Chapter 316: The True Test of the House of Trust

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"Accept students on the spot?"

"Have their Trust Level reach 40 within ten days?"

Mo Hongyi frowned.

Compared to the passing criteria of accumulating Trust Level of 50 for the 1-star master teacher examination, Trust Level of 40 sounds easier. However, in actual fact, the difficulty was several times greater.

For the 1-star master teacher examination, many examinees brought in young students whom they have taught for a minimum of three years to meet the Trust Level of 50.

But to pass the 2-star master teacher examination, they only had ten days to establish a Trust Level of 40 with their students. The difficulty of the matter was unimaginable.

"The House of Trust examination will be placed at the very last. Both of you can start with the other four tests now!"

After introducing the rules, Elder Zhu turned to Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi.


Zhang Xuan nodded and took a step forward to enter the hall. However, he had barely taken two steps when Elder Zhu stopped him.

"Zhang shi, wait a moment..."

Intrigued, Zhang Xuan turned around.

"Ah... It's like this. Can you take the examination after Mo shi? I'm afraid that... after you enter, something might happen to the puppets. If so... Mo shi wouldn't be able to take the test!" Elder Zhu said awkwardly.

This fellow broke almost all of the puppets during his examination. Who knows how long it would take before those puppets could recover.

Elder Zhu was already dreading the aftermath. He was afraid that Zhang Xuan would wreak havoc and damage the 2-star master teacher equipment as well.

If that was the case, Mo Hongyi wouldn't be able to take the examination.

"Ah... Alright!"

Zhang Xuan answered in embarrassment.

He didn't think that he would leave such a bad impression on the other party after just one examination.

Of course, if he were to know that everyone thought of his act of taking the examination equivalent to challenging and wrecking a dojo, he would be even more speechless.

Mo Hongyi was indeed worthy of his title as a genius of Tianwu Kingdom. He managed to storm through all of the examinations within a mere two hours.

Even though he didn't achieve astonishing results like Zhang Xuan, he did break several of the past records.

Then, it was Zhang Xuan's turn.

It was a total mess. Almost all of the tests mechanisms were wrecked by the time Zhang Xuan walked out.

Looking at the destroyed Master Teacher Pavilion, Pavilion Master Jiang, Elder Zhu, Wu shi, and the others were on the verge of tears... Even though the Master Teacher Pavilion puppets had the ability of self-regeneration, resources had to be devoted to it. Considering all the puppets for the 1-star and 2-star master teacher examinations were destroyed, who knows what kind of heavy price they had to pay before they could revert them back to their original state.

"You have both passed the first four tests. For the final one, House of Trust, I will give both of you ten days to complete the task. You are allowed to accept one or several students, and as long as the Trust Level for any one of them in you is forty and above, you will officially become a 2-star master teacher!"

Elder Zhu began explaining the procedures for the final segment now that the duo had passed the other tests.

"One student is enough?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

"That's right!" Elder Zhu stroked his beard.

"Ten days..." Zhang Xuan contemplated for a moment. "Can I just accept a student right now?"

Ten days for a 2-star master teacher examination was simply too long for him. If possible, he wanted to accept a student on the spot and raise his Trust Level to 40. Zhang Xuan had the confidence to do so.

"Calm down, there are some requirements to the student you accept!"

Elder Zhu shook his head. He quickly surveyed the surroundings and said, "For the 2-star master teacher examination, I have another mission to assign to Zhang shi and Mo shi so I will have to trouble all of you to return for now. In addition, they will be leaving Tianwu Kingdom and will be uncontactable for a short period of time! However, please be at ease, there isn't any danger to this mission!"

"Another mission?"

"They need to leave the kingdom? Why haven't I heard of it before?"

"It's fine as long as there's no danger to it!"

Not expecting the 2-star master teacher examination to be so complicated, the crowd was stunned with the additional mission that even required the duo to leave the kingdom. Nonetheless, despite their urge to inquire more about it, they could only shake their heads while leaving the examination hall with Elder Zhu having no intention to shed light on the matter.

Zhao Ya and the others also glanced at Zhang Xuan before walking out.

Soon, only Zhang Xuan, Mo Hongyi, and the three 2-star master teachers were left in the room.

"Alright, Elder Zhu, you should tell them about it now!" Pavilion Master Jiang gestured.

"Un!" Elder Zhu nodded. Turning to Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi, he said, "Actually, what I just told to the others about you having to go out of the city to complete a mission is a lie. This is so that the both of you can complete the House of Trust test without causing unnecessary trouble!"

Confused by the situation, Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi exchanged glances."

"Just like what I previously mentioned, the House of Trust test requires you to accept new students and induce a Trust Level of 40 with them. However, both of you can't use your current identity to carry out the test. Otherwise, there will surely be countless people who will be willing to come under your tutelage, and it won't be difficult for you to reach the required Trust Level either!"

Elder Zhu said.


The duo nodded.

Even though they didn't want to admit to it, but what the other party said was true.

Having passed the four previous tests for the 2-star master teacher examination, they were currently potential 2-star master teachers. If they were to accept students now, countless people would definitely rush up to them, begging to be their students. It would then be a walk in the park for the two of them to induce a Trust Level of 40 in their new students.

"If we can't use our current identity, then..."

Mo Hongyi asked doubtfully. He didn't seem to be well-versed in the rules of the 2-star master teacher examination either.

"The Master Teacher Pavilion will assign you two new identities and alter your appearances before sending you two into Tianwu Academy as ordinary teachers. Within ten days, the two of you have to use your new identity to recruit students and bring their Trust Level up to 40 to pass the test. In this period of time, you two are not to reveal your identity or contact anyone. Otherwise... it will be taken as a fail!"

