"I shall reward you handsomely, in view of your loyalty, when we return!"

Giving the leader a compliment, Ji Mo gongzi changed into a black suit and followed behind the other party to an isolated corner of the residence before secretly flipping over the wall.

They proceeded carefully and they successfully managed to avoid alarming anyone.

Soon, they arrived at the forest beyond the city.

"Young master, this is the place..."

The leader pointed forward with a finger.


Upon hearing that the person who embarrassed him was inside, Ji Mo gongzi proceeded in, his body shaking with excitement.

"Where is the person?"

Walking into the forest, Ji Mo scanned the surroundings, but it was completely empty. He was feeling perplexed when the sight before him turned dark all of a sudden. A gunny sack had been pulled over his head.

"What are you doing..."

Feeling shocked, Ji Mo was about to struggle, but he felt a sudden and excruciating pain on his face. Fists, sticks, and stones came raining down on him.

Pi li pa la!

The sounds of fists and legs sinking into his flesh filled the air, and before Ji Mo gongzi could react, he was already knocked onto the ground. Innumerable bones throughout his entire body had been fractured.


Ji Mo gongzi wailed through lips that had swollen to look like sausages. Until now, he had yet to comprehend the situation.

Isn't the purpose of the trip here to watch Zhang Xuan getting humiliated? Why am I getting beaten up now?

It seemed as though an eternity had passed before the torrential blows on his body came to a stop. The gunny sack was torn apart, and his clothes were taken off his body.

Then, he felt an ache on his hands. When he finally recovered, he was already hanging on a tree. A chilly night breeze blew across his bare body.

"What are all of you up to?"

At this moment, Ji Mo finally saw the faces of the group who bashed him up.

They were the five subordinates whom he sent after Zhang Xuan.

"Gongzi, we don't have a choice either. Why did you have to offend someone you shouldn't have offended? You even had to implicate us..."

As the leader spoke, he infused zhenqi into a Record Crystal, recording the sight before him.

"You... Puuuu!"

Realizing that his naked body was getting recorded, Ji Mo gongzi felt embarrassed and infuriated, and he spurted a mouthful of blood.

What the heck is this...

Aren't these people my subordinates? When did they betray and become the other party’s lackeys?

It wasn't easy for me to devise this plan, a plan where the other party has no choice but to suffer in silence. Yet... To think that it would be executed on me instead!

It was laughable that he had felt impressed with his subordinate's loyalty... They were indeed loyal, just not to him...

"All along, I thought that he would be big and strong since he was able to attract the attention of so many beauties. To think that it would be that small!"

"You're right, it's really small. It's my first time seeing one of that size..."

"Me too. It is such an eye-opener!"


Just as his frustration was bubbling within, he heard the discussion that went on in the group below him.

The hell! You're the one who has a small one, your entire family has small ones...


Greatly infuriated, Ji Mo gongzi couldn't hold himself back, and he sprayed another mouthful of fresh blood. Then, he fainted.


It was a silent night.

When Zhang Xuan finally woke up from his sleep, his fatigue from the journey had disappeared completely. As he stepped out from his room, he saw Liu Ling and the others standing right outside his doors, looking at him as if he were a monster.

"You... simply gave them a few pointers and they achieved breakthroughs?"

Pointing to Zheng Yang, Zhao Ya, and the others, Liu shi asked in disbelief.

When he woke up early in the morning and saw the leap in the group's cultivation, he was so shocked that his teeth nearly fell onto the floor.

For all of them to achieve breakthroughs with just a brief of guidance...

Isn’t it way too easy to achieve breakthroughs!

All along, Liu shi thought that even though his senior had a unique and impressive way in guiding his students, his senior was inferior to him, especially since that he wasn't yet a master teacher. Only after witnessing this situation did he understand...

That there was indeed a gap between the two of them, but it was the other party who was way ahead of him...

"Ah, that's right!" Zhang Xuan nodded. "It isn't anything much. Let's go to the Master Teacher Pavilion!"

