, we won’t hesitate to raise this to the Master Teacher Pavilion!"

"This... Please calm down, we are willing to settle this matter in private!"

Seeing how the both of them were acquainted, Liu shi knew that Zhao Ya would surely be deemed as a thief if she were to be captured. Thus, after taking a deep breath, he decided to give in.

"Liu shi, you mustn't!"

"Zhao Ya didn't steal anything, why should we settle this matter privately?"

"That's right, Liu shi. The moment we choose to settle this matter privately, it would mean that Zhao Ya had taken his item. This will be harmful to teacher's reputation..."


Hearing that Liu shi intended to settle the matter privately, Zheng Yang, Lu Xun, and the others voiced their disagreement immediately.

The moment this matter was chosen to be settled privately, it would mean that they were guilty, that they had really stolen the other party's possession. This would blemish Liu shi's reputation, and if the matter reached the Master Teacher Pavilion, he might even be taken in for investigation.

It would be impossible to explain himself then.

"Enough! Keep your mouths shut!"

Liu shi's face darkened.

If he didn't keep the matter privately, Zhao Ya would surely be taken in for interrogation. How would he dare to face his 'senior' if a mishap happened to his student while she was under him?

"You choose to settle it privately?"

Not expecting the other party to be willing to pay ten million gold coins for a student’s sake, Physician Bai Chan was surprised. He then adapted quickly and sneered, "I'm fine with settling it privately. However, I recalled that this thousand-year-old Green Steel Flower is incredibly valuable, and it is impossible to get it at ten million, requiring at least fifty million. Take this sum out and I'll leave immediately. Otherwise, I apologize, but I'll be taking her with me today!"

"Fifty million? You... what kind of medicinal herb would be worth so much money?"

"You just said it's worth ten million, how can you inflate the price so abruptly? Damn it..."


Hearing the other party raise the price to fifty million, everyone burst into an uproar and glared at him furiously.

Liu shi clenched his knuckles.

In his numerous years as a master teacher, he had never suffered such humiliation!

"Why? If you wish to settle this privately, hurry up. My time is precious and I don't have any to waste on you!"

Physician Bai Chan raised his cup and gazed at Liu shi gleefully.


Liu shi's face steeled.

"Liu shi, I'll go with them. He is obviously the one who tried to take advantage of me, yet now he frames me for stealing his medicinal herb. I don't believe that Tianwu Kingdom is such a lawless place!"

Stepping forward, Zhao Ya declared loudly.


Meanwhile, in the room, Zhang Xuan had just washed up and as he was about to go to sleep, he froze all of a sudden.

"That sounds like... Zhao Ya? Can it be that they have arrived?"



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