Chapter 299: A Beating

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After half a month getting along with each other, how could Zhang Xuan not recognize Zhao Ya's voice? Who else could the owner of that angry voice be, if not her?

After a brief moment adjusting his clothes, he pushed open his door and came out, immediately noticing the two hostile and opposing sides in the lounge.

"It really is her!"

Upon seeing so many familiar figures, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

He didn't expect that they would arrive at Tianwu Kingdom right after him. Furthermore, they happened to put up lodging at the same inn, which was extremely lucky.

"Is that person... Bai Chan?"

Glancing at the fellow standing opposite Zhao Ya and Bai Chan, Zhang Xuan realized that it was the fellow whom he knocked unconscious at the alley back then!

"Seems like this fellow is trying to bully my student..."

The situation wasn't complicated and it didn't take long for Zhang Xuan to understand the situation using just his own observation.

Zhang Xuan knew very well what kind of person Zhao Ya was. Stealing? What a joke!

On the other hand, this Physician Bai Chan was greedy and lustful. He wasn't anything good.

Since Zhang Xuan happened to meet him here, he could use the chance to teach him a lesson.

Chuckling lightly, he lifted his foot and began walking over.


"Zhao Ya, you can't go..."

"You won't know what will happen if you follow them..."

Hearing Zhao Ya's decision, Zheng Yang and the others panicked.

It was clear that the physician and the patrol squad were in cahoots. If she were to follow them, who knows what kind of crime would be pinned on her?

"Can't you tell? He's doing this intentionally! No matter how much money you give him, he'll just keep raising the price!" Zhao Ya said.

Everyone fell silent.

She was right.

The other party was clearly taking advantage of them just because they were outsiders. Even if they agree to give him money, he would simply say that it was insufficient. Perhaps, he might even claim that he has lost something else. Rather than to face humiliation here, she might as well follow the patrol squad and vie for her innocence.

The crowd thought that the capital of a Tier 1 Kingdom would be filled with hopes and that they could fulfill their dreams here. Yet, right after arriving, they encountered such an incident and a sense of helplessness gloomed over their hearts.

"If you go, it would be falling for the other party's trap!"

"I have no choice. The patrol squad is here and looking at how adamant he is on insisting that I stole his herb, I will be taken in regardless!"

With their fists clenched tight, everyone was infuriated, but they found themselves without any solution.

"Fifty million... So be it! I am still willing to... settle it privately!"

Liu shi shook his head, full of indignance.

Just as the saying goes, 'A dragon by the shallow shores would be ridiculed by a prawn, and a tiger which leaves its mountain would be bullied by a dog.'

If such a thing happened in Beiwu Kingdom, this fellow before him would have been beaten to death right on the spot.

But over here, despite his status as a dignified master teacher, he was rendered completely helpless.

"Liu shi..."

The crowd was incensed. They squeezed their fists tightly, and their faces were steeled.

"Enough, it's just a small matter. There's no need for anyone to go!"

Just as everyone thought that this matter was a hopeless cause, a slightly lazy voice echoed, and with his hands inside his pocket, Zhang Xuan strolled over.

"Ah... Teacher?"

"Zhang laoshi, why... are you here?"

"Zhang laoshi, you put up lodging here as well?"

Seeing him emerge from inside the inn, everyone was taken aback for a moment.

Then, furious joy overwhelmed them.

They had been searching for him the entire night, but to think that he would be right under their noses.

Ignoring the crowd which was filled with excitement, Zhang Xuan sauntered to Physician Bai Chan and smiled, "Are you the one who is bullying my student?"

Thinking that victory was in his grasp, Bai Chan sipped on his tea, not even bothering to lift his head to look at Zhang Xuan. As such, he didn't recognize him. Gesturing grandly, he harrumphed, "It's your student who stole my possession. I am merely retrieving what I lost..."

"Steal your head!"

Before Bai Chan could finish his words, he heard a voice, and a shadow flitted across his vision. A teapot had crashed onto his skull.


The teapot shattered, and steaming hot water drenched his entire body. Scalded, Bai Chan leaped up abruptly and fanned himself hard.

"You are fricking courting death!"

These days, be it the guild leader, nobles, or prestigious clans, who didn't treat him with respect? Yet, this fellow slammed a teapot on his head! How dare he!

Hair fell off from his entire face under the hot water.