Upon hearing these words, the group staggered on their feet.

Breakthroughs in their cultivation aren’t any big deal?

Seeing how casually he put it, Liu shi and the others felt as though they had taken a thousand arrows to their heart.

In order to help students achieve a breakthrough, they had to go through all kinds of trouble and dig up every last inch of their knowledge, but even so, it wasn't certain that the other party would succeed. Yet, Zhang Xuan made it seem as easy as eating and sleeping... Indeed, humans aren't born equal...

After checking out from the inn, they rented two carriages and headed straight for the Master Teacher Pavilion.

Two hours later, a grand building stood before them. On top of the entrance were three grand words which represented the ultimate authority!

Master Teacher Pavilion!

Even though the Master Teacher Pavilion is considered as a function of the Teacher Guild, it wields much greater influence and power. Those who are able to join its ranks would gain incredible standing in society.

Flashing his emblem, Liu shi led the group in.

The hall was vast and grand.

"Zhang Xuan? You're here!"

Melded within the crowd, Zhang Xuan was about to inquire about the examination venue when he heard a voice, then with a turn of his head, he saw a young lady who was accompanying an elder.

"It's you?"

The person was the master teacher apprentice whom Zhang Xuan met right after entering Tianwu City... Ling Xiaoxiao!

"Yeah. You're here to attend Princess Mo Yu's Question Symposium as well, right? It's about to start and almost every master teacher in the city is there. Let's go!"

Even though she wasn't very fond of this ignorant fellow, he was nevertheless an acquaintance. Thus, Ling Xiaoxiao invited him with a smile on her face.

"Are they all there? Alright, let's go then!"

Hearing that every master teacher was there, Zhang Xuan knew that his master teacher examination would have to wait until after the Question Symposium. Hence, he decided that he might as well take a look to get an idea of the symposium so that he will be able to make better preparations for his own turn.

Upon hearing that someone was facing the Question Symposium, Liu shi and the others became interested as well. Thus, all of them followed Ling Xiaoxiao into a room.

It was similar to those theory classrooms. Tables and chairs of various designs filled the room, and a crowd, numbering above a hundred, was gathered in here.

An entire row of powerful-looking elders and middle-aged men were seated at the very front.

"To think that this fellow would be here as well..."

Scanning the surroundings, Zhang Xuan suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure.

He was Squadron Leader Yao of the patrol squad from yesterday night.

This fellow stood by the corner and was acting as a guard. If not for his reddened and swollen face, Zhang Xuan would have suspected if he were his twin brother.

After scanning the entire room briefly, Zhang Xuan didn't see Mo Yu. Thus, he followed the group and casually took a seat.


Just as Zhang Xuan noticed Squadron Leader Yao, the latter saw him as well.

In usual circumstances, the kingdom patrol squad would never be responsible for the safety of the Master Teacher Pavilion, but because the person taking the examination this time was Princess Mo Yu, he was transferred here for temporary duties.

Initially, he intended to look for a replacement due to his injuries, but upon recalling that it was the princess's examination, he thought that the fellow would definitely appear if he was truly related to her.

If he didn't show up, or if the princess didn't recognize him, that would mean that Physician Bai Chan was lying. Considering how badly he was beaten up, no one could blame him for desiring to take revenge.

Thus, with such motives in mind, he endured his injuries and stood guard at a corner. To think that the fellow would really turn up.

"Hmph, I would really like to witness if you are indeed close to the princess..."

With a cold harrumph, Squadron Leader Yao stood upright and observed the situation quietly.


Zhang Xuan and the others took a seat.

"There's a total of thirteen 1-star master teachers and three 2-star master teachers in Tianwu Kingdom. The Question Symposium is the last formal procedure for a master teacher examinee, and none of the 2-star master teachers is here."

Knowing that the person before her knew nothing at all, Ling Xiaoxiao explained kindly.