Elder Zhu said strictly.

"Hiding our identities and become ordinary teachers?"

"We are not to reveal our identities or contact anyone?"

Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi were taken aback.

They didn't expect the 2-star master teacher House of Trust test to be so bizarre.

But after giving it some thought, it made sense.

The identity of a master teacher was a huge trust booster in itself. If they were to accept students using their current identity, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to pass the examination.

This was even more so for Mo Hongyi. As the number one genius of the kingdom, he would surely have many supporters. It would be a breeze for him to find a few people who had a Trust Level of 40 in him.

However, if they were to assume another identity for this task, it would be a whole new story.

If they were to start from scratch and still be able to raise their students' trust in them to 40, it would show that they truly possessed outstanding aptitude toward teaching and that they were worthy of the position of a 2-star master teacher."The reason why I intentionally told the others that you have to leave the city to accomplish a mission is so that no one will suspect anything even if two new teachers were to appear in the academy!"

Elder Zhu explained with a smile.

The duo immediately came to a realization.

With Elder Zhu announcing it, it probably wouldn't take long before the entire capital knew that they had to leave the city to accomplish a mission. In that case, little doubt would be cast on their new identities when they enter Tianwu Academy.

If no one carries any doubt toward their new identity, naturally, their previous identity would be completely useless.

It would be no different from starting anew.

"Alright, the Master Teacher Pavilion had already prepared your new identities, and these new identities would be able to pass any identity check in the city. Tomorrow morning, following the departure of a few teachers, Tianwu Academy will be conducting a public recruitment to add new blood to their team. Both of you shall attend the recruitment... Just a heads up, none of the staff in the academy, including the principal, is aware of your true identities. Therefore, the two of you can only depend on yourselves. After ten days, you will bring your newly accepted students here. As long as their Trust Level reaches 40, you will be considered to have passed the examination, and we will present the 2-star master teacher emblem to you straight away. There won't be any Question Symposium for the 2-star master teacher examination."

Elder Zhu said as he passed two books over.

Grabbing one of the books, Zhang Xuan started browsing through it.

"Liu Cheng, an ordinary teacher who passed the teacher examination in Tianwu Kingdom's Quanhai City. Twenty-four-year-old, Tongxuan realm primary cultivation, served as a relief teacher in Quanhai City for a year..."

The information of the person he had to disguise himself as was written in the book, all the way from his birth to his present state. The person he was disguising as couldn't be considered as a genius, but he wasn't mediocre either. He barely made it as a teacher, and even though there weren't any fatal flaws on him, there weren't any glorious achievements either.

Soon, he finished reading through the entire book and memorized everything regarding his assigned new identity.

The preparation made for the Master Teacher Pavilion examination cannot be underestimated. Liu Cheng was a true existent figure and anyone could easily uncover his background with little effort. However, no one knew where the real Liu laoshi was at the moment.

He probably signed some kind of agreement with the Teacher Guild, and in order to allow smooth progression of the examination, he hid himself up.

Turning to Mo Hongyi, the other party had also finished browsing through the book. The content of his book was probably also the identity and the history of the person he would be disguised as.

"Alright, here is a mask from our Master Teacher Pavilion. After wearing this, you will take on the appearance of the person you will be disguised as. The examination will start tomorrow. Within ten days, you must bring your students here to take the Trust Level test. Otherwise, it will be considered as a fail!"

Elder Zhu passed the duo a human skin mask each.

The moment Zhang Xuan placed the mask on his face, he felt a surge of coolness as the mask fuse fully into his skin, making it impossible to touch or see it.

Zhang Xuan didn't know what his current appearance was like, but when he turned to Mo Hongyi, he realized that the other party's outer appearance was completely different from before. It was as though he was an entirely different person. Even his aura had changed.

As expected of an object from the Master Teacher Pavilion, it was indeed formidable!

"There is still some time left today for both of you to make any necessary preparations. You can use this time to tie up any loose ends on your side. However, you mustn't tell anyone where you are going and who you are disguising as!"

After which, Elder Zhu reminded them once more.

The duo nodded.

They were two potential 2-star master teachers for their Master Teacher Pavilion, and naturally, Elder Zhu hoped that they wouldn't be disqualified due to their carelessness.

Zhang Xuan had no qualms on the requirements of this test. Instead, he felt thrilled.

It just so happened that his original plan was to head to Tianwu Kingdom to accept a few students and earn their gratitude so as to form the golden page. In a sense, this examination coincidentally aligned with his goals.

"Elder Zhu, I would like to read some books regarding master teachers. May I know where they are?"

Before heading to Tianwu Kingdom, he wanted to visit the library of the Master Teacher Pavilion to look for information on Empyrean Kong shi, as well as Fighter 8-dan Zongshi realm cultivation technique manuals.

Previously in Red Lotus City, he had already collected quite a number of Zongshi realm secret manuals. At this point, he only needed a few hundred more books to form the Heaven's Path Divine Art before he could start cultivating.

In any case, he had ten days to spare. As long as he accesses sufficient cultivation technique manuals, he would be able to use this period of time to reach Zongshi realm pinnacle.

"You wish to browse through the books? The library is over there. However, you are only a 1-star master teacher, so you are only entitled to look through the 1-star library. The 2-star library is still out of limits to you!"

Elder Zhu casually pointed.

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan replied. Then, he started walking toward the Master Teacher Pavilion 1-star library.



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