His head, which had become as red as a braized pig head, was steaming, and the aroma of cooked flesh could be smelled.


"This is... way too intense!"

Zhao Ya and the others widened their mouths in shock, and their lower jaws nearly fell to the ground.

They knew that Zhang laoshi would definitely stand up for them, but they didn't expect that... he would do it like that!

Smashing a pot of hot tea into the other party's head...

The heck!

Zhang laoshi wasn't even treating the other party as a human.

On the other hand, Liu Ling and Lu Xun's lips twitched, and they nearly fainted on the spot.

If this was a matter that could be solved through brute force, why would he, as a Zongshi realm master teacher, behave so subserviently?

Just from how arrogant the other party acted, it was clear that he possessed an extraordinary status. Furthermore, he had the patrol squad standing guard right beside him.

Yet, Zhang Xuan still chose to slap him hard in his face. Seems like... This matter will not end peacefully.

"This is too rash...'

Liu Ling shook his head with a bitter smile.

This senior of mine has always been calm, always planning his actions carefully. Why is he acting so rashly today?

This is Tianwu Kingdom, not Tianxuan Kingdom. To beat someone up right after arriving, not to mention, a person of tremendous standing... The thorns in the path ahead can already be seen clearly.

"Has this fellow gone mad?"

"That is Physician Bai Chan..."

Squadron Leader Yao and the other squad members didn't expect such a twist and were dumbstruck.

"Are all of you here to catch a show? This fellow made a move on me, what are you dawdling around for? Kill him..."

It took him awhile before he could recover. Seeing the patrol squad standing idly by the side, Physician Bai Chan bellowed angrily.


Only then did they recover from their daze. Squadron Leader Yao drew his sword and charged forward, "Lad, how dare you touch Physician Bai? Do you not know who he is? How dare you attack someone in the capital, who do you think you... Aiya, the hell!"

Before he could finish his words, a shout of agony escaped his mouth, and his face was immediately distorted just like a fried dough twist. Then, he flew backward, flipping a few rounds before landing on the ground more than a dozen meters away.

"Squadron leader..."

The entire patrol squad flew into a frenzy.

The heck!

They were the kingdom patrol squad! They represented the kingdom’s dignity, and wherever they went, people would be trembling, careful not to step on their toes. Yet, that fellow gave a tight slap to their leader...

"Lad, you are making yourself an enemy of the kingdom..."

With a roar, they charged forward to avenge their squadron leader. However, before they could finish their words, a series of crisp sounds echoed in the air.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Their faces warped, and they were sent flying as well. In an instant, wails of agony echoed in the air.

"We're doomed, doomed..."

The inn and the attendant in the inn almost clawed out all of their hair upon witnessing this sight. They thought that this incident could be resolved quickly since the patrol squad was present.

It had been many years since anyone dared to lay their hands on a patrol squad.

The only difference was that the one ten years ago was a Zongshi realm primary stage wandering cultivator. He had a conflict with a patrol squad member and ended getting violent. Eventually, he became wanted throughout the city, and in less than a single day, he was caught and executed!

Yet, not only did this fellow beat up the entire patrol squad, he even scalded Physician Bai Chan’s head into a pig-head-resembling mess...

They thought that it was just a simple affair that could be resolved quickly. To think that it would escalate so dramatically! If they knew this would happen, they would have never gone to look for the patrol squad... If the authorities were to blame them for housing such violent characters, their inn would be shut down immediately...

"You are courting death..."

Physician Bai Chan finally regained himself from the searing pain. Through his puffy eyes, he saw members of the patrol squad lying all over the ground. Infuriated, he turned to Zhang Xuan and declared "You're done for, you're really done for this time. To dare to lay your hands on even the patrol squad, no one can save you now..."

Before he could finish his words, he felt his throat tighten, and an excruciating pain could be felt at his neck. Zhang Xuan had lifted him up.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

He felt stinging pain on both sides of his cheeks. Just like that, he had been slapped more than a dozen times consecutively.

"No one that can save me? Are you sure?" Zhang Xuan smiled brightly.


Physician Bai Chan was on the verge of tears.

It was too painful to bear.

He had never suffered such a beating from birth.

Not daring to spout any further nonsense, he slowly opened his swollen eyes to look at the person who beat him up. He was intending to imprint the other person's features into his mind so that he could get back at him in the future. However, with this single glance, his face turned deathly pale.

Too familiar.