Zhang Xuan was astounded.

Tianxuan Kingdom didn't even have a 1-star master teacher, yet Tianwu Kingdom had thirteen 1-stars and three 2-stars. Just by the number of master teachers, one could tell the difference in the national might.

As expected of the strongest kingdom within the cluster of thirteen countries.

With so many master teachers conducting lessons here, how is it possible that the next generation not be incredible? How would the nation not be so mighty?

"Who are the 2-star master teachers in the kingdom?"

Recovering from his shock, Zhang Xuan could not help but ask.

Hearing the other party ask such a fundamental question, Ling Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes once more. "The most formidable 2-star master teacher in the empire is naturally Pavilion Master Jiang. According to the rumors, he has reached 2-star pinnacle, and it is just a matter of time before he reaches 3-star. As for the other two, they are Wang shi and Mu shi. Mu shi reached 2-star less than two years ago, and he is the newest of the three."

"Oh!" Zhang Xuan nodded. Glancing around, he asked, "Is the genius you spoke of, Mo Hongyi, present?"

"Of course he's here! Furthermore, he has the highest position of all the master teachers here. Look, he's the one seated right at the center!"

Ling Xiaoxiao pointed.

"Right at the center?" Zhang Xuan raised his head to take a look.

At the center of the very front row of master teachers sat a young man who seemed to be about twenty-five. He exuded an aura which felt as vast and deep as an ocean, and it exerted an immense pressure on those around him.

Zongshi realm pinnacle!

Not only was he strong, his pitch-black eyes seemed to wield some kind of unique power as well. He was appeared to be confident and astute, seeming as if there was nothing in the world which could trouble him.


With just a single glance, Zhang Xuan could tell that the other geniuses he had met were nothing compared to him.

They were in different leagues.

Even Princess Mo Yu paled far in comparison to him.

"I’m afraid that his Soul Depth is 6.0 at the very least!"

Liu shi's attention was also on Mo Hongyi, and he sent a telepathic message over.

"6.0?" Zhang Xuan was thrown.

With a Soul Depth of 3.0, one becomes eligible for the 1-star master teacher examination; 6.0, one can take the 2-star examination.

To possess such incredible Soul Depth at just twenty-six year old and, not to mention, his formidable cultivation, he sure lives up to his name as THE genius!

"Princess Mo Yu is here!"

Just as he was busy examining Mo Hongyi, Ling Xiaoxiao's voice echoed once more. Turning to the entrance, he saw a young lady making her way in.

Who else could the person be if not Mo Yu!

Dressed in a bright red robe, her hair and face had been immaculately done up, making her appear much more charming and beautiful than before. At this moment, she was in no way inferior to Zhao Ya.

As expected of the number one beauty in Tianwu Kingdom. It was mere moments since her entrance and she had already managed to attract everyone’s attention.

Once inside, Princess Mo Yu began to scan her surroundings, then her eyes fell on a certain spot and lighted up unwittingly.

As the center of attention, her expression piqued everyone's curiosity immediately.

They followed the direction of her gaze and swiftly turned their heads over. They thought that they would find a formidable figure, but it turned out to be just an ordinary young man.

Seeing her look toward him, Zhang Xuan became speechless.

You know that you're the star of the show, yet you just have to look at me like that, bringing me unwanted attention. You are doing this intentionally, aren't you...

Feeling despondent, Zhang Xuan was thinking about what to say when he heard an agitated and excited voice sound out beside him.

"Princess Mo Yu looked at me! She actually noticed me..."

Ling Xiaoxiao was so excited that her face turned red. If not for the situation, she would have shrilled in joy.

"Ah?" Zhang Xuan shook his head, looking at that zealous lady before him.

However, coincidentally, her actions actually helped Zhang Xuan to avert that awkward predicament.

"The Question Symposium begins!"

Upon the arrival of the examinee, Mo Hongyi declared, and the final test of the master teacher, the Question Symposium, began.

