Chapter 312: 2-star Master Teacher Examination

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"Destroyed the puppet?"

A dark line appeared on Wu shi's head.

That was a Zongshi realm puppet! Yet, you, a 1-star master teacher examinee, not only found thirty flaws on it but even destroyed it...

If the 4-star master teacher who made the puppet were to learn of it, he would definitely spurt blood and faint on the spot.

This is way too much!

"Since you triggered the second stage, I thought that you would meet with danger. That's why I asked you if you are alright..." Holding back his dismal, Wu shi explained.

"Second stage? The Unerring Pavilion... has stages?" Zhang Xuan stared at him doubtfully.

He had started fighting with the puppets from the very first moment he entered, yet he didn't notice any stages inside!

Upon hearing his words and seeing his confused expression, all of the master teachers staggered. If not for their strong self-control, there would have been a blood rain in the room.

"You... only met with one puppet? You didn't see anything else?"

Jiang Chen couldn't resist asking.

"Puppet? Oh, I met with two. A puppet rushed at me as soon as I entered but I accidentally used too much force in my slap. It is currently lying over there, and I think that it is... destroyed as well! Could that be considered... as one of the stages?"

Zhang Xuan recalled.

The moment he entered the Unerring Pavilion, a puppet immediately rushed at him. Catching him off-guard, he reflexively slapped it with his full force. Little did he expect to cripple it with just a single blow.

Soon after, the second puppet appeared. As he was too engrossed in the battle, he had forgotten about this matter.

Could it be... the fellow who was destroyed in a single slap was considered as the first stage?

If that was the case, then wasn't the first stage too easy?

"Destroyed in a single slap?"

"That is the test that you have to undergo for your 1-star master teacher examination..."


Everyone was thrown into a frenzy. Jiang Chen could only see the vision before him darkening.

Back then, when he took the master teacher examination, he had to expend all his effort just to match this puppet, and he even nearly lost his life to it. Yet, this fellow... To send it flying unintentionally...

Must there be that much of a difference between our situations?

More importantly...

That was the test you were supposed to take! To think that you would continue on ignorantly despite having sent it flying, do you have to be so boastful?

"Forget it..."

Wu shi was also speechless.

Brother, are you here to take the master teacher examination, or are you here to wreak havoc?

It seemed that you had already destroyed nearly all of the puppets in our Master Teacher Pavilion...

"Since you have passed all the five tests, you can now be officially considered to be a master teacher. However, you still have to pass the Question Symposium before the emblem can be presented to you!"

Taking a few deep breaths, Wu shi forcefully suppressed his dismal and announced.

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

He had originally thought that the master teacher examination would be difficult, but to think that it would be so easy.

Given that he was already a 1-star master teacher, he could finally enter the library of the Master Teacher Pavilion to browse through their books!

At the same time, he could look into the history of Kong shi to look for the way to dispel the Innate Fetal Poison in his body.

Just as he was about to inquire directions to the library, he saw Mo Hongyi approaching him with astonishing confidence and haughtiness.

"Wu shi and Elder Zhu, I want to take the 2-star master teacher examination. Please open up the examination grounds for me!"

Seeing this fellow breaking all of his records, Mo Hongyi could no longer hold himself back. He decided to go through with the examinations immediately.

Only upon becoming a 2-star master teacher would he be willing to let today’s matter rest.

Otherwise, whenever others speak of him, they would also bring up this fellow who broke all of his records. In that case, how would he still have the face to go out and meet others?

As the number one genius of the kingdom, he couldn't accept the fact that he was beneath anyone!

"Take the 2-star master teacher examination?"

"Mo shi only become a master teacher a few years ago, right? He is taking the 2-star examination now?"

"As expected of a genius. His cultivation speed isn't something ordinary people like us can match up to..."

The crowd trembled.

It had been years since someone took the 2-star master teacher examination. To think that he would want to take the examination at this junction!

