Chapter 319: Aversion Toward Studying?

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"I know that all of you present here have an extensive amount of teaching experience and are official teachers qualified by the guild. If I were to make a decision based on your resume by asking a few questions, no matter who I choose, it will be hard for all of you to accept the result."

Principal Xie Bi glanced at the surroundings before continuing. "Since that's the case, I'll choose based on your teaching standards."

"Choose based on our teaching standards?"

Everyone looked at Principal Xie Bi in bewilderment.

"That's right! A teacher is responsible for imparting knowledge and clarifying the doubts of the students! The fundamental responsibility of a teacher is to guide a student onto the right path so that he will be able to reach greater heights! I have two students here and each of them are facing some problems. The academy will recruit whoever who manages to solve their problems. If two people were to solve their problem, the one who does it better will have the priority!"

Principal Xie Bi said.

"The fundamental responsibility of a teacher is to teach. If one is inept in teaching, then it is useless even if he is proficient in everything else!"

"No matter how high a person's cultivation is, if he is unable to verbalize it, he will still be an inept teacher!"

Upon hearing the selection criteria, the crowd nodded their heads.

"This kind of test is indeed fitting for a teacher interview!"

A satisfied expression appeared on Mo Hongyi's face.

There were different types of expertise required for different occupations. Without the experience of teaching students and comprehension of teaching theories, no matter how high one's cultivation may be, it would be difficult for them to impart their insights to their students.

Many scholars who stood at the top of their fields had conducted lessons. Although they were able to go on and on, at the end of the lesson... the students ended up learning nothing at all.

"Bring them in!"

Principal Xie Bi shouted and two fifteen to sixteen-year-old students were brought in.

A male and a female.

The female had a cold and haughty expression whereas the male had sharp eyes reminiscent of an eagle.

Despite standing before a huge crowd, there wasn’t any sign of fear present in the two students' eyes. Seeming to know the reason why they were here, they remained extremely quiet.

"These are the two students. Who wants to take a look first?" Xie Bi surveyed the crowd.


The young man standing in front of Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi shouted and stepped forward haughtily.

"Not bad. A teacher should have this kind of adventurous attitude. It is impossible to bring up good students by cowering fearfully!"

Xie Bi nodded his head in satisfaction.

Upon hearing those words, a wave of regret struck the crowd.

If only they knew that was the case, they would have definitely rushed up. That fellow had managed to win himself some brownie points from Principal Xie. If things go well, he might even pass the examination.

Having been complimented, the young man’s eyes lit up brightly. He strode up to the two students and circled around them before instructing, "Show me your battle techniques!"


With a casual expression, the female student began first.

Her movements were exceptionally precise, forceful and nimble, hinting of superior talent. Soon, she finished displaying her battle technique. After which, the male student took her place to demonstrate his.

His movements weren't as nimble as the former but they were straightforward, swift and was executed with overwhelming strength. In fact, one could sense a slight killing intent behind his actions.

While the duo was executing their battle techniques, the other candidates looked on intently by the side and contemplated silently over the matter.

It wasn’t long before the both of them finished demonstrating their battle techniques. Clasping their fist, they bowed and went back to standing upright.

"Alright, you can give your evaluation now!"

Xie Bi gestured.

"Alright!" The young man replied. Placing his hands behind his back, he explained haughtily, "The battle technique that this lady executed was [Clear Water Fleeting Cloud Hands]that prided itself on its nimble and smooth movements. Although her demonstration of the movements exuded elegance and also displayed her solid foundation in that technique... she is lacking in zhenqi. When she was moving about, her movements seemed slightly strained. If I'm not wrong, it hadn't been long since she attained the Zhenqi realm. As such, she isn't too adept with the utilization of zhenqi!"

After which, he turned to the female student and asked, "May I know if I am right?"

"I just reached Zhenqi realm three months ago!" The female student nodded.

"It is clear that she had trained hard to perfect the battle technique. Her movements are skilled, beautiful and precise, but due to her lack of zhenqi, they are just empty movements. If she is my student, I will ask her to immerse herself in her cultivation and try her best to gather zhenqi first. Only after her zhenqi fills up will she be able to execute the full might of the techniques!"

The young man smiled, "She has an elegant, refined figure and a pure aura so I will recommend her to cultivate the academy's [Lucid Jade Technique]. It is in line with her disposition, so it should be easy for her to cultivate it!"

"The technique I am cultivating is Lucid Jade Technique!" Hearing his words, the female student said in surprise.


Gleeful, the young man then turned to the male student. "You possess great brute might. As such, you have good affinity with strength-based cultivation technique and battle technique. I think that [Searing Bamboo Art] is the most suitable for you!"

"Teacher, the cultivation technique I am currently training with is Searing Bamboo Art!"

The male student nodded his head.

"Alright, I'm done with my evaluation..."

Flinging his sleeves, the young man walked back to the crowd with a gleeful expression. When he returned to his original position and saw Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi, he intentionally tilted his head upward haughtily.

"I have also seen through all of that. I should had volunteered myself earlier!"

"Indeed! He got the opportunity to step up first. If I were to go up now, it would just look forced and this will just look bad on me!"

"Damn it..."



Hearing the young man's words, the crowd felt regretful.

As official teachers who passed the examination, they were able to see this much. However, since someone else had already spoken for them, others would just suspect one to be copying his words if one were to come up with a similar analysis, and that would look bad on one.