The Question Symposium was similar to the Pill Debate of the apothecaries. Every 1-star master teacher in attendance would pose a question regarding cultivation, and the scope would usually be limited to below Zongshi realm.

"One's zhenqi is congested at the last acupoint, resulting in the person being unable to reach Tongxuan realm. How can this problem be solved?" A master teacher asked.

"There are two solutions. The first solution is to gather a large amount of zhenqi around the acupoint to stimulate the blocked zhenqi. As for the second method, one can utilize medicine. A grade-1 Acupoint Soothing Pill can resolve this situation, but it is ineffective for those who have suffered from this problem for an extended period of time. If so, one should consume a grade-2 Acupoint Breakthrough Pill instead..."

Princess Mo Yu answered the question calmly. Clearly, a question of this level wasn't sufficient to stump her.

After listening for a few moments, a blank expression appeared on Zhang Xuan's face.

Although he could impersonate master teachers and had, in fact, helped many people achieve breakthroughs, he had basically been relying on his Heaven's Path zhenqi . The methods that Princess Mo Yu mentioned were completely foreign to him.

There wasn’t a question that he could answer!

"Looks like I have to browse through some books first before taking the 1-star master teacher examination. Otherwise, I will surely fail this Question Symposium..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

After all, when they ask him about how to achieve a breakthrough in different circumstances, he couldn't simply reply them all with 'a needle and a surge of zhenqi'!

If he were to really reply like that, he would surely be evicted right away.

After listening for another duration, he ascertained that he truly didn't understand a single word that the other party spoke. Thus, he could not help but look at the lady beside him and ask, "How many tests are there in the master teacher examination?"

Even though his purpose here was to attempt the master teacher examination, he had no idea how the examination was conducted.

"Do you not even know that?"

Ling Xiaoxiao was on the verge of going insane.

She was even suspecting whether the other party had bought his apprentice emblem using money.

These are all... fundamental knowledge!

If you don't even know these, how the hell are you going to take the master teacher examination!

Zhang Xuan nodded his head.


Feeling utterly defeated by the other party, Ling Xiaoxiao could only explain helplessly. "There are a total of five tests for the master teacher examination!"

"Five tests?"

"That's right. The first test is the House of Trust. What it assesses is the Trust Level that the examinee’s student has for him, and the passing criterion is a Trust Level that exceeds fifty. If one doesn’t have any students or if none of his students had a sufficient Trust Level, it would be deemed as a failure."

"The second test is the Supporting Occupation Pavilion. In order to become a 1-star master teacher, one must possess a supporting occupation and reach the level of an official member."

"The third test is Puppet Hall. During the test, two puppets fighting each other will appear. These puppets are forged using a unique method, and the moves and battle techniques they utilize will be completely different. However, they are similarly powerful, and neither of them is able to defeat the other. The examinee has to provide guidance on the spot such that one of them achieves victory over the other."

"The fourth test is the Cultivation Technique Ocean. There are countless cultivation and battle technique manuals in the Ocean, and one will have to pick out a random book and conduct a relevant lecture immediately. During the lecture, you will be judged by several master teachers, as well as the Whilom Sage Bell!"

"Whilom Sage Bell?"

"Un. The Sage's Bell is a spirit treasure in the Cultivation Technique Treasure. Imprinted inside the Whilom Sage Bell is the comprehension that former sages had over the techniques. If the content of one's lecture doesn't satisfy the Whilom Sage Bell, the bell will not chime and he obtains a fail!"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He didn't expect such an incredible object to exist in this world.

"After the first four tests, one will have to undergo the Unerring Pavilion! In the Unerring Pavilion, a puppet will display a cultivation technique, battle technique, or even a skill from the supporting occupation you chose. The movements that it displays will contain errors within them, but they will all be well-disguised, making it nigh impossible to discover them. The examinee has to identify one error within an incense stick’s burn time in order to pass, otherwise, it is considered a failure."

