Chapter 304: No Mistake?

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The relationship between parent and child was around 60 while with one's spouse, it was around 70. Beyond that was the level at which both parties would be willing to die for one another, Life-and-death Kindreds!

This was the level at which both parties had unreserved trust for one another. They would willingly die for the sake of one another if there was a need to!

This was a level that would only appear in students taught by a 5-star master teacher!

Jiang Chen had just said that it would be impossible for the Trust Level to even reach 20, and such a situation occurred in the very next moment. He felt a stinging sensation on his face as though someone had slapped him hard and dislocated his lower jaw. He stared at the numbers with his mouth agape.

He only taught his students for only five to six days?

Have you ever seen anyone reaching such a high level of trust after teaching for just a few days?

If you can reach this level after such a short period of time, doesn't that mean that if you were to teach them for a few years, you would reach 90 and above?

The heck!

Even a 5-star master teacher would be incapable of such a feat!

Soul Depth of 5.1, Trust Level of 85...

This countryside bumpkin was about to charge through the heavens!

Ling Xiaoxiao's slender body trembled, and ten thousand mud horses raced across her mind.

Bringing over new students who were around the same age as him... It was clear that the young man was a newbie who didn't know a single thing about the master teacher examination.

Yet, it was the same person who casually blasted their eyes with a Trust Level of 85!

She felt helpless and frenzied.

Mo Yu's mouth twitched violently as well.

She had guessed long ago that Zhang laoshi would surely pass this test. However, she had never expected him to do it so overwhelmingly with such inconceivable results.

One must know that she had brought students who she had groomed for three years for her test but their Trust Level only reached 52.

Even the students brought here by the number one genius of the kingdom, Mo Hongyi, only had a Trust Level of 55. Those students had been following him since they were seven and at the time of the examination, they were only eleven.

Regardless of whether it was the age of Zhang Xuan's students or the duration he had guided them for. The result of the House of Trust was completely inconceivable, to the point that they started to doubt if it was malfunctioning.


The door opened and the slightly fatigued Zhao Ya and the others walked out. They turned around and glanced at the Trust Level on the door.

"I'm sorry, teacher..." The few of them apologized.

On the inside, they felt that they would trust Zhang laoshi unconditionally no matter what he did, or else, they wouldn't have left their kin to follow him here. Thus, upon seeing the result of the test, they felt embarrassed.

Seeing their expressions, the crowd immediately suffered billions of damage.

Not only was the teacher a monster, the students were monsters as well. To be discontent with a Trust Level of 85, why don't you all just go and die...

"Cough cough!"

Seeing that the master teachers and apprentices were traumatized and rendered speechless by this matter, Wu shi immediately coughed to draw everyone’s attention.

"With a Trust Level of 85, you passed the first test! We'll move on to the second test now, Supporting Occupation Pavilion!"

"The content of the test for the Supporting Occupation Pavilion will naturally be on your supporting occupation. However, as your supporting occupation is that of an apothecary, I will have to warn you in advance." He said as he turned towards Zhang Xuan.

"For the 1-star apothecary examination, you have to forge a grade-1 pill. However, the test for the Supporting Occupation Pavilion is different. What it tests is not your understanding on pill forging, but... your ability to impart your knowledge!"

"That's to say, even if you are a 3-star apothecary, if you are incapable of guiding others on pill forging, you will be deemed to have failed this test! The results of the test will be determined by two factors. Firstly, the level of the pill you have forged. Formation, Satiation, Perfection, and Inscribed Pill... The higher the level, the better your results. Secondly, the number of errors you make in your guidance. For every error made, you will have points deducted from your score. Do you understand?"

After explaining the content of the test, Wu shi asked.

"I understand!" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Even though he was a 1-star apothecary, he passed the examination through Pill Debate. As such, he was unable to even forge a grade-1 pill. For him, guiding others... was much easier.

With the all of the books from the Tianxuan Kingdom Apothecary Guild in his head, even if he didn't use the Library of Heaven's Path, he would still be able to guide others to forge a grade-1 pill with ease.

"Good, you may enter!" Wu shi gestured.

"Un!" Not wasting any time, Zhang Xuan walked in.

"Do you all think he will be able to pass this test?"

"Even Mo shi has addressed him as teacher, he must possess incredible aptitude in pill forging. Passing shouldn't be an issue, I only wonder what his results will be."

"Just like the House of Trust, the maximum score that one can get in the Supporting Occupation Pavilion is 100 points, and the passing score is fifty. The difference in occupation will result in a difference in judging criteria. For a painter to pass, he has to guide someone to paint a second level painting. Since he is an apothecary, as long as a pill is successfully formed, he should be able to reach 50 points and pass the examination."

"Indeed. Back then, when Mo Hongyi took the Supporting Occupation Pavilion test, he was tested on his occupation as a formation master. With his score of 60, he created a huge commotion back then!"

"Reaching a score of 60 means that one's understanding of one's supporting occupation has already exceeded the level of a 1-star. To be achieve such results for the 1-star master teacher examination... Only a genius like him is capable of doing so!"

"However, this fellow's Soul Depth is 5.1 and his students' Trust Level is 85. I think that... his results won't be low."

"You're right. However, forging a pill by yourself and guiding another person to do the same are two completely different matters. I think that reaching 55 will already be a huge hurdle for him!"