He was the fellow who was with Princess Mo Yu at the Red Lotus Range, as well as the one who knocked him unconscious.

The status he possessed today was all because of him...

"That's right, it's me!"

Throwing Bai Chan to the floor, Zhang Xuan said impassively.


Bai Chan's expression became distorted.

If there was a person whom Bai Chan wanted to meet the most, it was definitely the person standing before him. It was because of his impersonation that he possessed such an important standing today. However, if there was a person whom Bai Chan would never want to meet, it was this very person as well. He could expose the fact that he wasn't the one who treated the Great Herb King and pull him down from his high horse.

Once the truth was exposed, who in the Physician Guild would respect him? Who would even bother to look at him?

He thought that he merely had to guard against Princess Mo Yu. Thus, wherever she went, he would avoid. This way, he would be able to continue living off the prestige of having treated the Great Herb King. However, never in his wildest dreams had he expected to meet Zhang Xuan under such a situation.

And not to mention, he had even tried to take advantage of the other party's student...

Was I courting death?

Even if Zhang Xuan didn't touch him, just by revealing the fact that Physician Bai Chan wasn't the one who actually treated the Great Herb King, he would have been pummelled to death by the countless physicians even before he could take a step out of his own doors.


"Senior, we're in trouble now..."

Seeing the unkempt and head-swollen Physician Bai Chan, Liu Ling walked forward and could not help but to shake his head.

"Trouble? There's no trouble at all!"

Zhang Xuan answered casually.

Since he had made his move, it naturally meant that he had long thought of a solution to resolve this situation. If everything else fails, he would just have to feed each of them lethal poison.

He didn't believe that they would dare to wreck havoc under the threat of death.

"This is the patrol squad. To have given them a beating..."

Not knowing what Zhang Xuan was thinking, Liu Ling spoke a short few words before stopping. Then after hesitating for a moment, he continued again, "Why don't I go to the Master Teacher Pavilion to seek for protection? Given my identity as a master teacher, the Tianwu Kingdom shouldn't dare to do anything to me for the time being. It is just that I might have to undergo judgment at the Master Teacher Pavilion..."

The Master Teacher Pavilion carries the responsibility of protecting master teachers, but if master teachers were to err, they possess to authority to judge them as well.

Originally, because the other party tried to exploit them, they had valid reasons in their defense. However, now that Zhang Xuan had beaten them up like that, no matter how they explain it, they were the first to get physical and hence, in the wrong,

"There's no need!" Zhang Xuan gestured. Pointing to the Bai Chan, whose head had swell to resemble a pig head, he said, "He'll settle this matter for us."


Liu Ling was perplexed.

Even Zhao Ya and the others looked at Zhang Xuan in bewilderment.

The very reason why this fellow is here is to cause trouble, and not to mention, now that you have smashed a teapot on his head and even beat him up into such a state...

If he could, he would probably kill you on the spot, yet you hope that he’ll settle this situation for you?

You must be pulling our legs!

Even Lu Xun, who was standing off to the side, shook his head as well.

This Senior Uncle Zhang is exceptionally talented in various occupations, but he has one fatal flaw; he is too rash.

With such a personality, it is a matter of time before something grave happens.

"Physician Bai Chan, what do you think... we should do?"

Ignoring the doubtful look that the crowd cast on him, Zhang Xuan turned and smiled at the physician whom he had just beaten up.

"Cough cough, this..."

Despite the other party's smile, he could see a menacing gleam in his eyes and cowered backward immediately. "I am in the wrong. I was blinded by lust and came to cause trouble for your student. Don't worry, I'll resolve this issue quickly..."

After which, Physician Bai Chan stood up, and with an expression full of righteousness, walked over to Squadron Leader Yao’s party, and took out a bottle of medicine. "This is some medicine to treat superficial wounds. Also, here is a hundred thousand worth of gold bill, Squadron Leader Yao, you should bring the men to eat something good..."

"Physician Bai?"

Seeing how the fellow was paying and speaking up for the person who beat him up, Squadron Leader Yao and the other patrol squad members were on the verge of madness. However, at this moment, the hushed voice of Physician Bai sounded by their ears.

"Shh, this person over here has connections with Princess Mo Yu, and I saw him traveling alongside her... You should know how to handle the rest..."

"Connections with Princess Mo Yu?"

Squadron Leader Yao and the others froze, and their eyes narrowed.



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