Ling Xiaoxiao seemed to be extremely familiar with the various tests of the master teacher examination, and she explained each of them in detail.

House of Trust, Supporting Occupation Pavilion, Puppet Hall, Cultivation Technique Sea, and Unerring Pavilion...

Five tests, with each of them is harder than the previous.

"Wait, what about the Question Symposium?"

Zhang Xuan had a perplexed expression.

Isn't the Question Symposium the final test in the master teacher examination? Why didn’t Ling Xiaoxiao mention it?

"Even though the Question Symposium is the final test out of the entire master teacher examination, it is also the easiest one. As long as an examinee is able to pass the first five, this last test is negligible. So far, its passing rate is hundred percent. Thus, as long as one passes the first five tests, he would be considered to have passed the master teacher examination and be qualified to call himself a master teacher. The Question Symposium is more of a formal event to introduce the new master teacher to the others."

Ling Xiaoxiao explained.

Zhang Xuan nodded, but at the same time, a wave of dejection took over him.

So it appears that this symposium is the simplest stage of the entire examination... To think I would be unable to understand anything that they said on stage!

From the looks of it, the master teacher examination isn't that easy after all.

As the two of them continued to converse, the Question Symposium above neared its end.

"Congratulations, Master Teacher Mo Yu!"

"Here is your emblem. From now on, you're a 1-star master teacher!"


The master teachers in the front row of seats offered their congratulations.

After receiving the master teacher emblem and the robe specially tailored for master teachers, Princess Mo Yu felt thrilled.

There seemed to be just a sliver of difference between an apprentice and a true master teacher, but the status they possessed were worlds apart.

Only after successfully becoming a master teacher can one truly be considered to be at the pinnacle of society.

"I have something on, so I'll first take my leave!"

After passing presenting the emblem and robe to Mo Yu, Mo Hongyi nodded and then turned around to leave immediately.

Seeming to be well aware of the other party's temperament, Mo Yu didn’t look angered.

After trading a few obligatory pleasantries with the crowd, Mo Yu was finally able to extricate herself and she headed in Zhang Xuan’s direction.

Upon seeing Mo Yu walking over, Ling Xiaoxiao's face flushed in agitation, and words could do little to describe her excitement.

"My idol is coming. Does she really recognize me? Hurry, help me take a look. Is my hair messy?"

"Er... It's not messy!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"That's good..."

Ling Xiaoxiao stood up hastily.

"Apprentice Ling Xiaoxiao pays respect to Mo shi!"

"Un!" Nodding her head slightly, Princess Mo Yu then ignored her, turning to face Zhang Xuan instead.

Seeing how the princess who had just passed her 1-star master teacher examination had her gaze fixated on an unfamiliar youngster, the environment fell into silence immediately.

Ling Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded by the sight, and she nearly keeled over.

She thought that her idol had come for her. Never in her dreams did she expect for Princess Mo Yu to simply respond with a slight nod and then immediately turn to the person beside her.

Isn’t this fellow merely an ignorant apprentice who knows nothing?

To come here specially to meet him... What in the world is going on?

"Can... what Physician Bai Chan said be true?"

From the side, Squadron Leader Yao had been keeping tabs on Zhang Xuan. Upon witnessing Princess Mo Yu approach that person, his breathing hastened.

What Physician Bai Chan said must be true, without a doubt. Otherwise, the princess wouldn't have gone to him.

It was fortunate that he listened to the other party's advice and stepped down. Otherwise, he wouldn't even know how he died...

"However, the princess always carries herself with dignity and does not get involved with any men. If this fellow does have a relationship with her, many people will definitely soon learn about it..."

Squadron Leader Yao thought. Just as he was picturing how the bewildered faces of her suitors would look like when the news spread out, he saw Princess Mo Yu clasp her hand and perform the formality that would only be done when a student meets her teacher.

"Student Mo Yu pays respect to Zhang laoshi!"



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