Even though they were taken aback by his timing, a number of people with a discerning eye easily saw through his intentions.

Mo Hongyi’s intention was to pit himself against Zhang Xuan and prove to everyone that he was the true number one genius in the kingdom.


Elder Zhu and Wu shi hesitated for a moment before nodding their heads.

The Master Teacher Pavilion encouraged competition. Only with competition would one be motivated to work harder to improve oneself. On top of that, Mo Hongyi taking the 2-star master teacher examination served as good news to the branch as well.

"I will make the preparations now. You should be able to take the test by today!"

Elder Zhu said. Just as he was about to head off to make preparations, a faint voice resounded.

"That... Since it is possible to take the 2-star master teacher examination today, and it is troublesome to prepare it on two separate occasions, why... don't I take it today as well?" Zhang Xuan peered over.

Since it was possible to take the 2-star master teacher examination today, Zhang Xuan decided not to waste his time and simply go through with it at one go.


Upon hearing those words, everyone in the vicinity spurted blood. The bustling examination hall abruptly fell silent, and everyone stared at Zhang Xuan as though he was a monster.

Troublesome to prepare it on two occasions... Take it today as well...

The heck!

This is the 2-star master teacher examination! In the entire kingdom, there are only three 2-star master teachers... To take it for convenience sake...

You speak as though you are buying vegetables from a wet market.

You want to buy vegetables? I'll buy it for you then since it is convenient for me...

The hell!

Can you be any more ridiculous than that?

Mo Hongyi's body staggered.

After witnessing the other party trample over all of his records, he finally made up his mind to take the 2-star master teacher examination. Yet, the other party said that he wanted to take the examination 'as well'...

A strong stifling sensation rose in his chest and left him on the verge of puking blood.

Are you intentionally doing this to embarrass me?


Since you are so adamant on going against me, don't blame me for getting nasty...

Harrumphing coldly, he gritted his teeth and glanced at Zhang Xuan, "Given the results of the past five tests, you do have the capability to take the 2-star master teacher examination... However, there are prerequisites for the examination. Have you fulfilled all those prerequisites?"

He hated to admit it, but it was clear that the fellow had the capability to become a 2-star master teacher.

But just possessing capability was insufficient.

There were conditions one had to meet to take the 2-star master teacher examination.

If one didn't meet these conditions, one wouldn't be eligible to take the examination.

"Oh?" Zhang Xuan glanced over.

"Just like for the 1-star master teacher examination, there is a requirement on one's supporting occupation to become a 2-star master teacher. One must have at least 2 supporting occupations, and each of them must reach the 2-star tier!"

Mo Hongyi smiled confidently, "Despite my inability, I managed to become a 2-star apothecary, 2-star formation master, and 2-star blacksmith, so I meet the requirement! Do you meet this requirement?"

At which, he placed his hands behind his back and turned to Zhang Xuan. "Given that you're only a 1-star apothecary, I doubt that you are qualified to take the 2-star master teacher examination!"

"The supporting occupation has to reach the 2-star tier? And there must be two of them?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback. He didn't think that there would be such a rule.

Liu shi seemed to have mentioned something like this before, but he wasn't too clear on the matter, and Zhang Xuan wasn't too concerned about it at that time.

"That's right. If you don't have the supporting occupations, I will have to ask you to leave..."

Since he had already opened fire, there was no need for him to put on an amiable front. Harrumphing coldly, he was just about to continue speaking when the young man before him suddenly flicked his wrist after a brief moment of hesitation. An emblem promptly appeared in his palm.

"This is the emblem of a 2-star painter. I have already passed the 3-star examination, but they said that they don't have it with them at the moment and it would take ten days for it to arrive. Thus, they gave me a 2-star emblem to make do with it. To think that I would have a use for it!"

"2-star painter?"

"Will that do?"

The crowd spurted blood once more.

Mo Hongyi's face warped as well.

He just said that the other party was only a 1-star apothecary, and didn't have the qualifications to take the examination when the other party took out a 2-star emblem.