The crowd started discussing as they saw Zhang Xuan walk into the Supporting Occupation Pavilion.

What the Supporting Occupation Pavilion tested was one's ability to guide others on the occupation, not their own mastery in the occupation. There were many geniuses who came to take the examination, only to leave the examination hall disappointed.

Even though Zhang Xuan's Soul Depth and House of Trust results have astonished the crowd, most people didn't think that he would do well for the second test.


Jiya! The doors closed.

Zhang Xuan scanned the room.

It was a room of around twenty meters in length and width, and there was a massive cauldron placed in the center of the room.

"It looks like this room will change according to the supporting occupation of the examinee!"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback when he saw the cauldron. However, after giving the matter some thought, he came to a realization.

The Supporting Occupation Pavilion would change its interiors depending on the supporting occupation of the examinee. Since Zhang Xuan's supporting occupation was apothecary, naturally, a cauldron would be placed at the center of the room.


Just as Zhang Xuan was wondering how the test would be carried out, a puppet walked over to the side of the cauldron.

Zhang Xuan couldn't tell what the puppet was made of, but it seemed no different from a human apart from its completely impassive expression.

Before the puppet was a row of around forty to fifty different medicinal herbs.

"Green-leafed Split Palm Flower, Rootless Grass, White Angelica Flower...Am I supposed to forge a grade-1 Spirit Enriching Pill?

Zhang Xuan deduced as he examined at the medicinal herbs.

Based on his knowledge on pill forging, even without using the Library of Heaven's Path, he could tell what kind of pill these ingredients could make.

Right as he was discerning the various herbs present, the puppet started to move.

Lighting the flame, warming the cauldron, placing the medicinal herbs in... Even though the puppet's movements weren't fluid, they were orderly and sequential.

"It is impossible for a pill to be formed like that..."

With a glance, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Pill forging was just like executing a battle technique. Even with the same herbs and the same forging sequence, if the person forging it was different, the result would be different as well.

Although the sequence in which the puppet placed the medicinal herbs in was correct, the puppet failed to grasp the timings well, resulting in multiple conflicts between the medicinal properties of the various herbs. Under such circumstances, the pill forging was inevitably bound to end in failure.

Bo! As expected, when the pill forging came to an end and the cauldron was opened, black smoke immediately billowed out.


"To pass this examination, you have to guide the puppet to successfully forge the pill!"

A voice sounded.

It seemed like the examinee was supposed to carefully watch the forging process of the puppet and determine the errors in its movements so as to guide it when it forges for the second time.

As soon as those words sounded, the puppet started forging once more. Its actions were exactly the same as before.

If it was an ordinary apothecary, it would be impossible for him to forge another pill in the exact same way as he did before. Probably, only this kind of specially created puppet could follow instructions so precisely.

"However, this is better for me. Unlike humans, puppets won't suffer from lapses in concentration. As long as it strictly follows my instructions, it will surely be able to forge the pill out!"

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Back then, when he instructed Mo Yu on forging a grade-2 pill back in the Beast Hall, it was due to her concentration wandering that the pill forging nearly failed.

Humans have emotions, be it happiness, sadness, or anger, and these could affect the result of the pill forged. However, puppets were different.

They would strictly follow the instructions given to them so it was impossible for them to make any mistakes.

"Slow the igniting process of the flame by half a breath, and extend the warming of the cauldron by four breaths. Wait a moment. Alright, begin..."

Understanding this, Zhang Xuan smiled. Standing on the spot, he muttered instruction after instruction.


In the hall outside, everyone's gaze was fixated on the number on the door.

"He should already be guiding the puppet by now!"

Someone shouted.

"That's right! Different from the House of Trust, the score of the Supporting Occupation Hall will be reflected on the door as soon as the test begins. As correct instructions are issued by the examinee, the score increases. On the other hand, if erroneous instructions were to be issued, the score decreases."

"This way, we can see his result real-time!"

"Back then, when Mo Hongyi guided a puppet to set up a formation, the points kept increasing and there were only five occasions where the score fell. That is to say, he has only made five errors!"

"Indeed. Even Pavilion Master Jiang made seven mistakes when he took the 2-star master teacher examination. Yet, Mo Hongyi only made five. This in itself is making history!"

"I wonder how will the fellow inside fare!"

"Even if he's a genius, his Soul Depth is only 5.1. Compared to Mo Hongyi Mo shi's 6.0, he is still slightly lacking. I think that his mistakes should probably number at least ten!"

"I think so too. It should be above ten!"


Everyone were chattering wildly about the situation.

"Look, the score is starting to increase!"

Another voice broke all of the discussions in the room. All gazes swiftly fell onto the door.

The number which appeared previously was slowly increasing.




"Not bad, his score is increasing steadily. This means that he hasn't made any errors so far, I am impressed!"

"It's just a matter of time before he makes a mistake. After all, who can guarantee that he will be able to guide someone perfectly?"

"Your words make sense..."

The crowd nodded as they watched the number on the door.

Initially, they were still chatting casually, but as time went by, their faces slowly turned grim.

"It's already 40 and he hasn't made a single error..."

The eyes of all the master teachers in the room widened, as though they were looking at a fearsome monster.

The number on the door has already reached 40 but it hasn't decreased a single time yet. This meant that from the start of the pill forging, Zhang Xuan hasn't issued a single erroneous instruction!


Mud horses -> It is a homophone for a vulgarity in Chinese



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