Contrary to the others' expressions, Principal Xue Bi seemed to be indifferent to the situation and a sliver of disappointment even flashed across his face. Surveying the crowd, he continued, "Is there anyone who wants to add on?"

"Allow me!"

After hesitating for a moment, another man walked up.

It was a middle-aged man in his forties.

"It is Tianquan Academy's Du Xun laoshi!"

"I heard that he is a star teacher and is already accepted as an apprentice by a master teacher!"

"Indeed! I've attended his lessons before. He is truly incredible..."

"Seems like we will lose another slot!"



A commotion burst out as soon as the middle-aged man walked out. Everyone couldn't help but feel tense.

He didn't stand out much from the crowd. However, the moment he walked out, quite a handful of people immediately recognized him.

To be able to become a star teacher and a master teacher apprentice, he was bound to possess capability that surpassed others.

Moreover, those who answered the public recruitment were mostly ordinary teachers, so there was a huge gap between them and him.

"I have seen the battle techniques they executed and I can also tell that the movements of this female student here are nimble. The teacher before is right to say that she is suited to cultivate Lucid Jade Technique... However, he neglected a point. This female student has only reached zhenqi realm for three months, yet she was able to master such a powerful battle technique. Given how she is able to complement her body and zhenqi so well... this shows that she is talented and that she possesses aptitude far surpassing the others! In other words, she is a... genius!"

Du Xun laoshi walked up to the duo, examined them for a moment before giving his evaluation.

"The Lucid Jade Technique can only be considered an ordinary cultivation technique for the ladies. If one's talent is mediocre, there is no problem cultivating it. However, given her high aptitude, cultivating such a technique is a waste. I think that it will be better if she cultivates[Maiden Method] instead!"

"As for this male student, his movements are forceful. Indeed, strength-based techniques such as [Searing Bamboo Art] are more suitable for him. However, his moves are direct, sharp and pointed straight toward one's vitals. This shows that he has outstanding battle experience. While Searing Bamboo Art is still acceptable in terms of raising one’s cultivation, it causes one’s zhenqi to move slowly. For someone like him who is skilled in the offense, it isn't the best skill for him to learn. I think that it will be more suitable for him to cultivate [Domineering Heaven's Might] instead. This cultivation technique allows one's zhenqi to burst at short intervals and this better augments his strengths!"

At which, Du Xun laoshi clasped his fists and said, "I'm done!"


After hearing his words, Xie Bi nodded his head in satisfaction.

When the other young man before him spoke, he flashed a look of disappointment. On the other hand, he actually complimented Du Xun. It was clear that he regarded Du Xun higher than the young man before.

"Damn it!"

Taking the other party's expression into sight, the young man's gleeful face darkened and he clenched his fists tightly.

As expected of an expert. There was nothing wrong with the young man’s analysis, but compared to Du Xun, it was clear that he was lacking. He could tell that Du Xun's solution was at a much higher level than his.

"Alright, is there anyone who wants to add on?" Xie Bi glanced at the crowd once more.

A few more people walked up, but what they spoke of was mostly similar to that of the first two teachers, demonstrating a lack of novelty in their words.

"If no one has anything else to add on, the slots will be given to the first two teachers!"

With a slightly disappointed expression, Xie Bi said.

"Allow me!"

Mo Hongyi walked up.

Surprised that someone would still volunteer himself when there was already nothing to be said, everyone's gazes immediately gathered toward the source of the voice. However, when they saw his cultivation realm, they immediately shook their heads in disappointment.

Many Tongxuan realm advanced stage and pinnacle teachers had spoken, but they weren't able to come up with anything new. How could a mere Tongxuan realm primary stage be more insightful than them?

Even Xie Bi and the other elders didn't have much hope in him.

Even though cultivation didn't necessarily relate to one's teaching abilities, there were still some links between them.

The higher one's cultivation, the deeper the understanding of cultivation one has, the more knowledge one could impart to one's students.

Ignoring everyone's gazes, Mo Hongyi walked up to the two students, examined them carefully before turning to the principal, "Principal, if I'm not wrong, the problem you spoke of earlier wasn’t referring to their cultivation, but something else!"

"Something else?"

"What can a teacher teach other than cultivation?"

"Ridiculous! Don't spout nonsense if you know nothing at all..."



Hearing his words, the faces of the other teachers darkened. The young man who spoke up first earlier looked at him disdainfully.

What else could the students' problems be other than their cultivation? Their background?

"Oh? Tell me about it!"

The disappointed Principal Xie Bi abruptly raised his head up.

"Regardless of whether this female student cultivates the Lucid Jade Technique or Maiden Method, there isn't too much of a difference. Just like what Du Xun laoshi said, she possesses great talent, so the difference in cultivation technique won't affect her too much."

Mo Hongyi glanced at the female student, "Besides, even if the Lucid Jade Technique is slightly weaker, she has already cultivated it for many years and is already familiar with it. Changing it abruptly will just impede her progress. Besides, as long as she is given proper guidance, there isn't too much of a difference between the two cultivation techniques!"

"Thus... In my opinion, her greatest problem isn't her cultivation technique or the need to reinforce her Zhenqi realm cultivation. It is instead her... aversion to studying!"

"Aversion to studying?"

Principal Xie's eyes lit up and he hurriedly turned to look at Mo Hongyi, "That's right, continue on!"


Hearing the principal admit to the matter, everyone widened their eyes.

Aversion to studying?

What the heck! How in the world can one tell such a matter?



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