Did the slap have to be so quick and so hard?

"I need two supporting occupations, right? Here is another one..."

Flicking his wrist once more, another emblem appeared. It was the 2-star beast tamer emblem which he obtained at the Beast Hall back then.

The two 2-star emblems glimmered brightly in Zhang Xuan's eyes.

"He really has two 2-star supporting occupations?"

"2-star painter and 2-star beast tamer... Not to mention, his fearsome pill forging skills..."

"It will be tough for Mo shi from now on..."


Seeing that Zhang Xuan was able to produce the required emblems right after Mo Hongyi challenged him on his lack of supporting occupations, everyone's focus instantly shifted onto the number one genius.

They wanted to see what he had to say about this matter.

Sensing everyone's gaze on him, Mo Hongyi's face twisted. However, he had already come this far and it was impossible for him to back down now. Clenching his teeth, he pushed on.

"Even though you have sufficient supporting occupation, you need to reach the Zongshi realm before you can take the 2-star master teacher examination. Given your current strength, you aren't qualified yet!"

Just like how one needed to be at Tongxuan realm to take the 1-star master teacher examination, there was also a requirement for the 2-star master teacher examination as well.

If one failed to attain the Zongshi realm, he would be ineligible to take the 2-star examination.

Hearing those words, everyone immediately turned to Zhang Xuan.

Due to the purity of the Heaven's Path zhenqi, if Zhang Xuan does not propel his cultivation, no one would be able to tell his true strength.

However, the fact that he was able to defeat the Zongshi realm puppet in the Unerring Pavilion made everyone curious about his current strength.

"Zongshi realm... It's true that I have yet to reach that level. I am only at Half-Zongshi!"

Upon hearing of the cultivation requirement for the 2-star master teacher examination, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before displaying the full might of his cultivation.


"Even though Half-Zongshi is extremely close to Zongshi realm, it isn't Zongshi realm..."

"Indeed. From the looks of it, he probably won't be able to take the 2-star master teacher examination..."

"Still, to be able to find thirty errors on a Zongshi realm puppet and defeat it with the cultivation of a Half-Zongshi... His ability is indeed frightening!"


Upon seeing that Zhang Xuan's cultivation was only at Half-Zongshi, the crowd shook their heads.

The criteria regarding supporting occupation and cultivation were fixed prerequisites that one had to meet to take the 2-star master teacher examination. If one failed to reach that level, they would be ineligible to take the examination. These were the hard rules determined by the headquarters that no one could change.

Half-Zongshi may seem as though it was just a step away from Zongshi realm, but there was a huge distance between the two. If one was lucky, one might be able to achieve a breakthrough within one or two years, but on the other hand, it was also possible for one to remain in this realm for their entire life.

Putting everything aside, if Liu shi and the others didn't meet with Yang shi, it was highly possible that they might have remained at Half-Zongshi for the rest of their lives.

The conditions for the 2-star master teacher examination were harsh. Just the fact that there were fifteen 1-star master teachers (including Mo Yu and Zhang Xuan) in the Tianwu Kingdom but only three 2-star master teachers showed how difficult it was to become a 2-star master teacher.

"You aren't eligible to take the examination since you aren't at Zongshi realm yet. I advise you to drop the idea!"

Upon seeing that Zhang Xuan's cultivation had yet to reach Zongshi realm, Mo Hongyi heaved a sigh of relief.

"That... Wait a moment!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head upon seeing the other party coming to a conclusion so swiftly. "Since the prerequisite for taking the 2-star examination is the attainment of the Zongshi realm, give me a moment!"

After which, he shut his eyes.

Wait a moment?

Mo Hongyi was stunned.

Wait for what?


Before he could react, he suddenly felt the other party's aura growing exponentially stronger, as though a bird soaring into the heavens.

Opening his eyes once more, Zhang Xuan smiled lightly, "Alright, I've attained the Zongshi realm."



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